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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. I'm a Dancer, Lonely

      by , 08-07-2012 at 02:29 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I'm a Dancer (Non-lucid)


      I remember being a dancer in a huge dance company. Instead of large rooms where people practiced, it looked like we practiced on a gated field full of sand. I remember having a partner. He was oddly familiar, and had brown or black hair. He was a surprisingly good dancer.

      Whenever we practiced, some sort of light shown on places I should put my hands and feet at for the next dance move and where I should be positioned. I told my dance partner that I was afraid I would do horribly in the competition without those lights. He told me that it would be easier than i thought.

      At some point during the dance, my partner and I transitioned to a dance move where I jumped onto him and did a handstand on his shoulders, so that I was upside down in te air. I was holding (or rather pushing) on his shoulders and he was holding onto mine. We had to keep that pose for a couple of seconds but had trouble keeping it.

      Towards the end of the dream I remember that my focus was "switched" off of me to one of my friends. Meaning it was like I was seeing what this friend was seeing and thinking what she was thinking.

      Somehow I went up missing (my body did). I still had the viewpoint of my friend. She brought her other friends to go look for me. Eventually, they found me under a pile of sand. In the dream I thought that I was either trying to suffocate myself or someone dropped sand onto me.

      I can't remember the rest of the dream.

      Lonely (Non-lucid)


      I remember a fragment of one of my dreams. I remember being angry at my two sisters about something in the dream, and it made me feel lonely. I remember carrying my laptop up to my room (it was actually my old room in the dream) and putting it down on the bed. I was frustrated also about the summer reading I had to get done.

      That was when I was shocked awake by some thunder.
    2. 9/17/10 Athletic Jail, Where are they?, Dream FA or Dream DEILD, Dream FA or Dream DEILD #2

      by , 09-22-2010 at 11:56 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Basically, most of these dreams were about me dreaming that I was DEILDing and dreaming that I was dreaming lucidly, when I actually wasn't.
      If this got confusing, I wasn't lucid in these (at least I don't think so).

      Athletic Jail
      I remember a dream in where I wasn't in, but I was looking at (like a TV) There were these men that were probably in jail and had to do hard labor or something. Everyone was outside at this time. it was nighttime. The guard was standing at the gate, the only place for escape. The setting looked like a football field/track. The guard left for one minute, and when he came back, he saw all the prisoners jumping over the fence and running away. He yelled at them angrily.

      Where are they?
      My siblings and I walked up to a place that looked like McDonalds from the outside but a normal house on the inside. We walked in to a big living room. We were waiting for our mom to show up. I was standing behind the couch. In the corner of my eye I saw a guy-about 16 (who must have been their son)- standing in his doorway. I turne dmy head towards him but then he vanished.
      A few minutes later the father came around the corner and stood in the doorway of the livin groom. He was bald but had a mustach and glasses. "Hey." he said. I said hi, and told him my name. He wanted to show me something. So we went up to the master bedroom. I saw a pair of shoes and some trash on the floor. He showed me a view out the window. That's really all I remember. Also I recall hearing his wife say "I don't shop, I ____. (can't remember)" (meaning: instead of shopping at regular mall stores, she shops at Goodwill and thrift stores)

      Dream FA or Dream DEILD
      This dream would seem like a false awakening, but I don't think it was. I was actually in 3rd person in the dream, so I was basically like dream DEILDing or WILDing.
      Anyways, I "woke up" in a different bed in the dream (still at my house, still in the same room, just different place, position, and style) and I rolled over in bed. Before the dream "FA" I had had a dream about iCarly so I decided that I would DEILD (I was really dream DEILDing) or something.

      So a minute later I was back in a "dream" as I thought it was. I probably was lucid in this, or I dreamed that I was lucid in the dream.
      I remember being in 3rd person looking at myself and a group of girls I was singing with. We were dressed in these cool pixie-like costumes.

      I started dancing. By this time I realized that I was actually on a computer looking at myself. (Well, I didn't realize, but once I woke up I did.) I saw the whole screen like I was there, but I remember the feeling of controlling a mouse and clicking on some buttons.

      At the end of the song we all jumped up and did these twisty moves with rainbows trailing behind us. Yes, it was that weird.

      Dream FA or Dream DEILD #2
      The same thing happened again. I must've had another dream about waking up and DEILDing. Again, I was in the same different bed. I was also in 3rd person again. I remember wanting to have that previous dream. I rolled over; and a few minutes later I was back in a "dream". Instead of the same drea, I was at my school trying to find the lead singer. I wasn't lucid in this, because I was dreaming that I was dreaming lucidly (I guess; darn this is confusing).

      I was on the playground of my school. I found her and starting chatting with her. All of a sudden we heard a low rumble noise. She and some other kids ran into the school and I followed. I turned around once we were in the hallway and looked out he door. I noticed that there was sand covering the pasture land beyond the playground. There was still some kids playing outside, unaware of the sand cyclones in that area. I saw my friend try to run on a wave of sand as it was being blown. l0l.

      Once again: "Basically, most of these dreams were about me dreaming that I was DEILDing and dreaming that I was dreaming lucidly, when I actually wasn't.