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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. The Lazy River and Monster

      by , 08-04-2012 at 01:43 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Lazy River and Monster (Non-lucid)


      I remember being at some sort of beach resort. We came to a strip of small stores and houses that occupied the back side of the stores, well the other side. I was with Ken and her friend, Beth.

      We walked down the little strip of stores looking for something to do. We found some sort of water carnival thing at the end of the strip. Once we got inside, it was suddenly nighttime. The inside of the building that hosted it looked like the inside of a space shuttle, only bigger. One man sat at a chair as we walked in. He had a control panel sitting on his left, our right. He greeted us and asked us to wait in line. Now that we looked, there was a pretty long line of about 20 kids our ages.

      The man got up and told us that we could get in the water now. Not even changing, everyone walked down the steps into the cool water, and we followed everyone else. Once everyone was in the water, the man pressed a button on his control panel. Suddenly, a large wall lifted itself up in front of us, causing all of the water to be sucked out, including everyone else. We found ourselves floating down a deep stream of water, like a lazy river, only much faster. And I had the interpretation that we would get lost out at sea.

      Looking on both sides of the water we were floating down, I saw some orange walls. I guess to keep the water and everyone else in. But I still didn't feel safe.

      I lost hold of Ken and Beth along the way, so I swam along trying to find them. I bumped into random people trying to find my way, since it was dark. I accidentally grabbed onto the wrong person once. He looked familiar though.

      I finally found Beth. I held on to her trying to keep balance. She laughed.

      Somehow, the lazy river came back to the same entrance we left at. Everyone got out and left. I was the last to get out, and had trouble finding the exit.

      Soon I found myself back with Beth and Ken. We went into some kind of Walmart or something. I Was walking past the microwave isle when a mean looking old lady hollered at me to bring her a drink from the fountain. I looked to my left. Sure enough there was a small fountain.

      I grabbed a half full cup without thinking and filled it with some more water. I then looked inside and noticed a couple of strange orange pieces of something. I passed up the thought of taking them out, they were probably for taste or something. I then walked over to the lady and handed the drink to her. "Here you go, ma'am." I said. "Thanks." she said gruffly, and took it.

      The dream sped forward. There was a neighborhood beside the strip of stores, and in the neighborhood were hotels and small houses. Somehow my friend Mike came along with me. We were walking down the road, checking the hotels. We had heard a story earlier about the woman in which I had given the drink to. She turned into some sort of monster from the orange things that were in her drink, however the police were unsure of this so they were going to check up on "her" later.

      We decided to go see her to see if she was still untransformed. But if she was, we had to take action. We found the hotel she was staying in. We went up and found her room. Before we got any closer, Mike pulled out 3 knifes from the sheaths beside him. "Here, take one," He whispered. "For protection." I smiled at him. He put the two remaining knives in his left and right hand. He
      nodded to me, and motioned me to get on top of the table beside her door. I did, and he followed, standing to my right on the table. Our backs were up against the wall, knives in hand. "Knock." he whispered.

      I slowly knocked with a shaking hand. After a couple of seconds, we heard the doorknob turn. The door opened just a little. Then it opened a bit wider as if she was looking around. I caught a glimpse of her, but she hadn't seen me yet. She looked much more paler than before, and she looked way older than when I saw her in the store. Then she saw us, and retreated inside, and closed the door.
      "Wait! Ma'am!" Mike yelled, jumping off the table. "We haven't come to hurt you. We just wanted to ask you a couple of questions."

      Then the dream ended.
    2. 3/8/12 Dirty Hotel, Queen of the Zombies

      by , 03-08-2012 at 01:26 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Dirty Hotel
      I was in this old hotel. I had the bottom floor, while my sisters occupied one of the higher rooms. On the bottom floor, it was almost like a garage. There was stuff kept in storage there, and then a space secluded off by half walls for my room (HALF walls.. seriously? how creepy is that). I looked around a bit, nothing was really here in my room. Just an old bed and an old chair. I found the door that could close my bedroom from other people. It looked like it was splintered in half, so when I tried to close the door, it was very hard. But I finally did and locked it.

      I walked up the stairs to Sam's room. I would probably sleep there for the night.
      Once I came into the room, I found my friend Mike and my cousin standing there. They were talking about playing with some kind of toy. After a while, they brought out this shiny thing and told me to come into the bathroom. Once I did, they showed me what it was. It was weird.

      Queen of the Zombies
      I dove into the floor. Realizing I just jumped into an abandoned hotel, I was about to go back out. But then I heard a scream.
      My friends needed help in here, and I wasn't sure this was the hotel they were supposed to meet me in. But I guess it was.
      I stood up and looked around for them. After a couple of steps, my friends, AG, Erin, Erica, and Kat all came running around the corner. "Thank the Lord your here!" Erin whispers.
      "What's happening?" I said.
      "There's something in this hotel. It's spawning a ton of nasty zombie looking things." Kat answered.
      "Why did you guys come here, then?" I said.
      "Because we were just going to come here to search, but then we found the zombies, so we wanted to take a closer look."
      We heard large footsteps coming down the hall. "Quick, hide!" Kat whispered.

      We all ran to a small room close to the lobby. It had a couch and a fireplace in it. We hid behind the couch.
      AG was trying to jump over the couch to get to where we were. She missed twice. She wasn't very agile like we were. "Hurry!!" We half screamed. I saw a knife that was stuck through the back of a couch, its blade visible from the back.
      "Watch out for the knife." I whispered.
      This time AG got over safely. Now we all hid behind the couch, barely breathing.
      The footsteps could be heard once more, and they were extremely close now. I looked up to see what it was. I saw huge tentacles coming through the door. I quickly got back down into a little ball, wishing that it would end.
      The footsteps came closer to where the couch was. Once it stood right next to the couch near Kat, she stood up and punched whatever it was in the face. I heard a demonized scream. We all stood up, prepared to do whatever it took to defeat it. Looking at it, it was an ugly tan skinned zombie looking thing. She had tentacles popping out from all around her. Now that I think about it, some had bright bulbs on them, like Christmas lights, only they stung you.

      Looking at her in the face, her eyes were popping out of her head, I'm pretty sure her nose was missing too. It didn't even look like she had hair, it looked like someone painted the top of her head. I suspect this to be the queen of the zombies in that hotel. She must have "spawned" them.

      She screamed once more. I cringed. I got up the strength and jumped over the couch, barely missing her tentacles, and managed to slap her on the back of her neck. It was cold, clammy, and slimy. I jumped back over the couch, heart pounding.
      Erica was now standing in front of this monster for some reason. The queen screamed again, and reached one of its tentacles up to Erica's face. She didn't try to move either. Once the tentacle made contact with her face, nothing happened. What about on top of her head? Nope. Around her body? Nope. No shock.

      The demon zombie thing was taken aback. "What. . .why won't they shock you!?"
      She turned to AG. "Here, you try." the queen said. (The queen wanted her to try out her tentacles to see if they would shock Erica... is this weird or what?) AG was given the tentacles, but she was just standing there, blank, having no idea what to do.
      "Ugh, give them to me!" Kat yelled. She grabbed the tentacles from AG, yanked them out of the queen, and unplugged the power cord from the wall (what the heck?).
      Everything went dark. I jumped up from the couch and gave the queen the biggest smacking I have ever done in a dream. Everyone joined in. Haha. The lights came back on, and it revealed what looked like pieces of a waxed figure on the floor. She was really a waxed figure, or manikin, with electricity in her. I guess the hotel was giving her power.
      Right then I woke up.
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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. 12/16/11 Last Minute Project, How Scary...

      by , 12-17-2011 at 02:25 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Last Minute Project

      I was in the computer lab at my school. It was kinda dim in there, but everything I could see was illluminated. The air around me felt dark. My whole class was in the lab with me as well, but I can't remember what we were working on. I got so engrossed into what I was doing that I didn't even notice that the room was empty. I looked around. Jackets and purses were still on chairs. I wondered where everyone went. I walked down the hall and found everyone in the library. It was still dark. I looked on the table, and saw my good friend Erin hurredly trying to glue notecards together to make a posterboard. She was going to put a piece of construction paper on top. I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "What, you didn't know?" I replied no. She said, "Mrs. S (really strict English teacher) gave us a last minute project to do, and we only have an hour to do it!" My other friend C was sitting on the other side of the table, and she was freaking out too.

      Then I remember being at our lockers, about to leave. It was dark outside, like stormy dark.

      How Scary..

      I was in a hotel with my family. It looked like we were in London! I've never been there before. I looked out the window and saw a huge brick arch with a building on top, that cars would drive under to get out of the plaza. All of a sudden, bricks and blocks of bricks starting chipping off. Then, a ton started falling into the cars under the arch, trapping anyone inside. The arch as well as the building was about to collapse. But then, it just stopped.

      2 seconds later, something large, noisy, and green/bluish was hurled at the other hotel directly beside us. I heard a large BOOM! It scared me so bad. Then I noticed it was a plane! It must have been. All the while I had been looking outside the window.
      My dad, brother, and Ken ran out the hotel door. "Wait!" I cried. I grabbed my grey backpack, threw some valuables of mine into it, and ran out.

      Just as soon as I crossed the threshold, I heard rain pattering on the roof. Great, I thought. My family had disappeared down the stairs.
      I ran after them, almost slipping on the flooded stairs (We are inside, by the way). I finally found the outside, and my family far ahead. I ran up to them. There were police everywhere, and people running from the arch. Pieces were still falling, and we made sure to steer clear from it, as well as the burning hotel. This scene reminded me so much of 9/11.

      This was the weird part. My dad and Ken pulled a cardboard box over their heads and sank down into it. The box was really small. Then, Ken popped her head out, and smiled at me. Freaked out, I grabbed my brother and walked a ways. Then an old man drove up in a car, stopped, and got out. He was talking to me about Cross Country. He said, "My boy here, *points to one of his runners*, says he has sharp pains when running. But this *he points to a glowing like rod in the boy's hand* helps to even out the pain, when he holds it."

      Just then a biker came up, stopped, and layed his bike down. "Ah," the old man said. "You see this glowing rod as well on his bike?" *he points to guy's bike* (I see a glowing rod attached from one of his handlebars to a wheel) "This also helps him from getting pains too."

      I looked at the bike. "I really like that bike.." I trailed off, and blushed when the boy looked at me.
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      non-lucid , memorable