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    1. Kidnapping and Church?

      by , 06-23-2021 at 03:54 AM
      I had this dream last night. I don't remember everything. I was in a building which looked like the inside of my church. Except it wasn't. It was something much more important. I'm not sure what I was doing in the first half of the dream. But the 2nd half I was something like a security guard. In this half of the dream.. I saw some "bad-looking" people walking out with boxes past the "kitchen" . I was a bit suspicious so I followed them out (the outside at least this location also looked like my church) and I'm not sure excatly what the reason was but I was forced to get into a car of some man who looked to be the leader. For some reason once in the car they drived in such a werid way we ended up going up the hill past my house (which was werid) and the park oppistie. But dream ended after the man said something since I had to use bathroom
    2. presentation, kidnapping, running away, church

      by , 03-09-2012 at 07:29 PM
      This is short of dream fragments. It started in the my dad's history and civil classroom at the local high school. Well someone I knew (who is a year younger than me) was doing a presentation but I wasn't paying attention since i was worried about something else. I remember running away with supplies and I somehow ended up in the libarary room at my church. Somewhere in the dream (but after the presentation scene) I was kidnapped. How do I know? I looked down and my hands were tied with rope.
    3. Adrian trys to rescue me, he is invited to dinner and than agrees to do 7 Impossible Tasks.

      by , 07-18-2010 at 08:32 PM
      I was sleeping in my dream and I heard T. and P. (Kidnappers 1&2) talking to their "Master" and with the racket they were making they were bowing every second word. "Master" says " the police found two hairs that don't match Adrian's hair and are becoming hot on T &P's trail." The "Master" suggested his in-America castle.

      *Next day*
      After I was dropped off I hissed to Jane: "How much money did Adrian put in the suitcase. Its imporant." Jane asks: "Why is it so imporant?" I reply: "If it is $30 million the kidnappers will think I am an easy target and ask more money for me." Jane replys: "Its $25 million. Is it true the kidnappers say they were going to realize you and will this come true?" "Yes they were planning to release me but I doubt it will come true. I would inform him about money ransom myself but he is being watched."

      I than went to talk about my dreams into movie plot. When there were a couple of hours left I encourage him to talk about his life. He tells me that this isn't the first time he was suspected in a person's disapperance. His parents disappered when he was 18 and their only child was Adrian (the studio belonged to Adrian's dad) and he was away at boarding school at the time of the parents' disapperance. As soon as I knew their was no one watching I says: "Adrian the kidnappers and their 'Master' are planning to move me today to the 'Master's castle. " Adrian says: "They promised to let you guy" I just reply "Whatever you do. Do NOT try to come and save me."

      I went back to the house. First the kidnappers had to erase any evidence of anyone been living there. Just before we leave Adrian shows up with a gun at the door. P. who was closest to me grabbs me and threatens my life at gunpoint. Adrian says: "Unhand her./ You promised to let her go...." and P. says: "We lied. And if you want her to live you either get in the car with her or you leave this bulding by the count of 19 or she goes 'bye-bye'. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4... 5... 6... 7...8..9...10" Adrian: "Alright I will leave.".

      I am forced in the car I asked what kind of ropes and shackles these are that DC can't be used on them but I can still conjure up a sundae. I am taken to "Master" 's castle. The kidnappers insists I do the 'proper' bow (forced to be on the floor bow). The "Master" (who look like a collection of different human villians) tells his maidseverants to bathe me. He than insitsts that I wear a skimpy outfit (with chains). He than invites Adrian for supper. As I am setting the table for supper I notice the kind of chairs that are at the dinning room table. When it is supper time. I shake my head to tell me not to sit down. He than tricks "Master" into a chair. I with other severants change the chairs to "normal" ones. I learned later the other females were also kidnapped and were jealous that I had someone to try to save me. After I ate supper. I was sent to do some chore and than I came back and heard the Adrian and "Master" settling on 7 Impossible Tasks.

      The next day I was tied up and put on a super-fast horse like I was a sack of food and I have no clue if Adrian can get me out of (or off) this task (Task 1). I woke up after this.