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    1. 1 week dreamwork - Day 1 2018-09-25

      by , 09-25-2018 at 07:23 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      "Awakening in C's room with grandmother leads to dad fixing the cellar"

      I awake in C's bedroom. It is still dark outside. We get out of bed and she heads towards the toilet, handing me some boxer shorts on the way there. They look like my Finding Waldo boxers, but I am in doubt as to whether they are mine or hers. Sensing a brief glimpse of excitement I look down, but find that she is wearing a pair of rather boring black panties.

      As she heads towards the hallway and the toilet I look down and find that I have all my clothes packed up in blue Ikea bags, as I would normally use for my washing clothes. The clothes are clean though, but I think to myself that I need to move this out of here.

      Her Ex boyfriend gets out of bed and walks towards the hallway as well. He is a short, scrawny and little man and I wonder what she has ever really seen in him anyway.

      a small skip...

      I awake in the same bed. I am lying next to my grandmother on my mother's side. I find it weird to be sharing a bed with my grandmother, but at the same time I find nothing wrong with simply sharing closeness and intimacy. She leans in closer to me and I accept the embrace. She smiles and laughs as the she initiates the following dialogue:

      “You know you grandfather was such a devil.” She says.
      “How so?” I reply.
      “Well he actually woke up one night and asked me this - “Maybe the reason you can’t sleep at night is because I keep stealing the duvet at night””
      “Wow he actually said that?” I respond.
      “Yes” she responds, also indicating that he didn’t do anything about it at all.

      I get up and I walk into the living room. My grandmother is in there, but she has gained a lot of weight. This is a good thing as I see that she no longer looks scrawny and too slim, but has gained some roundness and looks like an older version of my mother and aunt combined. She is talking, even flirting, with this man on the right side of the living room. There is an element of school gym about the room and the man – whom is unknown, but maybe middle aged – is standing by some wall bars. I find it good that she has gained weight and are interested in men again.

      The scene shifts.

      I am now outside. It is early morning and still darkish. I want to go up to C’s room again to find my cigarettes and get my clothes out of her flat. I look up and am encouraged as I see that there are lights in her room. But on a second look I see that the light is lit in the room above hers. This is a challenge as I don’t want to wake her up to get my stuff, but I quickly think that the cellar door will be open in my own house and I can probably find some cigarettes there.

      I walk back to the house. I find the cellar door open and as I walk inside I see that the entire room is drenched in water and insulated all around the walls. The insulation is white and it gives the entire room the look of a rugged and very large rubber cell you would find in a psychiatric ward.

      I say to myself “This is a problem”, as I see the insulation being drenched and almost as big as mattresses hanging from the ceiling.

      My dad walks in. I tell him “surely we can’t fix this by putting up a bit of plastic?” He responds “I’ve got this, I think it should be sufficient”.

      I crawl out of the door again, which is now a small square hole in the south east corner. I notice that the terrace and lawn outside are also insulated. I think to myself “How is this going to work when the snow comes around?”.

      I walk up the stairs to the main floor. I look out into the living-room and kitchen area and proclaim “wow you have really done a fantastic job with the floors” as I see that the wooden floors are totally spotless, indicating he (my dad) has spent a lot of time cleaning them. I walk into the entrance way and wipe my feet, which causes the small pebbles and dirt I have under my feet to scatter all across the floor. My dad enters the room and is furious at me for making a mess.

      I feel somewhat guilty and see that it isn’t entirely fair what I have done, but I also feel hurt at his attack.

      He gets out a mop and starts sweeping the floors. I wonder why he does that as it would be better to hoover before using the mop, but guess that he doesn’t want to waste time doing it again and will settle for just using the mop to sweep the mess I just made.

      When he is done he packs up the mop and puts it on the shelf in the entrance, behind a candlestick up against a large painting in the entrance. I ask him why he is putting it there and that surely there must be some place better to put it. He seems to agree, but also seems frustrated at my remark.

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    2. 08-04-16 Killing the Waiter/Manager making a pass at mom

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:37 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I find myself in a lounge like area of a restaurant, that has more of a private living room vibe to it. The illumination is quaintly dark, looks like it is illuminated by torches on the wall or dimmed lighting. I am sat in a sofa setting, two square coffee tables in front of me, with someone one my side I am unfamiliar with or can't remember. The sofas are rather large and comfortable, made of dark brownish leather.

      On the opposite side in the other sofa is my mother, and she is holding the menu. We are laughing at one another, but it is a laugh of irritation and irony. The menu is rather limited – and their certainly isn't any vegan options. We look for the wine list, but find out in some manner, maybe just intuitive knowledge that there isn't anything to select from.

      The manager comes over, he is also our waiter or maybe a waitress has called him over because we have complained. He starts explaining that of course there are options and that this is the menu he is running, completely ignoring our complaints. At the same time he is making an obvious pass at my mom, and I think “cheeky fucker” - reading that he is using his sexual advances to avoid dealing with our problems.

      He is your typical short, hairy and somewhat greasy Italian or Greek stereotype, speaking in an Italian accent. He starts out being stocky and somewhat round but over the course of the dream turns extremely skinny, though he maintains his open and deep cut shirt and full dark moustache.

      After a short while with him constantly leaning in towards my mother trying to get close to snatch a kiss and overload her sensual senses I have had enough. I get angry. I stand up knock the menu off the table with a backhanded slap, so it goes skittering across the dark redish/ochre tiled floor, towards the entrance where real dining tables are placed. It comes to a halt by one of these tables. There are two or three waitresses standing over there looking anxiously towards me, if not quite in shock – they are dressed in a typical white blouse, black skirt and apron outfits.

      The manager gets up and he is now much thinner and smaller than I. I go and grab him by the throat and pull him towards the area with the dining tables. I start strangling him, anger rushing up through my stomach like a volcano spewing out Lava. I don't recall if I say anything to him, though I have a feeling that I tell him of my dissatisfaction with him using sexual/romantic advances in order to avoid dealing with the valid complaints about the place we have.

      I let him go briefly and pick up one of Karens's t-shirts – a light purple coloured one – and wrap it around his throat and pull tightly together. I notice that none of the people around me are trying to stop me despite me being in the process of killing the owner.

      Immediate Interpretation: Killing the waiter, who is making a pass at my mum could represent that I am frustrated with my own preoccupation with engaging in a sexual and romantic relation with Karen, which I have seen have the capacity to pull me away from writing my thesis. Alternatively it could be representing an intuitive fear I have that she is somehow “playing” her sexuality at me instead of dealing with the emotional problem I feel she is experiencing, when she is simultaneously pushing me away and also want me closer. It could also represent that I am aware of a manipulative aspect within myself, where I am using my own sexual advances in order to avoid dealing with an emotional issue I am experiencing myself – which makes sense as this 2 day non-communication deal has stirred up some anger and confusion.
    3. Garden tools stand off - Consumer madness

      by , 10-06-2010 at 09:54 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      06-10-10 I was in a stand off situation with Steen, a good friend of my parents and it became increasingly obvious that the guy had lost his mind. We were in a tropical forest setting in a small circle of houses where my parents lived in one cottage, myself in another and Steen and his wife in a third. Can't recall exactly how many there was. We were circling the centre of the small court created by the houses. I came in there with a broom fully intending not to let him hurt anyone. He had another garden tool in his hands although his significantly more dangerous than mine. In order to get him to a state where I could reason with him I asked him to drop it and showed. He threw it away but not very far, just on the roof top of one of the houses and it slid back down to him. I demonstrated by picking up the broom (the one I had already thrown away O.o) and hurling it convincingly and clearly over a house. Steen tried again, but this time it just remained on the house. He attacked me and I somehow managed to get on to a roof top where I could move freely between the houses. I called out for someone to call the loony patrol as he needed help. Steen was not about to let that happen and when my dad came out and tried to phone running around the houses on the outside of the circle Steen took up chase. I found some sharp long triangular constructions, designed to stick in the ground with two rings attached to support a fishing rod, 4 of them in total. I started hurling these towards Steen, having to make sure I took into consideration the way he moved. The first nearly hit his leg, but I quickly ran out of them and when Steen realised he grabbed a pitchfork and stabbed my dad in the back. My dad bled to death and I woke up.

      I was on a boat in Thailand and there was a security guy who explained that if I had to get cash out I could use my card and I would get the cash later on. Pretty stupid proposal but it made sense at the time and I agreed. My family and friends were on two different boats. The one I was on was expensive as hell where a drink or a beer would cost something like 14 Euros vs. less than one on the other. This started to piss me off. A lot of people shopped some equipment on this particular boat and all of them had to get in a car and pick it up somewhere out in town. I think I wasn't allowed to go, might have pissed someone off and gotten myself thrown off the trip. But I had to follow the car with my cousin in it, as he was going to a sports shop to pick up his stuff. At this point I heard talks of the bank as well which was where I was going. I failed to follow the car all the way to the bank and ended up in a toilet in a shop somewhere. I trashed the place by putting plastic covers (the ones you get in swimming stadiums, if you don't want to take off your clothes, to cover your shoes) in the toilet bowl. I ended up adding a large black plastic bag and a full roll of toilet paper as well. There fuckers, have that! During this furious material waste attack on someone unrelated to my deceivers, I did think to myself that it wasn't like me to cat like I was doing. This was after all a tremendous waste, damaging the planet in the long haul (I don't 'consume' much).

      There may have been a change in the dream or this is a later dream with exactly the same plot and setting. I am in the boat again, not fuming as much over being cheated, but it is on my mind. We go to a shopping centre and a good friend of the family (I refer to her as my second mum) buys me a wallet, as my current one is very burned. I check to make sure it isn't made of leather as I don't particular like materials where you have to kill to extract it. And sure enough she was aware of it and the wallet looks a lot like my current in a linen like material. I myself end up going back in the shop to pick up a one piece rain suit, which I do wonder why it is in a shop in Thailand, but I think it may come in useful in Denmark. I find my own pair of shorts on the same rack and pick em up. Then there is something about Rasmus having parked the boat in the garage with my dad's boat, and he doesn't want to get it out for the people throwing a garden party in his garden (WTF!).
      Tags: anger, family
    4. Fragments and some odd pre-cog like stuff

      by , 09-04-2010 at 12:58 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      04-09-10 I seem to recall 4 dreams although they are very fragemented and possibly interconnected.

      I am in a tunnel, there are a series of doors that have to be opened by shutting down the power supply and reconnecting it again, as I proceed through the tunnel the difficulty of the tasks increase. My friend Daniel is there, he is pretty useles in this dream, so I am trying to teach him how to do the assignments. At one point he is trying to reconnect the power to a door, but I see that it is a tricky task so I take over, as I attempt to reconnect the power I get electrocuted with something like 300 volt, and I am unable to let go of the cord. I feel the shock (very realistically!) but I am able to scream, I keep yelling to Daniel that he has to pull me off it as I myself am unable, he is just laughing. He keeps laughing, I sense that he thinks I am joking, after a while he realise I am in agony and his smile fades from his face, I wake up before he pulls me away from the power.
      I am in a heroes of might and magic setting and there is a woman who is teaching us how to build in order to get an early victory and achievement (I know heroes doesn't have achievements). Daniel (same guy from above) is moving for me and screws up the entire plan. I get angry. I think there is something I am supposed to do when I get angry but think little more of it (Anger and acting on aggression is a clear dream sign for me, so whenever I have a slight aggressive thought IRL I RC)
      There is a big group of old friends of mine from highschool and we are working on obtaining cash to go somewhere on a ship. There is a shop that sells equipment we need in order to get the money. I have bought a ferrari, an old worn down ferrari, and my friends are mocking me for breaking my code of conduct regarding consumerism. That is until they see the car. I seem to have also bought a bike where the wheels have no tires, pretty pointless. Lasse gammelgaard is in a wheelchair and needs a certain moped, but he is unable to bargqain the price down within his budget of 18,700 Danish kroner. As we are preparing to leave my cousin explains that he is not going to leave Mads behind, I explain that I just saw Mads and my cousin convince me to say goodbye, which I agree to. Unfortunately Mads has been taken to a mental instituion. We find him and join him for group therapy, he is just goofing around he has no intentions of taking it seriously so we start goofing around as well. Apparently Thure, my flat mate, becomes the center of attention for not only the therapist, but also the rest of the group. However the Therapist is starting to suspect that some of the people there are not supposed to be there, apparently she can tell that we have been watching movies, which means we are not allowed to be there. The group is disbandening slowly with people laughing as they leave.
      I am with B, a friend of mine, and she tells me she really wants sex, and by that she means very quickly and with me. This is weird we are too close friends for this I think, but seeing as I do fancy her a bit I go with it. We kiss, she tells me that won't be required she is ready, she takes her top off revealing some perky small pink nipples on perfect breats, just dying to be licked, so I do this. She tells me I don't have to do this she is ready. Essentially she wants it hard and fast! So I start removing her stockings and by doing this gets extremly excited and wake up.
      I ma playing startcraft in a 4 player game. I get my ass handed to me big time, the winning player admits there was a bug in the game he exploited although he didn't know it would be there.

      Notes: The funny thing is that Daniel from my dreams (the first time I dream of him) actually ended up disturbing 3 WILD attempt during the morning, by first starting a hoover upstairs, then turning on the music and lastly knocking on the floor all at times when I was extremely close to transitioning. This made me angry at first, but I thought it funny later on =P