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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. Dream Drive Thru, It was an Accident!, Where's my Uniform, Plane Ride

      by , 07-03-2012 at 03:40 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Dream Drive Thru (Non-lucid)


      I remember having a dream in where you could go through some sort of drive thru. In this drive thru, you could go anywhere you wanted to go, or have your dreams fulfilled if you like.

      At one point I experienced mild dream sleep paralysis.

      It Was an Accident! (Non-lucid)


      I was outside my church, standing in the parking lot. A sing le car was parked in front of where I was standing. Suddenly, a man rps open the door of the car and tries to steal the car. I scream, letting someone know nearby what is happening.

      A man runs out of nowhere, and flogs the man getting into the car. The thief retreats, and ppulls out a shotugn. He tries to shoot the man after him, but misses. Then he aims for me. I then pull out MY shotgun. The man shoots. I dodge it, and tried to aim for the man. instad, my shaking hand aims for something else.

      The other man's crotch.

      I pu ll the trigger without realizing. Immediately after, the thief is already hightailing out of the parking lot. Out of my vision.

      The man that I shot looked up at me. Rage and anger crossed his face. He started walking towards me. I back away. Then he ran toward me and picked me up by my feet, slniging me over his shoulder. I beat on his back, struggling to get free. He laughed and said, "Let me show you what happens to little girls who shoot me."

      "It was an accident!" I yelled, still struggling from his iron grip. Then I broke free, kicking him in the face. I ran as fast as I could the other way. I heard him runningbehind me. He nearly caught the back of my shirt, but I ran faster. I rounded the corner of the church.

      A small pool of water appeared in front of me. It was attached to the back of the church, and appeared to be as deeps as a hot tub. Lights illuminated the blue water. I jumped in, hiding under the water so the man wouldn't find me. I wated for a slong as I could, then stuck my head above the water, making sure the coast was clear.

      It was, so I got up more. I stood in the water, now feeling its temperature. It did feel like a hot tub. I looked up, and saw two people sitting in the tub, looking at me. A boy and a girl. An uneasy smile crossed my face.

      Where's my Uniform (Non-lucid)


      Cheer practice was starting soon and I had to be in uniform.

      I peeked through the doorway into some room. I wasn't sure where I was.
      All of the cheerleaders were standing in the room in a line, facing my coach.

      I quickly hurried out looking for my uniform. Eventually my coach got mad at me about it.

      Plane ride (Non-lucid)


      I was on a plane. My dad said that it would take 12 hours to get to our destination. I told him that I would just go to sleep for those 12 hours and pass the time.
    2. 4/29/12

      by , 04-29-2012 at 01:48 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Adding Up
      I remember being at church with my family. I was sitting at another table beside them. In the background, i could see people walking around and talking and laughing, meaning the service was over. My mom and I were adding up something on our notes paper, I don't know why. I remember asking her, "What did you get?"

      Seven Lanes; Really?
      We were driving home. It looked like I was in third person. But I wasn't looking at just my car, I was looking at others too. It was nighttime. I remember our car coming up to our turn that enters the neighborhood we live in. Instead of just two lanes, it looked like seven lanes; for about six cars were stopped in the last six, for I could only squeeze into the last one.

      There also was a stoplight here where it shouldn't have been. I remember thinking to myself, "this car should do this," or "that car should do that." The car to the right of us got tired of waiting at the stoplight and backed away, leaving an empty lane for another driver.

      I was with my family at my school. We were having some sort of really big event.
      I remember our gym grew into a big arena. I was a cheerleader, so I remember standing in the stands with all the other cheerleaders.

      The event hadn't started yet, so I decided to walk outside. For some reason my cat was walking around outside, so I picked her up. I carried her around to the courtyard. I heard a buzzing lawn mower behind me. My cat tensed up, scared of the loud noise.

      There was some steps up to a door leading to a classroom from the outside. I decided to walk up the stairs and enter the door. As soon as I did, my other cat (who's been missing for about a year) jumped onto the platform.
      My cat tensed up again and hissed at him. The other cat cocked his head to the side. I ran through the door and the other cat followed me. I reached some sort of dressing room that was inside the arena. My sister Ken was inside there holding what looked like a baby. Some kind of radio was on. I walked over to a table and put my cat down. Then the black cat jumped onto a table.

      Then my cat got so mad she blew up into what looked like different colored boxes. Weird right? The black cat did the same thing. I stood there, my mouth open, with Ken still listening to music.
      Then I woke up.

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    3. Field Trip! Who wants some hot chocolate?

      by , 03-20-2012 at 12:31 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Field Trip!

      I was standing outside a fairly large church with my sister, Sam. Staying fairly close together (even though there was no one around us), we walked up to the front doors and entered. There was no lobby, only a large room. The lighting was dim, and at the far end of the room you could see a stage. We walked closer and noticed that a ton of people were around us now. I saw my friend, E, walking towards me. She said that she was happy that we were here.

      Before we walked towards the stage, we turned around and faced some stairs. They were stock white and led up somewhere. There we found my other friends standing by the stairs.

      We turned back around to head back to the stage. But before we moved, a loud voice could be heard over the microphone:
      "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this man right here!" He pointed to the now spotlighted stage. The spotlight was pointing to some man, but I don't remember his name.

      "And then later, John Cooper is here to sing for all of you!"

      Everyone screamed and applauded. John Cooper is the lead singer for the band Skillet.

      The music started. We ran to the stage and saw the man from before start to sing. As soon as a guitar solo came on, E jumped right on the stage and started playing some weird guitar fret thing (she was playing it wrong). She stood up there for a couple of seconds. I was thinking, "Is she allowed up there?"

      Sam and I walked out before John Cooper could play. Darn. We went to "register", like we should have before. We walked down a road and realized, that we were going the wrong way.

      "Where are you going?" I asked Sam.

      "I was following you!" Sam replied.

      I facepalmed, and then turned around. We found our way back and entered the registering lobby. We were put in line with these other 2 girls. We were supposed to walk out in that order.

      Somehow we found our way out, and started walking up those white stairs. We found D, and M, playing ball on the stairs. D walked up to the wall, and just as he did, M threw the ball and it nearly missed him. D screamed, and it was hilarious.

      Who wants some hot chocolate?

      A man peeked his head in the door.
      I noticed I was in a small white room, and it almost felt like I was on a ship. I was on the floor messing with something.
      The man asked me, "Do you know what tastes better? The hot chocolate powder from the flying birds or the birds on the ground?"
      He meant, what tastes better, this hot chocolate powder from this company, or this powder from this company.
      "Well," I said. "The bird in the air's powder tastes not like chocolate at all. It's just disgusting. I tried it, and my hot chocolate still tasted like milk.
      "The bird on the ground's hot chocolate, however, is the way to go. It's perfect."
      The man nodded, and closed the door.
    4. 9/12/10 Chicken Disease.. l0l

      by , 09-14-2010 at 10:59 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      So I had one (or two.. i think) dreams, but a lot of fragments.
      Here's the first dream which I remember the most:

      My little brother Thomas and I were in a forest place, I think. I don't know what we were doing there, but we might have been camping. At one part Tom got "bit" by a chicken, so we ran to the "hospital tent" nearest us.

      I remember seeing Tom lie on a stretcher while the doctor looked at the bite. A few seconds later the doctor told me that Thomas had the "_______ disease" (can't recall) where your....um....bowels.... either swell or rise up and it had some nasty symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.). Thomas got scared, but I told hom that it was okay.

      We went back to the forest and then Tom started to throw up a bunch. After this I told him, "Go to the bathroom!" So he went out of my line of vision, still puking. I can't remember what happened next, sadly.

      I only remember a little of the next dream:

      I remember walking down a road in the woods with some friends. We suddenly appeared inside a church (which looked a lot like my church in late service) . There was a special pew where the pastor sat, and apparently I was sitting in it. Once the pastor approached me, he looked a lot like Santa Claus. I thought nothing of it. He was kind and let me sit with him. I also remember my friend sitting beside me watching me browse the internet on my mini laptop while in church. It was weird.

      Now here's the fragments I remember:
      - I remember digging into my closet and finding my favorite pair of purple flip flops. Once I woke up in the morning I really thought that I had found them.
      - I remember walking into my adjoining bathroom and finding the toilet overflowing. The water flooded the inside of the bathroom where the toilet was, but stopped right at the edge of the small space like a fish tank. The water looked 2 feet high. It was weird.
      - I also remember walking into my bathroom, taking the top part of my hair like I was going to make a pouf, and sprayed some hairspray under that hair to give it volume.