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    1. 30 Sep: Afraid of a spider and saved by Spiderman

      by , 09-30-2022 at 08:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some kind of seminar, tables are set around the room forming a square and people are sitting against the wall. I spot a spider the size of my hand going under the chair of a lady nearby and then climbing up the wall behing her. I warn her, she sees it and screams her lungs out. Then some practical joker on her side grabs the spider and threathens to throw it her at any of us. I freak out and try to run away, but all the people sitting block my passage. He is on other side of the table (inside the square) so he approaches me with the spider on his hand and throws it at me. He misses me, but the spider clings to the wall beside me. Then the dresam shifts and I am in my bed, supposedly in my room at my mom's house, but the spider is also in here. It got cozy in a corner of the wall near the ceiling and made a web there. I watch in horror as some really big animal gets stuck in it and she is about to kill it. The animal is a rat and right away another rat comes into the web and together they kill the spider. Then I freak out that I have two rats in my room. They look at me and they don't seem afraid. Actually, one of them seems to like me. They come down and jump into my bed. I am not afraid of them either since they seem to be nice, only of the flees and ticks they might have. They seem to be some kind of hybrid between a ferret and a rat, they are huge and have dark stripes over a brown fur and the female has a red fluffly tail. She just lays down purring and asking for pets, so I pet her. She is a sweet, but her partner is more shy. I let him know it is okay to come over, but the female rat actually keeps him at bay, showing who's the boss. Then a dog comes in the room, it feels like he is my dog Hachi, but he looks like a white fluffy samoiedo instead. I am afraid that he'll want to kill my new friends, but instead he lays by the side of the female rat and she jumps on his back and all is well. I am amazed. I get up and try to turn the ceiling lights on but there is something wrong with the switch and I can't figure out what it is (dream sign missed). Anyway, I go to the kitchen and put some stuff in the oven to cook.
      Meamwhile Riverstone and Nighthawk arrive and I say I am cooking pizzas and other stuff but I take a break to join them sitting to talk. I notice Nighthawk is feeling really awkward and doesn't even look at me, but after a while we get cozy under a blanket on the sofa and somehow I end up half naked hugging him. We have more people coming over and I suppose Riverstone is entertaining them in some other room, because we only hear their voices, but we don't want them storming in, so I grab Nighthawk and drag him to an empty room, push him against the wall and we kiss. We slowly slide down to the floor, we make out, but then people come in. I quickly sneak out through another door, hiding, since I am kinda naked, but he is not and he welcomes them as if nothing happened. I magically get clothed again and recall that I left stuff in the oven. The house is now some big place like a central train station. I have to walk a long walk to get to the kitchen. When I get there, it exploded and I feel despaired that it was my fault as I left the stuff in the oven burn and somehow caused a fire which caused the explosion. Then from the blaze comes a guy that I know in the dream has a crush on me - he looks like Raita for some reason. Due to the explosion he mutated and is now is 10 mt tall and has a belt with living people attached all around, from whom he sucks their vital force. When he sees me he says "now you'll be mine!" and he chases me down as I run through other people in the large main hall of this building. I try to head to some elevators but they are all busy, so then I go up a spiral staircase that is full of women going up. They all start to run up the stairs with me when they see the monster chasing me. They help me by letting me pass to the front and reach the top first. At the top there is a door with a bunch of locks and knobs and for a second we panic but some ladies come to the front saying they have the one key that unlocks it all. It is a race against time as the monster approaches, but they manage to open it. Behind the door is a platform looking over what seems like a zoo enclosure with lots of different animal species coexisting. Unfortunately not all of them are safe and peaceful. We close the door behind us and we get rid of the monster, but now we spot some wild boars and when we try to come down, they charge, not letting us go across the enclosure. There is an access to a lake which gives access to an area of empty land with a door to some other building. We plan to go that way but I fear there might be dangerous animals in the water too. Some of the ladies take a chance and jump, but soon enough there is a huge crocodile coming their way. I spot the sillhouette under the water and warn them to get out. They get out really at the last second. Then we are hopelessly stuck. Then I remember to call Superman. Nobody knows, but I know him and we've had an affair. It's guaranteed that he'll come if I call for him, so I start yelling "Superman, I am in danger, please come!" I expect to see him right away but he doesn't come. I call two times, three times and he is not coming. Then someone points to the skyline and nearby behind some skyscrapers, there is a battle of titans going on, but it's not Superman, it's a giant Spiderman fighting my giant stalker from before. As I call Superman one last time, Spiderman removes his mask and throws it at me. It's enormous so it covers me like a blanket. Everybody is asking why did he do it and I am worried people will see his face and get to know his identity. I see his face and I am confused as the guy under the mask is Axman. Sure, he is also in love with me, but I didn't know he was also a superhero.
    2. 4 Sep: Feeling sick in a class, trying to ditch some ladies I met

      by , 09-04-2021 at 08:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      In a chemistry class. I start feeling bad and with pain, so I just get up to leave. Teacher asks where am I going and I say I need to go. She then starts mocking me, saying "oh, so what's streaming on the web that you so much need to go watch?" And I reply, not amused "I am sick, I am very sick and maybe if you actually cared, I might tell you what my problem is and how much I need to leave right now. But I am going anyway." And as I said this to her, my voice started to fade until I no longer could talk. She said nothing else as I packed my bag and picked stuff from over a couple tables and left.
      Outside, I meet a couple ladies, one of which is a blond girl I detested from my former office and they are trying to sell me some hair products based on coconut oil. They are super expensive and I wonder why. Seems like they just mix the oil with some other shit that turns it pink and then put it in oversized jars to overcharge. I tell them I use a much cheaper version of simple oil and I have a small package with me and put it in my hair to prove my point. They want me to give them a ride and I really don't want to, but they keep following me outside, not taking a no. When crossing a street, I take advantage of some truck passing and sneak out to the next street to lose them.

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    3. 15 Mar: Environmental talk and a couple festivals at a park

      by , 03-15-2021 at 09:57 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At the grocery store, some lady is messing with some guy over his plastic bags and trying to convince him to switch to cotton bags. I am thinking to myself how that ain't necessarily the best option and remembering a video I've watched about it, but I chose to stay quiet because I am sure I'd just add confusion. But then they start talking about environmentally-friendly options in general and other customers join in the debate. At some point the cashier asks us if anyone has tried Iberdrola or Coopernico as energy providers and I say I am a Coopernico client. Someone else claims Iberdrola is 100% renewable and someone else claims they also have nuclear. I am not sure but I say I think not. I still argue that Coopernico is better because it is a national co-op but no one seems to care much about that.

      I pass by a festival at a park. The actor Diogo Morgado is playing DJ while dressed as Jesus and embarrasses himself. Everybody laughs at him and someone tells him to get a girlfriend. He strangely replies that I am his girlfriend. I say no way and I get out of there and go for a walk. I am told there is a more underground festival going on at a hidden place in this same park. We have to step on some tires piled up against a wall and go through an opening on that wall into a derelict building with a maze of walls. Across corridors with no roof and some small rooms, lots of punks and hippies sell their crafted jewellery and vegan food. Then some creepier stalls where they pierce us with nails. A dude insists that I go through the procedure, I argue I don't have money but he says he borrows me the money and I pay back later. I run away. There is a food court with tables on an open area. I sit with some friendly looking people but a bunch of lesbian activist girls come bully another girl because she ain't activist and they claim she has to and fight for their rights. I don't like their attitude and shout that it is ok for someone not to be an activist if they don't want to, but they ignore me. I get tired of being there, so I go away through the same place I came.

      Evening is falling and I decide to just go for a walk in a quiet place of the park. There are big beautiful trees and no people. Until I spot a dude acting suspiciously, following me from afar. I decide to levitate to a height he can't get me. He tries to reach me by jumping and then he climbs to some kind of terraced building to be at my level and I find his attempt funny, because he is basically stuck there. But I get closer to ask him what he wants from me. He says he just wants to talk. Says he sent me a work related email back in September and he never got my reply. I say I am sorry but surely I never got it or I would have replied. Ask him why he didn't try again or called. Tell him to resend it that I will reply on same day. He is pleased and goes away.
    4. 15 Aug: Wolfs and zombies at nordic hotel and visiting some shop

      by , 08-15-2019 at 08:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Nordic country during summertime, there is a street market with a fortune teller, some local dude becomes obsessed by me and stalks me around. There is a gorgeous natural lake with clear water up on the mountains. This local guy insists I must go take a dip. Wasn't planning on doing so before the next day but he convinces me. I go to the place where I am staying, get my stuff, and I get out through some other exit to avoid him. There is a path going uphill through a forest, it gets dark and I have an encounter with a wolf. I jump over a fence and I run back. I encounter a guy walking a big dog and I ask for his protection. He kinda mocks me although he sees the wolf at distance. Back to the venue I encounter the crazy guy who stalks me again to the laundry room. I find a back door and run through service corridors, looking for an alternative way to get to my room. Once there I still don't feel safe. I have an odd feeling that the wolf I saw is actually a werewolf and that he is around. I go meet some friends and they say actually there is something going on, but they think it is more like a zombie attack. We make a plan to escape soon, but I still I go to bathroom for pooping and I change clothes. My friends then say there is a strange lady outside looking for me. They suggest I don't talk to her, but it is Marta, cousin of my friend Carla and I feel curious. She wants to tell me about her mother dying of cancer and that she is going through difficult times. I offer my assistance, remember I heard she is sick too. She confirms she does have multiple cysts in a leg. I thought was on the uterus, she says those too, but leg is what is killing her. I tell her I am in a hurry now, but we should meet some other day and have a coffee. I leave her outside at the street market, where some lady paints landscapes based on our description of it. She stays there providing details of a forest landscape, doesn't know the name of the trees she is thinking if and I tell the painter she means conifers.

      With girl friends at some city where I will attend some teachings. On arrival we go to a shopping mall.
      They want to go to some famous brand shop. Their front is like a giant screen with their advertising and apparently no door. But right in the center there is a place to walk through across an hologram. Vera attempts to do it but fails and crashes into the screen wall, but I manage to find the entrance and go in. The feeling is strange and pleasant. Inside, costumers are doing photo shoots. I don't understand the idea but my friends say something like, the shop provides a makeover and then clients do a free photo shoot to promote the store and that is why they wanted to come. We get in the waiting zone. Meanwhile I am getting really excited that I will soon see Rinpoche.
    5. 14 Nov: Hacking a secret society temple

      by , 11-15-2010 at 09:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      01:30 GMT

      Hacking a secret society temple
      On an underground cell. My dad is sitting on the floor, looking hopeless. My mom and BF are also there. I am there to save them, but right now I also focused on opening a kind of secret vault on the stone floor. Thereís a tiny iron ring buried on the stone, but I manage to turn it and start a mechanism that opens the stone slab, exposing a hole on the floor with a box. I take out of it tiny metallic plates with tiny precious stones incrustations. They look like chips, not exactly jewels. People around me ask what it is. I seem to know exactly what it is but no time to explain. Then I also open a secret passage on the stone wall and tell everybody to go in. It is pitch dark and they hesitate but thereís someone coming and I tell them to hurry. I manage to close the passage door just behind us, but our captors saw us. In the dark we can more or less see some very old stairs carved in the rock that go up. I take the lead. The stairs are very imperfect and I warn people to be careful. I clear the way from the giant spider webs and finally see some light. The passage ends on some place with a loosely fit wall slab. I push it a bit to the side and it leads either directly to outside, where thereís a parking lot or to just behind a column on the main entrance. Some of us manage to go to parking lot, but soon appear some guards and we canít go there anymore. So the last of us, including me and my BF, have to go to main entrance and try to mingle with the crowd. Thereís a lot of people around, because this is some sort of big event of some secret society, so we split and try to pass undetected.
      I end up in some oval room with amphitheatre seats around. Three guys in capes and hoods come inside and everybody bows to them. I do the same and sneak out of it very discretely, because once they start whatever they are about to start, I will get stuck there.
      I pass into another room, bigger, and more elliptical. Some ceremony is taking place here, but thereís an area for observers Ė like a small amphitheatre on one of the sides of the elipse Ė and I see my BF sitting there. Because it is the perfect time to escape but he seems to have chosen to sit there till the end, I decide to go meet him to warn him we must go now. But then I canít say a word, I canít make any suspicious signs, because weíre surrounded by these people from this order or society and they are all sitting straight, looking to the front, not saying a word. Through very discrete signs I make him understand we should go immediately, but some girls sitting below us look back and notice something strange. They ask me all sorts of questions, which I dodge wonderfully, but one of them didnít buy it. She knows I donít belong. But she wonít make a scandal, she knows Iím trapped. I review in my head how many steps to the parking lot, where the car is and I feel the adrenalin rush. I know as soon as we get up, the girl will warn about my presence and guards will be after us, but I must escape, because I have the whatever-it-is-that-I-stole.

      3:30 GMT

      Lesson on LDs to dreamers
      I enter a dream which I recognize as having had before waking up but didnít recall then. It had to do with being in some classroom and it being invaded by wasps. First one, then two, then we are all trying to escape from them, cause an entire colony entered through a hole in the ceiling. As we go out and close the door, our teacher promises to go back and get our stuff for us. She gets some guys to go and when they come back they bring dolls. Each of us had a doll which is delivered to each seat on a new classroom where we shall continue our lesson (?).
      Then on the new room, thereís a long table, with the dolls on and we seat, more like to have a meal than to have a class.
      All of this is absurd and I slowly get lucid. Then I start talking to the nearby colleagues Ė I donít know any of them, a girl and two guys. I am looking at their faces which are very clear and donít change even when I look away. I tell them about lucid dreams, that I am currently having one and that I think they are not DCís but actual dreamers. They seem surprised but interested. They ask how do I know it is a dream and I sank my arm on the table. They find it so cool and try to do the same with no success. I explain they first have to believe it is a dream and teach them the nose pinch RC. I do it at the same time as the girl. I tell her I am feeling my RL body breathing very clearly but she tells me she canít. But I tell ďOK, yet you are breathing although youíre pinching nose.Ē Sometimes you donít feel it right away. Then she says she is starting to feel it. She looks very focused, she smiles and... I wake up.

      4:30 GMT

      Ecovillage sanctuary
      On some ecovillage on a remote area. It is somewhat closed and hidden from most eyes and it is kind of a sanctuary. I am listening to a lady with long hair who lives there and she explains that when the civilization collapses, everybody will turn to places like these and hope to be welcomed. But she says they canít open their arms to everybody, so theyíll only be open to people who had previously a connection to them and contributed to their project, for example with donations. I find it a bit cold-blooded, but I totally understand and I start considering doing just that.

      Celebration of mission acomplished
      After a good succeeded mission (I guess the temple one?), I meet with some group of people from alternative underground movements I know. Weíre all jammed into a very tight place, like a secret office bunker we have. Itís so crowded there we can hardly move, but weíre partying. Iím the hero of the day and get congratulated. But thereís some girl who is totally jealous of me and just wants to humiliate me, so she posted pictures of me on the wall. She says itís in homage to me, but they are private, familiar stuff that wasnít supposed to be exposed. On one I am totally fat with my belly showing (I wonder when that was???). She looks at me defying but I smile and go over it, totally not caring. Weíre celebrating, so I hug her. She feels touched by my attitude and she looks embarrassed. She asks me sorry and ask if I believe she can change as a person. I tell her yes, she smiles and then she leaves. I sit and start writing on my DJ, once again forgetting to first wake up.

      5:30 GMT

      Guy looking for Celia
      At home with my BF. Some guy knocks on the door and I open. He asks for Celia. I say she doesnít live there. He doesnít believe me and insists this is her house. I try to recall who she can be and tell him she did indeed live there before us, but now weíre the ones living there for more than a year. He still canít believe it and gets really angry. He gets inside without permission and starts looking around. My BF does not believe his attitude, but I make a sign to chill. I tell the guy I will look in my contact book if I have her number, so he can talk to her and find where she lives now. But I donít know her full name. He tells me she is Celia Silene. But as I do this, the guy is picking up some papers we left on the table and starts making innuendos that my BFís signature does not match in different documents. I say ďSorry, and what are you insinuating with that?Ē He says he is not saying anything but I read in his mind he thinks weíre liars and somehow kidnapped her or worst. He sits on the sofa and will not move any time soon. I ask my BF to be patient as I go look for my agenda.
      Our home is quite impressive, big, beautiful, stylish. Then I see we have a backdoor open and some people standing there. I am amazed at the house design Ė it is Japanese like, with a porch all around and sliding doors and we even have an altar full of golden Buddhas, turned to this backdoor. That is why some people are there. They look like Inuits. They are a couple with two girls. They are admiring the Buddhas and ask if they can come in, but I explain this is a private home, not a museum of some kind. Still, I tell them we will gladly welcome them there some other time as we have a ďguestĒ in the living room that we have to deal with. I then cuddle the older girlís head and she looks totally pissed off and gets away from me. I say Iím sorry and I wonder maybe it was just her teen attitude. Then I do the same to the youngest, but she also reacts badly and I feel stupid.

      7:00 GMT
    6. 26 Oct: Vampire party, travel in time and to other planet

      by , 11-03-2010 at 11:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:30 GMT – sleep

      Birthday party
      Going though airport checks and lines. Preparing to go outside. It’s freezing cold and I don’t have many clothes, just short sleeves. I prepare a postcard and a cake to offer to my grandma.
      There’s someone’s (grandma?) birthday party going to take place and I find myself walking around the city with a group of people who are preparing it. It will be on some open air space. They’ve set a table between two slopes. But it won’t be a peaceful celebration because there’s a bull on the loose in the fields and there’s a dragon flying around the hills.
      My mom appears and offers to drive us to wherever we need to go. She takes through stone paved streets to a bakery where we will get cake. She is upset because she had also ordered a cake, which is later delivered at the party. Too many birthday cakes, I think four.
      Back in the party, there’s lots of my relatives there, aunts, uncles, cousins. Then I excuse myself but need to use the toilet. They are all around the door and ask for a bit of privacy “please?”, but the door doesn’t close...

      2:00 GMT

      Vampire party
      In a party in a palace with some friends. Entrance is not allowed for humans, just for vampires but we crashed in, pretending we were vampires. Some of us went upstairs, but then there’s a snitch spreading the word that there are humans among them and they start searching for us. I manage to escape discretely to the outside with the group that stayed downstairs and I keep the door open while trying to call my other friends (on the mobile, I think), but doors are being locked to prevent anyone else to get out. There are some young vampires who also get outside, sick of the party I guess, and they spot us but they don’t denounce us. Actually there’s a young couple of vampires who walk by our side, when we’re leaving. The vampire girl says she finds cool what we did, that she is in favour of ending this segregation of humans, but the vampire guy she is with doesn’t seem to share so much her enthusiasm, even if he tolerates us.
      Then we follow separate paths but later on she passes by us on a kind of open top bus, where another party is going on. The bus stops by our side on the road and she asks if we want to hop in. She explains she just arranged her own “against discrimination” party where humans and non-humans will party together. At first my group rejects the idea, a bit afraid maybe, but then we end up joining in. The party goes really well and in the end there are humans and vampires hooked up and making out.

      3:05 GMT

      Alien planet
      Staying at a nice huge hotel. Must be on some other planet because I see through the windows really strange creatures, which I film. They are clearly intelligent and I see they have family bonds. They are similar to our primates although physically very different. Then out of the blue some guys with nets comu up and try to capture them. I see fear in the eyes of the creatures and lots of chaos as they run in all direction and try to protect their kids.
      I bend over my window and reach for the guys nets as they pass by under me – it’s all very fast, but I knew immediately I could not allow them to do it. Then I go inside the window without them even seeing me or what hit them.
      Later I’m downstairs at a cafeteria on a line to eat and I see a guy I knew from highschool. He works there and he is showing people the several drinks available and explains that the materials and designs of the bottles are all ecological. I just grab an orange juice and the bottle seems totally normal to me.
      I then meet a girl friend and she tells me we can join a group she met at some table, but we wander around without finding them. It’s then that I realise I am wearing a half-naked outfit, almost like a simple bikini, with a cape. Then as we look lost trying to get a table, a guy is totally digging me.

      I learn that this cafeteria has doors which lead to other rooms in different dimensions – to save space – so we decide to look for our friends in other of these other-dimension-rooms. Then I notice this freaky guy who can’t stop staring at me is following me. Later he kidnaps me and keeps me in a cage on a kind of cellar. I’m locked up, with only a bed, a shelf with a few books and a large wi-fi system embedded in the wall.
      He comes once in a while to bring me food and I pretend I am asleep, so I shut the light whenever I sense he is coming. But he always turns it on and inspects every inch and every corner of my cage, to be sure I’m not doing any attempt to escape.
      One day, I find that behind this wi-fi on the wall, there’s a tunnel. I don’t know how long it is or if it has an exit, but I plan to find out. One day my captor almost finds it. He touches carefully with his fingers the wall around the wi-fi, but he doesn’t manage to find the trick to open it.

      I then wake up and write the dream on my DJ. Later I wake up for real and realise I had a FA and then I can’t remember the dream anymore. Frustrated I fall asleep again, remember the dream while dreaming and wake up again to write it down.

      6:20 GMT

      Time-travel tourism
      I am on the rooftop of some historic building of a beautiful sunny city which I think is Lisbon. I feel a bit vertigo when I’m close to the roof’s limits I try to stay more to the centre. There’s more visitors there, looking totally cool and relaxed. I grab my camera from inside a bag and start taking pictures. I get down from this roof and continue my visit. Later I’m with my boyfriend at some strange old-looking pool. Half of it is covered by a wooden structure that offers shade but it looks totally bizarre. My boyfriend goes to swim and after a while in seems to be in distress so I go help him. But I don’t dive, I walk over the water (much better, no?). When I reach him I conclude he is just fine, so then I ask him if he can film me walking over the water. He agrees, so I go back to solid ground to get my camera. It should be again on my bag, but my bag is on a locker. I have a key, number 125 and I go to this kind of elevator that brings up the bag corresponding to the number of the key. But when I insert my key, it comes out a backpack with the number 152. I decide to go to the assistance booth to solve this. The girl who’s working there seems annoyed by my problem. She doesn’t help much, she just suggests I put the backpack in again and try use the key once more to get the right bag. I do so and it works, but I totally forgot by now that my boyfriend was waiting me and decide to go away.
      As I walk down a street paved in stone I see a man with 18th century’s garments. I look around and it feels like I’m in the 1920’s.

      8:30 GMT – wake up

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    7. 13 Sep: Retro building, horny guys and my cat

      by , 09-23-2010 at 10:12 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT Ė Sleep


      1:15 GMT

      Retro building, horny guys and my cat
      I am on a building, kind of retro looking, I think on the 2nd floor. My cat is roaming around the room I am in. I even let him go outside the door, although at a certain point I wonder if the front of the building is open and go down there to check (so the cat doesnít run away). As I go downstairs I find this intermediate floor where thereís a kind of floating stage. I try to figure out what it is but then just jump from there to ground floor. I realise Iím wearing my sexy red pyjama and land in one of two tables where 2 groups of guys are gathered. As I land there graciously, I make this pose of defiant sexy warrior and this has the unintended effect that the guys feel aroused and want to jump on me. I just have time to run to another room and lock me inside. The door has windows and they see me there and try hard to get inside. I realise they will do so eventually but decide not be afraid. [slight feeling I am dreaming] When they finally come inside and harass me, by ignoring them, they just fade away.
      Then I conclude the front door was really open and by then my cat is really gone outside. [what an obsession I have for the cat] Then as I wish him to come back a bunch of other cats enter the building, but not my cat. Then I decide to practice detachment and think that for sure he is well and that I should learn to let go. And if something bad happens to him I should not feel guilty, thatís just life.

      7:00 GMT Ė wake up
    8. 11 Sep: Burning stuff, detachment and harassment

      by , 09-23-2010 at 09:48 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      I have been sick, which totally knocked out my dream recollection for almost a week. Then I had to travel to Belgium and slowly recovered my dreams but had no possibility to write them down on dreamviews. Still, I have a lot to tell: I accomplished the monthly tasks of September, among other personal achievements. Will try to publish these past 10 days' dreams in slots, not to spam the DJ page.

      23:45 GMT – Sleep

      I save a lady twice. First someone puts her on a truck over some train tracks and I just get her out at the last minute. Later we’re on a boat and I see a guy approaching her with a gun on his hand. He’s someone she knows and she trust him but I sound the alarm and just avert another murder attempt.

      Incinerating a landscape
      I’m hovering some natural landscape with a big lake or sea and there’s some nasty stuff contaminating the waters. I’m shooting beams from my hands into land and water that blow up the whole thing. I see it catching fire, feel very disturbed with this destruction but I know that it’s for a greater good.

      5:30 GMT

      Burning attachments
      My house was on top of some cliff and there was really bad storm going on, landslides and so on. The house broke into pieces, little by little and we lost everything. First I cried for the loss, but then I focused on the fact that we (me and family) were still alive and that was the most precious possession, so I started feeling this comfy feeling of peace of mind and liberation.
      I walk to a nearby house that is still standing, with the few possessions I managed to rescue and inside I find this guy watching TV as if nothing happened. I feel he is responsible for what happened, I ask him why and despite already having felt inner peace, right now I feel an anger arising and I attack him. He is totally unaffected as if my punches don’t even touch him. At the same time I feel this mix of anger and attraction to him. He finally speaks and with much sorrow in his eyes he says my pain and anger are destroying him and then he transforms into a kind of androgynous fairy in dark clothes which slowly freezes like a block of ice. I realise my anger is killing him and I then feel compassion and love and slowly it unfreezes from that state. I then feel immerse in a sea of loving kindness and detachment, I transform. I now have a helmet and flamethrowers in my hands and with a bizarre floating dance, we both throw fire at the rest of this house and possessions saved and feel totally liberated as I watch them burn.

      6:30 GMT

      Artistic kid
      I see these amazing drawings of a kid – he makes beautiful nudes – and I want to know more about him. Then I see his life from above (as a movie) and see him in highschool, hanging around with his friends. Nothing really interesting, he’s just a kid with talent – and I think, there are so many out there!

      I am taking a shower at my mom’s place and as I come out of the bathtub my uncle C. enters the bathroom. I feel a bit surprised and upset, I just had time to pull a towel and cover myself. What is he doing here? He is wearing a monk’s robes but he is also hitting on me. I try to avoid him but it’s not easy, he corners me. Luckily my aunt also comes and gives me an opportunity to escape. Then there’s a shift in the dream. I pass into a city landscape and think I’m now in another dream and got rid of him, but he followed me here. He is just behind me, trying to catch me again but by then I am lucid and decide to fly away to leave him behind. I fly a little bit and see this gorgeous cityscape – really lovely, large sidewalks, monumental buildings and bridges, a long garden with red flower carpet. As I hover the flower carpet I lose the dream and wake up.

      7:45 GMT – wake up

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    9. 28 August - 9 dreams

      by , 08-28-2010 at 07:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      Maybe I am pushing it too far. Just this night I woke up around 10 times, with only 1h or 1:30 of interval in between. In some of these moments I didn’t write down any dream, although I could remember I just had one. I actually can’t remember of one single moment I wasn’t dreaming. Every time I woke up I recalled a dream and as soon as I closed my eyes I resumed the dreaming, sometimes at the exact same point where I had left. Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard to recall dreams, because my mind is getting a little obsessed about it 

      23:20 GMT - Sleep

      Dream within a dream
      Not sure what was the storyline, but have the feeling it was a dream within a dream or a dream about a dream.

      1:00 GMT

      A girl uses my dreams to enter some guy’s dreams
      I am inside the mind of this guy, in his own living room projection, seeing his objects and absorbing his life stories through what I find. I see his picture of him on a shelf and I pick up from the table some notes written by him. He left something written about these dreams he’s been having about this mysterious girl, how strange the dreams are and how he thinks she is real. He calls her Lilith and all that he describes in his notes remind me of a few of my own dreams. I have this impression that I have some connection to this girl – I have this idea that she is like a ghost in the machine. I’m not actually her, but she uses my dreams to enter his dreams. And he is so obsessed about her.
      I then can actually sense her presence in the room, just like a ghost. Through the window I see a thick darkness outside. It’s a bit creepy and I shut the blinds to feel less goosebumps.

      Mystical sunset
      I am in my kitchen but outside, instead of other buildings, I see through the window-door the most beautiful and remarkable sunset ever over a sea harbour. There’s a few clouds in the sky, which is radiant in orange and purple shades. I go outside to really absorb this mesmerizing beauty. At this point my mother and my boyfriend appear by my side, also amazed at this incredible scenario. I have this distinct feeling that we are in some special place in-between dreams and sharing it. But before I make a remark about this to them, I suddenly wake up. My boyfriend is deeply asleep by my side and I don’t have the courage to wake him up and ask.

      2:18 GMT

      Police chasing and using a long-time-no-see friend at a party as cover
      I am on a train and for some reason there’s policemen on my pursuit. I get out at next stop and mingle with the crowd, but they are still after me. I meet with these two people, a girl and a boy, in the back of some building and we are discussing something when a police car stops near us and we try to run in the opposite direction just to find more police on that side to. They go back and hide in the building and I use the policemen momentary confusion to run some other direction. I pass a construction site and go through it. But I’m a beautiful woman and my passage there does not go unnoticed. The men working there start calling me so I need to get out of there as soon as possible or I’ll be found.
      I cross a street, there’s a big lawn and a beautiful tall building at the end of it. I see people all dressed up and spot an old friend of mine there (J.F.). He always had a crush on me and I’m sure he would like to see me again. I am also more or less dressed up, despite the chase and all and I enter this place. We have to pay ticket, luckily not expensive, but I don’t even know what party there is. I go downstairs and it looks like a disco or bar in a basement. I sit close to him, but pretending I didn’t see him. I do something to get his attention and then he sees me and gets frozen, staring at me, unbelieving I’m there. Then I pretend I’m also surprised and we engage in conversation. I feel safe now that I have a good cover. I stick with him.

      3:45 GMT

      Continuation of the party
      After going back to sleep I am again in that basement party and I realise it is a party organized by a student’s association. Looking for a calmer place, I enter this back room where the organizers are doing their work, carrying stuff, ensuring the availability of food and drinks, etc. There’s lots of sound material (woofers, mixing tables, etc). At the end of the party, some guy with long hair is looking for something and he goes nuts when he sees it disappeared. Apparently something pretty expensive. Then a girl from the organization is freaking out because the student’s association will have to pay it if it’s not found. [I had more notes on this dream, but wrote it over something else and it’s illegible.]

      4:56 GMT

      Naked seduction attempt
      I am a lady in her 50’s. I am a business woman, with a busy life, single. On that exact moment I am at this place (a house? mine?) organizing something, receiving guests. There are other people around, but then it’s all over and I’m looking in all rooms if anybody was left behind and closing the doors when I find nobody. Then a guy, also in his 50’s, totally naked, jumps out of one room and is bothering me, wanting to kiss me and so on. First I feel scared, then I recognize the guy and feel simply annoyed and disturbed. Try to call him to reason, try to get him to dress something but he just says he wants to kiss me and to make love to me. I am losing my patience and then he pushes me to a bed and is on top of me and I feel incredibly disgusted to have this naked guy on me and feeling his body parts on me. Brrr... I start battling hard but then he backs up a bit. Then I realise he is not trying to rape me. We are sort of friends and he is really attracted to me and since I am cold as stone he thought he’d have to be really straight to the point to try to arouse me. I think he managed to do it just a very little bit, like a small flicker of arousal in my mind, but in general he failed and I simply felt disgust.

      6:00 GMT

      Portuguese tourists abroad
      I am with my dad coming out of a subway station in a foreign country and outside we see this building right in front, with a glass faÁade and several names of companies and foundations on it. Me and my father are heading to this particular foundation but before we cross the street, two ladies approach us, one blond older and one brunette, in her 40’s. They ask us in French where is such and such street. We explain we just arrived and have no clue. They say they were looking for a certain foundation, not the same as the one we’re looking and that they thought was on this building but inside the doorman indicated some other building. We said again we would like to help but we have no clue. My father is trying to be nice to the ladies, but his French is quite sucky. He speaks Portuguese with me to ask me something or share some idea with me, when the ladies start laughing! They are also Portuguese and there we were speaking French to each other. So communication got a lot easier and my father who likes to impress the ladies was all of a sudden all kind to them. We say again we don’t know the place so we can’t help, but then they say “Yeah, but you have a map and we don’t!” Oh, so that’s what they are after! Since we won’t give them our map, because we also need it, we decide to go along with them and then come back. This way we can also meet them. Another friend of them appears from the other side of the street and then we go with them to a bus station, because the place is still far away. First I feel totally upset and try to convince my father to draw a scheme and just send them away. But we end up making this tour with them and it ends up being fun.

      7:30 GMT

      Alternative centre and wasps in a pool
      Me and my boyfriend are visiting this town - I think it reminds me Berlin - when we find this strange alternative community centre. I go inside this complex and the first thing I see is this second-hand shop, really busy. My boyfriend was curious if that business was making any money, because he finds the clothes a bit too much weird and they say he’d be surprised. Then we see this room full of couples with little babies, doing some kind of yoga for babies. As we go deeper into this complex, we find a swimming pool. They explain is for the residents of this community and associates but that we could also go use it if we wanted to. My boyfriend jumped right in but I had other plans in my mind.
      I’m planning to leave but there’s a guy on a ladder, close to the roof, screaming that he just found a wasp’s nest and that they are pissed. He advises everybody out, but there’s no time. A swarm of angry wasps come in my direction and I just have time to dive in the water, clothes and all. Then we have to keep under water, because as soon as we come to the surface they are there ready to attack. I swim for some time, back and forth, coming for a quick breath at the surface but the wasps are relentless and the guys outside the pool are not solving this problem any time soon.
      I have taken vows of compassion towards all sentient beings and besides that, I am just unable to kill any animal, including wasps. But I decide I have to kill them, at least some of them, or people will start drown on the pool or getting seriously stung. I got out of the pool, grabbed something and started killing a few, the others just backed of. I felt awful for each one I killed – the vision of their bodies being crushed was incredibly detailed - but I also thought it was a lesser harm to protect other sentient beings, so I had to do it.

      Dream architects
      I then leave the pool and a girl offers me to go to her room in the community residential area, to change clothes. While I’m there, finished changing my clothes, I see a doll she has and I pick it up. The doll had really beautiful big blue eyes and dark hair. I find it a bit misplaced as the rest of her room is totally grown-up, no childish things, but at the same time I relate to it, because I also have this Barbie dolls in my room, for no apparent reason, just as a connection to the memories of the past. I guess the doll has some special meaning to her.
      Then a strange guy enters the room, asks me not to say a word and he transforms the architecture of the room – I mean, like changing the dream architecture. Where there was a normal window looking over a backyard, he made appear a stone-brick wall with columns over a huge patio like one of an ancient palace. When she arrived she was so pissed off. She screamed to the guy, saying it was not funny, asking me why I let him do it. I decided to leave them discussing it and sneaked out,
      amazed at the fact that they were dream-architects.

      9:30 GMT – Wake up

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    10. 26 August - 9 dreams (1 lucid)

      by , 08-26-2010 at 11:51 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:30 GMT - Sleep

      Friends visiting and kid gets hurt
      Iím in a home I feel itís mine but only has some similarities to my real home. Iím at the balcony, that in reality is on a 3rd floor but in the dream it looks like 1st floor and has direct access by stairs to the street. In front, instead of other buildings there is a huge landscape with green hills and sparse houses. At distance I see a group of friends, but i can only recall who was one of them (H.E.). They see me and we wave at each other. They decide to come to visit me. We express lots of joy when we meet, but then they surprise me by saying theyíve been there before when I was not present. I ask ďreally?Ē and they say ďSure, and A.G. even stayed behind. Didnít you see him inside the house?Ē I was embarrassed thinking that he might have been hiding and saw me undress and talking to myself. But then they say they are just kidding and I say it wasnít funny.
      Later at dawn thereís a big fuss going on under my balcony, on the street. I go look and apparently some kid had an accident while playing and is losing a lot of blood Ė it seems he cut or lost his ear, but Iím not sure. An ambulance is already coming and lots of people are taking care of him, so I decide to close the window and go inside. But I think my action didnít please my neighbours and I hear them saying nasty things, like I donít care if the kid is ok or not.

      Cat possessed by a spirit
      The next day I receive a visit from my dad, my two uncles and one aunt. They are on the kitchen that connects directly to the living room. It then that I realise this house is actually much more like the beach house of a friend of mine. On the living room I find my black cat but with him are two other cats and the most striking is that one of these cats which is also black, heís a bit old and has some injuries, namely one ear missing (what a coincidence Ė a cat-dream-reincarnation of the kid of the dream-night before).
      When the visitors leave, then something surreal happens. In the living room I find this demon or spirit which I can only sense but not really see. He is cloud-like and when in contact with it I feel itís intentions. I just have time to grab a plastic bag and close it very tight (cool, catching spirits with a bag, reminds me of Ghostbusters). As if it was some insect, I decide to take it outside and then close all my windows so it wonít come inside again (silly). But when I arrive at my second balcony on the back of the house, thereís an helicopter landing on it and with all this commotion going on, I realise I left the spirit out of the bag.
      I run the house looking for it and I find my cat, possessed by the spirit! He looks demonic and ready to cause some damages. But with love and patience I approach the cat and I think I calm him down (donít remember more.)

      Brussels on a hurry
      I was in Brussels, inside a taxi and upset that this time I had no time at all to enjoy it. I was passing an avenue and saw the theatre/opera which strangely looked more like Berlin than Brussels, but ok. I was thinking of some invitation from friends who were going to see a play and I couldnít go because I was on my way to the airport, already leaving. Even the hotel where I stayed was amazing and I had no time to stop and simply enjoy it. I was sad and a bit frustrated. [I am actually going there next month, so weíll see if itís just work and no enjoyment or not.]

      2:00 GMT Ė 1st waking

      As soon as I move to write it down, it fades. I vaguely remember looking at some charts with hollow olive-green circles and something about magic.

      4:00 GMT Ė 2nd waking

      Talking about gurus and peeing myself
      I met my high school girl friends, with whom I donít speak for so long. Thereís a huge distance (emotionally speaking) separating us and they are talking with each other, excluding me from the conversation. Until I hear them talking about their spiritual journeys and realise that L. is very interested in my guru, although she has no clue he is my guru. I tell her and this breaks the ice. She wants to know more. We hang around a bit and then head to a toilet - I go to the toilet every night, probably because I really go to the toilet every night in RL. The toilet seat is very high and when sitting there I pee all over the place because I canít sit straight on this thing Ė itís embarrassing! A cleaning lady comes at the right time and I tell her it was not my fault. She is aware of the toilet problem and even helps me, showing me a shower where I can clean myself. Then I finally leave the toilet with my friends, but itís not easy because meanwhile a huge crowd of ladies is going in and out of it. (What a stupid dream...)

      War (again)
      Iím with my friend R. (from the previous group of girl friends) in a trench. She is dressed in military uniform from WWII with one of those metal helmets on her head. Behind us is a tank shooting at some wall in front of us. My friend is getting to adventurous and gets out of the trench heading to this wall. Not only she is danger because of the enemies, but she is on the way of our own bombs. I see she has some idea but I have no clue what could be. I see the bombs exploding closer and closer to her I also get out of the trench and move towards her to get her back in a safe place when one bomb falls right by her side and we are projected in the air. Magically none of us get seriously hurt and then I hear some off-voice commentating that in reality this wouldnít be possible and explaining all the physics behind it to prove his point. (I felt I was inside a war documentary.)

      I was with my parents at the airport. I had just arrived from somewhere (probably Brussels, from that other dream before). We were sitting on a cafeteria, talking, and I had this itch in my eye that was getting worst and worst. I looked on some mirrored surface what was going on and I had this awful irritation. After a while my iris was all black and I had this internal jelly-like extra lid - like cats have. I thought it looked like I had reptilian eyes, but I didnít say anything, because my father would not understand or would think Iím crazy. But he left the table for a while and I told my mother what was on my mind. She then told me she had had the same exact problem a few days before and it occurred to her the same exact idea. No way! Then we were discussing that maybe we are reptilians without knowing and about if that would even be possible. I mean, this would prove that they arenít all evil heartless cold blooded creatures, but that they are actually normal people or that many of us are actually unknowing reptilian-human hybrids!

      Two dreams intertwined, soup kitchen and a stalker
      Iím still with my parents at the airport but nobody is coming to serve at the cafeteria. My father comes back and tells us that we must go to a desk on the opposite side from where we were to get the food. It happens that this was in fact a soup kitchen for the poor. Then I had two dreams overlapping and I was two characters at the same time, with different stories Ė my own RL and some DC.
      So I was on the queue to get the food when some girl putting potatoes on the plate found strange that I was there and asked me if I was really poor. I said I wasnít starving but that I was a single working mom and my baby was staying with his grandma and that we had food but we also needed to save money for other expenses with the baby and I had in fact got stamps from the social services to eat there. Although none of this is true in my real life, I wasnít truly lying. I could actually see the baby in my mind and know that he existed in my life and the story was real. But at the same time I had doubts Ė didnít I just arrived by plane from somewhere? Wasnít I here with my parents? The girl believed me and went back to get even more potatoes.
      Then I notice a guy leaving the queue and exiting the place. He tries to do it unnoticed but I have a glimpse of him and I recognise him as this guy that stalked me for some time (in RL). He knows me (the real me) and I got scared that he knows Iím not poor 8the me thatís not poor, I mean) and he probably is feeling upset to hear my dream me telling this story that for him isnít true. I imagine that he is waiting me outside somewhere to hurt me. Or maybe he knows my new address and is there lurking, waiting my arrival. I feel worried and try to get company to go home with me.

      5:40 GMT Ė 4th waking

      Lucid in the city and Goldberg machine!
      Iím walking in a city, it looks like Lisbon, but could be anywhere. I pass in front of a grocery store and they have those supermarket freezers with no doors on the sidewalk. I think ďwhat a waste of energyĒ and stop to look at the leafy green vegetables and salad dressings they have on it. Then for some reason I become lucid. Oh well, what am I going to do?, maybe fly. I fly around the city, really trying to shock the DC, but as usual, they donít find it strange that Iím flying and I get bored. Letís try something Iíve never done before: fireballs in my hands. I make a wish, I visualise, I do my best, but nothing comes out, just a bit of smoke. I feel frustrated and try harder. This time a new set of fingers grow in the palm of my hand, imitating a flame, which is very funny and original but clearly not what I had in mind. I shake it away and they are gone. Before I lose lucidity I decide to fly a bit more, this time to above the city, to see the world from up there as Iíve done before. Unfortunately this night Iím not managing to fly much higher than the city buildings and taller trees. Luckily on top of a tree I find a wooden platform and discover a whole circuit between the trees and city buildings, made of platforms, suspended bridges, ropes and lianas and I decide to follow it. Not only it might be amusing, but I wonder if by doing it it will help me loose these fears of doing it in RL. At some point it even get dangerous, because I have to cross some place with high-voltage wires just hanging on ropes Ė I start to forget that itís just a dream and feel a bit fear. Then I end up in front of this amazing 3-storey high box-like construction and wonder what it is. I figure out it is some kind of Goldberg machine and equate if I go inside it or not, when some chair falls down and the whole thing starts to fall apart Ė jets of water, hanging objects falling, etc. Three guys, laughing their asses off and all wet, come out of it. They were inside it and had lost the game. It was a team game: they had to solve some kind of puzzle, but as they go on, they start running out of options and one wrong movement can start the machine, ending the game. Apparently they were there for hours, thinking about the next move, when one made the wrong move, collapsing it. All of a sudden, puzzles and chess games look so dťmodť. Then I can't keep the dream on and I wake up.

      6:55 GMT Ė Wake up

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