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    1. Bus, Grills

      by , 10-30-2015 at 06:44 AM
      I only remember my last 2 dreams besides waking up briefly and trying to remind myself to remember the prior dream (I forgot it).

      Dreamed I was back in high school. I got on the bus and got off at the wrong stop. The bus I'd been on is the bus that I take to work now, but the layout of the city itself had changed quite a bit, and there was a suburb where downtown should have been. I freaked out, because it meant that I was going to be 15 minutes late, and I was already in huge trouble academically. I'd been warned that I couldn't be late even one more time, or I wouldn't pass the grade I was in.

      I also realized I wasn't on the street I thought I was on, which would have been a straight shot to the school. I was on a side street I didn't recognize. In fact, it was even a dead end.

      Some other students had gotten off the bus at the same time I had, for some reason. They were older kids. So the older kids seemed kind of confused and annoyed by how panicky I was. But they allowed me to follow them. Once we reached a street I recognized, I was able to find my way to the school.

      The school was my old middle school. I did get in exactly 15 mins late. I ran into my "brother" - not anything like my real life brother, really just a dream character - as he went down the stairs as everybody went between classes (despite it only being 20 mins into the school day) and explained my problem. He told me "Well, go to your first class, then!"

      Then I realized that I had forgotten which class my first class was. I thought maybe it was English, but I wasn't sure. I also didn't know exactly where it was located.

      Then two school administrators came up and started yelling at me, demanding to know why I was late and why I wasn't in class. They were wearing brown leather dusters.

      My perspective shifted to just outside my body. At that point, I realized that I was a giant floating pink cartoon brain, and so was my brother. He had thick boxy glasses on and a dorky shirt collar and was generally a nerd. He looked down on me for being "stupid".

      Then for some reason our roles switched - I watched an outside comparison of my bubbly-squishy-"stupid" state and my much more streamlined-looking "intelligent" state, and my "brother" became the "stupid" one.

      He'd always looked down on me for eating lots of junk food and gross/fried foods, one of them being something the school cafeteria served that in the dream was called "cop-burgers" but once he'd switched places with me, he suddenly realized how delicious everything was.

      At some point he locked himself in the bathroom with a bunch of junk food and once he'd finished it, demanded to know (through the door) if I had any more burgers. I said, no. But I was also kind of him at the same time, staring into a sink full of fast food wrappers, and yelling, "Do you have any pork drippins'?"

      And that dream ended.

      I woke up, was a little weirded out by that one, and went back to sleep.

      I dreamed that I was looking through what I think was a Walmart for a present for my uncle. I wanted to get him a grill. I was crouched down on the floor looking through the bottom shelves for cooking grills, and there was a tiny propane grill you were supposed to be able to use on your counter top, but it really just looked like a weird tiny charcoal grill. It had little canisters it came with. You were supposed to buy more to refill it, but they were expensive, so my mother (who was suddenly there) argued with me about that. Eventually, I put it back on the shelf.

      Then I was in a cartoon and there was a puppy and I ran inside after it. So it turned out to belong to a girl who was trying to give it away. She was a complete stranger, but I just crawled right into her bed with the puppy and went to sleep.

      I sort of recall maybe having a conversation with her, but I was mostly interested in paying attention to the puppy.
    2. Meal tickets

      by , 06-28-2015 at 08:48 PM
      Dreamed I was in grade school, but I was in school in Japan.They had started painting murals all over lunch rooms "to encourage kids to eat all of their food." The administrator in charge of planning this said not everybody would like all of the murals because "some are very soft".

      The administrator is standing in front of one of the murals, speaking about it. The light is bright, artificial indoor lighting. The mural is a goofy cartoon version of a kid running - but more like an American Peanuts-style cartoon than a Japanese one. The colors are bright; the kid's skin is a peach color. When he talks about the "softer" murals, I can't see them, but I imagine what one might look like, and it is a pink fuzzy blob.

      The lunch room has tables like a standard American lunch room (the long brown tables with benches) and the kids are sitting down and eating at them.

      They also implemented a new program where they would give kids "tickets" for lunch item menus like meat, salad, dessert, etc. They warned kids not to use up all of their meat tickets at the beginning of the week, or they'd end up eating salad the rest of the week. One particularly enterprising kid bought tickets off of the other kids and "sold" them in exchange for doing his homework, etc. The teacher found a hoard of salad tickets in his desk because nobody wanted them.

      I see his desk full of salad tickets. I imagine the child as a husky little boy with short, messy brown hair. Perspective shift - I see a child in line, handing a lunch server a meat ticket, while there is a voice-over of the teacher explaining about the tickets.

      The dream shifts a little. I'm still in Japan, but now I am an exchange student with the ability to alter reality to suit my whims - just a little bit. While walking up the steps to a one-story brown brick building (the school), I change the color of another kid's shoes. I walk through the door after him.


      Then I dreamed about eating at a restaurant that included a shower with the meal. I ate a seafood meal that is basically calamari, mussels, and clams mixed together and sauteed. The inside of the restaurant was a bit dark, and the seafood was just sort of plunked down on the plate (and a little tasteless).

      Then I took a long shower, but it became so long that I worried that the restaurant's owners would be pissed. The shower was a stand-up shower with no tub and a sliding door. I had a blue-green loofah.


      I dreamed I bought a house right off of the highway. It was supposed to be very close to where I currently live, just a little bit further out and with a much nicer yard. It cost me about $500,000. When I showed it to my mother, she liked the yard. I decided that we needed more space, and there were 3 empty undeveloped lots behind and off to the side of it, so I bought those as well - my reasoning being that we could plant a garden there. They made kind of a "U" shape around my neighbor's house, and I got nervous that there would be some conflict over who owns the land since up until now, the neighbor had just sort of used it by default because nobody owned it/was using it. I was also unsure if it was too much space, and if my mother's garden would really extend beyond the original house's garden.

      Anyway, the house was up on top of a steep hill, with steps up to it. It was a little one-story house with light blue siding, plenty of windows for natural lighting, and lots of foliage around it. In the dream, it was summer and the sunlight was bright. The whole thing seemed very cheery. There was a patio in back with a few patio chairs and a table, and the yard behind it was lush and full of trees and flowers. The predominating color of the foliage was a light spring green, and you could hear birds in the garden. I told my mother that if you went down the steps to the sidewalk, you could walk into downtown. I apologized about the noise from traffic but explained that it was a great house and the traffic noise had brought the price down to make it more affordable.
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    3. The Moon

      by , 06-17-2014 at 04:25 PM
      Dreamed that I was on the moon.

      The place I was in was something like a cross between an apartment and the ISS. It was an academy for teenagers who were learning about science. I recall vaguely thinking about how horrible it would be if someone accidentally broke a window. But there was a mail package delivery and the woman who delivered it was outside of the building, and I remember wondering how she was breathing and why our air wasn't rushing out. It seemed like a normal building with normal windows, but the walls were grey and bare.

      She told us that she really liked an environment I'd animated. Suddenly my boyfriend was there and she told him "watch the pink trees, I find it incredibly soothing," (referring to the animation I'd made). For some reason, I was really embarrassed about the animation, I didn't think it was very good. The package turned out to be two huge pink fluffy bath mats, which covered the entire floor of the room we were in once I'd laid them out.

      At one point, the professor was explaining how "days" on the moon were different and it rotated in a different way than Earth.
    4. Checks

      by , 11-27-2013 at 09:41 PM
      I dream that I keep receiving random checks. They're from some sort of educational institution. I'm trying to figure out what it's all about, and it seems like they specialize in training people and sending them overseas to do various things. I'm nervous about the idea of living in a country where I don't understand the language. I'm trying to figure out if they're genuinely trying to recruit me, or it's some scam to trick me into accruing debt. I go to some sort of office, where I need to have my passport with me and have a blood test done (to make sure I don't have anything infectious/contagious). For some reason, I have bank notes from several different countries in my wallet, and have scribbled notes across them.
    5. Shapeshifting

      by , 11-13-2013 at 11:36 PM
      Original entry dated March 6, 2002:

      I had another one of my weird dreams, I had a dream that I was in Mrs. F's class again and we were in this huge old building evaluating essays, but the essays were all mixed up and impossible to read in order - and she demanded that we write a paragraph on what we thought about each one. The building we were in was very large and very old, but looked kinda like Ringling Museum, and the Fair was going on at the time so there were all kinds of trucks parked outside. That was the relatively normal part of the dream...
      In my dream, I could turn into a cat, but I didn't have control over it most of the time. Sometimes I could will myself to do it, but usually not. There was a tom-cat who, if I was around him, I could easily transform myself. Anyway, so I had a son (yes a son) in the dream, and I was trying to save him, only the room he was in was pretty heavily guarded, so I figured that if I could turn into a cat getting in would be easy. Unfortunately, I couldn't will myself to become a cat, so I decided to do it in human form. As I opened the door to the room, several automated guns detected a human form and swiveled on me, I knew that if they began firing they'd kill both of us, so I willed myself harder than ever before to become a cat, and then -

      the phone rang.

      So I never got to find out what happened...
    6. General Weirdness, Running From Bad Guys

      by , 04-08-2013 at 03:25 AM
      Took Nyquail prior to bed because I am having a lot of trouble sleeping and my sinuses hurt. I have been taking fish oil, vitamin B complex, and vitamin D. The dreams I had were very vivid.

      I was running away from a group of people. I don't know why. I was with a parent, although I don't remember them clearly; they were not one of my parents from real life. Eventually, I think they got caught, but I was still free.

      I was in some sort of super large apartment complex. I came across a playground and decided the slide would make good cover for hiding in. It was a weird thing with 4 slides all connected in the center, no ladder, and a "lookout" tower on the top which was sort of a solid tube with holes in it. The only way to get up it was to climb up a slide.

      I am not lucid but I control reality somewhat without understanding what I'm doing. The bad guys naturally know the slide is somewhere I'd hide. They climb up the slide. I crawl vertically up the lookout tube, hoping I can hide above them and they won't look up. They do.

      I cause the slide to become super slick so they lose their traction and slide back down. I know this isn't going to work in the long run so I rewind to earlier (before I hid in the slide) and choose a different route. Instead of hiding in the slide, I run through a bunch of brambles and heavy bushes and brush, making myself insubstantial enough to not be slowed down by them, while the people chasing me have to stop and fight their way through. It works.

      I get to a high school. The dream shifts. I'm now one of many kids in the school. My class is full of normal kids, and one kid who is an elf or an alien or something. I'm also some kind of space-elf or whatever. We never go home; we all sleep in our classroom on little cots.

      In the dream, I am waking up. I took a nap or something on my cot. For some reason, I'm completely naked and I feel overheated. (I have been having some issues with a sudden fever/overheating at night so I highly suspect that I actually felt really hot in real life) and apparently, I tore off all of my clothes in my sleep (I have also done this in real life).

      The sensation in this dream is extremely vivid. I can feel the fever on my face and the sweat on my skin. More distinct is the feeling of being completely naked and sheets moving over my skin. When I woke up from the dream, I was fully clothed and nothing in my room had been disturbed - normally, reality would intrude at this point in a dream and even though dream logic tells me I am naked I can still feel my clothes on my sleeping body. It would have been a cue to lucidity. This dream was so vivid, however, that it overrode that.

      I don't care about being naked, I just get up and dress myself. The other space-elf-whatever is embarrassed for me, though. We're all supposed to go to some sort of formal dance or prom later, we've all got dresses and formal clothes and stuff. There is a mental flash of being there and dancing and then I'm back in the classroom, understanding that that's supposed to happen in the future. We head outside for gym class.

      New dream. I am riding a bus. I'm riding it with my mom or... somebody. All of the bus stops are old houses and apartments that I used to live in. I am supposed to stop at one specific apartment but I don't want to, so I don't pull the wire. Mom doesn't either - she either forgets or expects me to. She complains that we'll have to walk farther to get there now. I don't intend to walk back at all, though.

      We get off at a stop that's sort of like a strip mall. Mom wants to go shopping. I've been looking through job listings, and there is a job at an airport nearby carting luggage around and retrieving heavy luggage for people. I decide that I don't want it.

      Shift. I am in a hotel room. I'm waiting for a friend there. There are advertisements on the TV. There's some sort of phone/remote control that lets you select TV programs and order room service. One of the specials is some kind of dinosaur show and a special bed they will bring up to your room. I don't want that; I just want to go to sleep, but I fall asleep with the remote and roll over it, pushing a bunch of buttons. I wake up worried that I may have inadvertantly ordered something, and there is a message for me. I play the message and listen; the guy talking on the other end sounds like Captain Sisko from Star Trek. It's just an advertisement for their stupid dinosaur show thing (which is for families with kids anyway).

      I wake up.
    7. Back In Class

      by , 03-15-2013 at 02:13 PM
      Last night, when I lay down to sleep, I resolved not to attempt to induce a WILD. The reason is that I have been tired the past 2 days, possibly due to waking up between REM cycles for my attempts.

      #1 - I dreamed, but don't remember it. I woke up, because I was hot, but immediately went back to sleep.

      #2 - I was in class, in a first grade class, but I was my real age (nearly 30). I don't recall the reason for being in the class, there was some reason that I understood in the dream but that was never made entirely clear. I was not an intern or TA, I was definitely a student, and all the other students seemed aware that I didn't "belong". My teacher was a big woman. At one point, she was asking me questions in class out of a work book. I was answering correctly, but she was behaving as if I was not and "Correcting" me. Finally, it got to be too much and I stood up and yelled at her. She started to cry. Later, I told another student, "You know I'm actually 23 years old, right?" (note: I'm not 23). The student acted shocked.

      #3 - This dream phased into another one where I was in a romantic relationship with a guy. I was staying with his family. He was kind of a blond "jock" type... not really my type. We had sex in the shower...his family knew we were very good friends, but I don't think that they thought we were involved in that way.

      Then, the family attempted to buy a nicer house, but it turned out that there was a bankruptcy that the wife had forgotten to mention on the paperwork. Her husband began to yell at her, and she began crying. The real estate agent told them that they wouldn't be able to get another loan for something like 1500 years.

      #4 - My aunt has agreed to give a family friend's friend a ride in their old red Dodge Caravan. We have to make special accommodations for her in the van because she's disabled. For some reason, this involves my uncle trying to fit a shopping cart into the van (he claimed it was her wheelchair). We finally manage to fit it in the back and go to pick her up. She's inside of my aunt's house. Their driveway is very steep in real life. My aunt pulls most of the way up the driveway, but not all the way up, and the poor woman has to walk the rest of the way to the van. She is very overweight, but it's not due to her overeating, she has some kind of hormonal disorder that causes this and makes her bones very soft. She has many small braids in her hair and is wearing a purple dress. Walking the 10 feet to the van is painful for her, but my aunt doesn't seem to care and won't pull up farther. I get out of the van and help the woman walk the rest of the way to the van, and help her climb inside. She thanks me, then sits down on the seat looking very relieved.

      I wake up. In real life, I have gathered my sheet up somehow and am clutching it like it's a teddy bear.
    8. Marathon Dream

      by , 06-15-2008 at 02:55 AM
      (original dream occurred June 14, 2008):
      I had a dream that my apartment got hit by a hurricane. It rained so hard that you couldn't hear anything, except in the dream, it rained so hard that everything was completely silent. For some reason, peoples' voices were as clear as bells. I couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of myself. My mother and her boyfriend had gone outside to look at the rain, as it was raining pretty hard - the sudden increase in the intensity of the downpour sent us scrambling inside. In the dream, the area must have flooded, because I remember there being a large lake where there hadn't been one, and people perched atop the hills on the golf courses.

      (original post titled June 16, 2008):
      I had a very, very long dream.

      First, I slept for around... probably 14 hours. It wasn't laziness, I simply didn't wake up.

      I dreamt that I was a student at some sort of academy, like a wizard academy, but not like Harry Potter in the slightest. This was in a fantasy-type city - first off, think elven architecture. Very elaborate architecture, mostly stone and some sort of golden stuff. Most of it was devoted to the campus of this academy, and the pursuit of wizardry in general.

      There were a bunch of other children there - I recall I was a child, just an older child. My brother was also at this academy, if my vague recollection is right. There was a stone ogre/troll in one of the more open areas, except that it was also roofed and fenced... in any case, all of the children who were up to mischief got together, including me, and poured some sort of oil in its ear, which brought it to life. It came to life and wreaked all sorts of havok until it was finally gotten under control. One of the head wizards (of the city) called me in, and told me I'd been the cause of a similar incident involving the same monster before. I remembered it, vaguely, and he showed me a document I'd signed.

      The eldest mage commented something along the lines of, although I had learned no magic I had a strong blood-line, and I ought to marry a dragon. I knew the dragon in question, a coppery, gold-colored dragon. Unfortunately, I don't think that giant lizards are very sexy. That was pretty damn weird, although I have to admit that wizards are usually pretty damn weird.

      In any case, as the dream progressed, I became the mastermind of some sort of coup of the city. There were rulers, a king and a queen, but their essence was contained in 5 spheres in the heart of the city, that were closely guarded. In the center of the city was a massive lake that was incredibly deep. Anyway, 3 of the spheres were King, Queen, and some sort of snow-man. I don't know what the remaining 2 were. The city's defenses were impenetrable as long as the spheres of the King and Queen remained in place, but I got ahold of all 5 spheres, and I threw them in the lake. The Snow-Man was some sort of guardian of the city, I don't know, but at one point I retrieved him out of the lake. I think the fourth sphere was that of the Master of Ceremonies - in order to actually take control of the city, I had to be sworn in as king. I needed the Snow-Man at my disposal in order to convince him to swear me in.

      After this, the dream got more jumbled. I also woke up briefly, although I don't remember much, and I know that I felt really sleepy so I went back to bed.

      After this, I had a dream about Cinderella, but not in the sense that we think of her, as this had absolutely nothing to do with the original story. Rather, it was about cinders. Something about a young man, and the girl in question was under some sort of death-spell, and he got a chance to save her by drinking cinders in some sort of potion. But rather than saving her, he wandered off into some sort of dream-land, and failed in his mission. Ever since that point he had been a very morose spirit.

      In the dream, there were 5 men who governed various Aspects of something - I don't remember what the thing was. In the dream, it presented itself as a web-page, but I know that it wasn't a web-page, that was just the manner in which I browsed it. It was like a collection of information, and you accessed it through these personalities, and he was one of them. He had a long face and ash-grey hair. Each man had an Aspect, one had the Aspect of Strength, but his was the Aspect of Death (or something like that) due to his history. I was considering switching from the guy governing the Aspect of Strength to this man and his Aspect, because of some information that I needed to browse, but I was reluctant.

      I woke up after this. I felt better/not as sleepy, although the dreams were very weird, but I had slept for a disturbingly long time. Usually that happens when I dream actively, and I felt like I'd been dreaming almost the whole time that I was asleep. I think these dreams were influenced by the fact that I've been playing too much D&D. Maybe I should ease off on RPGs for a while.
    9. Clarissa

      by , 05-19-2008 at 02:50 AM
      Original dream dated 5/18/2008:

      Had 2 nightmares the past 2 nights.

      One of them was about college. Sort of normal. The usual - I'm taking a class, paying for it myself and running myself into debt to do it, yet can't get to class on time and never get my homework done. I can't get the motivation to do it, and have missed so many classes that I can never catch up. I live 30 minutes away by car and want to move closer, but can't afford to. My lease is coming up, but I don't want to sign a new lease when I'm failing the class.

      Then, for some reason, I'm wheeling a motorcycle through the university buildings. Nobody notices. I get it up several floors, when I realize that the elevator I intend to use to get farther up only has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and can't possibly support its weight, and the stairs are too rickety. Somehow, I wind up wheeling it across a narrow beam several hundred feet above the lobby floor.

      Which brings me to the weird thing about universities in my nightmares - I'm always on the edge of some high precipice, because for some reason they have many many floors but all of them end at sheer drops with no railings, or else they're in bizarre configurations that you have to climb from floor to floor like a bug... I'm almost always terrified of falling when I'm in a university-like building in my dream, and the drop is always hundreds of feet. There are always narrow, rickety stairs, or broken elevators, etc. It's an ongoing theme that bothers me.

      Anyway, the next dream involved Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All, who was for some reason on a cruise ship fishing for squid, and was talking with her friend via text message before her parents showed up with her brother and her friend's brother. I have no idea what the point of the dream was.
    10. Old Dream: An Academic Nightmare

      by , 08-19-2003 at 06:14 PM
      This one's a common one. I've been having these for basically forever. For context, I graduated nearly a decade ago...

      Aug. 19, 2003:

      ...so I keep having this recurring nightmare, possibly one of the most ridiculous nightmares ever. But the point is, I keep having it. It actually makes sense... um, sort of, sometimes... which is more than most of my OTHER nightmares do.

      Basically, it's like this: it's the first or second week of classes. I have my class schedule, I know when and where all of my classes are. But for some reason I keep forgetting or falling asleep and missing all of my classes. And no matter how hard I try to go to class, something always happens and I can't.
      I admit, last night's version was slightly weirder than usual. For example, one of my classes entailed - get this - shopping in a department store. There was this JC Penny's on campus, which was where class was at. And there were all of these people out on the lawn dressed up as mascots, who were actually psychology students studying peoples' love/hatred/fear of college mascots. And my college algebra professor in the dream was a huge dick. No, not literally, although anything is possible in my dreams... he was just a big jerk. I finished my homework and tried to hand it in, but he refused it, even though he'd accepted homework from the 2 people in front of me, on the grounds that he'd already given out the answers, which he did while I was trying to hand in the damn assignment. Then there were these 3 professors who were, like, triplets or something, and they all looked exactly identical. Except one taught math, one taught science, and one taught something else... they had rooms right next to each other and were fighting over some sort of computerized marquis thingy. Then I had to put all of these clothes away in this one closet in a classroom.

      I was pissed that my algebra prof was being such a jackass, so I went to ask my uncle S if he could help me with my algebra, only instead of living in their regular house, my uncle and cousins lived in this weird mansion that was like a fun-house. And I wandered into this room with all of these gears and stuff in it, I was trying to figure out how to get to another room when my uncle's friend came in and told me to stop hopping on the gears... it turned out they were parts of this gigantic indoor ferris wheel. And then I was eating at a McDonald's with a bunch of my friends, and it was raining outside... but somehow all of this was still inside the mansion. And something or someone was chasing us, because we'd stolen something.

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