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    1. Future Haunted Prison

      by , 06-27-2012 at 08:38 PM
      This is a dream I would pay money to remember in exact detail. It was very vivid, gritty, emotional, and at times completely irrational. Again, I want to blame something for my poor recall. So I mention this is additional support for my theory that: irrational dreams are especially forgettable. At the end of the dream things got super weird and my recall of those events is very spotty.

      A detailed beginning is completely forgotten:

      I was in a very old, run down, poorly light blue, futuristic indoor complex. It was large and imposing but looked darkened and vacant. I was determined to release a group of people from some kind of stasis prison. I seemed to know exactly where to go. I used some kind of stealth device to sneak into a giant room filled with rows of beds with wavy metal gates. I would say at least 60-people in rows stacked to the ceiling were in this large medical-like room.

      In the middle of the room, off to one side against the wall was a brightly (white) illuminated bed. The guard I was sneaking up on was laying on it with a blanket trembling with fear. I was going to knock him out when I noticed he was fixated on a point deeper into the room. When I looked I saw what he saw.. It was a ghost. A cloudy looking young man with an outstretched arm walking towards him in a distressed looking manner. I remember thinking, what are the odds I would come to release these people and a ghost would show up?

      There was a panel on the guards bed with an orange LED on it. I twisted the knob and all the bed grates began to slowly lower at the same time. The guard saw me when my stealth wrinkled. He was so terrified by the apparition he made no attempt to stop me.

      Things go completely hazy at this point...

      Next thing I know I am about to enter a "very" haunted area of the complex. I had a powerful high-tech camera with a large screen that allowed me to see in the dark. It was not the ugly green infrared look, it was a pale blue display and it was strikingly clear. When I looked without the camera, everything was almost pitch black. The hall was at least 20ft wide, went forward about 15ft leading to a small set of two or three stairs to a split-level hall leading to the left. The hall had many doors. I remember heavy dust in the air. Long rips in the carpets and clawed looking walls. It was much, much older and worn down than the rest of the complex.

      No sooner had I taken a few steps down the hall when I saw a flare of light on the camera. Then, a terrible sounding groaning noise started down the hall and two shabby looking ghosts turned the corner heading towards me. I put down the camera and looked. I saw nothing but I could hear the weird, disturbing moaning getting closer.

      This was too much. I hurried out of the hall the way I came. I shut the wooden doors behind me. I could still hear the moaning getting closer. I was standing in a bustling police station. Apparently, the "haunted wing" of the police station had been condemned... I announced, "Two ghosts are following me." Everyone reacted with irritation. I stepped away from the door and turned around. I could see the broken yellow police tape on the door.

      To my shock, the two homeless looking ghosts appeared in front of the door looking at me. I heard men yell with fear in the station. Somebody shot some kind of energy weapon that exploded sparks of light everywhere and one ghost vanished.

      At this point the dream gets very irrational and unstable. There was some weird thing about shooting a boot. A large plastic shotgun. And some huge super cop that could out perform everyone in the station, including me. I'm almost certain he "took out" the first ghost , and, took out the second ghost in a spectacular way which replayed/repeated like a sports highlight. --Then I woke up.

      Note: This dream has many common elements/dream signs: police, prison, desolate future, undead, LCD, and long halls. Even the poorly recalled super cop seemed like a trickster.

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    2. Lucid (x2): Crime Pays & Coffee Shop Alone Time

      by , 03-06-2011 at 02:23 PM
      Dream #1: I was with two hardened criminals. We were in a wide entry hall past the first set of double doors. One of them I took to be some sort of mastermind. He was showing us a device that beamed intense light into multiple security cameras at once. It also had a motion tracking gun to fire on anyone who interfered.

      I got the impression we had rehearsed this particular heist a few times. When we were finally set up for the real thing, straight away a guard entered the hall through a side door and the auto-tracking gun shot him in the head, killing him instantly. An alarm sounded. I said "Does your machine have a way to deal with this alarm?"

      He said "No. Run." I could hear sirens in the distance as we fled the scene into the city streets. Plenty of people were noticing us as it was just before dark. The city was unfamiliar. The "mastermind" told us to dump our top layer of clothes as we entered an alley way. We each did. I noticed we were wearing a lot of stripes and scarfs.

      We made our way up a fire escape and I could hear and see police lights bouncing on building walls nearby. I felt intensely stressed out. I started questioning in my mind how I allowed myself to become involved in such a terrible scheme. I thought, "Maybe this is dream?"

      My partners in crime were starting to get far ahead of me by roof top. I was thinking, "If this a dream, I should just jump off this building..." I hesitated. It was a good 10-story drop. I stood on top of a metal ventilation box to launch off from. Again I paused. Then decided, may as well! And I jumped...

      Immediately I sailed into the air unaffected by gravity. I was extremely relieved at first, then excited to be lucid again. I glided around the city for a while looking for what I might do next. I spotted a power plant out of the downtown area and in a rural suburb with plenty of woods nearby.

      As I went to land, I noticed there was a mass of power lines blocking me. I grabbed a hold of one with each hand and had the thought, "This might electrocute me." But nothing happened. So I decided to try something. I glided around the power plant collecting as many lines as I could hold. I had dozens when I landed. I proceeded to coil them up into a braided strand by tossing them out, like one unwinds a garden hose.

      Once they were thick and intertwined, I looked around at the houses in the area. None had lights on. I held my right hand up the spit ends to send power to all the houses using my right hand. A huge burst of electricity emitted from my right hand. (Straight up dark side of the force.) I was thrilled at the raw power and visual quality of this effect. I looked around at the houses. Still they had no lights on. I did it again with more intensity. Again, a massive burst of fantastic electricity arched from my right hand into the power lines. I looked up again, and all the houses were light up now.
      --Then I woke up.

      Dream #2: (I believe this dream started almost instantly when I fell back to sleep.) I was going to pick up my girlfriend from a party. I believe I was running, but at car like speeds. When I arrived at the party I was winded and the cops were there doing sobriety checks.

      I told them, "Hey, I just arrived." The lady cop said, "Yeah but did you drive sober?" I remember feeling unsure. My GF emerged from within the house and told me she was ready to leave. We were on foot so the cops let us go on the spot. We walked to a coffee shop I have never seen before. There was a good number of people sitting around. I went in for a kiss, and she said "Hey, not in public!"

      My lucidity from the last dream suddenly returned. I said "Oh these people are dead." -And with that, pointed my hands and fingers outward around me. No visual electricity emerged, but everyone was struck, there blood splattered against the walls, and they slumped over dead. -My girlfriend was horrified by this display.

      I said "Don't worry." And repeated the same action again. The death was reversed and everyone came back to life astonished, laughing, and looking at me intently. I told them, "Leave us alone now, go tell everyone you died and were resurrected better people than you were before." They were delighted. Formed a single file line, and left the coffee shop. I leaned over and kissed my girlfriend.
      --Then I woke up.
    3. Lost Another Friend to Drinking!

      by , 11-24-2010 at 06:48 PM
      I was driving in a large parking lot area with many people walking around. Almost like a parade. (This entire section is weirdly disjointed.) I remember there were police directing traffic and being worried I would get undue attention on account of driving a red car.

      Adjacent to the parking lot there was a diner/hotel/bar building with a glass store front similar to an ice cream shop.
      In front of it, people were standing around. Kenan Thompson, a cast member from SNL was there dressed in a gray trench coat that looked dated. Vaguely like a Sherlock Holmes costume. I clearly remember thinking: "He is the kind of person I could actually be friends with."

      I offered to give him a ride through the traffic/parade situation and he eagerly accepted. I went back to my car, looped around the entire active parking lot again, cops and all. When I got near to the building I didn't see him so I parked my car (which converted into the bike I rode when I was 14-years old) out front by leaning it against the storeroom window. I looked around for Kenan, and there was no sign of him.

      I entered various areas lightly populated by workers. Near the far back end of the building was something like an old cheap looking dive bar/pub. I walked into the area, looked around, didn't see him among the old worn out looking patrons, turned around just in time to see Kenan downing a shot. I remembered him drinking earlier in the dream at this point. He looked sweaty and guilty. I asked him if he had been struggling with a drinking problem? He nodded awkwardly.

      Note: I thought Kenan Thompson was hilarious in his first show All That and I do watch SNL (even though it's 95% horrible currently) - but I haven't given the man any serious or special thought whatsoever.

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