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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

    Hope you like.
    Just a regular dream is in blue.
    Lucid in a dream is red.

    1. Eighteen Wheeler Party?

      by , 11-07-2012 at 01:42 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Eighteen Wheeler Party (Non-lucid)


      I remember being at my mother's house. For some reason, I was wearing one of my dad's huge T-shirts and pajama pants. I walked into the living room and heard a loud noise outside, it kind of sounded like a car. I opened the curtain and peeked outside the back porch window. I saw what looked like a huge eighteen wheeler (in the dream I thought it was a golf cart) driving around the back of my house. Instead of storage on the back of it, there was just a long plank. And on the plank there were sitting about 20 people, just chilling. I thought that was so cool. It eventually drove around the front of my house and got onto the road. I looked out again and the people waved at me as it drove away.

      The dream sped forward and I was with a group of people who wanted to build some sort of fun attraction. I just remember being with a group of people, and we found a large house with some little houses around it that needed fixing up. So we bought the plot of land. One of my friend's was with us. She told me that she was on that eighteen wheeler that drove around my house. She said she was having a birthday party on it. "Really?" I said. "I thought it was a golf cart.."

      Now it was daytime and very much like fall. It seemed that all of the trees were maple, so I saw a ton of red and orange maple leaves on the ground. And they were still falling all about us, so it was very pretty. I remember our "leader" (for some reason he reminded me of the lead singer in the band Skillet) told us we had to be in a specific formation when he talked to us. Don't ask me why.
      Then the dream ended sometime later.
    2. I just wrecked a porsche

      by , 07-11-2012 at 01:47 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I Just wrecked a Porsche (Non-lucid)


      I remember going to some party. Before we could get there, we had to stop by some sort of parking lot. A rick man rode in an a large truck that pulled some kind of stage. On the stage was what looked like a light blue Porsche.

      The dream sped forward, and the rich man, for some reason, had made me drive it to the party. The steering wheel was not in the position it normally is. Somehow I was controlling the car from the backseat, in the middle. The rich man and some guy he brought with him were talking up front, sometimes blocking my view.

      Eventually it ended up that I swerved and hit a curb, smashing the whole side of the porshe. They got seriously mad at me.

      Somehow we made it to the party, which was held on my back porch.
    3. 5/28/12 DILD: A Party of Sorts

      by , 05-28-2012 at 03:07 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Type: DILD (FA)
      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was in a dream. I remember it having some sort of red theme to it. All of a sudden, a thought sprung through my mind. "Wait, is this a dream? I could be dreaming!" Excitement rushed through me. But then the dream started to fade, every time I would blink I would see my room, illuminated by the morning sun. And then, the dream was gone.

      "No!" I thought. I layed there for a second where I awoke, staring at the wall. But then somehow, a pixelated line ran across my line of vision. "What the heck?" I thought. "Wait... what if this was a false awakening?"

      I did the nose RC and I was lucid!
      From where I was laying, I sat up and tried to get out of bed as slowly as possible. I stood up in my room. It wasn't as vivid as I had hoped.

      I wanted to stabilize. But I forgot to do the crawling technique. So I just looked up at the ceiling and shouted, "Give me more vividness!" Nothing. So I tried again. "Vividness, now!" Then I tried, "Clarity, now!" Nothing.

      I don't remember doing much in my room, or how I got outside. But I remember walking up through the grassy field, not really looking at anything but trying to find my Dream Guide. I felt that I wanted to fly just a little. So I pushed off the ground as hard as I could, but I didn't really get anywhere. It was just like jumping on a trampoline really. So I tried again, this time with more gusto. While in midair, I closed my eyes and imagined me floating. Sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I was hovering about 2-3 feet above ground. "Pretty cool," I thought. But then again, I've always done this in dreams. I glided a bit up the field, then landed.

      I saw a group of people inside what looked like a plastic space ship looking thing. I entered it, and yep, there were indeed some people dining. I saw a group of people and decided to go talk to them.

      I approached them. They all looked at me. I can't remember what I asked them, but I think it was something about my Dream Guide. They shook their heads. I also asked them about one of my fears and how it could be solved. One of them sighed (a fairly skinny lady with brown hair, and wore a red dress with dangly earrings to match), and mumbled something. I don't remember what it was.

      The dream sped forward again and I was at my school, still lucid. The same woman in the red dress was here, but she had a sour look on her face. She didn't like me for some reason.

      There was a ton of people on one of our soccer fields, probably having a party. I saw a group of people and I walked up to them and see if they would tell me something. I don't remember the things they said to me, though.

      I remember running up to the soccer goal, and a soccer ball was in front of me. I yelled, "Soccer!" and I tried to kick the ball as hard as I could. But something stopped me.

      I then lost lucidity. I thought that I had woken up at my school. "Darn it!" I yelled; unaware of the people still around me.

      I never regained my lucidity, and woke up.

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    4. 3/27/12 3 From parties...to driving...to hiding?

      by , 03-27-2012 at 03:26 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Dream 1: Dinner Party
      I remember being around our small town. A party was happening all over the place, it was some kind of dinner party. I was walking with my friends, when all of a sudden we saw some people running in front of us as fast as they could. Looking ahead of them, they were trying to catch some weird guy. We decided to follow them, wanting to see what would happen.

      When we got there, out of breath, we saw that it was some sort of crackhead, or autistic person that they were chasing. He was acting weird. We walked away from the scene.

      Looking around for a spot to eat, I saw these weird flat trees all around me. They kind of looked like Minecraft trees, but with flat tops.

      At the end of the dream I vaguely remember the crack head coming up to Sam and licking her. (ewÖ)

      Dream 2: Driving... Again?
      I was driving a car on the highway. Of course I was scared, it was almost night time and for some reason I was swerving violently. I was unsure of what to do. No parent was in the passenger seat, or in the car for that matter. I had, I think, two other people my age in the car.

      I would make sudden stops at the stop signs or cars in front of me, because I failed to break earlier. My way of driving seems like I would have been intoxicated.

      The dream just went on like this for a while.

      Dream 3: Shh.. I'm hiding!
      I donít know why, but I was hiding from someone. One of my friends. I was at my momís house. Sam was with me. For some reason, there was a crack in the floor that I was able to fit through that ran along the wall. I squeezed myself into the fetal position, checking in the corner (where my back was) for spiders. Sam stood above the crack, watching for the friend.

      He came up towards Sam, looking for me. Sam smiled, and then he looked down, and noticed me. Busted.

      Then the dream ended.
    5. Creepy Baby Clown

      by , 03-25-2012 at 06:12 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      After a party, I grabbed Sam and we ran outside of the building. We found a very dark building, in which I assumed my little brother to be. He was an orphan. I don't know why, but he was. And I missed him.

      We ran towards the dark building, and knocked on the door. No answer. We pushed the door and it was open. We walked through, just in time to see about 7 kids running through the hall. "Excuse me!" I yelled. "Hey!"
      The kids turned around and looked at me. "Yea?" they answered.
      "Have you seen Tom?"
      They shook their heads.
      "Oh, okay then," I said. "Would you happen to know if there is another foster home in this town?"
      They nodded, and pointed me in the right direction.

      "Okay, thanks." I said. We walked out through the doors, and crossed the street. There we found the other foster home.
      As we walked in, I noticed this foster home looked much nicer. It kind of looked like a hospital inside.
      I asked the lady at the front desk for Tom.
      "She looked down the list. Can anyone please bring out Tom?" she yelled.
      Tom walked down the stairs, guided by one of the women there.
      He looked about 5 years younger, but the same height. We hugged him. "Come on." I said.

      We walked out of the building into a small wooden shack. There were a ton of these around. Inside were two bunk beds, and nothing else. We put our stuff on the floor and decided to sleep.

      We were "awakened" by a loud boom sound. I peeked out the door of the shack, and looking up, I saw a humongous baby. In fact, it was a robot.
      It was super creepy, because the next thing that happened was it shouted, "Mommy!" In a demonized voice.

      It was looking for its mommy.

      I quickly woke up Tom and Sam, and I told them we had to move, quick. We grabbed our things and raced out of the shack, trying to avoid the stare of the gigantic robot baby. Too late. After it saw us running as fast as we could out of the town, It yelled "Mommy!" Again, only deeper and angrier. As it tried to walk, it fell, crying as it hit the ground with an ominous cracking sound that shook buildings around it. Looking back, I see the crushed shack we were in only a few moments ago.

      At the end of the dream, I was looking out of the eyes of a baby. It was sitting on a bed, in a tall building, looking at the fallen robot below through a window. Shaking its rattle, this baby cried, "Mommy, no!" In an even deeper, more demonized voice than the robot's. It crawled up to the window, and smashed it with its rattle.
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    6. The Girl I met in the Coffee Shop, and Party

      by , 05-22-2011 at 02:00 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Girl I met in the Coffee Shop

      So I was wandered into a coffee shop. I heard about some teenage girl (who was older than me) supposedly being stalked by some 80 year old rich man or something like that. I heard one of the waitresses say it, or it may have been one of my friends.
      I walked over to a table in the far back which had the girl and the man both at. I don't know what I did, but I think he died.
      She then thanked me, and I saw what she was doing. She was drawing a big picture of something.. I can't really remember it. But she was using some kind of liquid colored pencils? I haven't really heard of those. They just looked like a colored pencil except they had a ball point that colored really thick.
      Anywho, I think I talked to her about it for a few minutes. Then I remembered that I wanted to get her cell phone number.. but I couldn't remember my own. I was struggling with the last part of the number. I don't remember if she ever gave it to me, but that would have been really cool if she did.
      The next day I came back to the coffee shop and she was there again, drawing. I was standing at the front, and I saw her at the back. It was so weird. Along comes my sister Sam and my friend wearing reindeer outfits walking along a sleigh through the coffee shop. They gave me a mean look because I wasn't hanging out with them.
      I went to the back again to see her, but I can't remember what else I did do besides watch her draw.


      I remember a faint fragment about me going by boat into a house in the woods. I went inside and it was a family I knew lived there. They were holding a party for something. I can't remember what it was.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. 9/23/10 7th LD: For some reason I can never think of a name for my lucids..

      by , 09-30-2010 at 11:46 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Okay, this was a weird one. I actually had more control in this one. A little bit more vivid too. I now know the importance for remembering dream goals; so you won't walk around with nothing to do.
      My goal is to reach the moon, and I know I can accomplish it!

      - - - - -

      I was in my room. I remember the hallway beside my room was not a hallway at all. It was actually another room.
      My bed was in the middle of my room, and it was positioned differently.
      I can't really recall what I noticed to become lucid, but I'll give it my best shot.

      I remember seeing an octopus. (l0l, wut?) Or, actually, its tentacles (2 or 3 maybe) in the corner of my eye. It was close to the left side of my wall. For some reason, I had my arms spread out. (like you would when you would go free falling) This was the time when I thought I could have been dreaming. I did the nose RC, and was lucid.

      It was more realistic this time, but not quite. Still looked fuzzy. I had learned a way to stabilize a while back, so I thought I would try that. I started to touch all sorts of things; but I can't remember what they were. Since that didn't work, I tried staring at a random object; but no good either.I gave up. It was dark, so I tried to see if I could get some light. I closed my eyes and snapped. (Well, I thought it would work!) No luck. So I tried going to the nearest light switch and flipped it. To no avail.

      Getting bored, I wanted to summon a guy (hehe). So I turned around, but I thought of the word 'guy' and not a picture. I turned around and saw a guy about my age standing behind my bed. It was dark so I couldn't see his face. I walked toward him and squinted. It was Jonathan. (ew!) He was smiling at me, and it was getting kind of creepy. Then the light came on suddenly. I turned around and walked away, hoping he would leave.

      I walked into my living room. Although, it was quite different. The front wall was gone to reveal the kitchen. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if text did change in a dream. I walked up to a counter top and saw a piece of paper. It may have been an ID card, but it only ghad 2 words on it. The first on e said something like "RPG"; I turned away and looked back. It said, "EMERGEN". And there were some others but I can't remember.

      I walked back into the living room where I think my mom was cleaning something. I said "Hey momma, I'm lucid!" Then I think I told her to reality check. She didn't know how to, so I told her to hold her nose and breath in. I can't remember if she did or didn't. After this I saw my brother sitting up against the wall beside me.

      I walked over to him and told him that I was dreaming. I can't remember his response. I told him to RC, but he was confused. I held his nose for him and told him to breathe in. As he did, his eyes widened. "Whoa." he said. I can't remember what happened from there to now, but I was at my school. I might not have been lucid at this part, for I don't remember doing any action.

      My friend Julia was walking with me down the road beside the school. The courtyard was on a different side, so we could see it. While walking by, I looked to my right and saw some cheerleaders practicing. Julia suddenly said to Sam, "Hey! Glad to see you joined cheer-leading!"

      Then we were on a canyon. Julia was with me. There was a little stream that ran through on the side of the canyon. I know I was lucid in this. It felt like I was either hovering or I was in water, but I don't remember feeling anything, not even ground. Julia was in the water. Then she started struggling. She said "I'm stuck! Something's got me!" So I reached down where her foot was. It felt like a straw that was attached to the bottom and was also attached to her foot. So I sort of I guess "went under water" and had like night vision or something. It was really strange. It's like I was looking inside of the canyon while outside of it. Then I looked at her foot. The "straw" that I had felt was a LEECH.

      I came back up. "Okay Julia," I said. "Don't panic, but there's a leech attached to your foot."
      She screamed and struggled harder. I went to help, but then she struggled free.

      I finally looked up. There were a lot of people there, like we were having a party. There was a guy sitting in a canoe on the canyon floor holding a paddle (but it wasn't even a paddle at all; it looked like a sculpture of paddles. There were 10 paddles all stacked up on each other). All of the people started walking to my right, so I followed them.

      All of a sudden, I was looking at two pictures which were identical. The same paddle sculpture thing were the two pictures. For some reason, I thought that my alarm was about to ring; so I opened my eyes.
      Turns out, it was about 30 minutes until it rang!

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    8. My 5th Lucid Dream

      by , 08-28-2010 at 07:43 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Hey all. I can't exactly name this dream, because it involved so much. Here's some details:
      For one, I kept dipping in and out of the dream. Also, I might have been LDEILDing on accident. The transition from one dream to another was so short it might have been one dream. FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME, it was fuzzy. I did, however, make one decision.
      Here it is.

      I started the dream at a party. It was at a house I've never been to before. The place seemed sort of familiar, though. I walked around the kitchen and examined the perimeter. Then I went back into a dimly lit room. There were a few people in there talking and slow dancing. I saw a bed in the back of the room and I walked over toward it. Then I became insanely tired, and fell asleep on the bed.

      I woke up and noticed that I didn't hear any music, or people talking. I walked out of the room to investigate. With the living room lamp on I noticed that I was in my mom's house. I "assumed" that my mom carried me to her bed while I was still asleep. So I went back into her bedroom and fell asleep again.

      This time I woke up in an outside loft, and now I KNEW something was going on. I wondered if I could've been dreaming, so I did a reality check. And I was lucid. I looked around and saw my brother standing on a bridge not too far off, so I walked over there. Then out of nowhere, some guy comes running out with a fishing pole stuck through his body down the middle (wth?). He looked like a mad man on a rampage or something, l0l. He looked like a murderer, and I think he wanted to kill us. Since it was my dream, I had the sudden urge that I wanted to kill somebody. People started gathering around him now, wondering why there was a fishing pole stuck in him.

      I ran up to him, braced myself, closed my eyes, and jumped on him. Since I thought I could do anything in my dream, I reached for the fishing pole and gave a long hard jerk, which gave him serious pain. Groaning, he held a dagger up to my face. I grabbed it to show him who's boss. Almost like in slow motion, I "dropped" the dagger with the tip down, and it planted right into the murderer's chest. He fell over, dead. Then the dream faded to black.

      I must have accidentally done an LDEILD here, but I'm not so sure. The dream opened up, and I was still lucid.
      I was sitting at a computer. It looked like a game screen. It was weird, because there was a menu of games on the screen. One which was lucid dreaming (Once you clicked on it, you had to visualize your scenery and then you would have to step into the computer and be warped to where you visualized). I tried clicking on it but it wouldn't work; instead it brought me to another game that almost looked like an online game. (like FreeRealms) My brother was in the other room on his PS3, playing some racing game. So I guess that's why I couldn't access the lucid dreaming "game". I closed my eyes, and tried to imagine my neighborhood, but it just wouldn't work.

      I was warped to... what seemed to be a dentist's office. I was sitting in one of the comfy chairs. I picked up a dictionary, and opened it up to the last page, which was the M's. In the next room, I heard Jenette McCurdy say, "Mom, I'm scared." l0l. It was so weird. (Which made me think of the dentist episode of iCarly)

      Staring at the dictionary page, I tried to imagine the neighborhood once more, but to no avail.
      I think I woke up after this.
    9. 07/07/10 Desert Party

      by , 07-07-2010 at 07:33 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I took a nap between 11:30 am and 1 pm, and this is my dream I had.

      My dad took my sister and I to a place out in the desert. It was nighttime there. We had to work for my dad. He was throwing a giant party for the US army. I can't remember which one, though. A sergeant was standing beside my dad. I was told to stand at the front door, show my "badge" to the people, and tell them where to go. My sister was just supposed to hold the door open on the other side of the building.

      Later on, we were in a different place, like in my room at my dads house. It was just a bit brighter. My older sister and her friend were doing a little dance to some cheap music in front of us with dress up clothes. Lol. How funny that was. They walked slowly into a closet, and they never came out. My big sister's robe of some type got hung on the door as she was walking away, and I pulled it off. I just then noticed that my guy friend Mike was there. I think he said, "I dreamt of being superman last night." After hearing this, somehow it didn't occur to me that I might be dreaming. "Spiderman." I replied. (I actually thought I had dreamed of spiderman? What the heck?) "Or this." I indicated to the robe in my hands. (It seemed oddly familiar). Then I must have woken up.

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