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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

    Hope you like.
    Just a regular dream is in blue.
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    1. 4/13/12 Fragmented Dreams

      by , 04-13-2012 at 12:22 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I know I haven't updated in about a week. I've been almost too lazy to record my dreams. :/

      The Past
      I remember only parts of this dream. I was upstairs in a small library. This room seemed familiar for some reason. I found a cupboard full of past drawings I had drawn when I was little, and other scraps of paper.

      I decided to move all these somewhere else. I took each stack inside the cupboard to a table. I think I was going to sort them or something.

      By now, someone was with me. I donít really know why they were there, though. I just remember them running downstairs and coming back up to tell me something important.

      Fragment 2
      This dream took place in what looked like a mixture of my two parentsí houses. This dream was blurry and fragmented, so I donít really know what everything looked like. I remember going up to my little brother and asking him something in an upstairs room.
    2. 8/24/10 My School's on Fire!

      by , 08-27-2010 at 10:11 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      On the first "day" of my dream, my school caught on fire. It was badly damaged, and everyone rushed out of the school.
      The next "day", I remember riding in my mom's car to school. I kept telling her how stupid it was that we were not out of school that day. As we arrived, I looked at the school. Everything seemed to be back to normal, I only saw a few blackened smears. I rode around back and can't recall what happened from there. Then I remember being in our library. There was a deep pond in the middle. I don't know what was in there, but it may have been piranhas. I remember throwing these clear balls full of water as fish food. It was weird.
    3. 07/13/10 The River Princess, A Glass Fossilized Baby!?!?, What are you looking for?

      by , 07-13-2010 at 02:18 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Note: All of these dreams were fuzzy, but I know that they were long and vivid, I just didn't wrote them down at the write time. I don't think these were lucids either.

      -The River Princess-
      The first dream started out with me as a princess. I was traveling with a lot of knights to a castle where the princesses were supposed to meet. At a lot of times, we had to flee to nearby hotels and cabins; because enemy archers were after us. We traveled on foot. At one time I saw my shadow. The first thing I noticed was that I was wearing fur boots, and I was running away from the archers unaided. At one time we came to a river. I"m not sure what we did there, because I only remember seeing a river. I'm not sure if we had made it to the caste or not.

      -A Glass Fossilized Baby!?!?-
      The first part of this dream was me looking a t a man who seemed to be sitting at a writing desk. He was working on the body of a fossilized GLASS baby, (wth?) so he could bring it to life. (0-0) He was about to place the baby's head onto its shoulders and give it new life, when , he drops it. The head shatters into a million glass pieces. He pitied for the baby, for it couldn't have life again.

      Later on, the man took me to a place unfamiliar and strange. We passed by a lot of cornfields in his car, and everything was dry and hot. We then arrived at a giant building, or so it seemed. A receptionist was at the front desk, and the front desk was outside. There was a mini library there, full of some odd books. The man told me that he had some business to attend to, and that he will be back later. I walked up to the mini library, and the receptionist said that I could read whatever I liked. I cannot remember what happened after this.

      -What Are You Looking For?-
      My older sister and her friend came to me and they said they were looking for something. They told me what it looked like, and it seemed a bit familiar. I told them that they could find it in ???? isle in Wal Mart. haha.

      I remember coming to an underground mine, I saw a person walking around, but I'm unsure of what he was doing. Then I woke up.