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    1. Fragments: Driving Tip, Fight, Sand vs. Monster

      by , 07-08-2012 at 12:32 AM
      These dream fragments are not especially interesting. The monster was boring and cartoonish, but there were a few interesting elements. Once again it featured a realistic looking apartment complex.

      Dream#1: I was with my GF in a wooded area. I remember she was driving some kind of Jeep. She backed out of a parking spot without looking and we narrowly avoided colliding with a black SUV driven by an older woman. I tell her: "Always look in the rear-view mirror while in reverse." I was annoyed we almost got hit but I dropped it. [She doesn't have a car in waking life --or this may have been forgotten.]

      At some point shortly after this, I tell her I forgot something in my room. I don't recall what this was but I remember being worried about going to my room alone. I ran up several flights of stairs without feeling any tiredness. It felt exhilarating. I lived in a apartment complex and my room looked a bit dark. I recall grabbing a square wooden plaque, painted red, with a square gold engraved plate. Which I might have considered my cell phone?? --Things go hazy here.

      In the same outdoor setting as the above fragment my GF, and we are walking down a wooded road. There are some sandy banks along the side of the roads and we are barefoot like we are heading to the beach. Oozing down the road up ahead, and heading towards us, is a beige slimy mass a little like the blob with ugly mouths and knobs that looked nose-like.

      We run up the sandbars to get out of the way, and the thing changes directions to follow us. I started kicking sand onto it. It didn't seem threatened by heavy amounts of sand in its mouths and that made me start to feel nervous about being barefoot...

      Dream#2: I was at a sporting event at a local gym. Not something I have done since Jr. High. I was laying on a table against the wall of the gym. (Laying on table like beds is officially a motif.) The place was packed, I don't recall what sport was being played but I recall yellow uniforms and lots of courts filled with different games. I noticed my best friend Joe making his way towards me around the crowds. I didn't react until he was about 20ft away then I jumped up to greet him.

      At first things were cool. Then my GF showed him a puppy we had with us and he acted like he was going to step on it and crush it under his foot. I was outraged and lashed out. I grabbed him hard by the shirt and jacket and told him: he had no right to harm a puppy because he was in a bad mood about life. [He actually loves animals.]

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    2. Dinosaurs & Sandwiches

      by , 03-11-2011 at 12:13 PM
      I was bodiless. Moving across what I took to be an ancient landscape, very close to the ground. There was sand and lots of little creatures roaming around underneath the sand. I couldn't see them, I could only see moving bulges and little dark spots. I followed one in particular and had the impression it was a Trilobite or Silverfish.

      I had the feeling a disaster was pending... I noticed there was a towering layered rock structure in the middle of the sandy area I was exploring. It had a number of large holes and caves in it. I moved up about halfway to a larger cave opening. There, was a small blue-ish Triceratops. Noticing my bodiless presence, it became instantly spooked. He rotated to move away, and his backside bumped me back down to the sandy bottom.

      Then, I zoomed away and re-entered my body. I was now at the PC looking at this scene from software I was running. I saved "my game" and commented to my best friend Joe who was sitting beside me. He remarked how cool that was. His Mom and my Mom entered the room and sat at a large table behind me. (This was not a home I recognized.) His Mom proceeded to make two peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, except she covered the outside of the bread with peanut-butter as well. My Mom also had a plate with two messy looking sandwiches.

      Joe's Mom commented to Joe, "Now you have to make me one!" He seemed overly excited about the prospect saying, "Okay Mom, sounds good!" I remember thinking the food didn't look very appealing...

      I had this dream last night. This is my second documented dream including Joe and Dinosaurs: Dream: 007

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