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    1. School reunion, brazilian boat in the back serving up Ayahuasca

      by , 09-16-2011 at 07:25 AM
      15-09-11 School reunion party, Sine's brother is there he accidentally pulls up a bag of coke, Sine looks disturbed, but tells him she wants some, get really hammered, end up at Bo's place, drinks get spilled, people say they went to bed at around 3, though I have no memory after noon (15 hour gap hooray). People are drinking, I am staying over.


      The reason I am staying over, go out the back, down to the river, in an Amazonian rainforest, by the actual Amazon river, there is a house boat with two people in it, an older and younger man. The younger man seems to have fluorescent yellow/green skin and doesn't actually look indigenous. The older man is very hostile towards different cultures, so is the younger to be fair. They have a pot of Ayahuasca brewing and I really wanna try that, but they don't trust me, so I ask if I can bring some sort of gift to prove that I am friendly, he wants paper and batteries and I tell him I can get that in a heartbeat

      Notes: Soooo pissed off I didn't return to this, this has become a main lucid goal for now though!

      At Bo's place, Djana comes up and sits in my lap, which I consider strange, she drops some ear rings in my left palm, and I get a vague memory of being with her the night before (during my 15 hour memory lapse), she got those ear rings from Bo, she asks me “don't you agree that it is about time for us to leave?”, which I do, but I am hanging around for some reason, but I seem to have forgotten the purpose. I look in the freezer and it is filled with beer, I try and take one, but fail.

      Something about the car.