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    1. 3 Oct: Discover a buddhist altar underground and a sword leads me to a temple

      by , 10-03-2020 at 08:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening astral projection

      With some people, bored. I spot a stone slab on the ground that I lift and I excavate under. They wonder what I am doing and even I don't know. I find an empty space and with a lantern I point down a shaft and show them my find. There is a Buddhist altar a couple levels below. I somehow get down there and from the middle of the altar objects I get a sword that I feel compelled to take with me. I can't go back up the hole, so instead I follow a tunnel that goes from there and I end up by a river. I notice I am in my white satin pyjama and barefoot with a sword now in the middle of the street and I start attracting other people's attention. There is a dock on the opposite side of the river and some guy starts walking parallel to me. He is making me nervous when I realize he wants to attack me as soon as he gets a chance to cross the river. But I save him the trouble by flying up and towards him. I brandish my sword and knock him down with a chi energy blast, don't even touch him. I keep walking up a road and 3 Chinese boys, also with swords, start walking by my side in an intimidatory way. I warn them they'll get hurt if they attack me, but eventually I just fly away also leaving them behind. I fly over a canyon and next I see a vast savannah. I spot some hunters ambushing some wild animals and preparing to shoot arrows at them and I destroy their arrows mid-air with my sword. Then see a large number of people walking towards some big temple in the horizon. There is a stupa and a couple pyramids plus other ancient and new structures in a rocky plateau surrounded by lush jungle. It is so beautiful that I cry. I am welcomed at a reception where they say they didn't expect me but can accommodate me. They show me the restrooms and leisure rooms and communal kitchens. I am hungry and offer to cook some mushrooms and vegetables I see on the counter, but no one else seems much interested in it. I recognize some faces but most are unfamiliar to me. They then take me along to meet a great old lama I never heard of. He is receiving people or teaching at a very large auditorium with a very high ceiling. I want to get an overview of the event, so I fly up to a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The lama sees me and scolds me for it, because I am disrespecting him by standing above him. I project my chi again, this time not to hurt but almost as a telepathic mean of communication. I am both trying to show him I am a friend and mean no disrespect, but also kind of showing of my powers. When he receives my energy blast, his bindus start emanating a blueish light in all directions, which causes quite a stir among the audience. I feel I better leave and stop freaking out everybody. I wait outside at the lobby and I find Laura there. She says there is a rumour that Rinpoche is arriving there too and as I walk around and between some white columns at an entrance hall, just thinking about what to say when I see him, he arrives and comes down in my direction. I notice that he sees me and he is containing his emotion. So am I. But there is never an opportunity to talk, because he is immediately engulfed by eager followers and disappears in a crowd.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 07 Aug: Mountain hike and cornucopia with a message

      by , 08-07-2019 at 06:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On vacation with friends. They go hike up a mountain. I was also planning to go, but I miss it for some reason. Look at it from a distance. Don't want to give up. I find some Asian group renting a transport to go there and I go with them.
      With my friends on top of mountain, there is an earthquake, we head for some type of railcar that goes downhill. But half way we see a river of lava flowing to our right side and crossing the rails a bit ahead of us. At that time some kids in very primitive clothing come out from the jungle around us and signal a stone platform where it is safe for us to jump to. When we are safe we follow them into the jungle. They never speak and when we try to talk to them, they get silently angry. They live in a small village and welcome us into different houses. The whole town is silent and soon we learn why. The forest is filled with dinosaurs and they keep this place secret by staying silent, since the dinosaurs don't naturally wander into this place except they know they're there.

      With friends at a table. On another table is Rinpoche with other people. One of them comes tell me to go to that table and meet Julie A.. I get up and realize I am topless, but I just use my long hair to cover my breast. When I am there I can't even see Rinpoche properly as he is surrounded by so many people. But Julie hands me a kind of cornucopia shaped tube with something written on it. Some note telling me to take what's inside. But it is empty! Except when I go back to my table, when magically it becomes heavy and filled with some liquid that I almost completely spill - manage to drink a bit. Then some sort of biscuits appear and I eat a few. Seems dog food. I offer the rest to a dude passing by walking a bunch of dogs, for the benefit of the dogs. Then I try to read what else is written on the tube, but it becomes nonsensical and each time I read it, it changes.
      Then I remember it might be because I am dreaming, I get lucid but unfortunately I wake up.

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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 10 Sep: Mutants and complex in the jungle

      by , 09-12-2011 at 11:25 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream lucid false awakening


      At a fancy hotel. I enter an elevator with another 3 or 4 people, to got down to the lobby but it goes down faster than normal. It doesn't free fall, but it doesn't stop on the lobby either. It takes us to a very deep underground level. A couple, who says this happened to them before, is very concerned. They say it may take hours for someone to notice that the elevator is broken and that we're down there. They say last time they were almost running out of oxygen whey they were rescued. But I don't accept to be stuck there for hours, so I open the electronic panel of the elevator and manage to fix it. As it takes us to the lobby, they thank me.
      Apparently I had just arrived at the hotel and I was supposed to join a group on the lobby who's going for a guided tour to the hotel itself. At some point we end up at the rooftop where there is a suspended garden. It is a bit difficult to walk there. The passages where we can walk are made of an irregular metallic mesh, but the alternative is walking on the soil which is too soft and hilly, or on the grass, which is wet and slippery. But all in all, it was pleasant and the view of the street was pretty amazing from up there.
      Later on I go to a supermarket to buy some food, but it's almost closing time and I'm asked to do my shopping quickly. I go straight to a stand with veggie cheeses and salami. They have some things to taste before buying and I get distracted trying all those flavors. There are some bread sticks that I let fall on the ground, but I catch them, blow them and they are just fine to eat. Some lady who is passing by makes some comment on how gross that is and we start an argument in which I point out a number of much more discussing things she certainly eats everyday without even thinking.



      Pre-historic monsters
      I'm merely observing the dream without taking part on it.
      There's a lady, maybe a marine biologist or something like that, who is snorkeling near some rocky caves close to the beach, while her kid is splashing on shallow waters with more people enjoying the sunny weather.
      She finds a decomposing body of a whale or some other big marine animal, stuck on the rocks. As she tries to identify it, she finds herself face to face with some big jawed reptile like animals, slashing meat from it. She is in shock. She doesn't know what these creatures are, but they are clearly dangerous. Fortunately they don't attack her. She gets out of there as quickly as possible. But at least one of the creatures became interested on her and started following her ashore. When she realizes it, she speeds up and shouts to the people on the beach to run away. The animal also speeds up and bumps into her. He is now more interested in all the people on the beach that in her. Someone is attacked and screams. People run out of the water in panic. It looks like a scene from "Jaws".
      Then I watch some later scene where this biologist and other colleagues conclude these are some pre-historic animals once considered extinct. They also conclude that the ones they saw were just juveniles and that at least one much bigger animal is out there in the sea.
      In the following days, even stranger things happen. Another planet appears in the sky, very similar to Earth, with oceans and continents. It causes a solar eclipse that lasts for days. Then nature starts to change on a massive scale, with animals mutating. People first notice that their chicken are laying different eggs and soon they are regressing to an ancestral saurian version. That's just the start,


      Military complex
      I'm living on a military complex in the middle of a jungle. I'm part of a team, which includes 2 or 3 chunky black guys, 1 or 2 chunky blond guys and one bad-ass asian lady. She is taking most of the guys on some mission outside and I stay behind with one of the black guys and another white girl.
      These two are having a secret affair, which I know, but they don't know I know. So, they soon disappear in the jungle to have more privacy, leaving me alone in the complex. I'm worried that they are taking so long to come back, but I keep doing my job, certain that everything is just fine. I go wash some clothes on a sort of dammed lake nearby. It's a privileged position as from there I get to see the complex without being seen. And I observe a suspicious scene that puts me on alert. Our asian boss is back, but she comes alone and is moving as if trying not to be seen. She disappears for a while and then reappears, stretching a wire, from inside the building to the jungle. I realize she just installed some kind of explosive and is going to blow up the place. But why? I go back and confront her. We fight and she is loosing, so she escapes to soon bring along some big guys to get me. But I didn't stay put. I went back to the dam and I open it, flooding the entire complex. They are dragged down by the waters.


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    4. 27 Dec: Fighting demon and giant lioness

      by , 01-09-2011 at 08:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)


      Fake guru demon tries to recruit me
      My aunt Lisa and a friend were seeing some “guru” and insisting with me that I should meet him. One day they set me up and I found myself in one of his group sessions. I made an effort not to be judgmental, but soon I realized he had nothing really wise to say, but he was quite good at manipulating and controlling weaker minds. He realized I was different, but believed I could also be bent. He was trying to seduce me, touching me whenever he could, trying to put me under his control and for some tiny moments I felt myself letting go and playing along, but I would always break the spell. I wanted to stay long enough to be able to expose him as a fraud and a danger.
      Some day, after a lot of blah-blah about tolerance and love to all beings he gave us a task of going to meet and talk to some Nazi group. I almost found it a noble idea, but as we were talking to them, I felt my companions were actually dropping guard and becoming desensitized about these guys and their ideas. When they interrogated me to find out if I was a Jew and making absolutely disgusting comments about other people, I felt that there are limits to whom and in what situations you offer your friendly support. This was just being tolerant towards evil. So I left.
      My aunt and friends presented complaints to their “guru” about my “intolerant” behavior and he wanted to speak privately with me. Everybody left, except some older guy who simply wanted me out of the group and he had asked him to stay.
      He then told me he wanted me for his partner. He felt my power was great and he wanted me as his ally. He told me the others were just ants compared to us and together we could achieve so much.
      (I become semi-lucid) He then showed his real demonic self. To demonstrate his power and how he wouldn’t tolerate those who criticized me, he tried to crush the older man by throwing an heavy cabinet over him through telekinesis. I also used telekinesis to prevent it from crushing the man. He was terrified and disoriented. I put him in a safe corner and myself in front of him to protect him. The fake guru threatened to kill me if I wouldn’t join him, but I told him I wasn’t afraid of him and that he was worth nothing. The more I told him he was weak and unimportant and reducing my anger and fear towards him, the more he was becoming dust, until I could blow him apart. The sky outside become stormy and I felt that he wasn’t dead yet, just weaker, but that he would continue stalking me in dreams.
      Later I’m with my mother and I’m feeling very tired. She notices and asks me if I’m sick. I admit being tired but I tell her its only normal, because of my mission to fight the dark forces even in dreams, which leaves me sometimes temporarily exhausted, but I assure her, always stronger than before.


      With a group which is providing support to homeless people, but I feel they are in it for the publicity and not for the sake of it. I then encounter a very old man, so skinny and weak and I wonder how could they have left him reach that point. I offer him some comfort.


      Fighting a giant lioness
      I was at some room with two long benches and people sitting face to face, which transformed into a shuttle that was moving through some really thick forest. It then stopped when we saw some people outside, terrorized, asking for help. We allowed them in and they told us their village was being attacked by a giant creature and they wanted to go far away from there. Unfortunately the shuttle is on an automated route and won’t change course. We go through the village and as we cross it, I see half destroyed and deserted houses. We’re all silent, looking through the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of the monster, when I spot a giant lioness resting over what seems a bent down bridge. She jumps and runs after the shuttle. She rips it with her giant claws and everybody inside falls of. I am miraculously still inside it. It now looks like a tin ball and the lioness is playing with it. When it bounces in the air, I manage to escape to outside and try to fly away, but she knocks me down with a jump. We fight and she chases me as I take cover on a house. I manage to lock her up inside the house somehow and escape through a window.
      I come back later to find the villagers recovering. I ask for the lioness and they don’t know. A local shaman, dressed in animal skins and bones, goes inside the house where I left her trapped and with no words at all, shows me she like disappeared on air and never came back again.

    5. 24 Sep: Political speech and endangered tribe

      by , 09-27-2010 at 09:56 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      00:00 GMT – Sleep

      Political speech and endangered tribe
      A guy I know, who is president of a political party has presented a proposal in the Parliament and he is causing a lot of fuss. [this came from an open letter this guy actually wrote about a petition to present to the Parliament and which I read during the day.]
      Then I’m on an excursion with him. On the way to wherever we’re going he is telling a story to all the participants- supposed to be with a moral to it but nobody is taking it seriously. He then looks at me looking for some support and I nod and smile, showing I totally understand what he means. We both look through the window nostalgic, almost as if looking deep into each other.
      Then we arrive at a place in the jungle where there’s a tribe whose culture is disappearing. The excursion people are gathered around a table, eating some delicacies they are serving to us and I am completely obsessed about some yellow cookies that are quickly disappearing – I take all the last ones for me!
      We’re on some kind of house carved on a stone wall and through a hole (kind of tiny window for the air to pass) I see a tribe kid peeping. I feel curious to meet him and go outside after him. I see an old lady still living in accordance with their traditions but the youngsters I see are polluted with western culture.
      I sit down with some kids (don’t know if it the same kid I saw before, these seem older) and we talk about how they live their culture and they couldn’t care less, they don’t feel attracted to the old ways anymore, think it’s boring. I feel sad that we, foreigners, are more aware of the beauty and profoundness of their traditional and wise relationship with the cosmos than they are.

      7:00 GMT – Wake up