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    Exploring My Mind

    My dream journal. I'll try to make things as interesting as possible, and try to recall as many dreams as I can.
    Anything in orange text is just part of a non-lucid. Anything in blue text is a lucid dream. Purple text is a dream sign, or possible dream sign. If the text isn't colored, it's not a dream and it's usually just me commenting on various things.
    I'm hoping to fill this journal with tons of dreams over the coming years, and ultimately, get better at lucid dreaming~

    1. A Dream Within a Dream

      by , 04-21-2015 at 03:08 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      The dream I remembered this past morning was awfully strange! It was a literal dream within a dream situation. Basically, I had a dream, then woke up from the dream into another non-lucid dream, and then finally waking up in reality. Here's how it went.
      I was in the Bates Motel house with my girlfriend and we were witnessing the final events of one of the latest episodes play out in front of us. We watched it all non-phased, as if we had seen it before, but we were enjoying it nonetheless. (I won't go into the details of what happened just in case some of you watch that show and don't want to be spoiled).
      Suddenly, I woke up from that situation. It seems it was a dream! I was in the parking lot of my girlfriend's workplace, having just dropped her off, but instead of heading to MY workplace, I had parked my car in the parking lot and fallen asleep. I checked my phone's clock...I WAS AN HOUR LATE!! Panic filled me as I quickly started my car and drove off towards my workplace.

      And then, I woke up from THAT, only this time I was in my bed and in real life. I should've done a reality check in case of a false awakening, but I was too groggy and weirded out by the double dream to even remember to. Not a whole bunch recalled in either dream, but the situation of waking from one dream to another was interesting.
    2. Bringing Peace

      by , 04-02-2015 at 11:43 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Back at it again.

      I was at a place (not sure what for) where we had to go on missions to kill Final Fantasy monsters for points. The monsters were big and tough, but we used magic and other means of fighting to kill them. It was quite a rush.
      Afterwards, I hung out with my friend (whom I'll refer to as 'P'.) P was very sad, she seemingly lost her closest friend and lover.
      To help make it up to her and to bring her some peace, I wrote her a letter from her lover (whom I'll call L). The letter was as heartfelt as I could make it, and upon giving it to her, L appeared out of no where and started hugging P and kissing her. The music around us got all somber, and for a moment, I felt like I might tear up.

      Since it's been a while, not much was recalled here, but hopefully this is the start of plenty more.
    3. Relatively Normal Day

      by , 03-11-2014 at 01:21 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This dream was pretty close to real life, aside from some minor discrepancies. Not much out of the ordinary here.
      I went to a new house to babysit my little cousin for the day. My grandpa gave me the tour of the house, which was still being worked on. This relates to my aunt's new house in real life, but the house in the dream did not look the same (one of the discrepancies I mentioned). Throughout the day, it was mainly just me following and playing with my cousin, or watching those educational cartoons with her. At one point, I ended up spending the night there, though my memory as to why is pretty hazy. I also walked in on my girlfriend watching a strange TV program based on Bioshock Infinite??!
      There WAS a moment where I thought 'am I dreaming?' and performed a reality check, BUT...I'm pretty sure I was too close to being awake for this to work, so it didn't count. Still, that's progress if it was my dream self thinking that and not my waking self.
    4. The Hogwarts Death Game

      by , 10-16-2013 at 01:35 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Certainly an interesting one. Finally wrote my dream down after months of being lazy!
      I was at what seemed to be Hogwarts...or at least, it was a Hogwarts-like setting. A smug man with a suit and combed over hair walked into the main hall, telling me I was being forced to play some kind of game. This game would have life or death consequences.
      Rather than play the game, I investigated this man, spying on him and keeping tabs on his activities. I eventually found out he had an assistant named Brittany. I was able to spy on them executing students, with what looked like statues of living armor.

      Sadly, this is all I could remember. Good start though after putting this off for so long.
    5. Please Forgive Me

      by , 05-20-2013 at 03:51 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Last night's dream was a sad one for me. Took me a few moments after waking up to realize it didn't actually happen.
      I was hanging out in my old middle school for whatever reason. All of a sudden, I noticed my girlfriend outside of the door in the hallway, being insulted by some guy. Obviously angry, I stormed out there and beat the guy up, telling him to never disrespect her ever again. Afterwards, my girlfriend and I wandered off. As we passed by more people in the school, she decided to run ahead of me and hang out with them instead. So, naturally, I started feeling as if she was mad at me.
      I eventually asked her about this. "Are you mad at me about beating up that kid? I'm sorry."
      She shook her head and said it wasn't that. I asked what it was. At this point, I can't remember what we discussed, but I do remember it ending with us standing by a poolside, me begging her to forgive me about something, and her splashing me with water and running away.

      Woke up afterwards with a sad feeling, only to realize it was just a dream.
    6. A short lucid, and a vampire chase.

      by , 04-07-2012 at 08:37 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      These two dreams actually didn't happen the same night, the lucid happened the night before last, while the vampire one happened last night. Decided to record both.
      I don't remember how I went lucid, but somehow, I was. I was standing in the basement of my grandma's house, sort of shocked I was actually lucid. Then a swell of happiness swept over me, and I immediately rushed down the hallway that led to the stairs. An obstacle was in my way, so I performed a very stylish vault over it. Before I went upstairs, I briefly dwelled on the idea of going back and summoning the girl I like so I could talk to her, but I decided I probably wouldn't be able to, and went upstairs instead. That's all I remember. I do remember losing my lucidity after I went upstairs.
      My parents and I were at a mall. Seems like I have a lot of malls in my dreams? Hmm. We were trying to shop in peace, but some scary, pale looking man, dressed in a gothic looking suit, was chasing us around the mall. Seeing him really gave me a feeling of dread, and I decided that he's a vampire, since he resembled one. We ducked into a back area and tried to evade him. For some reason, I decided to leave my parents and took off running in the opposite direction of the vampire, making my way to the mall's exit. I stayed outside, panting, and hid behind a bush. I peeked out and saw the vampire leave the mall, looking around for me. He decided to give up the chase, and went to what was supposedly his car. I sighed a sigh of relief.
      That lucid was pretty interesting in the fact that I was able to pull off an athletic-like vault over that obstacle. I'm not that athletic in real life, so it was really cool experiencing that. Especially considering all of my lucids so far have been like 10 seconds with me just being excited and not doing anything. So far, I've flown, thrown something heavy, and performed a parkour-esque vault. Neat.
      That vampire dude from the dream was really creepy though. I could draw him right now on a piece of paper because his look and face were both really memorable, still in my memory right now. I woke up from that dream with my heart pounding.
    7. Source Codeish Dream

      by , 11-13-2011 at 03:14 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Getting back into the swing of things. There was a second dream from last night that's on the tip of my tounge that I just can't remember. Ah well. This dream is the one I could remember.
      I had a wrestling match with some person and when we were done, a random criminal came out to shoot this other person. The shooter ran away after killing the other person, and I gave chase, grabbing whatever I could and trying to throw it at him. I failed though, and funnily enough, I was transported back to the start of the event where I was wrestling. I realized this was like the movie Source Code, and because of this, I tried even harder to go after the killer when he shot the person again. This time, I caught him. I destroyed his gun, and after doing so, was about to restrain him, until he swung his fist at me. Before his blow connected, the dream ended.
      non-lucid , memorable