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    1. Attic, Snake

      by , 11-20-2013 at 08:23 PM
      Nov. 19:

      Dreamed I was sharing an attic bedroom with a roommate, but there wasn't enough space for both of our beds. She'd already set hers up, and I was trying to explain that there wasn't enough space and I didn't have anywhere to sleep, but she just told me that was my own problem.

      Dreamed I had a pet ball python but forgot to get it a heat rock or food. It was living in a tupperware bin, and I fed it hot dogs. Mom had the car, and wouldn't let me use it to drive to Petsmart, but she wouldn't take me either. I was worried that my snake was going to die. Mom said that, instead, she was driving to a different city to return a keyboard she'd bought (because it sucked). I'd bought the same model and asked if I could go with to return mine as well. She still refused to stop at Petsmart.

      Nov 20:
      I can't recall my dreams. I have a vague impression that they involved cars.

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    2. Fps

      by , 11-07-2013 at 06:14 AM
      My first dream was boring. I dreamed I was at work and hadn't taken my lunch at the time I was supposed to (I was an hour late going to lunch because I got caught up working on something) and my manager was mad at me.

      My second dream was more interesting:

      I dreamed I was at Disneyland. I was staying in a hotel building that was white and faux "plantation style". I was on the 2nd floor. The layout was weird because the kitchen was split in half, and part of it was outside on part of the balcony.

      Anyway, it was also a first person shooter. I was trying to get out of the hotel room and sneak past Snake and Patrick Stewart, who were armed with laser rifles. I accomplished this by crouching, going out onto the balcony, leaping off, and hiding in a large stand of trees. Unfortunately, a patrol of enemies led by a woman in a strapless top (it was red and looked like part of a ball gown) and camo pants killed me because I used my own laser rifle (which, by the way, I thought was pretty awesome) to shoot the wrong mook. It also drew the attention of Snake and Patrick Stewart. Game over.

      I restarted, but forgot to crouch when leaping off the balcony, and got shot.

      I restarted again. This time, I crouched as I lept off the balcony, made it, hid in the trees, shot the woman in the camo pants, and completed the level by making it to an opera house/ballroom. It was a large, French-looking manor-like building with a moat and fountains.

      Anyway, now it turned into sort of a minigame. I had to collect cartoon pigs and store them in the ballroom. I also had to collect food from various plants around the hotel and either store them in the fridge or use them to fill my Hunger bar.

      I felt semi-lucid toward the end, but my alarm went off.

      Dream clues: Pretty much everything. If I had to pick one thing, though, I'd say the ability to "replay" reality was a pretty big one (and a potential bridge to lucidity).

    3. Snow

      by , 10-13-2008 at 02:51 AM
      Dreamed about students at a graduation, but not a run of the mill one. This one was in the woods, for some reason. There were two teachers - an older man, and a younger man who looked kinda like that one-eyed dude from "Sparta". Anyway, both were wearing heavy cloaks. It was very, very early, so it was very misty. Another student approached them, who'd be in their class next year, and wanted to discuss what they thought of her poetry, but their answer was that "not until you rise to study with the morning mists, when the world is white ,will you be a poet". She left, upset and angry.

      Dream cut to the student shivering and alone way out in the woods very early in the morning, the morning fog was pretty solid, so it looked like the trees were rising out of a sea of white. She was kneeling and trying to recite poetry. At one point, she managed to avoid a poisonous snake, although she had no idea. Finally, she wasn't able to deal with the cold any more, so she tried to lie down in some very tall grass to sleep, only to land next to the snake, which bit her in the neck. This caused a series of hallucinations, where she blacked out.

      However, at some point, she had a revelation when the sight of a black wolf caused her to realize that the memory of the snake biting and poisoning her was false - there had never been a snake at all. The second teacher had attacked her in the woods and cast a spell on her.

      There was then something about beaches, and the sea, and the dream shifted. It was the same character, but she was playing PS3. The house they were all in was like my aunt's old house on Day Ave. Her uncle complained that she hadn't produced any artwork and was irritated by this shortcoming, which she would not explain. At some point, we all went out on the screened patio to look at some seeds we had planted but never watered, only to find that it had been so humid that water was condensing and nourishing the plants anyway, which had grown and were getting ready to flower.