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    1. 29 Jan: Underground lab, prostitution ring and my dog turns into a man

      by , 01-29-2019 at 09:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My attic turns into an underground lab where a large team of crazy people are doing experiments with different gases. I have a little room in there, don't know why, but I leave when I start to see that their gas containers are not containing the gases and many different ones are escaping. A few are affecting the scientists and technicians minds, they laugh and make even more mistakes. I get as far away as possible, but there is a huge underground explosion that affects the entire city nearby. The gas spreads though the subway tunnels and the hole city implodes. The floor underneath me also sinks, but I am fine.

      I am hostage and being exploited for prostitution, but an elite ring of prostitution. We are drugged with a blue liquid and mentally enslaved. There's a new virgin girl of only 16 years old being sold for a million. I get a nice girl as a client, we talk a lot, she tells me all she knows about the whole scheme and how she is trying to rescue us, buy she paid for me and has to keep the cover, so we have some kisses and cuddles. Meanwhile, a black girl has some kind of small explosives and tries to kill her client. She is punished in front of me and maybe killed when they take her away.

      My dog Hachi is lose and fighting a wolf on the neighbor's land. A couple of men get in the scene before I do, he runs away and the wolf disappears. I look for him, the men tell me he is hurt. I find him kind of lost in the nearest town, I call his name and he sees me but keeps wandering around for a while. Then he becomes a man, a pretty sexy guy with long hair, a bit scruffy. He finally lets me approach him. I see he has blood in his arms and a couple of horrible bites. I tell him he has to go to the hospital or some clinic and we look for it. I hold him tight, very protective of this big man and feeling very attracted to him, but he is my dog and very innocently he calls me mom and I feel awkward.
    2. 7 Jun: White wolf

      by , 06-07-2013 at 02:25 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a group being threatened by armed men. One is about to rape a girl. I don't accept this. I know I risk being killed, but I decide it's one of those defining moments in which one has to risk its own life, so I attack the rapist and get his gun and use it to shoot all the bad guys. I'm wounded, but alive. A wound in my leg is looking bad. Open and with white pus. I squeeze it to drain it, but I feel something alive inside, like a huge white worm. Disgusted, I rip the wound to try to get it out, but what I find is a tiny white wolf, like an embryo inside my flesh. It gets out and grows to normal size. It's actually beautiful and I feel so blessed!
      Tags: fight, gun, rape, wolf, wound
    3. 6 Sep: Giant white wolves

      by , 09-06-2011 at 10:45 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream lucid false awakening

      Skating by the river
      I was visiting Lisbon and later my hometown, somewhere in the future. Everything looked so different. All the places from my past were either in ruins or had given place to shiny news constructions.
      The riverside was now a bit dangerous, because the weather was erratic and strong unexpected rains could cause flash floods at any moment. Still, the youngsters enjoyed skating in really high-tech high-speed skates down a path by the riverside of Lisbon.
      I decided to take a walk there but the youngsters complained about my presence on foot. I decided to skate to, but all I could do was to make appear some inline skates on my feet - no fancy high-tech things like they had - so I continued being an obstacle to them and they kept complaining, as they passed speeding by my side.

      White wolves

      Eventually I headed to my hometown. I lived some adventures down the way, but nothing worth mentioning. What matters is that eventually
      I got lucid there and I flew up in the air to absorb the detailed landscape from above while deciding what to do with my LD.
      I landed on top of a large concrete building on top of a hill and I planned to pursue my latest adventure of getting the sword of Manjushri from the guy who had it. But as I was summoning a portal to go to the land of Aud, two giant white wolves appeared out of nowhere, growling and looking for a way to get me. I felt safe, because I was on top of a building, but then I noticed there was a ramp on the back of the building, from the hill directly to this rooftop, which I could swear wasn't there before. They were getting really close and I decided to jump through the portal I had opened, although I hadn't clearly figured where I wanted to land.
      Anyway, I think I landed in Aud, I just didn't know exactly what part of it. It was a rough landing. I fell on the ground with my bottom. Everything was pitch dark and I realized it was night. I could feel grass under my hands and hear a murmur of water to my right side. I was afraid the wolves could have crossed the portal to, but after a while of hearing no threatening sound, I was rest assured I was all by myself. I cringed against a warm rock waiting for the morning. When the sky started to light up I saw I was on some prairie, with a lake and a forest in the horizon. I guessed the forest was the one around the town of Denn, but before I could even make plans about what to do next, I started waking up...

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      Tags: aud, denn, skate, wolf
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