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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    1. Magic Lesson Two: Sword Fighting

      by , 08-24-2016 at 08:55 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up naturally for my WBTB and ate some breakfast and took some galantamine and alpha gpc. I did some SSILD and when it felt right started WILD.

      09:00 AM
      Vividness Potion (SSILD WILD)

      I find myself standing in my room. I was doing WILD so this must be a dream! I do a nose plug and confirm it. I look at my hand and it does have five fingers even though the dream isn't very vivid. I take some time trying to get the dream more vivid but it just won't get to where I need it to have fun.

      I wake up and wait for a false awakening to form. I get out of bed and it is still not very vivid. I summon a vividness potion. It is a small cylindrical bottle with red liquid. I drink some of it and it is strawberry flavored. The dream gets a bit more vivid and I read the bottle. The first words that form are "he he ha ha". Another lable says "Suck this down. This is a dream." Or something like that. Things are more vivid but it doesnt really feel realistic at all. I summon a stability potion. It is green and triangular like before. I drink it but its a lost cause.
      I wake up and my nose itches so much I can't DEILD.

      10:30 AM
      Magic Lesson Two: Sword Fighting (DILD)

      I can't completely remember the begging. It is prohibition still or maybe the early 1940s. My father is a prominent person in the sale of alcohol. The first thing I remember is being on a train with him and my fictional family going through Italy. We are going to meet Benito Mussolini. At some point my perspective changes to that of my father. There is a broken part in the track ahead and we have to stop. We are close to the palace though so we get off the train to walk. I see a group of men on the hill next to the track taking a break and drinking. I walk over and become lucid. I realize there is not much I can do for my goals here and I would rather follow the plot. I feel like I will have a chance to be fully lucid later so I go along with it. I talk to them for a bit and ask if I can have some of their drinks. The assistant that is suppose to bring me says we will be meeting Mussolini in minutes and I say I will just have a sip. I drink half a shot follow the assistant. We get a room in the palace and Mussolini is going to meet us here. I split of from my dad somehow and become lucid again. I explain that Mussolini is going to be on the wrong side in the coming war and we should stop him. Out of muscle memory I summon Juliana. I think it's her at least. Mussolini comes in and is mad that I am here. My dad hides in the bathroom. Juliana and I beat the crap out of him. I point my fingers at him and do some sort of entanglement spell that wraps his hands in vines. Juliana sits down on the bed. He trips and falls and I try to throw a dresser on him but it hits the bed instead o him. The vines fade away and I feel I did a crappy job on the spell. I tell Juliana to knock him out and she does a spell that knocks him out. I ask what now and she shrugs. I say let's mess with him and tell her to give him diarrhea with a spell. I sort of loose track of what is going on. Juliana says,"You really need to work on your sword fighting." My dad comes back out and I try to calm him down and I loose lucidity and my memory skips for a while.

      I am walking through a street in a town and see a fancy looking McDonald's. I go in and the guy I had the drink with is there. There is a second story with a balcony for outside dinning. I go out there and become lucid. Wow, this is a perfect time to do my second magic lesson! I stick my hand back and feel a hand I look to quick and it is my girlfriend Chiara! Yay that is not a bad way to mess up. I hug her and tell her I have to summon Juliana but I am glad she is here and can meet her and watch my lesson. Chiara takes a few steps back and I stick my hand back and feel another hand. I ask Chiara if it is Juliana and she says she can't see anything yet. I say, "It should be a tall sexy lady in a witch outfit." Suddenly her eyes light up and say it is her and she is pretty. I look over and Juliana is there! She has pink hair this time and her witch hat this time. She walks over and says hi to Chiara. I walk over and compare our heights. Based on how I compared our heights with our fingers she is 6 feet tall although that is with heels. I loose some vividness so I feel her sides and then her boobs to restabilize. I look at Chiara and I raise my eyebrows as if to say wow look at the size of these things. I look at Juliana and realize what I am doing is not very polite at all! Her face does not look happy. I say, "Sorry I am just trying to make sure I remember what you look like." She takes her hat off and walks away a bit. I ask,"Hey Juliana. How are you doing. What have you been up to? She still looks a bit down and says,"I havn't been so great. I am still recovering from some side effects from a potion I took yesterday." I say,"Oh, sorry, well, I guess we should start with the less. What will the lesson be this time?"

      She thinks and then says something but I somehow can't hear or remember what it is. It doesn't seem very magical. I say,"What about fireballs!" I try to summon a fireball to show her but realize I still don't know how yet. She says,"Fine. Give it a try." I say,"I don't know how. Could you show me?" Chiara walks behind us to stay out of the way and I can't quite see what Juliana does. She throws a little spark and a couple second later it crackels into a blue sparkly firework. "Wow, cool. Could you do it again though? Chiaras head was in the way?" They both look annoyed at me and I wonder why everything I am saying is coming across so rude. Juliana cups her right hand for a moment and then throws another spark that bursts into a firework over the balcony. "Swirl the energy in your hand to build it up and then throw it.", she says. I do so and then throw. I get a tiny spark but it fizzles out. "Do I have to think about it exploding." I ask and she nodes. I think about what it is going to do a few seconds after I throw it while I am swirling the energy in my hand. I toss the spark and it bounces of the wall and back at us! I guide it with my mind the other direction and it makes a blue firework!

      I look over and Juliana'a hair has changed and now it fades from white at the top to red at the bottom. I make several more firecrackers until I have the hang of it and then try it with both a hands! I look over and now Juliana's hair is short and blue. I ask, "Juliana, your hair keeps changing. Are you okay?" She says,"No I'm not okay. I'll be happier when you treat me like a person instead of just some dream element." Her hair turns all sorts of different colors. I apologize and explain I didn't mean any disrespect. "You keep dismissing the things that I teach you as not magical enough but you aren't even ready for fireballs. I told you right now you should learn sword fighting." "Oh, sword fighting! I remember that now from the previous dream. That actually sounds awesome!" I notice there is now a box full of foam weapons next to us. "Juliana, I am sorry. You need to trust me that I trust you too." She looks a bit happier and I notice her hair is purple and shoulder length now. She pulls out a sword and says,"On guard." I pull out a sword too and we get into stances. Chiara looks through the weapons and plays with a shield. Juliana and I start sword fighting and I realize this is hard even in dreams. I have experience with martial arts but no real experience with swords other than what I saw in youtube videos. I can't seem to hit Juliana. She easily blocks everything. She manages to break through my guard and land an attack to my chest. We start over and I think about the strategies I heard online. I have to hit her sword out of the way, get leverage over her sword, or get in behind her range. I pary one of her attacks with the lower part of my sword and realize that gives me the control. I slide my sword down hers and rotate it to boop her head. She says,"Good job!" and we continue. She is making it harder now and I think I see an opening. I strike at her head but she slices at my stomach before mine hits her head. Dang I thought I had that. We continue for a while and I still can't get past her but I am learning. We take a break.

      I am talking to the worker from the earlier dream. Juliana talks to Chiara. He shows me a tiny rubiks cube and I say even though it's cool its really hard to turn smoothly. He asks why I never added him on facebook and I say, "Well, I think your a dream character so I don't really know how to add you. Would I even be able to find you when I wake up?" I realize I am about to wake up and turn to say,"Thanks for the lesson." to Juliana but wake up and find myself saying it in my own head.
    2. FireFlyMan and DreamCafe11

      by , 08-13-2016 at 11:22 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I read AndresLDs entry during my WBTB and was super happy he ended his dryspell and was able to fight me in a Pokemon battle!!! This gave me encouragement so I did some quick SSILD and tried WILD.

      09:00 AM
      FireFlyMan (SSILD WILD)

      It doesn't take long and I am feeling mild vibrations and getting flashes of potential dream scenes. I think what the heck, I'm probably fully dreaming now, I might as well just get out of bed. I am in my hometown for the weekend so of course that is where I am in the dream. I do so and do a nose plug and confirm I am dreaming. It doesn't feel as vivid as I would like but I don't think it will be a problem because my visuals are pretty good. I stick my hands back and realize I don't have space to summon anyone in my room so I go into the family room.

      I see a man there with dark hair and eyes. I guess FireFlyMan is already here! "Hi FireFlyMan. You said you have a beard. Let's fix that.", I say. I stick my hand out and imagine his beard growing. "I don't wan't a beard." He says but I manage to grow an inch long beard anyways. "It is suppose to be a bit longer.", I say but he says,"This length is fine." so i leave him be. "Take my hand so it is easier for me to imagine DreamCafe11's hand." I say and he grabs my left hand. I wake up and feel like it's a good opportunity for DEILD but for some reason it takes a very long time to get any visuals and I lay there half awake, half asleep for about a half hour.

      I journaled the dream and realized I had about half an hour before I had to get up. I thought I might be able to squeeze in one more WILD. I set my alarm forward an extra 10 minutes just so I could wake up more naturally.

      010:35 AM
      DreamCafe11 (WILD)

      I am laying in bed and I hear a knock on the door. My mom says it is 10:30 and I have to get up. I am semi lucid and get out of bed and walk into the family room. Some random family members are there and realize I am starting a dream. I walk back into my room thinking I want to have a false awakening. I realize this is sily and my girlfriend comes into the room. I realize I miss her even though it's only been a few days and this was probably incubated my reading AndresLD's dream about seeing his girlfriend. I hug and kiss her a lot and tell her it is a dream. I let her know I have some goals to do this time but next time I see her she can join me on my adventure.

      We go into the family room and I stick my hand back to summon DreamCafe11. I feel a smallish hand take mine and I say,"Hello DreamCafe or should I call you Song." I get no response so I look over. She is a girl with brown hair, about 5'2". She isn't in her Song form this time I guess. "Are you DreamCafe?", I ask. She shakes her head yes and smiles. I hug her and introduce her and my girlfriend. While I know I don't have much time, I feel like I don't have to worry about waking up. "Do you know where the bomb is?" I ask. She says that she doesn't. I was sort of relying on her knowing where it was. That's okay we can figure it out.

      We go out front of my house and see two DCs walking by. "Do you know about the bomb threat?", we ask. They say they don't. This is a suburb so there's not much likely hood of a terrorist attack here. We should go to the mall. I see an expensive looking silver sports car in my drive way. "I know exactly where to go! Hop in!", I say. "Is this your car?", DreamCafe11 asks. "I guess it is now." I back out fast and shift into drive. I get up to 55mph in no time and already have to make a turn. I skid into the sidewalk and nearly take out someones fence and mailbox. Haha, oops. It is a very accurate representation of my neighborhood. I am on a strait away so I floor it and we go really fast. I wake up though and really wan't to get more out of the dream. I can still feel my left hand and that is it. I will my other hand onto the wheel and push my imaginary foot into the pedal. My visuals come back and the dream is vivid again! I hope that DreamCafe11 didn't notice! haha

      I drive another two blocks to the strip mall by my house. We park next to the big fountain area at the center. As we walk up I realize we are both still in our normal forms. I tell her to transform into Song and she says she hasn't figured out how yet. I say,"It's easy, you just have to watch Sailor Moon!" I stick my hand up in the air and shout,"Tatsumonki, transform!" I spin in place with my arms out and imagine the sleeves of a cloak appearing. I have a black coat now with long coattails. I still have my dark grey shorts on and some black shoes. I feel that my hair is longer and curlier now and ask DreamCafe if it is green. She says it is so I must have transformed!

      Note, I was still 5'10" as Tatsumonki. I would have been the same height as DreamCafe if that changed so I need to update the drawing.

      We walk up to a crowd of DCs by the fountain and I say,"This is the Dream Hero League! Have any of you seen a bomb or suspicious activity?" The DCs just shrug. DreamCafe and I ask around but know one knows what we are talking about. "You there! What are you hiding under your shirt!" I use telekinesis to lift up his shirt and he is just fat. I search a mans backpack too but there's nothing but books. "What are we going to do DreamCafe?" I ask. She says, "Well, I think as long as the dream characters are safe it is better if we can't find anything." I think she is probably right but I fly around to keep searching.

      I see a man with a very large padded black bag and ask him what is in it. He looks worried and runs away. That is incriminating enough for me so I use telekinesis to bring him back to where DreamCafe is. I accidentally bump his head and he seems unconscious. Oops. I place him and the bag down and see someone making out with an attractive guy. This is awkward. They look up and it's my girlfriend! "Hey!" I get angry for a second but then remember this is a dream and then I'm totally fine with it. After all, I make out with DCs all the time. It's only fair!

      DreamCafe11 walks up and I say I found the bomb. "Use your wind powers to make a vacuum around the bag." She starts spinning the air around the bag but then stops. "I still don't fully understand how to do that." She says. I feel that I am starting to wake up and I am satisfied with the dream. Sure, we didn't defuse the bomb or even confirm there was one but we got to meet each other and had a good time
      Besides, I woke up right on time without needing the alarm!
    3. Bad Schema

      by , 08-11-2016 at 09:32 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      For those new to lucid dreaming, I don't wan't you to read this entry and think that WILD is hard or that it is difficult to stabilize dreams. It will only poison your mind with bad expectations. WILDs are normally much more vivid than most lucids, actually.

      I again took 8mg of galantamine, 600mg of alpha gpc with one scrambled egg. I did SSILD after half an hour and then started WILD.

      08:30 AM
      Bad Schema (SSILD WILD)

      I start to have imagery of the game dwarf fortress. It must have a really good graphics pack because it looks almost intelligible! It is adventure mode and I am in a dungeon with two companions. There is an enemy coming at me and it is actually multiple tiles across! I am sitting at my computer in my room and can feel the chair now. What version of dwarf fortress is this? I look and see it is part of the masterwork mod. For some reason I hear my sisters voice coming from my roommates bed. I wonder if the dream is stable enough for me to do anything and try and look over. I have a weird sensation and everything beyond my desk is very blurry. I look back now and the main monitor is off now. The second monitor has the dreamviews irc. I try to turn on the main monitor with the button but it does nothing. I type "Hi, This is a dream." into the chat and notice that everyone's names are abbreviated. Mine is MM. Other people reply but I don't really read what they say. I will the main monitor on with my mind and navigate back to dwarf fortress. I load the vanilla version because that is what I prefer. I play around with it for a bit but wonder if I can get on with the dream now and try to summon a stability potion with my left hand. I don't feel the potion though. In fact, I can't feel anything with my left hand. I try and stand up but my right eye flutters open for a split second and I see the wall by my bed.

      I am laying in bed. This was probably a false awakening but I wasn't sure and could hear my roommate walking around and don't wan't to disturb him. Actually, I could hear a ton of voices talking with him. He left to go somewhere this morning. Is this him and his friends stopping in to get something for their trip? No, this has to be hypnogogia. I can even feel their footsteps vibrate my bed. After a few minutes I hear the door open, close and there are no more voices.

      A new dream starts to form. I am at work with a coworker. I am going through the motions of work even though I am not actively controlling my body yet. It isn't terribly vivid but I hang on and I'm patient. I do a nose plug RC and it works but the dream isn't getting more vivid. I try and summon a stability potion and it doesn't work. I see a blurry green bottle on a table and think it may be the potion so I pick it up and drink it. It tastes a bit weird but it's not so bad.
      In retrospect, I was drinking window cleaner without realizing it. Bleeeeegh. I walk outside expecting things to get more vivid but things still don't seem right. I have tunnel vision and feel really weird. I waddle around and realize I am at the school I went to as a kid. I walk onto the playground and while I don't feel vivid I might as well get on with it. This is probably just bad schema making me unstable and I should be fine if I engage with the dream. I stick both my hands back and imagine FireFlyMan and DreamCafe11 both grabbing hold. I loose my balance a bit and my face feels really swollen. Nothing happens. I try again and again just loose my balance. I start to wake up and try to DEILD but it seems to be taking a long time. Maybe this is an FA! I do a noes plug RC and nope, I'm awake.

      I went ahead and wrote this down so I would at least get points for a WILD and tried again.

      10:30 AM
      Muh-Nems (Semi Lucid)

      I go to the store so I can buy a comfortable chair to take a nap in in the hopes of getting a WILD. I am semi lucid but clearly not all there. I look at the price and even though the lawn chair is on sale I don't think it is worth the money. I go outside the store and fly to my car and go home.

      I am with my girlfriend and we have some guests over. We have some snacks and I am eating M&Ms and find one that is extra large and oval shaped. I try and read what it says but it is smudged so I eat it and find another oval one. "#Special 1/1000 M&M" It says. My girlfriend says that who ever finds the 1/1000 M&M's has to pay for all of the drinks. I eat all of them without saying because they are more chocolaty than the other M&M's!

      Even though this didn't go so great I am making progress with WILD. I tried specifically to wait for the dream to actually form before moving but I still should have been more choosy on what dream I actually let form. If I didn't engage I could have waited for a vivid dream or false awakening and started my lucid from there. That is what I will try next time.

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    4. WILD practice

      by , 08-07-2016 at 08:37 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I took galantamine again. I meant to take 4mg this time but I took 8mg before on accident. I also took 600mg of Alpha GPC. This time I ate it with scrambled eggs during a 45 minute WBTB. I planned on practicing WILD and getting a feel for how it works for me. Even with galantamine it took me probably an hour before I started dreaming. Every time a dream started to form before that I would react to soon and wake myself up but I got better with each try. Each segment was only 5 minutes or so max but there were a ton of them over the period of another hour. I'm sure I forgot some of them or got the order wrong on others but I think I remember most of it.

      09:00 AM
      WILD practice (WILD)

      I am in my room in my hometown for a split second and try to move. I wake up but the visuals are still there but as if I was looking through blinds. It is also blinking on and off. I can even turn my head to look around but it fades away.

      I am a paratrooper in a scifi setting. I have a minigun and use it to take out vehicle targets 4 and 5 before landing on a overturned car. I am in a wartorn battlefield I try and grab onto something and stabilize but wake up.

      I am walking up to the sink in my kitchen and turn the faucet on. It makes no noise. I try and grab onto the faucet and the counter and the dream does a datamosh kind of smear on the back of my eyelids.

      I am still in bed but feel I can start to move my dream body. I try and roll out of bed but wake up.
      I stretch and get in a more comfortable position and know that I am suppose to be only a passive observer until the dream fully forms. I naturally react way to strongly when trying to WILD so I try and keep my consciousness a tiny sliver in the next attempts.

      I am standing in my bedroom. The room is larger and my roommates bed is replaced by a long shelf under the window. The window is longer too and has much nicer blinds. The apartment is like this for the rest of the dream. I don't move much and pay attention to the details on the shelf to stabilize. I leave my apartment to get some fresh air and more space. It is dark out but there are lights. I leave my complex and go down the street to where there are a lot more street lights. I find a nice spot and try to summon Juliana but wake up.

      I am a passive observer of a single mom driving her three kids. A teenage girl, a young boy and a toddler girl. They seem stressed. I feel like I have seen this scene before durring a different dream.

      I am in my apartment and wake up before I can do anything.

      I am a middle aged man. He looks like and has a similar personality to the protagonist of Children of Men. He gets fired from his job.

      I am in my apartment and the sun it up this time. I phase through the window and screen and land outside. The cement is extremely hot and I realize I don't have shoes on. I have to fly between patches of grass because it hurts so bad. The layout of the neighborhood is different too. DCs are staring at me and I wake up.

      I am a passive observer to two cooks in a small Italian restaurant. One is the man before and the other is a sleazy man teaching him how to make ravioli. He says you have to cook it until it gets all mushy. The Children of Men guy says he knows how to cook and that isn't how. He is about to explain how to actually tell but the other guy cuts him off and says,"Look that is just the easiest way so just do it." The single mom and her kids from before come into the restaurant and order 3 servings of lasagna to go. I have a body at this point and even am wearing the same uniform as the cooks but no one can see me. They get their food and leave. The two cooks go back to the training for a while and the mom and teenage daughter come back. The mom says she ordered spinage lasagna, not cheese. The sleazy guy says they are out of spinach. The mom says "My kid is lactose intolerant. What am I suppose to feed him?" The sleezy guy says he can give them a free pizookie for their inconvenience. The Children of Men guy cuts in and says ,"We have some spinich ravioli we can give you that for free." The sleazy guy grumbles something and says,"Ya let us go prepare it." While they do so the teenager asks the Children of Men guy if they are hiring. He says she doesn't wan't to work here and asks if she plans on going to college. She says "yes" and he says,"Good then there is a chance you won't end up here some day like me."

      I am in my room and stable and there is plenty of light. I stick my hand back and I feel an hand take hold. It is a woman but not my dream guide and she has another large woman linking arms with her. I say to get out of here and wave my arms at them. I turn around and when I look back they disappeared. I try again and feel a hand but no one is there and wake up.

      I am laying in bed and try nose plugging and it is a dream despite being 100% indistinguishable from actually waking up. I didn't try this earlier because if I was mistaken I would have to start all over but at this point I know I will have FAs for a while. I get out of bed and open the blinds. These are very nice blinds I think. My real ones are falling apart. I wake up.

      And nose plug again. Yep, it's an FA. i get out of bed and stick my hand back and feel an hand grab mine. I say, "Hi" without a response. I look back and say,"Juliana?" and it's her smiling but she doesn't say anything. I say, "I wan't you to give me my first magic lesson." She says, "You need to read these first." And points at the ground. I look down to see a pile of books. When I look back up she is gone. This makes me pretty frustrated and I yell, "Juliana, you get back here right this instant! I wan't you to teleport right in front of me. Right here." I point at the floor. "Right here!" I realize that is futile and she might have a point so I take a look at the pile of books. Some of them I recognize. Robert Bruce's Mastering Astral Projection in 90 days and an abridged version of Journey to the West I have read. The rest seem to be religious texts in Japanese and Sanskrit. What am I suppose to do with this? I take a look at one of the Japanese books. It is a translation actually but not a very good one. It has a picture of a mountain in the background and a river in the forground with the words relaxation, peace, and meditation on it. As I contemplate the meaning of all of this I wake up.

      I am in another FA I do another nose plug RC and confirm I am still dreaming but I am also still frustrated. I fly out of my appartment and find a public pool with a bunch of DCs swimming in it. I do what ever I want to who ever I wan't and they enjoy it. If they don't enjoy it I mind control them so they do. I feel like I have released all that frustration and walk to leave the pool. I don't even care that my feet are burning! I see a hot DC tanning and then feel I have a bit more frustration to get rid of.

      I have more chains after this but I think I do less and less and end up just laying in bed in the FAs after a while. I find myself in a state of neither awake nor asleep and decide what to do next. I run through the memories in my head a bit to get them straight and then rest for a bit before I get up to write it all down.

      So I understand why I need to read Robert Bruce's book. His section on energy stimulation is really good and can be applied to dream control. I used to be good at it but now I can barely even feel energy in my fingers. Journey to the West is a stretch but Sun Wukong has a lot of different clever powers I can study and he is a monkey so there's that. I have a copy in my drawer so that is probably why Juliana picked it. The sanskrit books are probably the vedas. I think there are a few sections relating to magic so I will look into that. I have no idea about the Japanese ones but I feel it was probably some sort of zen or shinto book. If anyone has any suggestions for that I would be very happy.

      I will do some reading and meditation before I summon Juliana again. In the mean time I will try to summon some DV members to get some competition points.

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    5. First Real WILD

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:19 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      First Real WILD (WILD)


      Okay so I am not so good at WILD. I have tried many times and had very limited success. My goal for the summer is to be able to use WILD reliably and be able to get a lucid when ever I want.

      This morning I decided to have an extra long WBTB at 6:00 am. I stayed up until I felt like I could fall asleep in like 5 minutes which was around 9:00am and then attempted WILD.

      I was definitely tired I managed to catch myself loosing awareness a couple times and realized that I needed to do it more slowly to prevent waking myself back up to much. I slipped into a dream without realizing it.

      I was still doing my WBTB and I was eating a whole bunch of candy. I didn't know why I was eating so much junk food and thought I should stop but it tasted really good. I woke back up.

      I caught myself again and knew this was my chance. I was on the edge of dreaming. I heard hypnogogic music and thought it was my ipod. I didn't move and felt the sensation of numbness spread thought my body. I then felt the vibrations of SP. It all felt pretty weird and then it sort of went away and the mucid stopped. I stayed still a bit longer to make sure the dream fully set in. I didn't feel any different than I did before but hoped that I was actually in a dream and sat up. I pulled the sleep mask off my face and my room was very dark. I knew it had to be a dream because the sun was no longer shining through my window. I did a quick noes pinch RC and confirmed it. I needed to get out of the darkness because it was destabilizing me. I managed to stabilize a bit and walked into the family room but that room was dark too. I flipped the switch but nothing happened. Light switches in my house never work in lucids. D: I knew that if I just believed it would turn on it would but no matter how many times I flipped it up and down nothing happened. I tried yelling ou Shazam! when if flipped it but still nothing. I thought of a flash light or something and saw my pvc lightsaber prop all though it should be somewhere in my room. I picked it up and turned it on and it was a real lightsaber again. It gave me a little bit of green light but not much. Its always satisfying to cut stuff up so I cut strait through my brick fireplace. I knew I should get out of here and to somewhere brighter. I turned and saw the mirror I use to teleport. I was going to step through it but I wasn't sure if I should risk letting it take me to a random place. My mom walked in and didn't say anything and I randomly destabilized and before I even knew it I was no longer dreaming.

      I tried but failed to reenter the dream. I am glad I managed to get my first real WILD but am frustrated about waking up and not getting my goals done. It seems like I keep destabilizing and waking up before I even realize that I am unstable. In fact it takes me a second to even realize that I am not dreaming anymore and I never have a chance to stabilize. I should get back into the habit of nibbling on dream cookies thought my lucids.

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