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    1. Attic, Snake

      by , 11-20-2013 at 08:23 PM
      Nov. 19:

      Dreamed I was sharing an attic bedroom with a roommate, but there wasn't enough space for both of our beds. She'd already set hers up, and I was trying to explain that there wasn't enough space and I didn't have anywhere to sleep, but she just told me that was my own problem.

      Dreamed I had a pet ball python but forgot to get it a heat rock or food. It was living in a tupperware bin, and I fed it hot dogs. Mom had the car, and wouldn't let me use it to drive to Petsmart, but she wouldn't take me either. I was worried that my snake was going to die. Mom said that, instead, she was driving to a different city to return a keyboard she'd bought (because it sucked). I'd bought the same model and asked if I could go with to return mine as well. She still refused to stop at Petsmart.

      Nov 20:
      I can't recall my dreams. I have a vague impression that they involved cars.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Dogs Cooking Stew, Royalty, and Underwear Shopping

      by , 02-05-2006 at 05:25 AM
      Original dream dated 02/04/2006:
      So I just woke up from a stupid nightmare...

      I do this thing where I'm having nightmares and for some reason I can't wake up. I don't know why. I may even know I'm having a nightmare, I just can't seem to make that shift from 'asleep' to 'awake'. Basically, I know full well that I'm having a dream, I just can't do a damn thing about it.

      So first, I dreamed that for some reason I was sent parachuting, only for some reason parachutes had the capability to rise off of the ground. Instead of being strapped in with a harness, I just held onto a handle. While I was doing this, I briefly thought "C would think it was funny that I was having a dream about parachuting". Then, when I was fairly high up, I either lost my grip or just plain let go.
      So I 'woke up' a little while later, covered by a sheet, with a nasty case of rug burn everywhere, where I had hit the ground/slid... it hurt like a bitch... anyway, there was some kid there who had found me... I dunno.
      Then, for some reason, I was making a movie, and working with some really cool actors.

      Then, the dream shifted, and I was dreaming about a skinny old witch who had to go stop a bunch of zombies. So she came to this castle... place? There were a king and queen, and they were complaining about how there was an old man who just wouldn't stay dead...
      So she went out to talk to the old man zombie, who said he was waiting for his 'date' who had never gotten there. He was eating some soup. The witch ate some soup, which I guess was pretty good, and asked how old it was. He said "oh, it's not that old, only a year or so", to which she gagged a bit but continued eating out of politeness and a desire to humor him. Then she saw that he had a chess set, and asked if he played chess. He replied that yes, he did, but this one chess problem had been confounding him. She went and looked at it and realized that it was (to her) a relatively basic problem. Meanwhile, he sharpened his teeth on the chair. Before she could tell him how to solve it, he attacked her, making this awful screech. She managed to fend him off. She went back to the castle, where the dog was cooking a stew, and they all turned out to be zombies also, although the dog's stew wasn't nearly as good as the old man's. So she kicked all of their asses and then let out a hypersonic screech of triumph. The screech left them all pretty confused, like, "Why was that woman screaming at us?" so they just went back to eating their stew.

      Then I dreamed about a cat howling in the dark. I woke up from the dream and wandered around, but the cat appeared to be o.k.

      Then I dreamed about clock hands, and about how there was this giant clock with 3 hands, and how the hands had to be arranged just so to indicate a particular point in time - not just in a regular day, I mean, in the past or in the future or whatever. Like, 10:00 p.m. in 3 days looked completely different from 10:00 pm today. So I dreamed that I rearranged the hands of the clock and suddenly I was back to making the movie again and the king from my last dream was there, telling me how to work the clock.

      And then, for some reason, I was underwear shopping, and I was getting very upset that they didn't have the color that I wanted.
    3. Cars and Dogs

      by , 01-05-2006 at 05:19 AM
      "I had a very odd dream. Odd for me, in that it was a dream and not a nightmare, and had people I know in it.

      I dreamed, first, that my roommate and I had gotten our other roommate a gift. The gift was a very small dog dish, with dog biscuits. He was very happy about the dog biscuits because they were from Germany. I sampled a dog biscuit and agreed that they were very good.

      He was masterminding this television program where people wrestled each other live in their livingrooms, him and y were taping it, what ensued was a rampage through our livingroom where we all tried to best each other using a combination of sleeper holds, water, and dog biscuits... then everybody (K, C, me, P, M, Ky, and a whole slew of other people) decided to drive to campus, because it was the first day of classes. On the way there was this radio show where they only played the main riffs from all of the hit songs. We got stuck in traffic but nobody minded. When we got there, we continued taping the show, and small groups of people chose slightly different routes to the main part of campus. Somebody had brought a radio with and had it tuned to the same station we were listening to in the car. For some reason, everybody had been rained on, even though it had never rained, and we were wringing out each others' hair and clothes. We merged into one large group and started picking up other people along the way, acquaintances of people in the group. I think when the dream ended, we were heading toward S Hall dorms."

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