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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

    Hope you like.
    Just a regular dream is in blue.
    Lucid in a dream is red.

    1. Halfway In

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:30 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Halfway In (DILD)


      I remember being with my friend Julia and my sister Sam. I think we were in front of my Dad's house, only we were in a neighborhood. (In real life it is secluded in the woods) Julia brought some sort of car with her. My step dad was here now, and he came up to us. Julia gave us something to put on. I want to say that they were glasses, but I'm not so sure. So i will say that they were. She gave them to me and I put them on. Apparently, it made you invisible and likely teleport to the dream world. I took them off for a second. I gave them to my step dad to see what it looked like for him to be invisible. He put them on, and slowly faded away. I put my hand to where he was. My hand was suddenly slowed to a stop as I tried to push my hand through "him". It was like pushing your hand through jelly. He took the glasses off and appeared. He was amazed.
      Julia gave Sam some glasses too. My step dad left, and we all put then on. We both hopped onto the outside of the car (it now looked like a dune buggy) as Julia drove. She told us that she was going to show us something. As she was driving, a small tent appeared at the end if the driveway. She drove towards it and as soon as we came to it, the tent flap opened for us. She drove in.
      The first thing we saw was some giant balloon animal to our right. Julia still driving on, we saw many things. We saw Dopey from Snow White dancing around us at one point (I thought he was a robot, but now that I think about it he may have been real), and we saw some ballerinas and ice skaters. I told myself that I would go back there again. When the tour was done, there were a lot of people in the lobby meeting the manager and other characters.
      I suddenly realized I could be dreaming. I told Sam and Julia that I would be right back, and slipped away. I found a room with three mirrors in them. Now halfway lucid, I decided I would be brave and walk up to the mirror. Bracing myself, I walked up in front of it. And to my horror.. I looked and my feet looked like where my head should be and I was standing on my head. I looked in the other mirror. My jaw was shaped sort
      of oddly but that's about it. The other one yielded the same results.
      I decided to try to step through the mirror. Putting my hand up to the mirror, I imagined that the glass was water. Touching the glass, it felt cold, but like liquid. I pushed my hand through, only able to get half of my hand through before it stopped.
    2. The Circus

      by , 08-24-2012 at 01:22 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Circus (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in my house that I used to live in when I was little. I remember putting my iPod on Pandora, and putting it into the iHome connected to all of the speakers in the house. I put it on "Quickmix" So I could get a mixture of all of my favorite artists and genres.

      I remember there being this very cute guy. He wore a white muscle shirt and black pants. His hair I think was a reddish brown and it was slightly curly. And I think he talked in a British accent.

      The cute guy left my house, and I followed him. He walked faster than me though (for some reason I had transformed into a smaller girl) and I lost him.

      I came across a circus. It was a fairly odd circus, the tent was just like a camping tent.. and there wasn't very many people there.

      A boy walked up to me. He was about my age in this dream, (my age being about 10 or so, based on my appearance) and he talked to me for a while. We walked side by side and looked around the circus together.

      Almost towards the end of the dream, I was in "3rd person", where I could see myself as well as the boy walked beside me. All of a sudden, a huge firecracker landed and exploded right beside him, where I was. He wasn't hurt, but I was no longer there. He looked around, and shakily called out my name. He called it out again.
      I emerged from the bushes on my side, trembling in fear. I just escaped death. We hugged for a minute, and continued walking down the road.

      I found myself back at the circus. There was a special tent that would lift itself up and tickle the people's feet that were standing outside of it. It was called the "Monkey tent" or something.

      I made it back to my house. I was standing in my living room when the cute guy from earlier came back. He walked inside my living room and winked at me. :3

      Then I woke up.
    3. 5/11/12 Thieves

      by , 05-11-2012 at 07:50 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was with my friend Julia and a couple of others. We were staying at some kind of hotel apartments. Around the hotel, there were some restaurants. One was McDonald's. I was kind of complaining that it didn't have any breakfast restaurants, like Huddle House or I-HOP. I remember walking down to a sort of tent thing outside of the building and sitting on the top of the jumpy surface. We leaned over and saw some kind of huge pot with what looked like yellow foam in it. I met some more friends from my class here.

      Once we were done, we walked back to the building. We entered what looked like my garage. Julia went through the door in front of me first. Suddenly, I dropped all of my shoes. Apparently I was holding them in my hands.

      I stooped down to pick up all of my shoes that dropped. I set my three bags on the floor; my purse, backpack, and a yellow duffle bag.

      I decided I would put a pair on, but struggled. I chose the flip flops; but I still couldn't put them on easily. So I just decided to grab all three. Julia was waiting for me inside the door, so I better hurry.

      I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up. Sure enough, a boy looked at me from around the corner, then hid his face. Before he could walk away, I ran in front of him. He smirked at me. He held my backpack and duffle in his hand.

      "Hey!" I yelled, lurching for my bags. He stepped back.
      "You don't want to do that." He smirked again.
      "And why not?"
      "I have a bomb here," He pointed into something in his pocket. "That could go off at any moment if you try me."
      I turned around, looking for something to hit him with. But when I turned back around to face him, he was already out the door. I started to run after him, but another boy, a much taller, stronger than the other, stepped in front of me.

      "Seriously, don't." He said.
      I tried to hit him, on the neck, hopefully that could stun him. I missed because he dodged.
      He held up what looked like a chalkboard eraser. "Nested inside here," he said, "is another bomb. Don't mess with me."
      I hesitated. Then I heard the door open behind me. Julia came running out, and started trying to hit the guy. We both were trying to throw punches, but he kept blocking them with his strong arms. Eventually we started kicking him, and he eventually ran away. They still had my bags though.