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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

    Hope you like.
    Just a regular dream is in blue.
    Lucid in a dream is red.

    1. Halfway In

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:30 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Halfway In (DILD)


      I remember being with my friend Julia and my sister Sam. I think we were in front of my Dad's house, only we were in a neighborhood. (In real life it is secluded in the woods) Julia brought some sort of car with her. My step dad was here now, and he came up to us. Julia gave us something to put on. I want to say that they were glasses, but I'm not so sure. So i will say that they were. She gave them to me and I put them on. Apparently, it made you invisible and likely teleport to the dream world. I took them off for a second. I gave them to my step dad to see what it looked like for him to be invisible. He put them on, and slowly faded away. I put my hand to where he was. My hand was suddenly slowed to a stop as I tried to push my hand through "him". It was like pushing your hand through jelly. He took the glasses off and appeared. He was amazed.
      Julia gave Sam some glasses too. My step dad left, and we all put then on. We both hopped onto the outside of the car (it now looked like a dune buggy) as Julia drove. She told us that she was going to show us something. As she was driving, a small tent appeared at the end if the driveway. She drove towards it and as soon as we came to it, the tent flap opened for us. She drove in.
      The first thing we saw was some giant balloon animal to our right. Julia still driving on, we saw many things. We saw Dopey from Snow White dancing around us at one point (I thought he was a robot, but now that I think about it he may have been real), and we saw some ballerinas and ice skaters. I told myself that I would go back there again. When the tour was done, there were a lot of people in the lobby meeting the manager and other characters.
      I suddenly realized I could be dreaming. I told Sam and Julia that I would be right back, and slipped away. I found a room with three mirrors in them. Now halfway lucid, I decided I would be brave and walk up to the mirror. Bracing myself, I walked up in front of it. And to my horror.. I looked and my feet looked like where my head should be and I was standing on my head. I looked in the other mirror. My jaw was shaped sort
      of oddly but that's about it. The other one yielded the same results.
      I decided to try to step through the mirror. Putting my hand up to the mirror, I imagined that the glass was water. Touching the glass, it felt cold, but like liquid. I pushed my hand through, only able to get half of my hand through before it stopped.
    2. Emiliy's Boat

      by , 07-13-2012 at 12:30 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Emily's Boat (Non-lucid)


      I remember being on my driveway. My 3 best friends were there. One brought her boat (she doesn't have a boat...) and we were just sitting on it in the driveway, chatting.

      Somehow she could make food on her boat, like heat up stuff. I think she was making hamburgers or something, I don't remember the outcome of it, I just remember her messing with the controls.

      Something had happened to the boat too. My dad was trying to fix the front of it. He took the whole thing off the front and started working on it. (I don't know what it's called xD)

      For some reason I got off the boat and started walking down my dad's driveway. Half of his driveway is secluded in forest and the other half in a pasture. I was almost to the end of road in the forest where it curves out, when I saw 2 or 3 cars parked in a line in front of me. I wondered why there were so many cars. Two more came driving by behind me.
      Confused, I walked back to where my friend's boat was.

      Then I woke up.
    3. 4/13/12 Fragmented Dreams

      by , 04-13-2012 at 12:22 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I know I haven't updated in about a week. I've been almost too lazy to record my dreams. :/

      The Past
      I remember only parts of this dream. I was upstairs in a small library. This room seemed familiar for some reason. I found a cupboard full of past drawings I had drawn when I was little, and other scraps of paper.

      I decided to move all these somewhere else. I took each stack inside the cupboard to a table. I think I was going to sort them or something.

      By now, someone was with me. I donít really know why they were there, though. I just remember them running downstairs and coming back up to tell me something important.

      Fragment 2
      This dream took place in what looked like a mixture of my two parentsí houses. This dream was blurry and fragmented, so I donít really know what everything looked like. I remember going up to my little brother and asking him something in an upstairs room.
    4. 3/30/12 Trying new tech - SSILD: immediate results!

      by , 03-30-2012 at 04:40 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Oh my gosh. This technique is amazing!
      So last night, I woke up after 5 hours of sleep, went to the restroom, then got back in bed. I did about, 5 cycles (If I remember correctly.) Then I got comfortable and did one cycle for some reason. After a few minutes I turned over once more (now on my stomach) and fell asleep.

      I woke up.. and my body was completely paralyzed! I could not move. I think I could open my eyes, but I didn't want to! I got really scared (as I always do with SP. T-T). I heard these weird wind sounds in my ears or something, and my body just felt heavy and numb (it was a bit hazy at this part, can't remember much). I just decided, "What the heck, I'm getting out of this!" (I've done this before, and I ended up in a FA) So I tried wriggling my head, then my arms, then my fingers, and finally "broke" out of SP. I lay motionless , still lying on my stomach in my bed. Then I thought to myself, "Crap. I shouldn't have done that." But then I RCed out of reflex, and what do you know, I was in an FA! I got really excited. Still laying on my stomach, I used my arms and "pushed" me out of bed. It was extremely hard to do this. It was like pushing a rusted lever or something (kind of like I was "stuck" to the bed). Then I saw it was dark in my room so I got scared once more (I'm always afraid of seeing scary things in my dreams, like weird shadows and such).

      I sat on my bed, looking around in the darkness for my lamp. I shouted, "Light!"
      Nothing happened.

      I remember that electronics do not work well in dreams, but I turned on the lamp anyway. Light immediately flooded the room. I wanted to see myself in my full body mirror, but was too scared. So I kind of "danced" in front of it to blur my body but see myself in it anyways. I didn't take notice of all the details in my room, I just simply walked into the bathroom and tried to turn on those lights as well. Once I turned it on, the lights shone very dimly. I walked into Sam's room and did the same. Dim.

      I shook her awake (at least I think I did), and told her I was dreaming, and to come on with me. She muttered something, but I was too excited to listen to it, and ran out of the room. I stood on my balcony, looking down. It was almost daytime now. I said I would jump off of it. I was afraid I would get hurt. But it was a dream; it couldn't hurt me.

      I jumped off of the balcony, landing on my feet. I only felt a mild shock travel up through my legs.

      I then walked out our front door, which was a large archway with no door. It was daytime out now. I looked up at the sky, it was clear and crisp. Then I started losing lucidity bit by bit, but I didn't notice. The grass was as green as ever. I saw my mom sweeping the pavement, and my dad was just walking around.

      I tried to fly down the steps. Instead, I hovered down them and hit my toe on every single one of them. Since they were brick stairs, it hurt a little. Then I tried to fly around the front yard, but I wasn't making any progress. I tried with all my might to "flap" my arms, but to no avail. Not even if I ran and jumped could I fly.
      I gave up and walked over to the side of the house. My house was bigger than usual. I heard my sister, who was outside now. She yelled to me, "Imagine something!"

      Good idea. I tried to summon a Lamborghini. Big mistake on my part!

      I turned around and visualized what I wanted. A Lamborghini. I wasn't specific, though. I turned around and faced the garage. A really long car, like a limo, was there. It was an ugly shade of green and yellow, and looked like it was made out of coke cans. Ugh.
      I tried again, this time it was a longer car, but was an ugly shade of blue. Somehow, the green car had rolled itself down into someone else's driveway.
      I tried once more, this time being specific. But it didn't come out as I wanted. A brown car appeared, and it looked like a Model T. I gave up. This was just too hard!

      The dream sped forward. I was with a group of people in a grassy field. My lucidity level got even lower, I could hardly control anything. I just had to go along with the story line.
      All of a sudden, a nest of "cracker jackers" broke open and swarmed around us. Someone yelled, "Get the powder!" (Apparently, this powder was supposed to ward off cracker jackers) I imagined this white powder. It started raining down from the sky, and the cracker jackers swarmed away. It was kind of like bug spray for mosquitoes I guess. We were careful not to step on the dead ones. They could still sting.

      The dream sped forward once more, and I was sitting with a group of people. My lucidity was almost gone now. They were being rude to me. I just walked away, not knowing what to do.

      I woke up. I remember going throughout the morning, kind of sad that I didn't have any more time to use the technique in the night, because of school. My mom handed me a piece of a Reese's. I tore the Reese's apart, and it revealed rich peanut butter and chocolate chips! Then the dream faded. I woke up in my bed.
      I was paralyzed again! I just decided to really get out of SP now. I did, and I didn't have an FA.
      I looked at my clock. All of this happened in less than 2 hours. Wow.

      Dream: Don't kill them!
      I was at my dad's house. His house was made into some sort of arena, and they were going to kill two innocent people. A little tanned skinned girl, and a tall boy. I don't really remember the most of this dream, I just remember that they weren't really killed. The people in charge of killing them were playing a trick on everyone.

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    5. 3/28/12 Ah.. My Beautiful!

      by , 03-28-2012 at 02:43 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember having a project due (which I really did have due), so I decided to do it. I made it look really cool, even making a small border/mural to surround the poster. I was proud of it in the dream. I remember setting it all up at my dadís house, and I remember it being a bit dark in the house, except the kitchen light was on. Someone was observing it, putting his hands behind his back and smiling. I think it was my teacher (though my teacher is female).
    6. 3/7/12 DILD: My Protectors

      by , 03-07-2012 at 12:51 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was walking along the beach with my family, we were there on vacation or something. My cousin pulled up in his truck, on the sand, bringing us something. They looked like neon shirts. He showed them to us. Sam and my little brother ended up going with him in his truck to go get something, leaving me there with my mom's car. As my cousin was pulling it, it caused a chain reaction and made my mom's car spin. Apparently it was on neutral. I jumped into the car, and as soon as I did, I started rolling down a small hill toward a seaside warehouse. I frantically searched for the break, I never can in my dreams. I guess this could be a dream sign. I ended up pressing the gas and some other pedal. I sort of rammed into the warehouse, knocking the "Open" sign off of the wall. (I don't know why a warehouse would have an open sign) I got out of the car and looked around. No one was in sight. I looked at the damage. The car was a bit smushed in the front, and there was a large crack in the warehouse wall. I ran, trying to find my mother. I ended up running into the warehouse. I around the corner and found a dead end. There were boxes everywhere. It crossed my mind that I could just hop on top of them to get over the wall, but I didn't. I turned around and suddenly stopped in my tracks. I thought, "Wait, wasn't I just doing my WILD technique in my bed? I must have just fallen asleep." I plugged my nose, and I could breathe.

      Now lucid, I walked a little ways until I found the exit to the warehouse. All of a sudden, I girl appeared in front of me. She was a little bit older than me. A large "A" was written on her collar around her neck. She was dressed in a large black overcoat, in a suit of some sort. A kind of crossbow hung over her back. Her brown hair was pulled back into a small ponytail.

      "I have come to protect you." she said.
      I was shocked. Could this be my dream guide?
      "Wait. . . who are you?" I asked.
      "I will explain that later. In the meantime, come with me."
      I'm not sure where I went, but I followed her down through the warehouse somewhere. Eventually, we came to a large room. I suspected this to be her private room or headquarters.

      As I walked into the room behind the strange woman, I saw some more peculiar faces. I saw an attractive young man with the same outfit as the girl, with his short, light brownish blondish hair also pulled back into a ponytail. He was about the same age as the woman.

      Beside him, was another... thing. He was a creature of some kind, he wore the same outfit as everyone else, only. . . his hood covered the rest of his face, and the only thing that showed was his exceedingly large mouth, and his teeth showed all the time. He looked a bit creepy.

      "We are here to protect you." the woman said.
      I turned towards her. "So wait. . . what is your name?"
      She said her name, but it was a large, unheard of name and I can't remember it.
      She motioned to the man at her side, and told me what his name was. I can't remember that either.
      I looked around I noticed that I was standing in front of a car. It looked like my mom's car that I crashed, only.. shinier.

      "Well that's all for the invitations, then." the woman said. (I'll call them my 'Protectors' from now on)
      "Someone is after you." The man said. "They want you killed."
      Who on earth would want me killed in my own dream?
      The woman told me that the "Creature" wouldn't be joining us. He was to go off and protect someone else.

      I opened my eyes in my room. The walls were and odd shade of red, and instead of a regular bed, there was a bunk bed in the middle of the floor. Where was I just? I RCed. Oh yeah. With my Protectors. But how did I get here?
      Interrupting my thoughts was a creepy laugh. I looked around the room frantically, searching for the source. I looked on my bed. My bear was there, but it was a bit moved. Hmm.

      The woman Protector walked into my room. "Let's get going." she said.
      "Well, to the mall, I guess. If that's where you want to go. We'll meet your other protector there, too."
      I looked at her. She was dressed in normal clothes like a normal girl; no crossbow could be seen.

      I walked out of the room fully dressed. I was a bit taller than usual I noticed. As I was walking to the door of the garage with my woman protector behind me, I suddenly wanted to drive a baby blue corvette. I thought about it, and when I walked outside. Sitting there was a weird looking car. It wasn't old, but it wasn't new, either. It was my favorite color of blue, with other mixtures. It was oddly shaped, though. The doors were already open, and they revealed shiny new seats and a couple of bags. I opened a bag that was in the front seat. I've always wanted to do that in a dream! Inside, I found a tennis racket, and some other things, I didn't look anymore, because my protector was hurrying me.

      I got into the car on the drivers side, because she let me drive for some reason.

      We got to the mall, and met the guy protector at the movies inside the mall. By this time, he was fully dressed in his black attire, and so was my woman protector. As we waited in line for tickets, I looked at both of them. They were both on either sides of me, standing stock still, looking around, getting prepared.
      "You know..." I said. "You two would make a great couple."
      The woman blushed and looked away.
      The man smiled. "I don't know about that. . ."

      We got our tickets and headed into the theater. We sat in the corner. The woman sat on the right side of me, the man on the left. I felt weird, like I didn't belong with these people.
      This was a lucid dream, why wasn't I out doing things, like my 3 step tasks?

      Suddenly, I heard a noise. It was a creepy laughing sound. The sound I heard from earlier! The two protectors tensed up, holding onto their weapons. I could see him now. The possessed bear, standing a row in front of me on top of a chair. It was smiling at me. All of a sudden, it jumped upwards in a black blur, and disappeared. I looked at the two protectors. They were looking up. The woman was on the left side of me now, with her crossbow in the air, aiming to fire.
      "Hold on." She said.
      Just then, the black blur appeared again and came straight towards me at the speed of light.
      I heard a sharp sound, I'm not sure what it was, but the arrow made contact with the demon - thing. The bear flew all the way to the left, hitting the wall, and broke open. I swear I saw some black stuff rise out of it.
      I plugged my nose again. I was still dreaming. This wasn't fair. I could do anything.

      "Are you alright?" The woman asked me.
      "Yes, thank you." I said. "What was that?"
      "That, my friend, was a possessed doll puppet." I heard the man say.
      Suddenly, the dream just ended, or sped forward.

      I wasn't lucid anymore, although it was pretty vivid. I was driving my sister's Mustang. It was on a very narrow road. On the side was a creek filled with water. This looked familiar. It was part of the driveway to my dad's house, only it was a lot wider and certainly less stressful. I inched my way in the car for a couple of seconds, then just figured out, that it's not worth it. I backed up slowly, and nearly fell into the creek twice. Then I woke up.
    7. 2/29/12 Fragment: My Brother should really watch his language...

      by , 02-29-2012 at 12:47 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was holding something in my hand. I found myself in a dark hallway at my dad's house. Suddenly, my little brother walks around the corner in front of me and tries to take whatever's in my hand away from me. "Hey - stop!" I yell. He only pulls harder to get whatever he wants back. All of a sudden, he yells the f-word in my face. It was almost like "This is SPARTAAA!" But if was the f-word. Stunned, I let go of the object. He backs into his room, all the while staring at me. I should go tell someone.
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    8. 12/15/11 28th lucid dream

      by , 12-16-2011 at 12:11 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember during my WBTB that I was daydreaming about what I wanted to be lucid like. I don't have good memory of this dream - I guess because I didn't have good clarity.

      All of a sudden I was daydreaming - then it turned into a dream I think!
      So I think this was a MILD.

      I was at my dad's house. I was there in RL, so I RCed a lot just to make sure. At times, my nose felt stopped up, like I couldn't breathe through it as clear, so I kept doubting that I might have been lucid. In my daydream, I was hovering on a platform with someone. It looked like I was at the Coliseum, or an old abandoned building. It looked like I was wearing a pink power suit. The daydream just continued itself, but it also changed, to a different scenario entirely. Finally I could breathe clear once, and I was lucid. I didn't have much control over this dream, like I couldn't stabilize when I wanted to. Happens alot in my lucids. But anyways, it was daytime at my dad's house. I think I was standing in the kitchen, facing my front door. Some "creatures" were coming for me or something, but they were friendly. I think we were playing a game. Now I was outside. (I hate it, because in my lucids, I can't do any "lucid dream" stuff! I never have enough clarity to even realize that I'm actually in a lucid dream yet) The creatures came, and some actually looked like people. I just remember them flying or hovering all around me as I walked down my driveway.
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    9. Last Period Class is Fishing?

      by , 05-29-2011 at 01:39 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I had a dream where I was on a dock, with the rest of my class. There were some boats parked not 10 feet in front of us. Our teacher was an old fisherman. We were just supposed to get in the water and float. Sounds easy. I saw everyone get in.. even though some really didn't want to. We didn't have bathing suits either.

      I guess I was able to get out of the swimming; because I never remember me getting in.
      After a few minutes of nothing, a girl name Carlee in my class went missing.
      The last time we saw her, she was in the water talking.. all the time. So we went on a search for her. Finally after a few minutes, my sister told me that the old fisherman found her inside the building behind us. "Up the stairs, to the left, to the right, and she was in that room." We don't know why she was though.

      About 10 minutes before class was supposed to end, Carlee went missing again. It was getting darker outside, so everyone was worried. All the parents started showing up and her mom was crying. The dream "zoomed in" on her and showed me her crying face. Then the clock struck 3. Now it was nighttime darkness.

      I never knew if they found her, but I left. I got lost in the house. I went up these flight of stairs, and found a really big restaurant with door holders outside the doors. I went back down the stairs, only to find another restaurant in the main entrance. While I was walking down the stairs I could hear them all talking merrily. Then I heard a gunshot and people screaming. More gunshots. I tried to run.. but seemed to be fumbling for something. A gun, maybe. There was one on the steps; but I failed to pick it up in my fright. I got to the end and ran to the front door as not to get hit by a gun shot. I came out the door and shut it as hard as I could, and ran. Then I thought I heard the person with the gun was behind me, I thought he was an old man. But as soon as it ran in front of me, I figured out that it was a girl about 3 years above me.. dressed in some kind of leopard print.

      I yelled out to her, "Hey, can I join you?" she didn't answer; but was trying to shoot some beings that just came from her shadow.
      I tried to run again; but something was pulling me back. No matter how hard I tried, I could not escape that force that was pulling me back to the house. Then I looked around for a minute. It looked a lot like my dad's house outside. Then I saw the girl running down the road. I was still being pulled back. Then I stopped completely, and I was whisked off my feet and hit the building, still trying to escape.

      Then I was rudely awoken by my sister. Dang it! I wanted to see what would happen next.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. 11/26/10 9th Lucid Dream

      by , 12-11-2010 at 04:37 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being in my room at my dad's house. The front light was on and I was walking around. I think I thought that I should be in bed and not up at that time of night. I just did the nose RC just in case, and I was lucid.

      I remember I was still breathing through it for a few seconds like my fingers weren't even there. I turned around and yelled, "Sam, I'm lucidddd!" She came out of nowhere and was like, "Really?"
      Now I remember walking towards the little balcony in front of that window. It had turned into a fading space.. and the space inside looked like a foggy sea. I walked towards it and was immediately engulfed inside. I turned back and I think I saw my house, or where I was standing before I went inside.
      So I decided to walk a little further through the water. It felt like I was walking on some nets; and there were these little geysers in the water. They weren't hot or anything.

      I can't remember if I walked back inside or not but I guess I did. I remember to reality check just to see if I was still lucid. I found Sam again.

      I got so excited, and tried to remember my goals. I could hardly remember them, so I tried something new. I closed my eyes and held out my hand. I tried to visualize something, maybe raisins. While I did this, I said to Sam, "Look at my hand." I heard her gasp. I felt the raisins immediately forming into their shape. I opened my eyes and there they were, in my hand.

      I was so shocked. This feels amazing! I remember wanting to go in my bathroom and look at myself. But my reflection might have been a bit weird. I told Sam, "Come on, Sam! Let's go downstairs and eat our hearts out! (Cuz you know it's a dream)" She was like, "Wait, I want to try this!" But she couldn't do it. Lol.

      I can't remember much after this, but now I remember being in a little cornfield with either my grandfather or some other guy. There were some other "students" there. We were told to collect these little seeds, and I'm not sure why. Sam was with me. I said, "The heck with this. Let's do this." So I held out my hand and imagined those little yellow beige seeds. Once I opened my eyes, they didn't really look like the right seeds. They were more yellow and looked plastic, so I threw them on the ground.
      lucid , memorable
    11. 10/1/10 8th LD: Similarity, Sassy

      by , 10-05-2010 at 10:58 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      This lucid dream was finally more controllable than before, and a tad bit vivid.

      It started out where I think I was in my room at my dad's house. I don't know if I was sitting on my bed or not; it was blurry. I did the nose RC a couple times, and pinched myself. And I was lucid.

      I'm not sure how I got there, but I was in the kitchen at my mom's house. It was weird, because some of it was the kitchen but then the scenery faded out into some sort of ruins.

      Anyways, I was standing close to the island (counter in the middle with 2 stools) and I saw my friend and another girl run by. I can't recall what happened next, but I remember laying on the floor.

      Then I remember that I wanted to see my friend Mike in the dream. I started spinning, hoping that the environment would change. It didn't much. I walked over to my mom and told her that I was lucid and to RC. She said she would in a minute. (lol?)

      I'm not sure if i was still lucid, but I remember seeing a "commercial" about alarms (much like the CAN-WILD alarm) that were being sold for 28$ each ring. (talk about expensive) I also remember a commercial about these buttons that you would press in your sleep and it would transform you into something n your dream. Very strange.
      No more recall, I think I woke up.

      I remember being in my math teacher's room. There were about 10 of my classmates there. I remember talking about classmate with my friend, and we were laughing.

      I noticed I had a can of Aussie hairspray and sprayed it. (I guess I thought it was air freshener?)
      Then Sam got a text from my mom. I was in the front of the room when she told me, "Momma said that she's at a 5 hour restaurant." (what is a 5 hour restaurant?)
      Then Mike said something but I can't remember.
      I said, "Yeah, she's bringing us food." (in a smart alecy tone) While rotating my head (lol).
      Then I heard someone in the back go "oooooh"
      After this I remember saying, "Then again, she's probably not bringing us any."

      Then I remember going back to the back of the room and spraying that hairspray again. I yelled, "Mmm! Smells like sweet tarts!" (lol)
      That's all I remember

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    12. 9/16/10 Old Town

      by , 09-21-2010 at 12:36 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being in some sort of old town. I walked up a road where some men were camping, I think. One guy came out to me. I told him that I need some food. "Sir, can I please have some of your food?" He hesitated. "Pretty please?" I said.
      "Fine." he said. I walked over to where the food was. I saw two or three more guys sitting at a table playing poker. I can't remember if I took any food though.

      - - - - (no recall)

      I remember walking down a sidewalk in front of a motel.

      - - - - (no recall)

      Then I remember being in the same place where the men were, but they were gone but the table was still there. There was a girl there who looked like a big hit on the web (like Fred, only it was a girl, maybe like Venetian Princess) and she said she was quitting for some reason. I stood there shocked. She collected all her umm idea papers? and put them into a folder. My friend AG (who copies people) took all of the papers from her. She looked desperate to take her place. l0l.

      Then I remember being in my dad's house. I walked down the hallway and saw that same web girl sitting on my old bedroom's bed with her hair wrapped in a towel. Also the bathroom had a room connected to it, with two extra beds in it. (In my dreams, the familiar houses always look remodeled for some reason) She was reading a book or something, I can't remember. I then walked upstairs to my room and saw another room attached to it. My homeroom teacher was laying on the bed in that room (wth) doing something. Sleeping maybe. Then I saw my mom standing beside me, and that's all I remember.
    13. 07/15/10 My 2nd lucid DILD! The R.P. Summoning, The Storm

      by , 07-17-2010 at 09:25 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Yesss! My 2nd LD. I wish I could say it was a WILD, but it was a DILD. This was almost similar to my first one, but it wasn't very long.

      Note: I was sleeping in my brother's room. I think the LD had to do with the fact that I was in a different environment. Once again, I felt that this LD was semi-lucid. I don't remember feeling this dream, I just remember it as a lucid dream.

      -The Robert Pattinson Summoning-
      The only I remember was that I was at my Dad's house. It was all dark and stormy like. As I was walking down the stairs to the dining room I must've known how weird it felt. I probably thought: "I'm not supposed to be up this late..let alone be down here."

      So I did an RC just to test my reality. I remember it clearly; I tried breathing through my nose twice. It felt like I had a stopped up nose (it sounded like it too) but I could still breathe throught it. Then BAM! It hit me. I must be dreaming!

      I walked back up the stairs and stood in front of a mirror. It was a full body mirror. I could see the reflection. I was invisible, I can't describe it. (At this time, I wasn't really in my right mind, because I have no idea why I did this next thing) I tried to summon Robert Pattinson. In the mirror, I looked behind me. As I was imagining him, it seemed like there was a purple mist behind me, glowing and sparkling. I turned around, no Robert Pattinson. So I turned around back to the mirror.

      Then Robert appeared. He came from behind the pillar (which the mirror was leaning up against). He walked up to me; and he looked a little different. He said, "Here, have this." So I took it and stared at it. The thing looked like an iPhone but the size of a Ken. It had some kind of writing on it, which I cannot remember. He disappeared, and I woke up.

      -The Storm-
      There was a very large storm that went on. So, I had to act fast. (this dream felt like Evan Almighty) I jumped on the nearest yacht (I think it was) and tried to steer it to get everyone else. At the end, after the storm I remember this: This might have been lucid, but I'm not so sure. At this part, it felt so real. It even felt realer than the dream up above. Inside the boat looked like my mother's house. But, there was no basement. I walked through the living room, and looked up. 3 birds were flying around on the ceiling. I saw a few broken pipes, where the basement door had been. I heard my dad in my mom's room, so I said to him, "Dad, what are those birds doing in here?" I can't remember his answer though. I woke up.