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    1. 4 Sep: Jews and Palestinians, mystical encounters, lucid in Poland

      by , 09-06-2010 at 02:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:30 GMT Ė Sleep

      Mystical experience
      I think I fell asleep thinking about trying to have an O.B.E. I was lying on my back but think I fell asleep and got caught up between dream and waking state, I was sleeping, donít remember being on any dream, I guess I didnít feel any of the O.B.E. triggers so I just kind of entered this meditation state, focusing on my breathing. I was asleep but I could also feel my body and hear the external sounds. I wasnít really fully lucid, but naturally I focused on body awareness. I felt an extreme discomfort and focused on that. I felt it multiplying. I canít really explain what it was exactly that was multiplying, it just became multiple.

      2:30 GMT

      Visit to Jewish neighbourhood
      Iím in a Jewish neighbourhood in the middle-east. Iím foreigner and I am escorting a small group of tourists. They are jewish-portuguese. Among them is a young boy who sees this young girl in the middle of all these bearded men from this neighbourhood and asks her something in her language but with a very bad pronunciation. She also speaks Portuguese, as she is Portuguese descendant and replies in his language, to which he replies happily. But the family of the boy scolds him and insists he must train his Hebrew.

      Occupied land
      I am part of a group of observers on what seems to be Palestine. We are keeping an eye on the occupying army, seeing if they donít commit abuses of human rights. On that day we follow closely two cases that could have ended badly. First, some kids entered a military off-limits area and they barely escaped being shot by militaries chasing them on a truck. Later, a couple with a small young girl are trying to evade from this occupied area and they pass over a concrete wall, when they are spotted by an helicopter right when they are about to break free. Luckily they find some big sewage pipes, leading underground and manage to escape. Nobody else knows about them anymore.
      At night Iím in a terrace, looking at the cityscape and the stars, hoping for the end of this violence and persecution.

      Mystical ceremony
      I then see in the sky and orb of light. I try to figure out what it is and decide I have to follow wherever it is going. I find myself entering a swamp on the outskirts of the city. As I go through the bushes, I find this open area and I see a gathering of enlightened beings and a few gurus. My main guru is taking part of some kind of wedding ceremony with his own mother. I have no idea why. Then another guru sees my enquiring look explains to me that it is only symbolic. That she has some important transmission to pass on to him, from a female tradition and to receive it, he has to symbolically marry her first.
      Thereís some other students of these gurus around and I hear one asking this one guru if itís true that they can enter our minds as they want. He responds in a joking way, saying ďOf course, we're like the boogy man and we will haunt your dreams. So beware.Ē

      4:00 GMT

      Fairy and deity
      Me and Riverstone are by some lake, looks shallow, safe and pleasant, but we donít dive until some guy appears Ė like a forest guard Ė and tells us is totally fine to go inside the water. The lake is actually composed of 4 lakes, connected with each other and with an island in their centre. I just wet my feet, feeling the water is warm and cozy but then I see a chameleon and it gets my attention. He is red but turning yellow as he approaches me. Then I find him amidst a bed of white flowers and he turns completely white. Then he actually transforms into a butterfly-like fairy, all white with little white orbs around it. As this fairy sits on a flower, a beautiful exotic lady, with dark skin (not black, but very tanned) Ė a deity? - comes hovering and blesses this fairy. I kind of receive her name on my mind but recall it very badly Ė something like Aedis Abba ???

      5:30 GMT

      Mystical insight
      Something about reincarnation and non-linear timeline. In the dream it was so clear and obvious but I couldnít make sense of it to write it down.

      Wedding on an island and alien invasion
      Iím on an isolated island on some facilities carrying on some secret projects. Due to some failure, thereís an alien or whatever on the loose, that we failed to contain and it will start mayhem out there. Fortunately weíre on an island where nobody lives and we hope to contain it before it finds a way to go to mainland. Iím on a boat around the island and I cross another boat with a colleague of mine, also doing his round. Then I find thereís a bunch of people who entered the island illegally. I go check what is going on Ė itís a bunch of rich kids who came on a private jet. A couple is marrying and they wanted to do something original, so they had this fucking great idea of sneaking secretly into this island without permission. I wondered how they manage to come without being seen, but since everybody is looking for the alien/monster, nobody was paying attention to that detail.
      Apparently they were already detected and a jeep with armed men are coming in their direction to evacuate them, but they see it and just run to the plane, managing to fly before being caught. Letís just hope the ďbeingĒ is not already with them!
      Then I go back to the facilities and I meet Ugly Betty with a boyfriend who came to say that the ďbeingĒ escaped and the invasion started. Then she starts preparing her weapons, which apparently were slates with loving words on it??? (very effective, for sure...)

      Wounded dog on the road
      Iím on a car with my mom, whoís driving. Weíre on a long road crossing vast planes, but we see a dog lying down in the middle of the road. We think heís dead so my mom just moves around him, but I have decided not to ignore the animals and people who are potentially in need of help and not necessarily already dead. So I ask her to stop and I walk back to check on the dog. He is bleeding but he moves his head slightly. I feel such despair. I want to carry it to the car, but he is bigger than he looked and Iím afraid of hurting him even more. So, Iím deciding how to carry him, when I wake up.

      6:20 GMT

      Lucid in a Polish village
      Iím going out of a house, apparently trying to escape from being seen by some lady. I pass by these two guys sitting on a tractor. The youngest guy looks at me long and deeply and I find it strange. He seems so real! Then I get lucid. I think maybe this guy is not a DC but actually a dreamer and he also sensed that I was a dreamer. But I donít go ask him, because meanwhile I kept moving and I left him behind. I realize Iím in this eastern-Europe like village. The roads are in stone, buildings are small and beautifully painted, 18th or 19th century like.
      But I look around at other people trying to find some other dreamers, trying to find a very distinctive mark that someone is not a DC. Just for fun I go around asking people how they are enjoying this dream. They couldnít care less. But then from my left appears Andrzej, this polish guy I know. He looks damn real. I canít say what it is, but I feel it. Maybe he is also a dreamer. Anyway, what is he doing here? I guess weíre maybe in Poland and thatís why heís there.
      I ask him if he knows he is dreaming but he doesnít react to the question, just asks me something else. I keep insisting and finally get his attention. I stop in front of a shop window and melt the glass, then a wall. He starts believing me and funny enough, some other person who was inside this shop gets amazed and apparently also goes lucid. But I didnít know the person and she just disappeared, probably to explore her own lucid dream.
      My friend is lucid for what seems to be his first time. He is so excited that he starts becoming really focused on really small details, like reading a poster that is on some street light post, amazed with the detail. I have to snap him out of this fascination and tell him, details are good, but donít focus too much on only one or you will lose lucidity fast. I drag him to the wall again and tell him to try dissolve it. I donít know why I was so pushy on this, but I guess I wanted to keep him busy to prolong his state.
      He tries punching it and gets hurt. I tell him itís not about brute force, that he has to imagine the wall is made of soft material that dissolves with touch. After trying a little bit he manages to leave a hand print on it, which is a good start. At this point is totally exhilarating and I tell ďYou know, thereís a bunch of people who do this often, and we organize groups and plan dream adventures together. Maybe if you could develop this capacity from now on you could join me, be one of my dream pals.Ē
      As we walk, we end up on some dark alley and I feel some bad vibes there and decide we should go somewhere else. But a few ugly looking guys are already enclosing us and I decide our only escape is lifting up, flying. But my friend is not yet skilled on that area. I decide to try to carry him but when I grab him he transforms into a glass of juice and everything starts becoming absurd.
      I did fly up and saw this kind of terrace with an entry door to some house only accessible by the air. It is a tiny place and I find inside a very needed black family, with lots of kids. They sleep all in one division. I feel a protective instinct towards them and go check if the kids are sleeping well. I cuddle them and they are now little back kittens. I wake up.

      7:30 GMT Ė Wake up