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    1. 4 Apr: leader of a gang in futuristic world

      by , 04-04-2014 at 11:35 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I fell asleep slowly, keeping my awareness, and the plunge was so subtle, that I wasn't sure when I was already asleep or not and both worlds overlapped for a while. I was clearly already visioning a dream world, but every time I moved my hands to do a RC, I was still moving my "real" hands and not the dream hands. It took me a while to finalize the transition. And when I did, I still wasn't sure in what level of reality I was, because I got up from my dream bed and went to a balcony and clearly the world outside was a very large city and not my hometown, but it was so realistic in all its details and sensations, that I chickened at the thought of flying away from the balcony. I decided to do one more RC just to be on the safe side and not kill myself.
      When I was absolutely sure, then I flew away over a 10-lane highway and for fun, landed on top of a big truck and surfed it.

      I had no clear goal with the dream, so I let the story unfold.
      My stunts attract some attention and I gather a group of misfits and adventurers who follow me as their leader. We become a rebel group on this futuristic mad max style world.
      Some day I meet a guy I don't fully trust, but he is a bad-ass with some skills and I spend some time with him, to see if he fits in our group. We hijack trucks with materials we can use, but we never hurt anybody. But he attacks a truck with a family and kills the parents of a kid and almost shoots the kid. Needless to say, I kick his ass and make sure he never hurts anyone again. Then I adopt the scared kid and take him to our base. We live in a semi-underground tunnel complex on the outskirts of the suburbs. I love this kid very much and make sure he grows up nicely and in a peaceful environment.
      I guess he brings me into maternal mode, because I do much less adventures outside and have become more home-based. I even have a date with a guy and a friend helps me pick up a dress to go out that evening. I leave the kid with a lady who is not human. Her head is hairless and instead is covered in a thick brownish skin with round protuberances of different sizes. But she is the most trustworthy person around, very calm and serene.
      This guy I'm going out with, he's like the Hulk, big and green. The babysitter suggest I should wear a green outfit to match, but I disagree, he might think I'm mocking him.
    2. 14 Feb: Sacred temple at a secret valley

      by , 02-15-2012 at 10:28 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I heard about some sacred temple where I could seek some guidance from the sages, but it was located in a hidden valley. I had to go to the top of a mountain (a long, risky journey) and there find the path to the secret valley.
      I met two other warrior ladies who were also seeking that temple and together we decided to make the journey. We found some guy with a truck, willing to take us to that mountain. He was handsome looking, blond, eastern European type, but a bit rude. When we finally reached near the peak of the mountain, he dropped us off, saying he couldn't go any further - the truck could not pass that road; even walking there was a bit dangerous
      . Then he asked us for four times the price agreed, arguing that if we didn't pay, he wouldn't come back for us. I refused to pay more than what previously agreed, but the other two girls were seriously considering it. They really wanted the ride back. I couldn't care less. I would find a way, but I would want to go back with him anymore. So, with the guy yelling at me and making all sorts of threats, I got off of the truck and went look for the mysterious path to the secret valley.
      Soon after, the two other girls followed me. We were at the very peak of the mountain which was encircled by a cloud sheet a hundred meters below us. There was apparently no path leading anywhere, but I finally saw what seemed like a vertical path behind some rock, down the scarp. I thought I could see what seemed to be a rope ladder. They weren't very convinced, but I made a dangerous bet and climbed down the rock until I found indeed a rope ladder. I told them to follow me and soon we were slowly descending through the ladder.
      After maybe 100 mts or so, we reached a platform carved in the rock. We were at the very altitude where the clouds encircled the mountain. I looked around and saw some oval shaped, black obsidian steps going down into the mist. I waited for the girls to reach the platform too, when I was surprised by 4 figures in white hooded capes slowly approaching from within the cloud. They seemed to be wearing masks, but it could just be they had very white faces with strong features, I don't know. They seemed to come to welcome us, but before it happened, I woke up.

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    3. 22 Dec: On the moon

      by , 12-22-2010 at 10:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      2:00 GMT

      A roulette of random fragments
      I meet Diana by chance at a tiny alternative shop. We update each other on our lives. She is recently separated from her most recent guy. Her sister is with her and shows up to tell her they must go. I notice how much older they both look.
      Then on some house with a big glass walled balcony. I’m looking through the window and I see some impressive black truck on the parking lot below. It’s of some really annoying guy that likes to show off. Then some bigger haulage truck appears and locks the smaller truck to drag it along for some fake driving filming with some actors inside. We see it parting.
      Then inside some room people are queuing to drop a vote with Mara who’s on some chair with a ballot box on her lap. Behind me in the line is Zilla. She is mad at something and just expresses her protest and goes away. I cast my vote. The room is full of people waiting for the results and Mara is now sitting on a table presiding over everybody. Me and two other girls are sitting on the table with her. She is very nervous, I think she won whatever election that was and she says she wanted to quit, but that she realises people are greatly depositing hope on her. She mentions these three girls by her side for instance already said they want to share their dorm with her and won’t accept that she goes away.
      A bit after, a professor invites me for something but I refuse and say that unlike Mara I am definitely resigning from my functions. I’m a sort of agent and I hand him over my stuff. In exchange he takes me to the headquarters and I must choose 3 goodbye presents, which seem to be a pin, a tiny doll and some earrings. I then stay alone in a room, cleaning up the info on my touch screen laptop. I find a folder with recorded albums’ and as I drag and drop them to some other portable device, they actually get printed in 3D, so they come out of the laptop as actual CDs in a case with printed cover and all. Some guys who came to see what I’m doing seem pretty interested on this and go through my CDs to check for my taste. I get annoyed by that, but they are a bit of a bullies so I try to ignore them. I finish and then I am outside on the street on some bus stop. They are also there, still nagging me a bit, but I ignore and instead I see some add on the bus stop of some Barbie dolls with designer clothes. I don’t recall details, but I know they were malleable and transformable and I think they were totally cool.
      Then the black truck stops by again and all these bullies get in. I join them for whatever reason. They all get guns and start shooting to whichever target they see fit, including little birds landed on rocks. Luckily they don’t hit even once on the targets. Then we exit the big city and are in the woods, near a river. On the margins of the river, in the middle of the bushes I spot Big Foot walking around. I notice by his feminine walk, that he is gay (what...!?). I don’t tell anybody or else they’ll start a shooting frenzy, but they decide to stop right there for peeing. Oops, I just hope the Big Foot doesn’t show up or attack them...

      7:00 GMT

      On the moon
      I recall going through some arched narrow hallway when I became lucid. I had fallen asleep thinking I wanted to finally go to the moon, so I thought about doing it. Found a door and wanted to do the portal to the other side trick by opening the door, but instead I went inside this room and decided for a more original approach. This room looked exactly like a pod and I imagined it to be like that pod that hit the moon in the eye on that classic French film “Trip to the Moon”. It had one round window which I shuttered and the pod became dark. I touched the wall looking for an imaginary button which I found and used to fire the imaginary engines. The lift off felt extremely realistic, with blasting sound and all. I didn’t want this to go forever, so I pictured it ending after a few seconds and it did. I felt it landing. I almost woke up, but managed to stay on the dream when I slowly opened the shutters to check the outside.
      At first I felt I had failed. There was a girl outside looking through the window. Very pretty with curly ginger hair. She smiled at me as I exited the pod. I had landed in the middle of some busy street of some normal looking town. There was something odd about it but then I noticed it was the 50’s retro look of the place and people’s clothes and hairstyles. I had doubts this was the moon. I was about to ask her but I was scared to death by some ocean rising on my left, exactly like the streets of Paris rose above people’s heads on the Inception movie when Ariadne is playing with the dream. I could see a wall of water by my side and the fishes swimming but it never really engulfed me. Before that happened, it receded in a flash and on its place blossomed a mushroom of flat and round transformable screens, showing all kinds of images. I had the clear feeling I had seen this before and I turned to the girl to mention it. But she had already started walking and I went after her. We walked out of the town and passed by some high plateau with view over a giant canyon. At the bottom of it I could see cities sprawling to where the eyes could see. On the top of the plateau there was a giant lake and I almost fell on the water at some point of a narrow passage we walked in. Then we arrived at her tiny tiny car. Two girls were there waiting for us.
      I finally got to ask them if this was the moon. They said “why, of course. Look up!” Then I looked up to the sky. It was perfect blue with some tattered white clouds and there it was: the Earth in the sky! Wow, pretty cool! But then I also noticed 2 other crescent moons. I got confused. I ask them about it but they just said, yeah, the moon has two moons. “And how come we don’t know that on Earth?” They didn’t reply.
      They got in the car and I wondered how in the world I could fit in too. In the front there was only the driver’s seat and on the back only two extra seats. The girl closer to the door looked at me with very little will to make space for me. I asked her why the sky was so blue and if this place was under a protective dome or if they had terraformed the moon. She looked at me with a condescendent look and replied "Both!" as if it was damn obvious.
      She finally squeezed in and I did to. It was an awful feeling and I almost woke up with the claustrophobic sensation and the pain in my legs when I closed the door and got so crammed inside. But I thought “It’s just a dream, the pain is just an illusion, there’s no lack of air either...”, so I manage to cope. It wasn’t long until we arrived at some facilities. On the left of the road was a long white ground level building which was some research lab of some kind. On the right side of the road there were greenhouses. The girls went to the building on the left but I felt attracted to the greenhouses. I entered the first one and there was a guy sitting on a chair in front of some table looking on a microscope or something like that. He just turned his head to see me. Looked surprise but didn’t ask any questions. I smiled at him and kept going inside looking around at all the plants. There were also some ponds, I guess for the aquatic plants. They all looked so alien. I observed one in more detail, which had a white pompon like flower sticking from the middle of an orange like structure sitting on a crown of thick leaves. The white pompon was retractable, like some ocean tubeworms. I see many plants I suspect may be poisonous or have some secret tentacles coming out if I get too close, so I try to keep a safe distance from them. Then I find the red hair girl again on the second greenhouse (they are all connected through passages), talking to some guy at a counter. He is showing her the latest animal they’ve created. It looks like some twisted twig with dozens of fractal like branches spreading from its main torso and it looks and moves like a ramified worm would. She picks it up in her hands and the animal escapes up her arm and up her neck and hides in her lushy ginger hair. It gives me the creeps but she is loving it. The guy then says the best part is this creature eats dust! Its favourite food is dustballs! They laugh at the perfect pet they just got! “Imagine having a few of these around in your house! No more dusting necessary!” I recognize it would be useful, but no way I would like to have those creepy creatures around.
      Then i didn’t explore more of this world, because I woke up.

      8:00 GMT

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    4. 25 Sep: School dramas, Jared Leto and Mosh?

      by , 09-27-2010 at 11:13 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      Quite a long night...

      23:35 GMT Ė Sleep

      Clothes shop
      Iím with my mom on some kind of clothes shop or whatever. Thereís a long row of cabins for trying-out clothes. Iím on one undressing and she is pressing me to speed up. There are some guys around that are either watching us or pressuring us to go away (not clear).

      Rotten pumpkin
      Iím on some kind of yard and thereís a big tree in the middle. A group of guys, some I recognize, like Alfredo, who are sitting on some branches to my right side. Down on the ground Iím trying to get Alfredoís attention but some other guy appears and starts telling me I shouldnít waste my time on him. That he and this other guy who used to work with him are full of schemes. I tell him I know him well enough to know that much is just misunderstandings. Then this guy is on the left corner of the yard, where there were two big calabashes and picks one. As he squeezes it, telling me itís rotten, the content spills all over the floor and is a smelly gushy thing. I actually come closer... but then I donít remember what happened.

      Encounter with Mosh?
      Then Iím inside this big black truck. Some guy drove me over but right now weíre parked on the side of the road and he is outside doing something (maybe peeing?). Weíre on a semi-desert place, no houses, just sand around. As another big truck passes by us on the road, thereís a panel on the truck where a pink or red light starts blinking, like signalling the proximity of something and I realise itís this other big truck that just passed by. They signal the presence to each other. The guy on the other truck probably just saw the same signal on his truck and he breaks violently and makes a very fast U-turn.
      The guy who is with me also sees this and runs to ďourĒ truck. As the other guy parks they both meet outside and make quite a party for finding each other. I am now coming out of the truck and I realise I have feelings for this guy who is with me. I approach him by his right side and kind of encircle him with my arms. Both guys are with shorts and a t-shirt and actually look very similar. Then the guy who arrived looks at me surprised, like asking who am I. And ďmyĒ guy says Iím his new girl friend. I donít recall he mentioning his or my name but then he clearly introduces me to his friend and says: ďThis is MoshĒ and Iím like "what? I know that name!"
      But Mosh is not really accepting me. He keeps looking sideways to me. Later we are on some building, looks like an office floor, people are running around working on something and Iím on some common living room on the end of some corridor, where thereís coffee machine and so on. Iím planning to make some coffee but then I see Mosh at the other end of the corridor, again not looking so friendly to me. Then he sends out this kind of energy blast that comes in my direction. Itís kind of transparent wave that is about to hit me, but I block it and it doesnít hit me or harm me. I tell him to please stop it, because he has no reasons to distrust me. He then steps back a little, maybe because ďmyĒ guy then appears and Mosh behaves better in front of his friend, and maybe also because his friend seems to fully trust me and even have feelings for me. Then we start making coffee and I climb some chair to get some toffees that are on some high shelf.

      3:50 GMT

      I am at a conference room with glass walls all around. I spot trees outside and think it looks like some room I've been at the European Parliament.

      Jumping over ponds
      I am now at some kind of amphitheatre and recall that Iíve seen this before and think I know whatís going to happen next, although I donít really recognise this from RL. I chose the place not on the auditorium but on some tables near the door, with chairs that actually sit me with my back to the stage and not really looking at it. I know someone will come and sit there to, someone that I must meet. The guy arrives and I tell him I was expecting him. We befriend and then we go outside. Thereís some patio with square ponds between large square stones and we have fun jumping over these ponds. Some other friends are joining us and then... (gap).

      Friend on airplane
      Itís now dark outside ad I talk to some people (I think the group from before) when I see this airplane flying over our heads. It is low enough that I can its windows and I notice the windows are open, as if it was a car and people are leaning over to see outside. I see among the persons, my Italian friend Antůnio. I ask my friends to excuse me but I have to go talk to him. So I lift off and fly to meet him. The plane landed on some sky platform and I meet my friend there. He sees me and comes to me but has to stay behind some barrier, separating us. I ask him how he is and howís is life going since last time we spoke. He is wearing eye-liner and is not very talkative. He just smiles, says everythingís fin and that he must now leave. I tell him my mom says hi to him and then he turns away.

      Underground kitchen
      When coming down again, I land inside some underground kitchen and I see two black girls very busy cooking. I try not to disturb them and look for an exit. But the youngest one spots me and gets really pissed off. She chases me around, looking angry and I tell her to please just point me the way out and I will leave. But she doesnít. Then the older one comes in my rescue and tells the other she is being stupid. She had actually blocked the door, so I donít see it, just to scare me out. Still, when I finally see the door, I donít go out. The older girl allows me to stay and I sit in a corner, like under some table, with a box of crayons. I draw Harry Potter or some other character from the story and soon I realise thereís a lot of people gathered around mocking me for drawing this. I donít understand whatís the fuss and I say ďwhy not? I even like Harry Potter. Me and half of the worldís population. Donít you? At all?Ē. And then everybody goes quiet and leaves me alone.

      5:30 GMT

      High-school gym
      Iím on some high-school and I see a gym just in front of me. For some reason Iím planning to go up a ramp on my right side but as I start going up I change my mind and instead enter the gym.
      Thereís some basketball game going on and I just walk around the field, watching it. I see some familiar faces from my high-school and I poke a fat guy who was my colleague since primary school. But somehow I scared him and he bumped with his head against some obstacle. He starts crying out loud why am I so evil, why did I hit me and so on. I feel that he is crazy, but people seem to believe him. Then another girl also starts complaining saying i also hurt her some other day and everybody is now looking angry at me that Iím such a bitch. The interesting thing is that I start believing them and soon I am also crying and asking their forgiveness. I know I didnít do it on purpose, that Iím not really evil, but they convinced me I actually hurt them (although Iím sure it was accidentally).

      Iím going back to a hostel Iím staying in and being followed by a guy. I think he is angry at me and wants to harm me, but no. When we arrive there he just asks me if I stay longer or leave. He wants to ask me something or needs something from me.

      Hairdresser, grilled-burgers and Jared Leto
      Iím sitting on some hairdresser or something and a guy is cutting my hair, not much, just making some hairstyle. I look into the mirror and I have long, long blond yellow hair. My face is my RL face and in fact doesnít look so bad with this hair. I then see my boyfriend there and ask him if he is ok with this hair. He is happy, at least is long as I used to have it before. He doesnít even care if itís blond.
      Then I see some pics on the wall, like celebrity pics and recognize one as being a high-school colleague and the other is Jared Leto. Then my friend Rita comes along and says ďNo way, if thereís pics of these guys here, Iím surely on some of the pics too!Ē I ask her why and she tells me she used to hang around with them. And we indeed find 2 or 3 pics with her on. She tells me she can introduce me to them and I accept.
      Meanwhile this hairdresser is having fun Ė he has developed a prank spray. It works like this: he sprays peopleís hair with it, it forms a kind of layer that gives hair a wet look, but later on when the person is on the street, the water layer collapses and showers down peopleís face and shoulders. He just did it to a costumer and itís quite fun when it bursts.
      So then I go with Rita to meet her celebrity friends and we end up on this grill-restaurant Ė looks quite low level Ė and these two guys are inside ordering from the menu. I hesitate going inside, because they have all sorts of dead animals in line to grill. A big octopus rolled up around two sticks is the next to be grilled.
      I stay outside where a guy is working for this restaurant grilling burgers to passing by people. I ask him if he has any veggie option and he looks at me as if Iím crazy. I wasnít expecting a yes just wanted to bring his attention to the possibility.
      Then I give him some tips and he actually goes get the vegetables and makes really yummy veggie burgers that start attracting lots of people. In 5 minutes he is totally surrounded by people devouring his delicious creations and he feels like he just discovered his vocation. Iím happy for him.

      7:00 GMT

      Iím brooming my home but soon realise Iím not getting it clean so I grab the vaccum cleaner but it gets blocked by pieces of foam all the time.

      I remember washing my teeth with a key (the safe deposit key type, flat and square). Because it has a square surface with reliefs, I found it quite efficient to clean my teeth.

      My old primary school
      I am outside my old primary school, which left me a lot of nostalgia and is now transformed into private housing and hence I have no access to it for visiting. [in RL to] I see the old principal of the school. He now has his workshop and tools stored outside on the street, since he lost his school. I also see they covered the lovely terrace where we used to have our gym. Not even possible to look inside as thereís no windows. I feel sad.

      9:00 GMT Ė Wake up

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