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    World of Kaos

    If you like wolves, violence, and chaos (the play on words is starting to get old, I know lol ), you're in the right place.

    1. Log 25 Lucid at the mall, Predator costume

      by , 07-27-2010 at 07:17 PM (World of Kaos)
      I am at a mall, the reason I am there I completely forgot. For some reason or another, I do a reality check by looking at some dots on the wall, looking away, and looking back at them. Well, even if it was not words, it worked and I became lucid.

      After that I decided to not jump into any activities yet, and tried to concentrate more on making my lucid more stable, longer, and clearer. So, I first began by walking very slowly and observing every small bit of detail I saw in the dream world with all my senses. As much as transforming into a wolf came across my mind, I knew these LD exercises were far more important to me.

      I looked at a small railing next to an escalator, and looked closely. The light reflected off the chrome railing beautifully. I sat there and tried to smell anything, but I could not smell a damn thing. I figured that was weird, as I have smelled things in my LDs in the past. I thought that maybe my brain assumed malls smell like nothing.

      In order to stabilize my LD further, I decided to reach into my pocket to grab a stress ball to squeeze in order to exercise my sense of touch. However, when I reached down to put my hand in my pocket... I had no pockets. All I had was my boxers on. I tried to further summon a stress ball in my hand but it refused to appear.
      After that, the dream got real fuzzy and I woke up in the middle of the night.


      Next dream involved me going to some costume party. I decided to grab a Predator costume I had.

      Fast-forward: I am at the party when I realize I don't have the head/mask to my Predator costume. The people at the college party start to stare, and I begin t feel judged.

      Note: Was furious at myself for not trying to DEILD, spinning, or rubbing my hands yet again. I know it works because I have done it in prior lucids, I have just forgotten to for some reason. Even when attempting to stabilize my lucids, they are cut off even shorter. May be due to either me thinking about being asleep too much, or it being the end of that certain REM cycle for the night.
    2. Log 16 Paintball, Failed RCs, and walking around in a mall

      by , 07-15-2010 at 03:38 AM (World of Kaos)
      First I am involved in a paint-ball fight in the middle of a mall. Unfortunately, I suddenly remembered I left my gun back at home, so I had to run from the blaze of gun fire while unable to defend myself. I don't remember much more than that.


      I am walking through the first level of a 2 level mall, and I am following my parents through it. I start to stare at a symbol on a marble wall that was isolated in the middle of the mall. Although I "knew" I was not in a dream (haha or so I thought), I decided to try and do a reality check on the metal symbol on the marble wall. I looked away and looked back at the symbol 3 times, and it did change small details about it.

      "Holy shit, am I dreaming!? But it feels too real to be a dream, everything looks somewhat normal..." I told myself

      I decided to try and see if I was dreaming by aiming my arm at an object on the second level in the mall, and tried to make it explode with my mind. Nothing... I guess I am not dreaming. One more RC to see if I am.

      So, I chose to close my nose with my fingers to see if I was able to breath still. I was, but it felt like I was barely able to.
      It felt like there was a small crack that my fingers didn't cover that allowed me to breath a bit, and it seemed realistic to me at the time. So, I decided I was not dreaming in the end...

      As the dream continued and any lucidity left was completely gone, I walked up to the symbol I was doing RCs on before and took it down. I continued to walk around the mall with my parents with the large metal awkward looking symbol in my hand. I remember that I continued to do RCs on it through the rest of the dream, but the symbol changed very little every time. Thus, no lucid.

      Note: Next time I am not sure whether the RC was successful or not, continue to use different RCs until I am positive I am in or not in a dream...