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    quorthonafull's tornado of dreams

    Here I'll post some boring dreams. I'm not that good writing in english, so my phrasing could be a bit mutilated, but enjoy them anyway! (if something is so wrong redacted that You can't understand it, please tell me)


    1. Cybercafe and the Jedbangers (like two months ago)

      by , 08-02-2010 at 12:13 AM (quorthonafull's tornado of dreams)

      I went to D-Mission (the cybercafe I used to go years ago), with Javier (my brother) and Gonzalo (a friend). We played Counter-Strike a while, and I've seen some magazines. I asked the employee about the price of Jedbangers magazine, She said me It costs $5. We went out. I count my cash: I had five pesos and some coins for the bus. I say to my brother "wait me a minute", and I go to buy the Jedbangers.

      "One Jedbangers, please". She gave me the bill, but It says $11! . Now, she says that I have to pay that $11 before leaving the place. I say "You said me $5, so I'll pay You $5", and she spits a bunch of bullshit trying to force me to pay that $11". So, I had no choice but go with her boss to tell him the problem.

      Right after that, I'm walking in the street with the the boss. I tell him the problem, and He says "do You have the bill?". Suddenly, we are alone in the cybercafe, looking for the bill. He says "hey, I found it". Surprisingly, now the bill says $5!.

      We are back in the street again, and He says "The ticket says $5, so go back to the cybercafe and tell her I say You're only going to pay $5".

      Now, I'm walking back to the cybercafe, when all becomes strange. "Wait a minute, I've seen this before, It's the sunlight entering through thw window... I'm am dreaming! I realized I missed a lot of dream signs (those in red). Damn sunlight, It will keep bothering me, so let's finish this quickly". I decide to enjoy that too much as I can, and what could be more enjoyable than shouting and spitting right to the face of that annoying girl?

      I go right to her. She looks terrified, like knowing what to expect. I start hitting the desk with my fists, then I shouted and spitted right to her face, reproaching that "I was right, I was right, I WAS RIGHT!" . I paid the $5 and grabbed the magazine. That was amazing!

      Then, I could wake up knowing that I've reached my goal.

      BONUS: Then, I bought a Jedbangers IRL. I paid $12.

      PS: that guy in the picture is an argentinian actor, Alfredo Castellani, and "the boss" looked like him.

      Spoiler for spanish version, with more details (quote from my Facebook page):

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