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    1. 13 Sep: Retro building, horny guys and my cat

      by , 09-23-2010 at 10:12 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT – Sleep


      1:15 GMT

      Retro building, horny guys and my cat
      I am on a building, kind of retro looking, I think on the 2nd floor. My cat is roaming around the room I am in. I even let him go outside the door, although at a certain point I wonder if the front of the building is open and go down there to check (so the cat doesn’t run away). As I go downstairs I find this intermediate floor where there’s a kind of floating stage. I try to figure out what it is but then just jump from there to ground floor. I realise I’m wearing my sexy red pyjama and land in one of two tables where 2 groups of guys are gathered. As I land there graciously, I make this pose of defiant sexy warrior and this has the unintended effect that the guys feel aroused and want to jump on me. I just have time to run to another room and lock me inside. The door has windows and they see me there and try hard to get inside. I realise they will do so eventually but decide not be afraid. [slight feeling I am dreaming] When they finally come inside and harass me, by ignoring them, they just fade away.
      Then I conclude the front door was really open and by then my cat is really gone outside. [what an obsession I have for the cat] Then as I wish him to come back a bunch of other cats enter the building, but not my cat. Then I decide to practice detachment and think that for sure he is well and that I should learn to let go. And if something bad happens to him I should not feel guilty, that’s just life.

      7:00 GMT – wake up