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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. Creepy Baby Clown

      by , 03-25-2012 at 06:12 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      After a party, I grabbed Sam and we ran outside of the building. We found a very dark building, in which I assumed my little brother to be. He was an orphan. I don't know why, but he was. And I missed him.

      We ran towards the dark building, and knocked on the door. No answer. We pushed the door and it was open. We walked through, just in time to see about 7 kids running through the hall. "Excuse me!" I yelled. "Hey!"
      The kids turned around and looked at me. "Yea?" they answered.
      "Have you seen Tom?"
      They shook their heads.
      "Oh, okay then," I said. "Would you happen to know if there is another foster home in this town?"
      They nodded, and pointed me in the right direction.

      "Okay, thanks." I said. We walked out through the doors, and crossed the street. There we found the other foster home.
      As we walked in, I noticed this foster home looked much nicer. It kind of looked like a hospital inside.
      I asked the lady at the front desk for Tom.
      "She looked down the list. Can anyone please bring out Tom?" she yelled.
      Tom walked down the stairs, guided by one of the women there.
      He looked about 5 years younger, but the same height. We hugged him. "Come on." I said.

      We walked out of the building into a small wooden shack. There were a ton of these around. Inside were two bunk beds, and nothing else. We put our stuff on the floor and decided to sleep.

      We were "awakened" by a loud boom sound. I peeked out the door of the shack, and looking up, I saw a humongous baby. In fact, it was a robot.
      It was super creepy, because the next thing that happened was it shouted, "Mommy!" In a demonized voice.

      It was looking for its mommy.

      I quickly woke up Tom and Sam, and I told them we had to move, quick. We grabbed our things and raced out of the shack, trying to avoid the stare of the gigantic robot baby. Too late. After it saw us running as fast as we could out of the town, It yelled "Mommy!" Again, only deeper and angrier. As it tried to walk, it fell, crying as it hit the ground with an ominous cracking sound that shook buildings around it. Looking back, I see the crushed shack we were in only a few moments ago.

      At the end of the dream, I was looking out of the eyes of a baby. It was sitting on a bed, in a tall building, looking at the fallen robot below through a window. Shaking its rattle, this baby cried, "Mommy, no!" In an even deeper, more demonized voice than the robot's. It crawled up to the window, and smashed it with its rattle.
      Tags: baby, orphanage, party, sam, tom
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    2. 07/13/10 The River Princess, A Glass Fossilized Baby!?!?, What are you looking for?

      by , 07-13-2010 at 02:18 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Note: All of these dreams were fuzzy, but I know that they were long and vivid, I just didn't wrote them down at the write time. I don't think these were lucids either.

      -The River Princess-
      The first dream started out with me as a princess. I was traveling with a lot of knights to a castle where the princesses were supposed to meet. At a lot of times, we had to flee to nearby hotels and cabins; because enemy archers were after us. We traveled on foot. At one time I saw my shadow. The first thing I noticed was that I was wearing fur boots, and I was running away from the archers unaided. At one time we came to a river. I"m not sure what we did there, because I only remember seeing a river. I'm not sure if we had made it to the caste or not.

      -A Glass Fossilized Baby!?!?-
      The first part of this dream was me looking a t a man who seemed to be sitting at a writing desk. He was working on the body of a fossilized GLASS baby, (wth?) so he could bring it to life. (0-0) He was about to place the baby's head onto its shoulders and give it new life, when , he drops it. The head shatters into a million glass pieces. He pitied for the baby, for it couldn't have life again.

      Later on, the man took me to a place unfamiliar and strange. We passed by a lot of cornfields in his car, and everything was dry and hot. We then arrived at a giant building, or so it seemed. A receptionist was at the front desk, and the front desk was outside. There was a mini library there, full of some odd books. The man told me that he had some business to attend to, and that he will be back later. I walked up to the mini library, and the receptionist said that I could read whatever I liked. I cannot remember what happened after this.

      -What Are You Looking For?-
      My older sister and her friend came to me and they said they were looking for something. They told me what it looked like, and it seemed a bit familiar. I told them that they could find it in ???? isle in Wal Mart. haha.

      I remember coming to an underground mine, I saw a person walking around, but I'm unsure of what he was doing. Then I woke up.