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    1. Possible Dream Guide acting as Lain.

      by , 09-23-2011 at 05:19 PM
      For a long time I've stopped having LD's, or at least not big enough for me to remember or write them down. But yesterday and today I had one of the most exciting LD's in my Journal, resulting from the A.D.A practice that I decided to try. All of them occurred between 11h00am and 12h00pm after waking up for a bit and then going back to sleep. All I did was just concentrating that I would have an LD and would remember it, then it all went smooth with non violent vibrations or hipnogogic hallucinations. Inside the dream I was constantly touching and feeling things to help me focus (just like A.D.A), and also demande more focus to my conscious mind. This is the (very) resumed version of what happened:

      1st LD | 22 September | Between 11h00 am -12h00pm

      Almost immediately after entering the LD, I see a girl just looking like Lain Iwakura staring at me. She offered herself to help me out around the oniric world, and so we started to walk between dreams talking. She was going to take me somewhere, but we had to be careful, because my unconscious knew that she and her friends were trying to help me. So, each time we stopped for a moment, we sealed shut all the doors with bricks or new walls, just by concentrating on that idea. But it wouldn't las long, as DC's would transform them to doors again, exposing us.

      At one time, we got separated and the dream caught me, re-creating another scenario completely different. I just started to practice A.D.A inside the dream to force myself not to wake up. The action occurred with friends and family doing something I can't remember and all I was trying to do was find Lain. I've managed to comunicate with her and she texted me, saying someone would come for me. And so they did.

      A girl grabbed me and took me away from that scenario, immediatly we crossed a door and were in a corridor. I touched her hands and hair to continue the A.D.A because I was feeling I would wake up soon. We entered a room and there she was, sitting on a table, next to the girl who went back for me and another guy. Finally we got time to talk:

      - Lain, what's the oniric world?!
      - It's the same as a woman going shopping or riding a car.
      - Are you saying it's the same as the physical world?
      - Both realities walk side by side, but in the end only one prevails.
      - What do you mean by that? They affect each other mutually?
      - The oniric reality is an output.

      and then I woke up.
      2nd LD | 23 September | Between 11h00 am -12h00pm [actually it was a sequence of 3 mini-LD's]

      As I entered the dream, I saw Lain in a living room. I tried to talk to her but she avoided me... something was wrong. She didn't want me close and she was shapeshifting into different versions of her. All of them were semi-transparent. I had to figure out what was happening, I really wanted her to continue the conversation from the previous LD.

      The dream swapped to a big hotel hall, with big windows showing a complex metropolis at night. She was standing with a small group. I've watched as I understood what was happening. They all been captured by security guards dressed in suits and were preparing to take them somewhere. Suddenly I was surprised by one of the guards, and got caught also.

      I don't remember how, but we managed to escape. We scattered through the streets and corridors, trying to not be caught again. Not knowing where everybody was, I enter a shopping mall taking refuge between the crowd that is watching the premiere in a big screen, of a new anime movie. The show is violent as hell, and even a lady goes away protecting the eyes of her baby son. I decide to continue since the guards are getting near.

      I'm in my bed, a TV set is showing some static and in the middle of it I see Lain's face staring at me. Everything feels as real as it could get. I doubt for a minute if I'm inside a dream. I'm afraid of just being groggy and hurt myself trying to do something stupid like jumping out of the balcony. I go to the kitchen, where everything is normal, but something is wrong on the living room - "Lain?" - I ask as I see a girl looking through the window. It isn't her. It's another girl, with glasses, and she looks mad at me - "Just because your dream guide has the shape of Lain, it doesn't mean that it is always her! It can transform into everything! Stop looking for her! It's enough!" - she pushes me into the wall, I fall on the ground while she runs away. I let myself stay on the ground for a while. Once again things feel wrong. I sit and try to meditate a bit, even pronouncing the Om mantra. I got carried away as I notice that the mantra sound actually is affecting the objects around me. I decide to catch the girl and talk to her. Stopping for a minute at the window, concentrating in transforming my clothes since I was still in pajamas, I jump from it and start running around the corner for the girl that attacked me.

      I run into an underground passage between buildings that I start to recognize. Some techno music far in front tells me I'm arriving at the right place. I open a big metal door and enter a loud dark noisy disco, with just dim blue lights illuminating the place. I immediately spotted the girl that attacked me walking near Lain - "You've come! I knew you would!" - she seems happy and relieved to finally meet me again without any interruptions - "Welcome back!" - she holds a drink and I take one from the waitress. I sit nervously, since I start to feel that I will wake up soon. I insist on the same questions I asked her in the first LD were we met, but she smiles and says - "That's not what you want to know... you really want to know how many of you are here and..." - I start to feel that I'm loosing control from the dream and I'm waking up. I drink the full glass - "Hey! That's to drink slowly!" - she says surprised - "I can't, I have to prevent myself to wake up!" - "To late" - the waitress says - "That's not how it works..." - and I wake up.
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