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    Sydney's Nightly Adventures

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    1. 12/30/11 Chuck Norris/Running, Black Car

      by , 12-30-2011 at 04:27 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Date: 2011-12-30 05:02:49

      I had a dream about A.G. Well, mainly. At the first part of the dream, I
      was inside my house. My mom was talking about Chuck Norris or something. She
      ordered a cardboard cutout of him, because she loved him so much. It was kind of
      weird, that standing there in the middle of the kitchen. My mom then started
      talking to me about how much she wanted Chuck to visit her house, and she began
      looking out the window.
      I was at school now. My P.E. class was running, for some reason inside the
      school. It was odd though, because a girl who never did much sporting or running
      in her life was in front of my sister and I. This girl thinks she's very cool,
      copies other's personalities, and is overall annoying. After we were finished
      running, she turned around and said, "So, who is going to do Cross Country next
      year?" She had that fake innocent look on her face. I told her I was. Then she
      said that she may be too. She looked at me and her expression showed like she
      was so much better a runner than any of us. The dream ended.

      Time: Around 7 A.M.

      I barely remember this dream. But it was around sunset time. I walked up onto this wooden plank that was propped up as a ramp. There was a small house at the top of the plank, must have been a tree house. I walk in and see all my friends (mostly guys) surrounded by a car. It was a pretty nice car. It was black.. and that's pretty much all I remember about that. But anyways, some of my friends got into the car and started driving. Others grabbed onto the outside of the car and hung on. I did the same. We drove (or crashed through, either way) out of the tree house and down the ramp.
      This is where the dream ended.
      Tags: car, mom, tree house
      non-lucid , dream fragment