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    1. 9 Sep: Marathon and a camp

      by , 09-09-2011 at 08:16 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream lucid false awakening


      Bank sale
      With my mom on an auction of a bank. I buy a share, because it is so cheap. I'm imagining becoming rich with it, but someone tells me it is more likely to devalue than otherwise, shattering my optimistic feeling.


      On a room full of people. I become lucid but I struggle very hard to remember tasks to complete. Every time I focus on what I had planned, I feel lucidity fading. I move on to another dream in which I'm on a really dark bedroom, making out with some guy, but the dream is a bit unpleasant. It becomes early morning and I go to the window and see people running a marathon on the street. It is sponsored by a known bottled water company. My cell phone rings on the background and I get lucid as I recall the instructions I had received from a guy in RL to notice colors, textures, sounds, smells, etc, on dreams and since sound is one thing I rarely notice, I decided to play with it. I answered the phone, curious to see if I could really hear someone talking on the other side and I could. It was a lady asking to speak with some boy I don't know. But I turn around and he is there. He is fat. I hand him the phone. I think about doing something more with the LD. I try to teleport to Denn, but it fails and I almost wake up. My lucidity fades a bit and I just stay around this dream. I go outside to see the marathon. No longer lucid, I follow the people who walk at the end of the race after the athletes and I talk to some of them. Then I see a horrible scene with two stray dogs, who look more like a bag of bones and open flesh. I want to take them to the vet. People on the street tell me they are very sick for many years and no cure is possible, but people feed them and they are happy together, supporting each other. I want to give them something to eat, but I have nothing. So I regurgitate a placenta-like discussing stuff and at least one of the dogs comes to sniff it. But he doesn't seem very interested.


      On a sort of holiday camp with children and adults. it's a celebration day and everyone is very busy and excited. I'm just trying to figure out my role in it. I see some cute kittens hidden under a table, I try to play with them, but they run away. I then see some friends who are all fascinated by a tiny little camel that appeared on the site. It is hardly taller than 20 cms. I say something like "I've seen really tiny ponies before, but this camel is just ridiculously small."
      I notice a kid who's taking pictures of me obsessively and I ask him to stop. I ask for his camera to delete the pictures he took without my permission, but I realize he has a crush on me, which I find sweet, so I decide to leave at least a couple of pics on the memory card. His mom appears out of nowhere and doesn't know why I'm holding the camera, so she is very obnoxious, accusing me with her eyes of trying to steal it from the kid. Nasty broad.
      Then some native americans appear on a stage, performing songs and dances. They invite people from the audience to join and before they drag me along, I move on to a nearby swimming pool with water slides. I decide to have a bit of fun on the slides.


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