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    1. 29 Sep: False memories (hopefully) and a lucid

      by , 09-29-2020 at 07:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
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      I have been having some weird dreams that feel like deep buried memories, but probably are false memories or at least I hope so.

      I am a kid and my parents are fighting and mom leaves temporarily to sort something out. I freak out and call for my mom. My dad is upset and does not understand why chose her over him. He claims he is the provider, the one who takes care of me. He also says that I am lazy like my mother and he is totally disappointed how I turned out and turned on him.

      My father calls me to his bedroom on waking up. I go to the side of his bed and his behavior is quite improper with me. I run away and hide from him. He gets up and makes threats so I get out of my hiding place. I leave the house and find a hideout in the basement of the building. (It does not look at all like my parents apartment building, but there was indeed a door under the staircase on ground floor, where only a child could get inside and this one is quite similar.) With some help I plan a trip to Nepal to where my mother run away.

      I have an experience that feels more like astral projection than a dream. I think I fell asleep lucid and I start seeing some wild place at dusk, with trees and stone walls at the side of the roads, a few cars passing. It doesn't feel like a lucid dream, more like I am remote viewing or astral projecting to a real place. I hover down the road until I see a small town. I check several landmarks looking for names that I might recall on waking up, like the name of the school, but I forget all. Can only remember the school had a man's name, composed of two words and last name ended in "ão". Something, maybe a shop, was called "Atmosfera". Then I feel that I start losing touch and just drift into a norrnal dream based on the previous images. It is now morning in this town and several small shops are opening, Tourists are coming, kids going to school. I see a small café run by an old lady who makes homemade breakfast with a variety of artisanal bread and jams and I have to go inside. I spot a tiny tiny white kitten behind the costumers at the counter and I go grab him before someone steps over the baby. I look for momma cat who is hiding under some furniture where she is feeding the rest of her babies. They are covered in fleas that jump on me. One of the yellow cats has cancer in his ears. I plan to rescue them somehow.
    2. 11 May: OBE or astral projection

      by , 05-11-2011 at 03:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      I think this morning I had my very first real conscious experience with OBE.
      I think it happened to me before, but I wasn't really aware of how it started.
      But really early this morning I woke up briefly in my bed from a lucid dream and as I started to plunge back into sleep, I heard a little buzz announcing sleep paralysis settling in. Two thoughts came to my mind: either I'd go with the flow or I'd move my hand a little bit to stop it, because I really don't like it and usually it doesn't take me anywhere anyway.
      I tried to move my hand, but so very little that it wouldn't actually interrupt my falling asleep, just the SP noises. As I did it, I felt like my left hand was indeed made of two hands, the physical one and a ghost-like hand. Always with my eyes closed, I focused on the ghost-hand feeling and soon I started to see my hand, my bed and the wall in front of me, although I kept my eyes closed. My body did enter sleep paralysis but I wasn't really asleep either. I decided to move my ghost-hand and I saw it separating from my physical hand. It was cool!
      Then I decided to get up, the whole body. I was lying sideways on the bed, over my left shoulder. So I tried to lift my ghostly head and left shoulder. Then "bam": I felt my "ghost" body separating from my physical body. It occurred to me it was an OBE.
      Excitement was taken over by vertigo, nausea and an extremely uncomfortable feeling. I felt like I was leaving my body and as an effect I was dying. Dying would be ok for me: I wasn't feeling any particular attachment to this body and this life. But then I remembered my mom who was sleeping as a guest on the living room and how much pain she and other people who love me would feel if I simply left. So, afraid of continuing with the process and not being able to come back, I laid down again, merged my two bodies and simply entered the sleep and lucid dream state.
      Later when I woke up I felt a bit stupid, because rumor has it that nobody really dies from OBE. But at that moment I wasn't so sure! It felt really real that I could die, but I know it's silly, so next time I'll try to go ahead with it.

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