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    1. Housefinding in an unknown city

      by , 08-11-2010 at 03:02 PM
      Tonight, I only got 7 hours of sleep ... I only remember one dream, and it wasn't lucid. But I'll post it just for fun.
      Didn't spell-check.

      I and my parents drove around in a city. We somehow got out of the car, I dont remember, and walked
      past by some houses. The entrances were under the shade of some trees and it looked pretty nice.
      I remember being afraid that something like bugs fell down from the trees. My parents kind of discussed
      how nice it would be to live here, and I responded that I am not sure. When I looked at the top of the
      building, the building#s architecture was kind of blocky, with some kind of ring under each window and
      red bricks, there was some sun. Nobody quite seemed to live there, tho.
      Later, we were in some kind of area that was full of old, graffitti-painted buildings, kind of like
      "Alsen". It was like a space, surrounded by all these buildings, with one entrance. It was a sunny day,
      we were waiting for someone, a woman I think, she came later to talk to my parents. I think it was
      about buying an estate. I looked around, being my usual self, I heard some music coming from one of the
      buildings, hiphop-like, so I suspected somebody must be spraying in there. I don't remember if I saw
      anyone when I looked in that direction. But after I looked around more, there were several people.
      One of them, I think he had black long hair and wore glasses, warned me about something that left
      me confused. Something like "don't go into the school building(s)"... My parents then were kind of done
      here, and we went to our car. I, confused as i were, said goodbye to the woman, and turning back,
      I waved my hand at the guy who warned me about whatsoever it was. After that I remember we somehow
      got into the car. Then came a scene were we parked at a parking space, there were several together,
      each with signs. Two people who looked chinese came over, they hung out nearly, and had some worker
      suits that made them look kind of official. I had the feeling we were not allowed to park there.
      Maybe it was some parking slot for handycapped people, I thought. But moving over just a few spaces
      would be troublesome somehow, so I had the idea to swap the parking space signs. Actually it was
      a very deep-thought thing: We were blocking a space for handycapped people. If we swapped the signs,
      there would be a reserved slot again. I stared at the parking signs. I couldn't recognite the symbol,
      it was some kind of closely connected dots, two or three. White, on blue background.
      When I got out, I dropped my mp3-player into the sand. Okay, parking on sand, wtf? I dunno.
      I was in kind of a hurry to swap the signs, so i just quickly pulled it out, although my damaged
      ear-buds might have fell of. I didn't care, I could check it later.
      Then the dream kind of sucked because suddenly there were more cars parked there, I didn't know which
      signs to swap and the cars totally parked at the wrong positions. Everything was really messed up.
      The dream ended here.