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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    1. Water and Earth Bending

      by , 10-23-2016 at 01:28 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      This was actually a dream from last week but I haven't had time to copy my journal over until now.

      08:00 AM
      Water and Earth Bending (DILD)

      There are spiders everywhere in my room so I have my cat come in to get rid of them for me. Right as she rears back to pounce I notice that the spider is a black widow. I don't want to risk her getting bitten so I stop her. When I look back the black widow has changed into some sort of red bug. There is a second red bug ontop of its back like they are mating or something. I think all of this is strange so I do a nose plug RC and become lucid. My mom walks in and tells me I owe her money. I pull out my wallet and see it is filled with cash! I give her the $10 I supposedly owe her and wonder what all I can do with dream money.

      I am suddenly on a beach in Mexico. I go to an outdoor bar and order a double sized margarita and pay for it with the dream money. It doesn't have salt on it so I wave my hand and salt appears on the rim of the glass. I am back at the beach and my mom is taning by the water. The tide goes out very far and a large wave forms. It is going to hit us for sure so I use tekinesis to hold it back. I stop it before it hits us but the energy of it slides my feet back in the sand. I realize I have never tried water bending like in Avatar so I experiment with pushing the tide back and forth and making big waves obey my control. I then try earth bending. I stomp and rais my hand and 3 rock pillars shoot up through the sand.

      I loose lucidity and can't remember this part as well. I am in some sort of fort and it is flooding. A woman tells me I am making it flood somehow. Scientists study me to understand how I am affecting the water.

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    2. Chop Chop Chop

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:58 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I had a nightmare this morning which doesn't happen very often. Usually when scary stuff happens in dreams I don't feel scared because somehow I percieve it as a movie or advenure. I have to admit though this one was pretty scary. It was almost as scary as the other dream I had this morning where I met Donald Trump!

      07:00 AM
      Chop Chop Chop (Nightmare)

      I am in Seoul Korea with my dad and sister for vacation and to visit some friends. The city is very modern and beautiful looking. We go on a feris wheel on an island in an artificial lake and get a great view of everything. My dad says it has changed a lot since he was stationed here in the army.

      Somehow everything transitions to how it suposadly was in the 60s. The buildings and cars are much smaller and used looking. Everything is painted with lots of bright colors though. We go into an area that is abandoned except for a brick building that is a brothel. Women solicit us from the windows. We try to get back to the better areas and have to pass by a hospital that is right next to a slaughterhouse. I see people carrying pig parts and human body parts between the two buildings.

      I find myself, despite the obvious red flags, going through the ally with my dad and sister. From around the corner a nurse with a face mask on is staring at me with a creepy face. I notice she has a cleaver in her hand as she takes a step forward. "Chop Chop Chop", she says. I run away but find the only way is into the slaughterhouse.

      Inside there is another nurse with a cleaver. This one has blood on her dress. I trip and she runs toward me saying "chop chop chop" faster and faster. She is about to chop me with the cleaver but I find there is some butchery tool on the ground near me. I pick it up and cut her throat several times. She stumbles back but doesn't seem effected by the cuts. She slowly walks forward again saying chop with each step. Right when I know I'm done for I hear a voice say, "Chop this." And a fire axe slams into the side of her head from behind. It's my dad!

      He helps me to my feet and we turn around to se the other nurse bent over backwards on all fores. Her head twists around 180 degrees to face us. She starts wattling toward us and I wake up.