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    Dreamworld of a DreamPwner

    Is this thing on? Testing, testing...

    Welcome to my wonderful Dream Journal. Yeah, I have a real-life one, but I find that I tend to pick up more facts and just gain a better understanding of my dreams by posting them on here. Enjoy my mind.

    1. A Young'un Party / Race for the Prize

      by , 08-05-2010 at 05:09 PM (Dreamworld of a DreamPwner)
      1. Matt shows me the extra DXM pills.

      A Young'un Party

      I find myself wandering around in a half-foresty half-civilized area, possibly blind during segments, but always having the ability to see. I eventually find myself at a younger girl's birthday party. Everybody's a freshman or so, and I imagine they're all David's friends. At some point during the party, I see that we're all dressed up, and I try to help a David/Bjorn mixture person pin on a regular tie. We go to a dance, but I show up basically in the last song. I'm in these weird suspenders. I'm not sure if I have a partner or not.

      Alright, so a lot of things about this dream should've definitely clued me in.

      Race for the Prize

      I'm in this race, though it doesn't seem clear what type of race it is. It's around an oval stadium track. I run the race by rolling a lot, a la Zelda. I look on the screen and see another guy rolling a ton, going really fast. I also see myself get blown up, my headless body being dragged off the course casually. This freaks me out, as I begin to think I've died and am a ghost.

      First dream about dying I've had in a while.

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