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    1. Precog dreams confirmed

      by , 09-23-2010 at 05:00 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      In the past few days I've had really strange experiences with precognitive dreams. It is not unusal for me to recognize places I go for the first time from dreams I had before going there, but this time for a bunch of days I felt like I was living a huge dťjŗ vu and that every step I was taking I was reliving several of my dreams.
      I went to Brussels and Ghent for work reasons. I've been in Brussels many times, I even lived there, but his time I took a different route from the one I always take out of the airport. It started there, when I recognised a car park where I had a dream adventure some time ago (even before joining DV, so no DJ record of it). I had never seen the place before, only in that dream.

      Then when I was on this bus to Brussels centre, I realised I'm dressed similarly to the dream of 9 Sep when I meet a friend at a library (on the same night by coincidence I also dreamt about Brussels). I'm wearing a skirt, leggings and some lycra socks that are kinda dirty. I am also wearing sabrinas, which is totally unlike me. I am going directly to the European Parliament, where my friend JF (whom I had met on this library dream) works. I think I need to take the socks and leggings out before arriving there or I'll be going through the embarassement of having to undress there, like I did in my dream, in front of my friend behind a desk. So, that problem was averted, due to reminding this dream.

      Then I spent all afternoon and night working at the Parliament, in some office with some friends and colleagues. Here I recognised the dream of 22 Aug about a "casual 5* hotel". It wasn't really a hotel, but the parliament at night. I recognized the lobby with the black square sofas, the amazing staircase leading to the glass window "chamber" on the upper floor (not really a concert hall, but the look was still incredibly similar). Instead of the lake and plants in the middle of the staircases, there's a huge metallic sculpture on the centre that looks like a waterfall.
      Then when we were working, one of the guys started to sing "who let the dogs out" and everybody joined in and laughed. Someone made a comment that we should have brought our dogs for company throughout the night. And I totally related this to the dream (dogs running around free on the hotel in the middle of the night).

      Also, the recent dream I had about hacking a building was totally related to the Parliament experience. I stayed there all night, which was not supposed to happen - I only had a permit for staying during the daily working time. But me and one colleague decided to stay behind to finish a job in the office of the person who got us in, hoping the security guards would not kick us out. We didn't stay inside the office all night as we were too curious and wanted to explore the building. We managed to walk around, avoiding the cameras and hiding of a security guard (a lady) we saw at a certain point, but amazed that no one was actually stopping us. Only at 4 a.m. did they caught us, because by then we thought nobody would come to kick us out. We decided to sleep on some couches on a corridor and a guard doing a round finally found us. We were totally exposed and relaxed about it. A mistake. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

      A few days later I went to Ghent and as I was passing by a really cute shop where I saw this basket full of teddy bears and other dolls, it totally reminded me of the teddy bear basket I had found in the security control room of the building I hacked (in the dream).

      Also in Ghent I arrived at this street where I saw the scene from the dream of 21 Aug (that then I marked as a potential precognitive). I had dreamt of a certain beautiful building on a corner of two streets facing a canal and there it was. It wasn't the embassy of Switzerland - that was a dream confusion, because the next day (not after the dream, but after this day in Ghent) I was supposed to go the german embassy (work related) and somehow my mind foresaw it but mixed it up. Anyway, no doubt that was the same place from the dream, although the building was not pink but actually orange/reddish, but hey... In front there was a canal and I leaned against the fence to take pictures both of the building and of the canal, for future reference.

      Later on, I saw this huge amount of people in bicycles and when I saw a particular family it got my attention - it totally looked like the part of the dream before hacking the building, where I followed this family on bikes. On the dream it was car-free day and... surprise, surprise: I found out then that it was car-free sunday in Ghent!
      By now I decided I should follow the bikers as I did in my dream, and see where it would lead me in waking life.
      Apparently to no place special. They crossed a bridge and kept cycling around the neighbourhood. I was tired of following them and stopped by the back of this huge building which I found to be a museum. On the back of this museum there was a nice garden and I just felt like meditating there for a while. That's when I found a koi pond in the middle of it. Weird. I had to do a RC just to be sure I was not on the moon
      I did sat there for half an hour and had the most bizarre meditative experience. I actually tried to contact the dream world while awake and felt strange effects. I'm not saying it was not my imagination, but I felt weird, like a strong difference of pressure over my head, strong swirling winds started to blow in the garden and around me. It was strange.

      Last but not least, while I was in Ghent I had also this weird dream that I was attacked, on a kind of guesthouse/restaurant, by some cult followers that kept saying "Simon says!" (haven't published this one yet on my DJ) and the next day I found out there was a place close by my hostel (a B&B and coffee bar) which is called "Simon says" - how odd is that? Unfortunately I had no time to actually go there, but the good side is I probably I escaped my attackers

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    2. 9 Sep: encounters with friends, hacking a building and groceries

      by , 09-10-2010 at 04:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:50 GMT Ė Sleep

      Lucid imagery and tasting words
      The first sleep is always hard to recall but when I woke up from this I knew for sure I had been lucid. I think I fell asleep focused on the hypnagogic imagery and didnít really enter a dream, was just staying lucid observing the sequence of images and then I tasted words. [Iíve heard of people tasting colours, but this was new for me]. Unfortunately I can only recall this but not describe the actual sensation.

      2:20 GMT

      Library encounter
      I am at this roundabout close to my momís home and I discover a new library opened right there. I recall when I was in high school and spent so much good time in the municipal library and decided to go inside check the conditions and maybe start coming frequently. I check the novelties shelf in the entrance, I pick some book and sit on a couch. I notice this guy JF, whom I know from college and havenít seen in a while (although we communicate by email), but decide not to go to him and wait to see if he sees me. He comes to say hi, we talk a bit and then he asks me if Iím staying longer, because he is leaving and could give me a ride.
      I say Iím still staying as I just arrived, but then he ask if I came on foot and points out that it is starting to rain and Iím not prepared for rain. I look down and Iím wearing skirt and sabrinas and the weather is definitely becoming nastier. So I say, ok youíre right, I accept the ride.
      But when I looked down I also saw I had pantyhose on one leg but not on the other and they were also quite dirty. What the hell! So as we leave the building, I first sneak behind the entry desk and try to take off the pantyhose. He comes back looking for me and finds me with skirt up, pantyhose down and trying to adjust my underwear who also got out of place with this tricky move. Embarrassing, but he just does his best to ignore and tells me I forgot money on a table in front of the couch I was sitting on. I did? So I go back and find a lot of coins on the table. Think it was not so much and shouldnít really care about it, but he says that it doesnít matter, it is my money, I should take it. Ok, ok. As I start putting it in my purse, the coins transformed into pieces of fruit and in the end my purse was full of fruit salad.

      Hacking a building
      Thereís an announcement about the day with no cars (happens every year) and immediately I see the roads with no cars and a family cycling around the neighbourhood. They go up a ramp and I follow them Ė until now I was just watching but now I materialize. On top of this ramp is actually a dead end so I wonder where they disappeared into. When I turn back, this is no longer a street but actually a closed precinct, like the backrooms of some public or governmental facility. Then I find myself with 2 other friends and we make a challenge to each other Ė break in, do the tour of the building and leave without a trace. There are vigilance cameras everywhere, so it wonít be easy. As soon as I leave this room, the hallway has a camera and I know it is just a matter of time until a guard appears. I just have enough time to break in the door at the end of the hallway, my friends follow me and we close and block the door when the guard is about to catch us. Now we face a new challenge as this room has no other exit. We decide to go through a vent and get out on the control room, where the guards should be, but since they are still trying to break in the first room we blocked, now we can hack their computers and tapes and delete all recordings about our little adventure. As my two others friends are deleting the files, my attention goes to a corner where there is a basket full of teddy bears. I wonder what they are doing there and canít resist to go through them, looking for one that is cuter and eventually take it with me, but in the end, they are all cute but none really stands out so I leave them, wondering why guards need teddy bears.
      The door of this control room is locked electronically Ė so nobody enters or exits, while the guards are out Ė but my friends broke in the code and tell me a sequence weíll need to insert on this door and a next door we will find. But hey, Iím distracted with toys, so I donít recall the numbers. Fortunately my friends are better concentrated and remember it for me. When we unlock all the doors, we find ourselves moving to an entrance lobby with visitors and a kid notices weíre coming out of a restricted access area and asks us if we should be there. I smile at her and tell her no, that weíre hackers but we didnít do any harm, we were just having a bit of fun and ask her to keep a secret.

      Buddha Neo
      Someone tells me ďDid you know thereís a secret short movie that is a crossover of Little Buddha and Matrix?Ē No, I donít know about that!!! So then Iím showed this amazing film with Keanu Reeves playing Neo (of course) and then he finds the truth inside the truth and becomes the Buddha (he also played Little Buddha) and the Buddha hacks the Matrix and kicks some asses, but also sits to meditate as Neo. Weird stuff but awesomely cool. I would love to see that movie!

      4:45 GMT

      A very quiet friend
      I am at a lobby of some building with my dad, close to a desk. Weíre waiting for someone or something, but itís totally deserted. He makes some remarks how he feels uncomfortable with these places, especially when some weird people comes by Ė better beware of your purse - like... for example this guy that is coming in now! I wonder why he says that, itís just my good friend H.L. from Estonia, whom I donít see for a few years. I donít mention this to him and simply go to my friend, also to scare my dad a little. He recognizes me and smiles but when I hug him he is distant and not really replying the hug. Then a blond girl with a kid appears and I wonder if they are together. Ok, but thatís no reason to be cold towards a friend. The girl finds this corner for kids, with a little castle for kids to play inside, and she leaves the kid there. I try to break the ice by saying how I would have loved to have one of those when I was a kid, but all I had was chairs, blankets and a lot of imagination. But she also doesnít reply.

      Sharing memories from Brussels
      Iím in the middle of the street opening a letter that just arrived in my mailbox and Iím surprised to see itís a renewal card for going to the cinema with discount, in Brussels! I donít live in Brussels for more than 3 years and I also wonder how they got my new address.
      Coincidentally, I see this lady which I know from tv, she is an actress and I know she lived in Brussels to and misses it a lot. So I start talking to her showing her the card and asking if she knows whatís about. She was totally surprised and didnít first understand what I wanted. But as she looks closer to the card, she knows what I mean and makes a big smile. I tell her I also lived in Brussels and we start walking together exchanging stories about this city. Itís so rare to find someone who lived there and actually loved it, everybody always complains about the weather. As we walk we pass by this abandoned lot and I notice a lot of garbage, a few vegetable gardens and 2 dogs who soon start fighting. When I look again to my way, we encounter a friend of hers whoís waiting her with a car, we say goodbye and she leaves.

      Buying groceries
      Iím shopping on this little town grocery shop some food for me and taking to some group Iím hosting. I buy some tomatoes, eggs and I see these amazing carrots that are labelled organic but cost only 90 cts/kg. I find too cheap and ask the grocer if these are locally produced, by some villager or so. He confirms and goes about saying how amazing these carrots are, delicious and that he misses when all vegetables were so tasty and not these plastic chemical-filled things we eat nowadays. He starts talking about the wonders of organic farming and I smile. I want to tell him he his preaching to a converted, but he is now turning to some other clients, some villagers who are asking something about his ham. The grocer goes to the backroom and comes back with a piece of ham. He cuts bits for others to taste. But first he tastes it itself in a very ritualised manner and I realise the guy is a gourmet an totally obsessed about quality food. Before he also offers me some ham and then I have to explain why Iím vegetarian I turn away and pretend to shop some more stuff.

      7:10 GMT Ė Wake up

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