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    1. Dreamland: Hot Sex with my Ex-Ex-GF

      by , 10-15-2013 at 03:55 AM
      Auto-hypnotic suggestion is almost as good as any other recall technique for me. Showing up at Dream Views and reading a few dreams has numerous times helped my recall and lucidity. Last night, I also woke up for about an hour partly due to lower back pain. The dream was very realistic, but I wouldn't say hyper realistic. I've only experienced a handful of dreams I consider to be hyper realistic here on Dream Views. I don't usually post dreams with sexual content, but this was a good one. I rarely recall dreams about sex when I'm in a relationship, but I've been single for the past month.

      As usual, exactly how this dream started is lost...

      I was in a very nice apartment or large central bedroom. It could be described as a bedroom setup in the middle of a sunken living room. There were bookshelves with various items. Several open doors leading to other rooms. The decor was fun but matured looking. Gray carpet. There were shafts of light coming in from various places, so it appeared to be broad daylight outside.

      I was with my ex, ex GF. She looked well adjusted and emotionally and physically healthy. She was dressed in soft indoor looking clothes. Her hair, skin, and textured white shirt were very vivid. I don't recall exactly what we were talking about by I know it turned to us. We were both single. She was casually admitting her head was not on straight when we were together. I recall explaining that I had grown a lot since that time and wasn't proud of how I handled things either. There was a very warm, almost glowing feeling between us. I remember feeling like, we don't know a better place to put our hands but on each other.

      We started touching each other on the bed. Her skin, like before was incredibly smooth and tan. She seemed to be in slightly better shape, and she was in good shape to begin with. We melted into each other. I remember she was wearing loose fitting white shorts. She was not wearing anything underneath. I kissed her naval and slid off her shorts with no hesitation. I went down on her. She made the most sensual sounds. I was in a trance. She started to orgasm after a few more moments. She didn't want to yet. She resisted by saying a few words I don't recall. She did not move away or push me.

      I sat up and so did she. She looked at me filled ecstasy. She said something to me like, that was no fair. She slid her head down to my crotch. I was like stone. She put her mouth on me in a way that can be described as both filled with lust and hunger. Almost reckless, but shy of that. I was ready to come almost instantly. This felt real. She pulled away with a strikingly beautiful smile. I recall feeling slightly frustrated when she stopped. We snapped ourselves out of the trance and laid down together embracing. There was a strong feeling of agreement that we shouldn't jump into relationship mode again too soon.

      We fell asleep together. This was a dreamed sleep. I seemed to wake up later and the room was dark. I figured I just woke up in real life and lamented at the missed chance to have such an intense physical encounter. I stood up out of bed and looked back. There she was besides me, wrapped in a blanket, and sound asleep. I thought wow, this really is happening again.
      --Then I woke.

      Oddly, I had a very different dream about her almost exactly one year ago today: Dreamland: Lucid Corner & Ex-Ghost Fragment #2 I have not had feelings for her since 2007, and the dream a year ago reflects more the typical sort of dream she pops up in. This dream had an impact on my day. One of the most sensual dreams I recall having in many years.

      This dream falls into an old motif of my dreams: Bizarre Apartment
    2. A Day at my Old Job

      by , 02-23-2011 at 08:16 AM
      Yesterday I was thinking about my old work place. Not in depth, it was only for a few minutes.

      I arrived at my old job in the morning, went up the elevator, went to my old desk which was now on the other side of the building and merged with my supervisors cube. My PC was old and funky. I remember that the work load was unusually light and my old supervisor was watching Rango (a movie coming out March 4th that I have no interest in).

      I adjusted his mounted TV screen so he could see it at the perfect angle. He nodded with approval. At lunch time I made my way back to the elevator, which now I had a difficult time finding. Directly in front of the elevator was a sofa with various people working around it. Sitting there wearing a similar outfit to mine was my ex girlfriend who I met working there. She didn't react to seeing me at first. She looked calm and detached as she worked. Then a smile came across her face and she said my first and last name in a state of surprise.

      I felt nothing inside seeing her, even though she looked very attractive and we were wearing the same colored outfit. I stepped around her and the sofa to get onto the elevator only to discover it was the freight elevator and it was filled with junk. I stepped back around, walked to the other side of the building and a group of people were pleasantly surprised to see me. I was met with a few: "Your back!"

      Finally I manged to exit the building and ended up going to lunch on board a large elegant boat. There were more employees there, and food, but I only clearly remember the boat was docked on a lake next to a green field. I left to return to work. When I got back to my desk I was 9-minutes late. My supervisor looked disappointed. I checked my cell phone and I had two missed calls from my Mother.

      As ordinary as this dream was, it is the first stable lengthy dream I recall in months.
    3. World Reality Merging

      by , 11-17-2010 at 10:10 AM
      The past two nights I've had complicated lucid dreams, that I only remember in fragments. I'm not remembering to remain motionless when I wake up, and every move I make weakens my memory of the dreams. They are very weirdly disjointed dreams that possibly mark different brain modes and rhythms. Or possibly just minor adjustments of my head while asleep?

      I was in a multi-storied apartment building crossed with a community center. It had vibrant red checkered floors and lots of friendly people. I was with ex-girlfriends off and on. And I was also with a group of friends and family. At some point I was lucid and started to fly. I vaguely remember a flying Disneyland style tea cup! I was using it to fly others around with me. I also remember passing through "a rip in the dreamscape."

      To my horror, I remember very little about the events leading up to the fantastic conclusion:

      I was standing in front of my Mother and Ex-girlfriend. I was holding a cylindrical rod in my hands. I asked them in a somewhat smug tone: "Do you like how I merged the dream world with the real world, permanently?"

      I remember they were reclined with drinks, looking very comfortable in the luxury high rise apartment I was standing in. I remember reviewing in my mind the portals that merged the "two worlds." The rod was about 1-ft long, made of fine grain wood, and had two silvery caps on each end. Similar in shape to a pipe bomb.