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    1. 26 Nov: Buddha is a teenager in blue jeans

      by , 11-26-2010 at 10:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      01:00 GMT

      Wrathful deities
      A chase, confrontation with some wrathful deities. I escape some place through a narrow window and deliver something to someone.

      05:35 GMT
      Cookies and kids
      One of my last days on some very nice sunny city. It’s already end of the day and when passing a street I find this amazing bakery selling traditional pastry from this country/city. There is a lady baking the cookies on some open kitchen and selling them directly to the passer-by. Because these cookies are so famous, you have to get a numbered ticket and wait ages for your turn. I see my number and the amount of people waiting and I decide it’s not worth it, but then the baker tells all the other people to wait because she will take my order first. Really? Why? The other customers are not happy about it... It’s really hard to choose the best cakes and cookies so I ask for two of each, hoping they will still be ok in a few days when I get back home. Some cookies are still being baked and I have to wait a bit. Meanwhile I am allowed to enter the kitchen and I start talking to some ladies working there and I help them with some tiding up of the place. They have some old food in the fridge and I throw it away. Then they kick me out, because apparently they have to bake a huge load of cookies for a kid’s excursion next day.
      On the next day me and my BF join this excursion and help take care of the kids. We go in groups in vans and we stop at a parking lot in front of the ocean. The kids are being taken to the beach. For a brief moment I wonder how we got into this? I don’t feel like taking care of dozens of kids all day. I then have this underlying feeling that I’m not obliged to actually do it
      I’m half aware this is a dream - so I turn around to see what else is there to do. I see a green hill with a zig zag earthen path going up, flanked by Buddha’s statues of different sizes. I tell my BF “Let’s go there:”, but he won’t turn his back on the kids, because he doesn’t have this intuition it’s a dream. Divided between two dreams, I wake up.

      08:00 GMT

      Buddha is a teenager in blue jeans
      At some bookshop I see a magazine, like Times, with a cover story on Tibetan Buddhism and it has pages and pages with amazing photos of teachers and famous practitioners and incredible Himalayan landscapes. I so want to buy it. On the cover it says £2, but I ask the cashier how much it costs in EUR. She tells me it’s 8000 something EUR and I LMAO. I ask “Are you nuts? It’s like 2.5 EUR.” And she replies that it’s not a simple conversion of prices, there are taxes and whatever. I still say “Are you aware of how much is 8000 EUR? Even if you’d say 8 EUR, it would be too expensive! Can you please just pass the mag under your bar code scanner to check the price?” But she says no and that she will call a colleague to ask. I’m about to give up. She comes back and tells me “If you come after 20h, when we’re closing, we can make a 50% discount on the mag, it would only cost 4000 EUR”. I say nevermind and start realizing this must be a dream.
      Then the store becomes a bus and I think “Hum, why don’t I just materialize a lot of cash to pay for the stupid mag, just for fun?”, so I visualize I put my hand in my pocket and come out with 10000 EUR in cash. There’s someone by my side, not sure if still the same lady, surprised that I can do that and I say “Oh yeah, it’s just dream money. How much do you want? Just say it and I’ll make it appear.” But then my pockets are also filled with crumbles from cookies and lots of dirt. I empty them to find out what more is there, but then realize I’m wasting my precious lucid time. As I walk to the front of the bus I throw everything on the floor – money, magazine, bag, even a coat and I feel so light. The bus driver doesn’t know what I want to do, I smile and I cross the windshield – he and other passengers freak out. I lift of and fly high to see where I am. I see a road ahead of me, flanked by houses, up above a beautiful blue sky, down below a sea or a lake to my left and green hills to my right. I see a gate for what seems to be an amazing property with a park and decide it’s a good place to sit and meditate. But when I arrive there I see families with noisy kids all around. Oh well, I’ll have to endure. I look for a green spot to sit, but then all of the ground is muddy and uninviting. I recall my need not to drift or feel discouraged. I focus on the Buddha. I don’t visualize the Buddha image, but I sense Buddha’s presence and hold on to it. Then I find a covered passageway between two houses and in the middle of it there’s an amazing tower-like covered veranda with a central low pedestal with a base to sit on which is perfect. I sit there and it has a view over the whole park and the sea in the distance. The sun is setting and beautiful golden shades reflect on the water. But I realise all this is also distraction and as I am getting lost on it, I feel myself waking up. I hold on to the dream and I slide back in. I try to visualize the Buddha, but it’s not working. I feel myself waking up again, but I still hold on and slide back in. This time in front of me is my black kitten hugging another yellow kitten and I find it extremely sweet, but remember I must stay focused. Not trying to visualize the Buddha anymore, I instead try to just feel the Buddha’s presence more strongly. I do and then imagine that this presence becomes a ball of light that enters my body through my crown chakra. I feel a very powerful effect, like a force field around my head. I start to hover, feeling this amazing radiant light coming out of my chest, but then I see again all these people on the park, playing ball and whatever and this slight distraction was enough to call it off. I start to wake up again but slide back in one last time. Now I try again to really see the Buddha, so I summon the Buddha and wish that he is there on my back when I turn around. I turn around and there’s this round faced oriental looking teenager, who looks just like a Buddha, but he is wearing jeans and a checkered shirt. He looks just like he is just another kid in the park, but very lonely. He looks bored and just sits on a tree log watching the others playing. I’m like “WTF? Not what I had in mind.” The sun is setting and people are then leaving the park. Some lady comes with a couple of other teenagers and tells them to keep the Buddha-boy company. They look extremely bored by that, they don’t feel like baby-sitting. But then the Buddha-boy tells them not to worry, because he won’t be any burden to them. He’ll either stay quiet if they want or just be as interesting as they want. The other kids feel bad for their first reaction, ‘cause they feel he is actually not that lame and they tell him they are actually not that cool to hang around either. Then the Buddha-boy says “Then I’m sure we’ll get along, ‘cause I am myself a dick.” And they all laugh. I watch them leaving and I wake up.

      9:15 GMT