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    1. 08-04-16 Aggressive Oral Sex

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      Karen and I are lying in bed and we are getting friendly touching one another. She then turns very angry and decisively try and perform oral sex on me. She is very angry and is trying to bite me, though I don't get the idea that she is trying to mutilate me. I try and fence her off a little – as I am not interested in having sex of any kind in this emotional state – but she keeps making her advances, and I keep trying to fend her off until I awake.

      Immediate Interpretation: I have experienced a fear that Karen is engaging in sexual activities with me in a forced manner that is she is doing it either to avoid confronting an issue or to please my expectations. In this dream I see the aggressive push for oral sex as this fear of her trying to stifle communication of an emotional/personal problem – as she is blocking her throat chakra – and I feel irritated and misunderstood because she doesn't seem to understand that I am more willing to listen to her concerns regardless of what it may implicate for our sexual relation.

      Note: When we had sex the night before and we were lying naked next to one another, looking into one another's eyes she looked away timidly and said “the bodily unrest is back now” and after looking at her and asking where it was, she went on “I had it silenced for a while there” in a cheeky tone. For this reason I think it is rather pointless looking up things and frankly this interpretation makes so much sense to me. Also the anger she is displaying in the dream is representative of my own budding anger at her not feeling comfortable with opening up to me about this bodily unrest, also because it might have implications for my actions – however she may simply not be aware of what it is.

      Looking up themes: Willingness to receive pleasure – talking about sex. We are talking about sex and I am explicit about my attraction to her. It could represent the recent fascination with anal sexuality.
    2. Lovely sexual exploits and Animal Rights Action Hero!

      by , 09-02-2010 at 08:10 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      02-09-10 I was having sex with a previous one night stand, very vivid imagery and sensation. Become lucid halfway through, by noticing some actual physical changes in my body ^^, but have no influence or dream control whatsoever. She loved it and wanted more. (Many details omitted, as I am not sure I would break any age policies or something)
      I was sitting outside on a porch of some description, a lot of my family was there. I notice a strange cocoon like figure right next to me. I study this intensely and I can't quite make out if it is a butterfly or some sort of bird egg, it is beautiful nonetheless. As I watch it, having previously helped it in some way, hatch I see a duckling come out of it. I put my hand towards it as I do not see its mother around. It walks onto my hand, I see another couple of ducklings hatch, including the mother just around a corner. I put down the duckling, but after a while a dog, named Blicher, picks it up and starts chewing it. I quickly grab its mouth and attempt to force open its jaws, but fail the first time. The second time I manage to get it to spit out the duckling, but it is all chewed up. I start beating the living crap out of the dog, wanting it to learn. Blicher learns after I have had its head close to the other birds, but then there is another dog, Zica, to deal with, together they manage to kill 3/5 ducklings before I decide to escort the remaining 2 to the water. In the pond they are joined by more birds and I put my hand out to one of them, it seems like they are growing and maturing right in front of me. It comes and start nipping at my hand, it doesn't seem like it is afraid and I become suspicious as I know I have just seen this little duckling hatch.

      I am in an old institution of some description, it is being used as a means to kill animals, and I discover this as the dream plays out. More precisely I discover it as I am petting a cat and it starts dying in my hand and I notice a strange flower collar around its neck. I know that these flowers are killing the cat and I quickly get them off, I wondered why the cat had been so cuddly, now I realise it had been dying. I become alarmed, I have to check on the other animals, we quickly discover that these collars have been in use all over the institution on all sorts of animals.

      In the mean time there is a second storyline playing out in this dream involving a fanatical preacher from Sweden who is gaining wide population support against the EU (Insu, as it was spelled in the dream, he meant EU though). Sweden had a law, a law I in the beginning knows nothing about (and for that matter I do not think that Sweden has such a law ^^) that is being forbidden by the EU, and this blonde blue eyed preacher (oh yes, he turns out to be a dick ^^) is advocating EU out of Sweden.

      The stories merge, as the preacher is leading a rebellion against the government representatives, in this case I am one of these, or maybe I am connected to a different activist organisation, not quite sure. I am heading back to the institution driving up a road by the sea. There are loads of rebels that want to keep the institution the way it is, which now both include killing animals as well as having a dungeon to have sex with 15 year old girls, whether they want to or not. Thinking that this is more of a maturity question as some 15 year old women might be ready to consent, I am horrified to learn that the preacher is advocating that the girls should have no say, “because they are not old enough to think for themselves” and just oblige in having sex with adults.
      I honestly don't know how he raised so much support for himself. Anyways enough covering my ass through moral considerations.

      I am driving up the road making sure I use the car taking out as many rebels as possible, I am disturbingly satisfied to see them leave blood on the front window. As we get to the institution the car breaks down and my cousin starts fixing it, he asks me to do it while he deals with the rebels. I yell at him “you just go back to fixing that car right now!” as I summon a rage and starts heading towards the rebels. Actually now it is morel ike a toy car than an actual car, but who is counting. Here I discover that some friends that were with us in the first parts of the dream has gone rebel now, 2 sisters and their mother. The mother is injured and the oldest sister is kicking and screaming about preserving their way of life. The little sister sneaks of while I make a futile attempt at explaining the all sorts of wrongs going on in the place. I notice the little sister is gone and I head back up towards the main doors. I manage to get to the little sister, I grab her hand and she is not scared of me, we know each other. I tell her “every time one person goes through that door, they kill a little tiger” (think I am referring to a cat here) the little girl gets scared and drops my hand. I notice the older sister pull back to her mum, I bring down the kid and I now hear the older sister telling her mum why they should stay on our side. I look her deep in the eye to see if it was my stunt at explaining it very bluntly to the young one, or a genuine understanding that has manifested this change. It is understanding and I thank her deeply almost getting tears to my eyes as I look into her eyes.