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    1. Quail Farming

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:41 PM
      I dreamed my fiancÚ and I moved to the country to start quail farming. Then a friend of his (T) showed up and started accidentally stepping on all of the eggs. The eggs were in kind of a ditch area with a lot of hay-like underbrush, and he destroyed almost all of them and kept going "Oops, sorry".

      Then it started to storm, and I wanted to run back to the farmhouse, but there was a lot of lightning and my friends warned me not to do it because I'd get struck by lightning. Instead, they decided we should take cover in a forest that was near the quail ditch. The forest was extremely dense, and almost no rain reached us at all... then it formed into like, a 2-story kind of house-like structure, but was still a forest, and there was a loft area full of kumquats and some other small oblong orangish fruit, which the friend invited me to eat. There were also little lights that I thought were maybe fungi, but they also seemed like glowing eggs.

      Then I dreamed I worked retail at a Winco and decided to go hide in the bathroom, telling a coworker I'd be "at the clock". Except I didn't come out for a long time, so they came looking for me, and I got in some trouble. There was also another person in the bathroom, kind of a fat guy, who refused to enter his own stall until I had entered mine. I think I was a guy in that dream.
    2. Baseball and Bands of Rogues, Bamboo

      by , 11-23-2013 at 11:29 PM
      Original journal entry dated Oct. 4th, 2002:

      Had a dream about a futuristic setting, boys and girls school, somehow involving rival baseball teams and two best friends. Two guys. Well, supposedly two guys. Then one of the rival teams tries to bully one of them, he fights back, scuffle, gets in trouble, etc. For some reason the school is segregated and he does not know his friend is a girl. Finds out in the locker room by accident. Weird romance ensues.

      Second dream, somehow in it got captured by a band of rogues, one of the men tried to attack me, I ran to the leader who knocked the guy around a little and made it clear to leave me alone. Which would've been comforting except for the whole belonging-to-him thing, if you know what I mean. Not so bad, he was handsome, long blonde hair, nice bod, nice face, etc. Generally a weird dream.

      Original journal entry dated Oct. 15, 2002:

      Dreamt that I was lying on a bed, in a bedroom. Full or queen-sized bed, with a comforter with a flower pattern. As it was dark in the room, I could not see the color of the comforter clearly, I believe perhaps it was mostly a brown or tan with hints of purple or green.

      It was dark, and the air smelled as if there had just been a storm, or perhaps there was about to be one. I could hear the sound of branches rustling and bamboo clacking just outside the window, possibly in the back-yard. I could see the shadows of tree leaves playing on the ceiling. I was comfortable and happy.

      In the dream, I dozed off. When I woke again, it was morning, the room was full of golden-ish light. The carpet was a gold color. I heard someone in the kitchen, presumeably cooking.
    3. Long Bus Lucid

      by , 05-03-2013 at 08:30 PM
      I dreamed I was at a pizza place... sort of. There were children who spoke Old English learning modern English with some sort of weird alphabet system, and machines that made snowballs, and everybody was having snowball fights. Then I went into the school, which became a pizza place. Then I was at a coffee/tea shop that only served tea that was friendly to your kidneys and had a lot of info on kidney health and which teas were good or bad for you. I had a string hanging from my mouth that was attached to my gums somehow, or part of them. I wanted to pull it off but was afraid I'd hurt myself and it would hurt.

      The pizza/tea place had tables with umbrellas, even if it was inside, so I stole one and dragged it outside. I was in kind of a strip mall place. I went out to the bus stop but it was pouring, so I dragged my table/umbrella with me. The bus was already passing as I was getting to the stop, so I waved my arms and yelled so the bus driver would see me.

      As I stepped onto the bus, I became lucid.

      I didn't do much in this lucid except practice maintaining lucidity. I sat down and looked around and reminded myself to remain aware. The dream was going in and out of focus - sometimes it would be clear, sometimes it would be blurry with little detail. I practiced bringing the DCs around me into focus and was able to give some of them faces. There was a youngish asian kid and a grandmother with a young boy. I practiced changing my own clothes (I changed into a red polka dotted bikini). I tried to summon Robert Downey, Jr. but was unable. Mostly, I just rode the bus around and worked on staying aware. When I felt things fading, I would periodically remind myself to stay aware. I think this whole thing lasted 15-20 minutes of me just riding the bus around. I made it day and watched light shine through the windows and cast shapes on the floor... then I made it night again, then I made it rain.

      I woke up in a puddle of drool. I guess I was concentrating a bit too hard... haha
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    4. Batman, Storms, Farm

      by , 04-17-2013 at 10:23 AM
      #1 - First, I dreamed about... it was weird, some kind of Batman-like character, in his "Bruce Wayne" mode. I was hanging out with him and some other people in a restaurant who were supposed to be friends. We had a few drinks, got up to go - I thought one of them had left their coat, wallet, and keys, but it was actually someone else's coat, so I had to go place it back on the seat where I found it.

      Then we went outside. We were on some kind of structure in the middle of the ocean, and it was super stormy. It was raining, and the wind was blowing hard. The deck we were on (more like a balcony than a ship) had extremely slick tiles on it, and I started sliding across them because I was wearing heels. I fell over but couldn't get a grip on them either, I was hanging off of the edge by my fingernails and yelling for help, terrified of being swept out to sea, but everybody else - who didn't seem to be having any trouble staying upright and in place on the deck - wasn't listening to me. Bruce Wayne dude now looks like a combination of Eddard Stark and Aragorn and is giving some kind of speech, but I can't really hear him above the wind.

      Dream rewound before I got swept out to sea. Now I'm hanging onto a pillar.

      We return home, everybody goes to bed but we're all in the same bed, it's just weird.

      #2 - I have a farm. It's more like a video game, and a really glitchy one at that. I'm trying to gather wool from all of my sheep but for some reason, when I try to take them outside, the game glitches out and replaces them with Redwood trees. I'm trying to expand the farm and dig irrigation ditches, I have 2 cows but the game is glitchy and won't let me put them in the barn, and I'm irritated that now my vegetable field is full of redwood trees.
    5. Lucid Task of the Month Attempt: The Cook-Out

      by , 03-12-2013 at 01:04 PM
      I dreamed several dreams, and woke between each.

      *side notes
      *gaining lucidity

      #1 - I was having difficulty doing something. That's all I remember. Dream fragment.

      Woke. Did Reality Check. Attempted WILD; failed, fell asleep.

      #2 - I am in a house. I'm looking for a bathroom. There's no bathroom, because I didn't have enough in-game gold to buy an expansion. I discover that some of the red and white scented candles I've been buying were made by my cousin. He's been lying about having a regular desk job.

      Woke, used bathroom. Reality Check. Attempted WILD; failed, fell asleep.

      #3 - A wife and husband are fighting over their finances. The husband is unemployed or doesn't make much money, and the wife is burnt out and tired of working overtime to completely support them. The wife decides to make adult videos, and her best friend offers to help her. Her husband finds out and is extremely upset.

      Woke. Rolled over and fell asleep.
      I dream that I am riding a bus through a sweeping countryside. It appears that I am somewhere in New Zealand. The landscape is mountainous and verdant. It has just rained, the sky is full of gorgeous, radiant clouds, and it's is very beautiful (note: sweeping landscapes after a storm are actually one of my dreamsigns)

      It begins to storm violently, and I'm up in the mountains. I am both riding and driving the bus. It's storming like crazy, and the mountain road is winding and dangerous. I'm high up in the mountains now, going over a narrow bridge. The choppy water has risen to the very bottom of the bridge, and it churns dangerously. The bus hydroplanes, loses control, veers off the bridge. The bus is now an old cadillac. The bus now disappears from around me as I enter the water. Frigid water envelopes me as I sink, and places immense pressure on my body; I debate fighting it, or merely letting myself sink. I allow myself to be pulled under and away with the current.

      I wake up on a bus. I don't wake up on a bus; I am driving a car. I'm going to pick up a friend's dad. My friend is a chubby blond teenager wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt. We pick up his dad at a fast food restaurant that looks like McDonald's. He jokes about us being a software development team. He is actually a developer, himself. He looks really tired, and I ask him if he's been pulling long hours. He says, "Yes, and driving is a challenge. I'm practically cross-eyed." He decides to check his voicemail and starts swearing; apparently, his boss/team lead is asking for a whole bunch of ridiculous stuff that he can't possibly do on such a short deadline.

      I wake up on a bus. I have stretched out across the seats, and a little girl is commenting to her mother that I'm taking up too much space. I try to pull myself up into a fetal position to free up more seats. My friend and his dad are also on the bus. The landscape is the one as described before; the sweeping New Zealand landscape.

      I wake up and feel a bit irritated that my prior attempts at WILD have failed. I see light seeping in through my bedroom window and am a bit upset that it appears to be so close to morning. I'm also irritated that I didn't pick up on my most obvious dream sign.

      I fail to do a Reality Check. In retrospect, my bedroom window was INCORRECT. The curtain wasn't there. I shrug it off, telling myself that it's just another chance to try to WILD again. I settle down in bed (note: I am fairly certain this was a FA and I am actually trying to WILD from my FA, which is kind of hilarious because it actually works)

      #5 (?) -
      I begin to see something forming in front of me, very blurry - it is a field of large, smooth pebbles. I decide that it looks somewhat like a beach, or is close enough to make into one. I try to make it solidify, but it fights me. I try to imagine it as part of a landscape, but it remains a flat plane - almost like a pattern. It is supposed to be the ground, I understand, but it takes up my entire field of vision.

      I can feel it there - the dream is blurry, but it's forming. I don't want to lose it or lose consciousness, so I start actively trying to make it stabilize. I focus on the pebbles; they sharpen a bit, and then go all fuzzy again. I run my hands through the pebbles, then dive to the ground and shove my face into the pebbles. They're still fuzzy and immaterial, although I feel the ghosts of sensations from them. I enthusiastically rub my face back and forth in the pebbles. I feel like they're fading away and get upset, so in a moment of desperation, I lick the pebbles. They don't become any more material; they taste like grit and sawdust. I roll around on the ground like an idiot, grabbing handfuls of the ground and rubbing it into my face. I feel and smell dead leaves. Suddenly, there are dead leaves mixed into the pebbles.

      I look up. There's more landscape forming! I see fuzzy green. I feel like this is like the edge of a lake or swimming hole. I stumble to my feet and pick leaves out of my hair.

      The world suddenly solidifies, as my lucids often do - everything goes from a blurry mess to absolute perfect clarity. I am now on the edge of a small lake or swimming hole, on an artificial beach. I'm at a cook out!

      There are tons of people milling around. The dad from my prior dream is grilling food, and there are a bunch of fat guys in tank tops drinking beer out of a cooler. There is a little girl in a purple swim suit playing with the sand. She has a toy shovel and those little plastic sand castle molds, and she's making a castle. She has white-blonde hair that curls in little ringlets around her ears, and blue eyes. She looks like she's maybe 3 or 4, and she's adorable. There is also a black and white Border Collie lying on a red and white checkered blanket next to a guy in a t-shirt and his kids. The dog is panting, because it's hot outside.

      The swimming hole has a tall, metal slide where you can slide into the water. The sky above, unlike 99% of my lucids, is vivid blue and brilliantly clear - this is a hot summer day, probably July or even August.

      I clap my hands together and yell out loud "YES! Finally!" I immediately run up to the dog and pet her. Her fur is thick and somewhat coarse. I scratch between her ears. She's very friendly, and enjoys the attention. As I scratch her behind the ears, I recall my lucid task.

      "I need to destroy something right away!" I tell the dog. I had decided on Simple Task I, which was to destroy an object by any means.

      I look around. One of the first things I see is the little girl's sand castle mold, but even thought she's a dream character I feel kind of bad about that. I see a plastic drinking cup with Vash the Stampede on the side of it (I haven't watched anime since the 90s, I don't know where that came from) but decide it's too solid/not interesting. There's an array of picnic stuff - plates, cookware, food, etc. I settle on the one thing that I feel is out of place: an empty carton of half & half.

      I point at it and try to make it explode. Nothing happens. I get angry and pick it up and throw it, yelling, "This is MY dream!" It still does not explode. I chase after it, scoop it up, and tear it into several pieces. I begin to throw the pieces at the two fat guys who are sitting in plastic lawn chairs and drinking beer. They think this is hilarious.

      I hear the little girl calling to me from behind me. She is running toward me, waving a huge syringe. One of those big, scary-looking ones they use to inject things into your rump. It's almost as big as she is (and for some reason, empty). I laugh and launch myself into the air, hovering above her. She runs around below me, waving the syringe. I rise higher into the air, using swimming motions, and taunt her. She begins to climb the ladder to the slide, which has now somehow gotten higher and scarier-looking and is turning into a bridge.

      The dream fades, and I wake up. It is 3 a.m., which means that it couldn't have possibly been light outside last time I woke up.

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