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    1. Tribes: Ascend & The Devil

      by , 04-25-2012 at 01:44 PM
      I have become extremely addicted to the shooter Tribes Ascend which is a free online FPS with RPG elements like XP and leveling. I was dreaming about being in the game... I had a feeling I would because you can virtually fly in it, which sometimes inspires dream flight for me.

      The initial details are all but lost. I remember having a high-tech weapon and my GF was with me.

      In the middle of a futuristic outdoor daylight dream, we were suddenly transported (or entered a door) to a dreadfully unwholesome looking mansion with long corridors filled with maggots. This part I recall in fragments, but what I do recall is extremely vivid. At one point we had to crawl through these mini-halls and our hands were constantly crushing maggots into disgusting goop. My GF and I came clear of one, and came to a room with a set of gothic looking shelves stacking out of a heavily engraved desk-like piece of furniture.

      On the top shelf was something like a metallic engraved pot. Suddenly, a glowing tan colored image began to project out of it. The image was very poor at first, and then a solid dark gray leathery head appeared and announced:

      "I am the devil."

      The face was inhuman. Something like a classic gargoyle but the eyes were large and out of proportion. My GF and I looked at each other curiously. It went on to say something very similar to this effect:

      "I am the devil. There are a few matters to discuss. First, I will compliment the mathematical formula you have devised to divide any surface into equal triangles. You are commended, duly commence to share-ing-ly express this knowledge abroad." (He was speaking to my GF who is a math wiz in real life.)

      I turned to my GF and said: "Weird that the devil would use the word shareingly." (I am not 100% certain this is the exact word used in the dream, it was something very similar to "shareingly.")

      He continued "You both must be hungry. But as you can see, there is nothing to fill your stomachs in my domain...
      (I remember thinking, we could starve in this place.) Therefore, I will produce food to sustain you..."

      A beige cloud formed around the desk, then quickly dissolved. Two delicious plates of food were left placed. (See: Stealing Mexican Food.) We both dove in without thinking twice. I noticed that there was something pulsing at the bottom of my plate. Thinking back, it seemed the only thing to make food from was... maggots. With a sinking feeling, I looked at my GF's plate. She only had a few crumbs left.
      --Then I woke up.

      This is my 2nd dream featuring the devil in the past year. I don't recall any other occasions. The first was lucid, and isn't posted to Dream Views. This is the third Trickster dream posted to dream views.

      Updated 05-03-2012 at 10:41 PM by 32174 (Additional details recalled and links to food motif dreams added.)

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    2. Stalked in Dreamland

      by , 03-13-2011 at 06:52 PM
      The beginning of this dream is only a vague impression of being with a group of lighthearted people.

      I was inside a two story house with a carpeted spiral stairway. I saw this one shady looking guy creep down stairs to what I knew was my bedroom. I heard a laugh track (like a sitcom). Suddenly, I felt worried he was about to steal my wallet. So I quickly headed downstairs. My room was undisturbed, I walked over to my nightstand and grabbed my wallet and keys.

      I turned to walk away. I noticed myself in a full length mirror mounted on the wall. I was wearing an outfit I didn't recognize. I had on a blue-gray shirt turned upside down. The fit was comfortable but in the reflection, my arms were out of the bottom end of the shirt. The short sleeves and collar were wrapped around my waist, unstressed and comfortable looking. I became embarrassed and took off my shirt, and put it back on the right way.

      I exited the house out the front door and crossed over a white wooden porch. It was broad daylight. Before me was a rather large amusement park looking expanse. It had walls with outcroppings and lots and building scattered between wide open grassy areas, and walled sections. (The layout is hazy - and changing.) I walked around the area and I recall interacting with a few people (this was hazy).

      I made my way over to a lively baseball diamond. A serious league style game was underway. (Not a huge fan of baseball but I watch now and then.) I decided to see how the game was going. A pitch was just then thrown and hit foul at my feet. I ignored it while the first basemen picked it up. A second pitch was hit foul at my feet, this time I picked it up and tossed it to the third basemen (for some reason), upsetting everyone and knocking him down flat and motionless.

      I zoomed over to check on him and this cartoon-like man zoomed over at the same time, beating me to the unconscious player. He jumped on top of him in a flash, and sparkles of yellow energy emitted into the air, video game style. This startled me. Something about this fast moving prankster was alarming. I sped off the field to do something different. When I was several field lengths away, the wild DC yelled out: "Catch this!"

      I spun around in time to see him launch the baseball at me in an arch from a great distance. As it came, it grew to the size of a football. I dodged. It crashed into a person standing nearby - utterly mowing them down with rotating white cutters. It was a pretty nasty looking way to die. I wanted to leave this chaotic character alone. I exerted great speed to loose him. (Something that works 99% of my dreams lately.) He gave chase and had no problem keeping up.

      (The visuals/recall get vivid at this point.) I weaved through a magical looking hallway with multiple portals in it. One had a golden force field that I easily slipped through. I thought I lost him for sure, turned around, and there he was emerging from a similar circular portal. Huge grin, about 15-ft away. I decided to walk away at this point. Running super fast zig-zags wasn't helping. I started to feel trapped.

      I asked him to show me the way out of this land. Now the DC looked a lot like the Madhatter. He gloated at my surrender and announced illustriously something close to the effect of:

      "I will gladly show the way out! But first, there is something else I would much rather show you."

      After the deadly baseball incident, I wasn't feeling curious. I said "No." Turned and kept walking slowly down a bizarre fun house like hallway. He said:

      "All right, all right. Right this way then." He turned off the main hall and opened white double doors to a suspiciously dark area...

      I said, "This isn't really the way out is it?" He looked at me sly and said, "You are right, but I really must show you one last thing before you go!"

      I said "No!" and hurriedly walked straight some more.
      -Then I woke up