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    1. Dream fragments: Mom, uncomfortable bus, acid baseball music festival, bob sledding sombrero

      by , 06-05-2020 at 09:18 PM
      Was on a vacation at a hotel. Mom was there. I knew she was going to die in a few months and so did she. She said that she was really glad that we got to spend this time together and that I was able to appreciate her.

      I don't remember many details about hanging out with her but the memory has a positive tone.


      On a bus I sat between two girls. I was inches away from one of the girls faces and was extremely uncomfortable. She on the other hand did not seem bothered. It sounded like they were speaking a foreign language. At one point I said "sorry".


      I was at a baseball game from middle school in the outfield. There were about 20 outfielders and I ran out there to join them. The outfield stretched enlessly back and at some point evolved into the grass of a music festival. Someone said to me "I can't believe you took acid during the game". This shook me because I did not remember taking any acid. At that moment someone hit a fly ball to me. As the ball soared in the air and I reached my glove out, the sky started splitting and changing colors. The ball seemed to be coming from multiple angles simultaneously. I kept running and running until I ran into a huge crowd of people. There was music playing and it sounded distorted but pleasant. I found a fancy bathroom which had marble (and I should have called bullshit at this point cause their an't no marble bathrooms at a music festival) I tried to collect myself. I thought "your mom came out here to see you play baseball" That sobered me right up and I attempted to leave the festival and head back to the game.


      I never made it out of the festival though because the festival morphed into some weird bob sledding course made out of mud. At the top of a hill, someone was handing out sombreros to be used as a sled. I took mine and put my ass right over the top part of it. The run was really intense. Even though I was going down hill, people were racing past me in the opposite direction. I veered to the left to avoid a collision and then I cannot remember anymore.
      dream fragment