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    1. Alice and Wendy team up in Wonderland, and a 2nd brownhair girl has a Tea party at the Mad Hatter's

      by , 12-25-2021 at 03:20 AM
      I been having a series of dreams lately. I couldn't remember because I always had to get up to go to the washroom when the dream was getting good.

      Last night/early this morning - In the dream-it was more like watching a TV show or a movie a third person then my normal dreams which were in 1st person (it does switch to first person eventually)-an American brown hair girl somehow gets to Wonderland. I'm assuming she founds a town in Wonderland because this is where I start watching is when she's in a museum in what I presume is a town or city in Wonderland. The museum has pieces which have to do with Alice in Wonderland. The girl looks at the pieces (which are in glass cases) and she sometimes hear the pieces, sets, statues talk to her. I think one piece (well more of a mini set) was Mad Hater's house which talk to her. But every time she heard pieces talk she just thought it was herself going um crazy.

      Some time passes and the next thing I know is that I believe the girl gets waken up in the museum by noise. She hides behind a case or was it a statue and she sees the shadow of another girl (a grown-up) talking to the pieces. I can't remember what the girl overhears the grown-up girl say, but its was enough to identify her as the grown-up Alice. So the brown-hair girl said when stepping out from behind the case , "So you're the real Alice?" The girl then asked hat are you doing here then?" Alice said "Someone told us.." the brown-hair girl said "Whose us?" and another brown hair girl (whom the first girl recognized as Wendy from Peter Pan) showed up "As Alice was saying a red-hair woman warned us that both Wonderland and Neverland are in danger. so we teamed up for it. Do you want to join us?" The brown hair girl said "sure".

      I'm not sure what happened next but the very last part of the dream before I woke up is that I had became the brown-hair girl and I was at Tea Party at the real Mad Hatter's house but I was the only one NOT drinking tea. I was either drinking coffee (which is why I think she's American) or I was drinking hot chocolate maybe chocolate milk. Since it was as I was drinking my drink I woke up
    2. Thursday's dreams-statue, roman times, sister, musuem

      by , 11-01-2011 at 04:39 AM
      Dream 1:
      I was in my room at night. I was trying to turn on my alarm (I use the alarm clock Mondays-Fridays to make sure I walk up at 11am) but something was wrong with it. I accidently turned it on. My sister comes into the room. end of dream 1

      Dream 2:

      I was in a throne room in a building in what seemed to be Roman Empire times. I was an emperor. There were 2 women and one child (a girl) who were telling me I somehow did something wrong. Then the scene switched to the hallway of the *building* and I saw horse statues. but each of them were "different"..they were missing parts..(I.e. one statue was missing a leg of a horse, another one was missing the arm of the rider) and when I the scene switched back to the first scene..the building was crumbling..down like an Major Earthquake was happening.

      Dream 3:

      I was an Chinese student and I was with a school group and we were in a museum and we were around a electronic campfire.Everyone expect myself were singing the song. A werid-looking man came out of nowhere...and asked us to do something. We just started to do it when I woke up.