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    World of Kaos

    If you like wolves, violence, and chaos (the play on words is starting to get old, I know lol ), you're in the right place.

    1. Log 23 Safari, Aircraft test, Iraq

      by , 07-26-2010 at 12:32 AM (World of Kaos)
      The notes for this log was taken two days ago, as I have had not been able to update my log since then.

      Anyways, I see that I jotted down something about going on a safari or something. I have no recall what it was about whatsoever.


      In this dream I travel to Iraq with some people I know, and meet up with a bunch of people that were related to my friends somehow. When we get there, three extremely attractive middle eastern women greeted us at the hotel we were to be staying at for the night.

      Our place we were staying at looked like a suite, and was extremely beautiful. The three ladies turned out to be staying in the same room as we were, and I was excited needless to say. We flirted with them for a while until we all went to bed, or so it seemed like.

      The next morning we were in the middle of this open coliseum type of thing where the ladies told us we would witness some of the launches of a new aircraft that the Iraqis had recently built. Sure enough, after standing there waiting for a while, we saw what looked similar to the United States space shuttle launch up into the air. Then an airplane looking aircraft swooped in and hooked it with this hook thing that was on it's nose. All of a sudden both ships began to fall in the distance.

      "Oh no, look like it failed." One of the women stated to us as we stared at what was happening.

      Fast-forward: It becomes night time, and the three ladies, myself, and my friends are running home from gun fire in the streets of Iraq. I eventually lose sight of my group I was with and I start to panic a bit.

      Driving right next to me in the street was a big yellow school bus. Then, all of a sudden two school buses pull in front and in back of the bus that was driving next to me. Men dressed in all black and carrying sniper rifles and assault rifles opened fire at the driver in the now trapped school bus. I keep thinking to myself that they do not want to kill me, that they are killing people that I have nothing to do with.

      I kept running and running until the gun fire had completely ceased, and it was hazy after that.

      Fast-forward: The following morning I am in the same stadium I was in before (where I watched the mysterious air craft launch), except I am there to watch a football game between two Iraqi teams. For some reason I am on the field and the game never starts, and some huge creature appears and is eating citizens who are standing with me in the middle.

      Note: Felt like I was in Iraq, or in my dream, for three days. This is most likely due to my mind fast forwarding time.