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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal. I try to journal all my most important dreams here, especially my lucids.

    I have a dream guide named Juliana. She takes the form of a twenty something witch that that looks a lot like Vin from Mistborn.

    Juliana also became a tulpa in October of 2021. Together we plan on fighting the evil witches in my dreams who seem to also know that is a dream.

    1. May 2011 Task of the Month

      by , 05-08-2011 at 01:23 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I have been posting all my dreams in the shared dreaming student work book for months but now that they deleted it I have to go back to posting my dreams here. I actualy really got acustome to posting them there. Anyways here is my dream from thursday in which I completed the basic task of the month. I should have posted it sooner but I was lazy.

      May 2011 Task of the Month (DILD)


      I was lucid in my room. Maby from a FA but I rarely remember the begining of FA lucids anymore. I thought about taking my bo staff with me this time but changed my mind. I walked down the hallway and thought maby I should find my dream guide or do the task of the month. I should do the task of the month, its easy and I can get it done early. I walked past the mirror and into my family room. I picked up an orange off of the kitchen counter and layed it in the palm of my hand. I concentrated on making it levitate with telekinesis/psychokinesis. It lifted up in the air easier than ever. I floated it around the room and then went outside.

      I was supprised to see AndresLD there. I should have tried to confirm a shared dream but instead I told him I just did the basic task of the month. He didn't seem amused so I threw the orange at his head. I then pulled it back to my hand with my mind. I thought that was cool and kept doing it like it was a yo yo. Andres got annoyed at me. I thought it might be fun to have a dream battle with him so I asked him if he wanted to fight.
      (I think I forgot this part for a second. I remember a fragment of sword fighting but don't remember if it was in this dream. Andres would have trasformed into his Fierce Diety Link form and I would have summoned my master sword.) I remembered that I still needed to do the advanced task and looked up at the moon. (which was in the rong side of the sky like it always is in my dreams.) I told Andres I needed to do that first. I wondered what would happen if I crashed the moon into the earth while I was still standing on it. Before I could try to do it with psychokinesis Andres explaimed that it was easy and lifted up his hands toward the sky. I looked up at the moon and it grew in the sky alarmingly fast! I shouted out for him to stop but before I could the moon went down below the horizon. I expected to feel something like an earthquake and the earth to explode but nothing happened. I wondered why that happened and realized now I wouldnt be able to do the advanced task that night. I yelled at Andres and he flew off. I tried to hold him back with telekinesis/psychokinesis. It held him still for a second but he broke free and flew away. I wondered what I should do now. I flew up into the sky and thought about flying into space but thought there wasn't much of a point without the moon. I suddenly destablized and woke up from my mom coming into my room. I still had an hour left before I had to get up so I went back to sleep hoping for another lucid.

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