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    1. 08-12-16 - Tigers, Ducks and replays

      by , 12-08-2016 at 11:30 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      “Imprinting a tiger”

      In the dusk I find myself walking into a garden. Et is elongated and narrow and towards the end there is a house. I look to my right into the hedge. At the grass I see a female duck and below her chest a small duckling that soon meets my eye. As we lock our eyes together the duckling starts a trip out into the uncut grass towards where I am now sat down. Behind it follows it’s mother, trying to establish contact with little luck as it seems the duckling has already imprinted me as its mother.

      I feel both excited and ashamed. I feel guilty for robbing the duck of the chance to bond with its off spring, but also excited and joyful of my own bonding with the creature. I look down at its little beak and let it push its body against my knees and one of my hands. Then I look up at its mother and try and stroke its chest. It lets me, but with an air of calculative anticipation and scepticism, which makes me apprehensive, if persistent.

      I then look down again at the duckling. I don’t recognise the absurdity that the creature has now transformed into a miniature Tiger of maybe 10-12 cm in length and is crawling about on my right thigh. When I look up at the mother duck again to explain that I am deeply sorry that I have stolen her chance to bond with her infant.

      When I look up mother duck is now wearing glasses and a pearl necklace, and quite frankly it would be impossible to describe if she looks more like a duck than a human. She explains “That is OK I had a clutch 3 months ago.” and frankly she sounds relieved.

      “Travelling in trains with Liv”


      I am standing on a lengthy and wide platform on a train station. It is morning and the lighting foretells of a sunny day, which has yet to breach the foggy clouds above and around. It seems like late spring or summer. I am standing with Liv and we are going somewhere. The conversation we are having is about finding the right train.

      There is more to the dream, though I recall nothing but this fragment.

      “Getting to the shore, 4 metal objects in the water”


      I am on the water. The sun is bright and the ocean water which I am on is very bright and lightly blue. Up ahead I see a beach, a wide and almost white sandy beach. I think my Dad is there with me and he asks:

      “Do you remember us being here?”

      I look up towards the right and in the distance gaze upon a little island around 50-100 metres from the shore. As the foliage behind the beach the island is covered in lustrous trees and other greenery. I remember this place, I have indeed been here before.

      (In writing this I recall a dream of way back, perhaps detailed somewhere within this journal. I am in Holstebro, where we throw our family reunions, and as I walk down the forest pathway that in waking life take you to the river in the dream it takes me to a cove. From this cove I rush across the open water to an Island, which is the one I see in this dream.)

      I jump out in to the water and submerge myself. Light penetrates the surface and everything looks very bright, if blurry beneath. I loose four metal objects I have in my pocket and for a moment worry if I still have my phone in my pocket. I check that it is empty and then sweep the sand below and pull up the objects, where one of them is a key. Then I head for the beach.

      End of dream/recall
    2. Fragments and a moment of incredible details

      by , 10-11-2011 at 05:34 PM
      11-10-11 Was a bit hyped, so did my best to cool down a bit while going to sleep, which meant not a lot of focus on goals. After the first couple of dreams I decided to go free running, though it didn't happen.

      “Designing Games – City in the skies”

      I am setting up a computer game, and I somehow have a sunny background on a road called Tendrupvej in the town I grew up in. The background to the game is blue for now, and the intention is for my friends to join up with in this game. The primary focus I have for now though is to turn it into 3D and make it into full screen.

      The game is a simple mix between shooting above blocks away while avoiding the shots fired against you. The main difference to classical “shooting blocks away above you while the blocks are shooting at you” games is that the shots are fired from the side and the game itself is progressing to the right in a linear fashion. I keep resetting it to get my friends to join and get it all rolling.


      I am getting a mental image of a futuristic city in the light of sunset with quite a fair amount of clods in the background. Furthermore the buildings themselves are emitting quite the amount of light. I get the feeling that there are three main roads leading in and out of the city from and to the centre, in the shape of peace sign.

      Pretty much like this, though without the river and the mentioned roads leading into the centre where the tall building stands and most of the building emiting more light. Otherwise pretty much exactly like this the natural light looking very much like this picture.

      This image is presented just after having discussed setting up the game on the point of what to allow people access to and what not.

      “A perceptual moment”

      (Short dream with a lot of detail, not that interesting)

      I am lying in my bed and there is a television in the upper left corner of my visual field. In this television there is a presenter wearing a tie. I pull the television towards the center of my vision wanting it to encompass my entire perceptual field. However the picture disappears and then something strange happens.

      I get this really warm feeling in my entire body accompanied by some slight pressure. The feeling is really nice and I am thinking to myself that it is probably some effects of sleep paralysis. This feeling keeps intensifying up until the point when I feel like I can leave. So I sit up while noticing that I am leaving my physical body behind.

      I am thinking to myself that this reminds me more of an AP (Though admittedly I have no experiential basis for thinking this) than a WILD and I have more confidence in my abilities than normal and I start crawling my way out of my body. To my surprise I am able to fully leave my body behind.

      “Holy shit! I haven't ever done this!” I think to myself, at least not while being conscious about it being a dream. My dream body is really heavy and I have to sort of drag myself across the floor. I am in my room (obviously) and it is really dark. I notice that where the TV normally is there is a smoke alarm. Furthermore there is quite the amount of blue light intermingling with the natural darkness of the dream. Everything looks a bit off due to this.

      I get over to my coffee table and it looks like it does in waking life, with loads of papers scattered on the surface of it. I try and use the table to stand, but as I am placing my hand on the table in order to use it as a support to get up, the weight of my hand makes the table warp downwards, inwards on itself. Meaning that my hand is causing the table to sort of stretch downwards in the centre warping all the papers and stuff lying there as well. As if the stuff is all of a sudden made of rubbery materials.

      I manage to get up and I look out of the window. Down on the right hand side I can see a starry sky joining the horizon. The funny thing is that I am actually looking downwards on this and also the sky (or the other way around) is superimposed on a pattern. Basically think the windows logo but with triangles all pointing towards the centre and a bit more vibrant. Although the stars are out the lighting is fairly bright outside.

      There is a dark curtain on the window with square holes in it. Like a mosquito net, though the holes are a bit bigger. I am trying to get out the window, but as I am making my way towards the window it seems like there is an infinity between myself and the curtain so it takes quite a lot longer than anticipated to get to the window. I find that a tad strange, but when I start thinking more about it I arrive at the window and climb through the glass and curtain, quite confident I can do this based on the fact that I have just crawled out of my own body and jump out.

      I jump down and notice that I am not really flying and gravity seems strong enough. I notice that there is a building to my right and there is a roof over my head supported by some thin white columns, yet I am outside.

      There is grass under my feet and the scenario is fairly different to how I normally perceive the outside of my flat in dreams starting inside. I look down on the grass and out over the lawn to see the flowers. There are quite a few and I notice that they have spherical heads in white and purple, though I also notice that the detail of these flowers are not good. Though upon closer inspection the level of detail increase.

      The grass on the other hand is fairly rich in detail. I can see dirt between the straws indicating that it has been recently sewn. I kneel down and start running my arms through the grass and as I am doing this the density increase. The grass feels soft and chilly under my skin, but no way unpleasant, in fact it feels like it is somewhat sentient and reciprocating my gentle strokes (AWSOMENESS!).

      I now look up to my right looking for the flowers, which again have taken on additional detail. Furthermore I can see the wind is making the flowerbed form into small waves, like ripples, and as I am seeing this I feel the wind on my skin (by the way think I am naked as I jump out, but decide not to care about it). The wind feels like a chill breeze on a warm day that could never be anything but pleasant.

      Notes: The dream was in fact fairly short, but I was somehow more present at every moment, meaning the detail and perceptions I encouraged makes the dream look like one of my longer ones.

      “Brief beach adventure”

      I am having quite a lot of mentations involving Carsten J. Some in particular strike out to me where also Ronnie is included.

      We are on holiday and we are comparing beaches.

      I am at this one beach and the water is looking rather milky, though it is very warm. The air is stupidly hot like 70 degrees Celsius, you wouldn't be able to be there and I somehow notice this, though I don't “notice” it. Around in the edges of the water there are brown volcanic stones, or cliff formations might be more accurate due to their size.

      I am jumping around making an effort not to land on one of these stones as I understand them to be immensely hot and will burn me quite severely should I touch them.
    3. Birds, Bands and (Foot)Balls

      by , 09-29-2011 at 10:07 AM
      29-09-11 Nothing really on the agenda.

      “Circumventing the gay rule by hooking up with an actual Bird”

      I am in this weird place filled with gay men and I am spending the night in the company of a bird. Not a girl, but an actual bird, reminds me a bit of the bird from “Up” and I find out that as long as I am walking around with that bird I won't have to take a male partner.

      It is night time and the dream takes place in a gay club, some paths outside the club surrounded by grass. There are loads of dressed up gay men around and they only leave me alone because I am walking around with this bird. I know that after a while I will have been around the bird long enough for the effect to be permanent.

      There is a slight skip and I am walking back towards our home, which is a mixture of a tent and a house. I have a balloon tied to my ass and it is inflated with helium so it is floating in the air behind me.

      When I get back home my dad wakes up, he first talks to my sister a bit solve a practical problem or two and then he starts talking to me. The bird appears and knocks on the door, you can see it through a window standing outside with a sign. I know that this is the last time I need to hang about with it for the gay men to leave me alone, so I go to open the door.

      My dad has a bit of a mental breakdown. He is complaining that the bird is destroying all our books, which it did do the night before and that it is a damaging influence. I can sense that what he is really afraid of is that I am turning gay and I frantically try and explain the situation to him, but he is hysterical. I am equally tense because I can feel my goal slipping right at that moment when I am so close to achieving what I wanted.

      “Football on the beach”

      I am playing football on the beach with a couple of friends. The goals look like hockey goals in that they are not taller than reaching my hip. Upon closer inspection I see that they are actually pretty long and run along a wall behind them. Think it is morning or early afternoon.

      There is all of a sudden a lot of people joining in and they are bringing the ball. It is every man for himself here, if you have the ball you dribble with it and shoot at goal. It is taking forever for us to start, think we are waiting for someone. I somehow get the feeling, maybe someone says it that it will take about 15 minutes before we can start.

      I run further down along the beach and another group of footballers are approaching. I notice they have a really worn down ball that could use some air. The guy with the ball sees me standing there and pass it to me and I find that remarkable. These guys are actually focusing on the team play and having fun.

      We can start straight away with this group, I think I tell that to someone who was with me. I play around a bit with a guy named Amir. We are practising passes that are to be headed into the goal, but none of us are that good at it. Amir makes lofty balls and I shoot too far. In the end he makes a low pass that I hit with the foot at the goal post so it heavily comes back towards me. Then we start heading back for the rest of the group.

      “Soo about the band”

      I am in a living room, not sure to whom it belongs, but I don't think I am at home, though I might be living there. Whatever. It is evening and there are a few of my old friends over. Krimi, Anders H and Mikkel N I think.

      We are watching TV and might be playing some sort of game. I proclaim that I intend to spend some of the cardboard money I have earned to go and buy a Banjo. So I go and get the Banjo, feeling quite pleased that I now own 3 different instruments. I go back in the living room to fetch the cardboard money, but I become scared that I might not have enough. I decide to just not tell anyone about it.

      I explain that my cousin is trying to buy a banjo so he can play Big Country on both bass and banjo. I think from the beginning I explain that he intends to play all the instruments, but then I have to concede that the oil drums might be difficult so maybe not all of them.

      I put on a video of Belá Fleck and the Flecktones on the telly. The video shows Victor playing bass, but I then become a bit annoyed, because I can only get visuals which is rather stupid when it is the music that is to be enjoyed.

      I walk around thinking about this feeling a flu coming up.

      We start talking about some of our old intentions of starting a band and how I was the one letting them all down. I explain that I actually have a bass now and that I have been practising and I can play a bit (a very limited bit).
    4. Death by snake bite, Seeing the stars, 2 pac and the healing non-invasive crystal

      by , 09-08-2011 at 10:47 AM
      08-09-11 I am standing in a tent on field. The field is filled with dandelions and I am starting to tear up the flowers with root and I do this quite frantically. Eventually other people start joining in until there are no flowers left. However as I go along I start pulling them up less careful about getting all of the root up.

      When there are almost no flowers left I start noticing that the earth is moving and that the empty holes are crippling with spiders. I don't get to dwell on this thought as the next I know I find myself under the water in the ocean near the bottom.

      I look up behind me and notice a sea snake being dropped into the water by an unknown entity. I start swimming towards the top and I don't know if I am kicking through the snake(s) or not. When I get to the top I find myself close to the shore of a beautiful beach.

      It is high sunshine and I am wearing a wetsuit and am carrying a surf board. I have never surfed before, but I manage to catch a pipe (don't know if this is what it is called in surfer terms) on my first ever attempt, which the person with me considers quite the achievement.

      I start feeling ill and I fall off the board and find myself in a living room right next to a door out to the hallway. Behind me there is a short haired girl who grabs me around the waist. I am in a different perspective and punch my own chest to start CPR. The perspective shifts back and I shout for someone to call the hospital. Someone runs into the hallway to do this.

      The girl pulls me to the floor and Shane of Weeds is standing over me to continue the CPR.

      My vision starts fading to grey and I am loosing it, but I hear a voice that tells me to stay here, relax and breathe. After a while my vision starts returning to normal and as I am looking up at one of my living room plants it gradually becomes green again.

      After a while longer I can sit up and I look down my leg and notice a large circle. It isn't red and the bite marks from the snake have already healed up. However now we know that we are dealing with a cobra strike and I or someone else shout out into the hallway that the person getting help should tell this.

      Notes: I remember having two more dreams after this one related to it, though without the nightmare themes. However upon waking up this morning they seem to have vanished from memory.

      I am in Holland and going into a shop to buy some weed. Someone is with me and I think I am the experienced one and need to show them how it is done.

      I walk over to the counter and tell the guy I need the weakest most mellow product he has. He immediately walks to the hash counter and tells his associate to service me.

      His associate start dishing out this pink goo onto the counter and explains that this is the most mellow he has. Then the first guy comes over and tells the associate that it wasn't what I asked for that I needed something with a bit more fly to it. He starts pouring some brownish goo onto the counter. Then the associate asks me what I am after, most mellow or something with fly and I quickly explain just mellow.

      We all laugh and I think I buy some of the pink stuff.


      Outside the shop, which looks more like a garage on the outside I run into some shady businesmen who are looking for 2 Pac. As they explain this he appears on the other side of the street wearing a long business like coat looking nothing gangster like at all.

      I stop and think to myself that he is dead and that all the conspiracy theorists that predicted his return must have been right. I think to myself that either he came back in 2007 or we are actually in 2007 right now.

      The reason they want to talk to him is because he has developed something and the dream shifts into a camera chasing him as he is running through a garden. In the centre of the garden is his invention. It is a crystal that emits some sort of high frequency sound/light combination. This invention has the possibility of performing any know surgery non-invasive.

      However it seems like it is overloading and hence 2 Pac and his assistant are running to get to cover. All the while this crystal is pulsing emitting this crystal like sound-light combination. There is loads of colours in this pulse, which is quite sharply contrasted by the grey clouds in the sky.

      I am in a Sims like situation a person is telling me that he has never seen the stars. I sort of force him to do this. He replies that he has seen them on Youtube, which I find ridiculous.

      I run up on a mountain that apparently is the highest location nearby and phone him and tell him he should get up there as there is absolutely no light pollution what so ever.

      Besides I am standing right next to Mount Everest and I don't think it would be particularly difficult to reach the top of that either.


      On a beach now still with the same mission in mind though it is daytime and he will have to wait a while. Another person/Sim is there and he has the trait that he is easily burned and will have to return for sun lotion all the time.

      The parents voice sort of explain that he will have to stop playing with me because of this. There are loads of other persons that assemble around me.

      I follow the easily burned guy into the house, one of his arms is really red and he is whimpering. He gets sun lotion applied and there is a bar that measures his degree of burntness that goes down with applications of this lotion.

      In the house I explain that he needs a hardcore lotion, maybe like one of those for babies and all of a sudden I am in a shop that sells sun lotion, after sun, sun tan amplifier and soap. Among other things the shop also sells katanas relatively cheap.

      The shop is run by WakingNomad and he tries to charge me 500 dollars for little test samples in blue bottles. I am annoyed that he charges this much because I know the protection they offer to be exactly what I am looking for, but it is stupidly expensive. I mean the bottles are like the size of small shot bottles.

      Swimming with the family along the shore of a nice beach in high sunshine.

      With the family in a house. There are two dogs that keep jumping into the lap of my dad and uncle.
    5. Buying a growhouse in the forest by the beach

      by , 08-31-2011 at 12:00 PM
      31-08-11 Weeds: With the Weeds family. We are in a small forest like area close to the ocean. We are there to look at a house to live in, but as we approach it becomes clear that it is not suitable for that.

      The trees are fairly tall, though they allow for ample light to pass through and at the time I would think the lighting match a noon of a summer day. The house itself is made of wood, and fairly crooked in particular in one corner of the above ground level terrace, that is hanging quite a bit.

      There is a woman there, she is blonde and not that tall. Andy and her decides to have sex. I think I observe this from a distance and potentially through a window or similar.

      I do see him pulling out of her, as she is bent over a washing machine and the size of Andy's penis (somewhere between an arm's length and a stinger missile) ruins whatever sexually arousing potential the imagery might have had.


      There are two rooms in the house and Shane is in one of them with the doors closed, there seems to be a consensus that he is probably masturbating. At one point we open the doors (it is a sliding door) and I think Steve Perry comes out and tells us to leave them/him alone. This is weird, and feels so, but doesn't seem to further impact the dream.

      There is a fart, I actually remember the sound of it quite well, when Nancy is in the bathroom and Silas and I can't really decide if it came from the bathroom or Shane's room, but we call out for people to come out and talk about it.

      I sort of want to engage the girl there in a sexual arrangement, but she seems to mainly be interested in Andy. Instead Nancy comes over and sit in my lab and I experience a loving feeling towards and reassures her of her maternal skills. I don't feel attracted to her, but I do feel love.

      There is a small baby that might be Shane, and he is dressed in gangster clothes. He has recently learned how to speak, though he seems more proficient at speaking than walking or keeping his balance in general.

      Me and a girl tickles him and he drops some of the stuff he has been carrying in his pockets. He is crying and laughing at the same time, but he does seem generally sad that the girl teasingly has taken his stuff away from him, which breaks my heart and I feel sorry for him.


      I am talking to Nancy, it is clear that we are not going to buy the house for living, but I point out that it is a perfect grow house. It is far away from civilisation, which should discourage authorities from coming snooping around. It takes a bit of convincing, but she finally comes around.

      I look outside during this and there is a man sitting in a sun chair looking out over the ocean and he isn't wearing a shirt. He doesn't seem to pay any attention to what is going on in the house though I get the feeling he lives there.
    6. Babies in beaches

      by , 10-18-2010 at 08:33 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      18-10-10 I am at a beach and there is a very young kid, this kid belongs to one of my friends and she is panicking whenever he enters the water. This is understandable though as he cannot swim. He runs into the water and my cousin and I rush after him with the woman screaming in the background. My cousin only gets his green hat, and I dive into to pick up the kid and get him up. I ask him why he runs into the water when he knows it can kill him. He replies that I am always there to pick him up, to which I respond that I will and cannot possibly be for the entire future. I then start jumping down logically organised plateaus of different depths of water on the beach to find something that will be ideal for the boy.

      Something about coordinating travel in a tropical house with my family present.
      dream fragment