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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. My Sister is Demonic; Again?, Underwater

      by , 07-15-2012 at 01:10 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      My Sister is Demonic again (Non-lucid)


      I remember in the dream that my sister Ken was some sort of demon. I don't know how, but she would trick people (mostly kids) into doing bad things and becoming like herself.

      I remember that she got me and my mom alone in an old schoolhouse. She was trying to "entice" me to do bad things. Almost like that voice in the back of your head that goes, "It's okay, no one will see you."

      At first she compelled me, and I shared half of her... demonic spirit. But then I think my mom stepped in. She helped me.

      I can't remember what happened, but I do remember that my mom and I were spying on Ken to see where she was going. We walked about 10 yards behind her, hiding behind buildings to avoid being seen. When all of a sudden, a young lady thought to be her friend walked up to her. I also noticed the woman had on a police's uniform. "Uh oh." My mom breathed.

      I can't remember what happened next.

      Underwater (Non-lucid)


      We were at some sort of camp I believe. I was with a couple of people I didn't know. The first day of camp, the councelors took us out to a flooded area. It was about 2 feet over our heads, so we had to tread water most of the time. The councelors let us swim in this, I don't know why though.

      I remember there being a creek in the middle of the flooded area. That part was the deepest, and it was kind of creepy looking if you looked down in there. Whenever you swam over the creek to get to the other side of the water, you often brought a 3 foot long, pirahna looking thing with you. (They didn't bite, though) He would often stay around the water where you were until the councelor threw him back into the creek, only to come out again.

      I swam over the creek. Luckily, no fish came with me. There was a bank on the side I was on (the left side, according to where our councelors were, who were on the right side of the creek)

      I climbed up the steep bank, grabbing for roots or anything that would hold me up so that I wouldn't fall back into the water. The rest of the part was very steep, but if you got to the very top of the bank, you could slide down a waterfall.

      I decided against this, knowing my councelor would probably reprimand me for doing so. I climbed back down and eased myself into the water. I swam back over the creek and brought one of those pirahna fish with me. I went underwater to look at it. It had long teeth sticking out from its mouth, and yes, it was 3 feet long. I saw my councelor bend down and pick it up, throwing it back to the creek.

      Staying underwater, I looked toward some kind of skinny rock that stood above water, but was also below. A girl was sitting there, on the floor, back against the rock, minding her own business.
      I felt sorry for her.

      Then the dream ended.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 3/7/12 DILD: My Protectors

      by , 03-07-2012 at 12:51 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was walking along the beach with my family, we were there on vacation or something. My cousin pulled up in his truck, on the sand, bringing us something. They looked like neon shirts. He showed them to us. Sam and my little brother ended up going with him in his truck to go get something, leaving me there with my mom's car. As my cousin was pulling it, it caused a chain reaction and made my mom's car spin. Apparently it was on neutral. I jumped into the car, and as soon as I did, I started rolling down a small hill toward a seaside warehouse. I frantically searched for the break, I never can in my dreams. I guess this could be a dream sign. I ended up pressing the gas and some other pedal. I sort of rammed into the warehouse, knocking the "Open" sign off of the wall. (I don't know why a warehouse would have an open sign) I got out of the car and looked around. No one was in sight. I looked at the damage. The car was a bit smushed in the front, and there was a large crack in the warehouse wall. I ran, trying to find my mother. I ended up running into the warehouse. I around the corner and found a dead end. There were boxes everywhere. It crossed my mind that I could just hop on top of them to get over the wall, but I didn't. I turned around and suddenly stopped in my tracks. I thought, "Wait, wasn't I just doing my WILD technique in my bed? I must have just fallen asleep." I plugged my nose, and I could breathe.

      Now lucid, I walked a little ways until I found the exit to the warehouse. All of a sudden, I girl appeared in front of me. She was a little bit older than me. A large "A" was written on her collar around her neck. She was dressed in a large black overcoat, in a suit of some sort. A kind of crossbow hung over her back. Her brown hair was pulled back into a small ponytail.

      "I have come to protect you." she said.
      I was shocked. Could this be my dream guide?
      "Wait. . . who are you?" I asked.
      "I will explain that later. In the meantime, come with me."
      I'm not sure where I went, but I followed her down through the warehouse somewhere. Eventually, we came to a large room. I suspected this to be her private room or headquarters.

      As I walked into the room behind the strange woman, I saw some more peculiar faces. I saw an attractive young man with the same outfit as the girl, with his short, light brownish blondish hair also pulled back into a ponytail. He was about the same age as the woman.

      Beside him, was another... thing. He was a creature of some kind, he wore the same outfit as everyone else, only. . . his hood covered the rest of his face, and the only thing that showed was his exceedingly large mouth, and his teeth showed all the time. He looked a bit creepy.

      "We are here to protect you." the woman said.
      I turned towards her. "So wait. . . what is your name?"
      She said her name, but it was a large, unheard of name and I can't remember it.
      She motioned to the man at her side, and told me what his name was. I can't remember that either.
      I looked around I noticed that I was standing in front of a car. It looked like my mom's car that I crashed, only.. shinier.

      "Well that's all for the invitations, then." the woman said. (I'll call them my 'Protectors' from now on)
      "Someone is after you." The man said. "They want you killed."
      Who on earth would want me killed in my own dream?
      The woman told me that the "Creature" wouldn't be joining us. He was to go off and protect someone else.

      I opened my eyes in my room. The walls were and odd shade of red, and instead of a regular bed, there was a bunk bed in the middle of the floor. Where was I just? I RCed. Oh yeah. With my Protectors. But how did I get here?
      Interrupting my thoughts was a creepy laugh. I looked around the room frantically, searching for the source. I looked on my bed. My bear was there, but it was a bit moved. Hmm.

      The woman Protector walked into my room. "Let's get going." she said.
      "Well, to the mall, I guess. If that's where you want to go. We'll meet your other protector there, too."
      I looked at her. She was dressed in normal clothes like a normal girl; no crossbow could be seen.

      I walked out of the room fully dressed. I was a bit taller than usual I noticed. As I was walking to the door of the garage with my woman protector behind me, I suddenly wanted to drive a baby blue corvette. I thought about it, and when I walked outside. Sitting there was a weird looking car. It wasn't old, but it wasn't new, either. It was my favorite color of blue, with other mixtures. It was oddly shaped, though. The doors were already open, and they revealed shiny new seats and a couple of bags. I opened a bag that was in the front seat. I've always wanted to do that in a dream! Inside, I found a tennis racket, and some other things, I didn't look anymore, because my protector was hurrying me.

      I got into the car on the drivers side, because she let me drive for some reason.

      We got to the mall, and met the guy protector at the movies inside the mall. By this time, he was fully dressed in his black attire, and so was my woman protector. As we waited in line for tickets, I looked at both of them. They were both on either sides of me, standing stock still, looking around, getting prepared.
      "You know..." I said. "You two would make a great couple."
      The woman blushed and looked away.
      The man smiled. "I don't know about that. . ."

      We got our tickets and headed into the theater. We sat in the corner. The woman sat on the right side of me, the man on the left. I felt weird, like I didn't belong with these people.
      This was a lucid dream, why wasn't I out doing things, like my 3 step tasks?

      Suddenly, I heard a noise. It was a creepy laughing sound. The sound I heard from earlier! The two protectors tensed up, holding onto their weapons. I could see him now. The possessed bear, standing a row in front of me on top of a chair. It was smiling at me. All of a sudden, it jumped upwards in a black blur, and disappeared. I looked at the two protectors. They were looking up. The woman was on the left side of me now, with her crossbow in the air, aiming to fire.
      "Hold on." She said.
      Just then, the black blur appeared again and came straight towards me at the speed of light.
      I heard a sharp sound, I'm not sure what it was, but the arrow made contact with the demon - thing. The bear flew all the way to the left, hitting the wall, and broke open. I swear I saw some black stuff rise out of it.
      I plugged my nose again. I was still dreaming. This wasn't fair. I could do anything.

      "Are you alright?" The woman asked me.
      "Yes, thank you." I said. "What was that?"
      "That, my friend, was a possessed doll puppet." I heard the man say.
      Suddenly, the dream just ended, or sped forward.

      I wasn't lucid anymore, although it was pretty vivid. I was driving my sister's Mustang. It was on a very narrow road. On the side was a creek filled with water. This looked familiar. It was part of the driveway to my dad's house, only it was a lot wider and certainly less stressful. I inched my way in the car for a couple of seconds, then just figured out, that it's not worth it. I backed up slowly, and nearly fell into the creek twice. Then I woke up.