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    1. Living the library - Aslon go Kite boarding

      by , 07-02-2011 at 11:17 AM
      02-07-11 I am at home and I am headed down the state library to hand in some books and pick up some new ones. When down there having dealt with the books I had to I notice that there are several bibles around in a shelf for overdue pick-up dates. I am not sure if this means that I could just pick them up or I have to wait for some sort of clearance. I try to find help, but am unsuccessful, which leads me to the decision that I will just take one. This book is a monstrosity, not sure it is the same size as an actual bible, seeing as it is 15-20 cm wide. I briefly wonder if it will be able to fit in my bag with the other books.

      The reason I am interested in this bible is that it is from 1861 and I want to check for inconsistencies with any current edition. I want to check for myself if what I have read is true that it is difficult to tell what the bible actually says as it has been altered that much. I do think that it is a bit of an additional workload seeing as I have my bac project coming up dealing with lucid dreaming, and as I know I will have to read two versions of the bible (as I haven't read it) I will be in for some hard work. I tell myself that I will just briefly through the bibles and then continue with the dreaming stuff.

      When I get back home I tell Thure, I talk to my flatmate about how we have access to a lot of information and that we don't actually need to borrow all the books from the library, because we live in it. We can just read through the books we want at night time. With this in mind we start exploring the library and move to the floor above us. This particular section contains a lot of board games and we start looking for one that looks good. I find a board edition of Doom 2 and we start opening that and laugh around with it.

      When we are about to get started we get interrupted by a female middle aged librarian wearing a night dress. She asks us what we are doing here at this hour, and she seems ready to call security. We tell her we live here and she immediately asks if we are the ones living below first floor on the right. I confirm and tell her that we can leave if needed, but seeing as we live here she accepts that we are there and begin to retreat to wherever she came from. I tell her “Thanks beautiful” and she smiles and laughs a bit about being called beautiful, she is pleased.

      A mate of mine turn up and start hitting on the librarian, they talk for a while, but I don't know if it actually went somewhere.

      I am driving somewhere with a lot of friends of mine. We have access to a mini-map that gives us an indication of where we are compared to each other. It is clear that we are in a race to get where we are going. it is a pretty even run, and you can see on the mini-map when people are hold up waiting for the lights to change.

      As we approach our destination it is pretty much a tie and I end up driving my car over a ridge and land on a blue car of one of my mates that has driven a different route and is approaching the lake from below me. Although I land on it, I only skim it, it makes a dent, the damage to the car is really quite limited. All the cars there are expensive and although mildly annoyed that his car has become dented. It isn't enough to ruin his good mood and expectations for what we are about to engage in anyway.

      We are going out to a lake to para glide on the water. Not quite kite surfing, but that is the closest way of describing what we do. Before hitting the water I (I think I have turned into “the rock” by this point) I tell my friends I have never done anything like this before. They just laugh, give me a shute and tell me to hit the water. I try and I manage to keep myself above water, but it is difficult to get the shute high enough into the air to give me proper speed and jumping capabilities. I just keep experimenting for a while and one of my mates tell me the wind is sort of dead towards the middle of the lake and the waves are high. I notice this as I nearly crash into a huge wave but manage to avoid it.

      After some time I notice there is a talking rat with us that is clearly part of the group. With the appearance of this rat the dream goes full on Narnia on me and Aslon decides to come along in all of his majestic feline form. I have a brief thought of cats hating water, but what the hell it is freaking Aslon. Two of my friends have brought a special edition of the shute harness for him, as his body is somewhat different and heavier he needs two shutes. He informs them that he has never done it before either, and asks what he is supposed to do. They tell him to just try it out and he does so by gracefully flying around making huge jumps and always keeping his shutes high in the air. I hate him a bit for that, but am also impressed with what he can do.

      I am in a kitchen with Delfine and Ronja. Ronja and her are talking outside my hearing range. We are supposed to go and pick up some washing powder or something. After Delfine and Ronja are done talking Delfine comes over to me. She asks me if there is anything going on between Ronja and I, to which I reply no. She tells me that Ronja isn't interested in going out pick up up washing materials, she wants someone to take care of her and start a life. I get the message and feel extraordinary guilty, because this is probably something I have started in the past. She asks me if she should go inform Ronja that I would be glad if she came on to me and I reply “No” and the guild train hits me at maximum velocity. I look over towards Ronja as Delfine is done delivering the message and I feel like a coward for not being able to deliver this myself. I look towards Ronja and I can't decipher if she is crying or not, but if she is it isn't as bad as if her world had completely collapsed.

      I am writing something on my bac project involving lucid dreaming. When I do a count I see that I have more than 5 pages and the semester haven't even started yet. I want to call someone or tell someone, but I can't really think of who.

      Something about big round egg like electrical objects I blow up pyro-kinetically.