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    1. Death Joints and Goblin Attraper!

      by , 09-22-2011 at 10:21 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      22-09-11 Shitty recall, went to bed with the intention of meeting the Ayahuasca guy and chilling in the event of lucidity, maybe play around with my Blasting Rod, which is not a euphemism for a sexual organ.

      Went to bed around 1:45 GMT+1 and was up about 10.

      Remember having quite the number of dreams, but only one really stuck and even this is with fairly poopish recollection.

      Here goes

      Death Joints and Goblin Attraper!

      I am in a hospital setting, though the surroundings seem more like the room is located in a sewer. There is a patient on the table and there is a female doctor working on him. She is using a plant or the extract of a plant and manage to cure him of whatever ailment it was that he had.

      It turns out to be a brain disease (I later discover it to be caused by the same plant that cured him). Either the dream shifts or we move rapidly from the sewer setting out in to a natural setting. We are in a park there is a woman with me, a researcher, maybe Kaomea, not sure, but I don't think it is the same doctor who treated the other guy.

      There is another patient and I look at him from a distance. His head is swollen (BADLY!) and there are discolourings that are somehow luminous, but also look like blood poisoning at the same time.

      The guy is in a bad shape and he is rambling. Not sure if the rambling is caused by the disease or a love craze for the researcher accompanying me. He wants a picture taken of his head and he wants to show her that finally he has a big brain. He thinks she will find it attractive.

      The PoV shifts from the side of the bloke to up above him. As his brain continues to expand at a rate his skull cannot follow he just dies. Nothing fancy, all of a sudden he is just still. A bit creepy.


      We have the plant and we are running towards the spot where it is to be planted. I find it a tad weird that it is in the middle of the park accessible to everyone, but she insist. We find the spot and all of a sudden a guy comes running towards me and past me with helicopter gun ships on his tail. Shots are fired and I see splinters from trees right in front of me.

      I take my posse and dive towards the right and we run to a little hole in the ground that has obviously been prepared for just the plant. The researcher runs and starts putting the plant to ground (Seeing her now she reminds me an awful lot of my partner from the shootout from a couple of nights ago, so in retrospect it is probably Kaomea).

      Note: Next time lucid find her and pay attention to how she freaking looks/feels!

      However there is little time and we have to abandon the plan, I am not sure because of the feline/troll faery or he comes immediately after, but when I see him I turn lucid.

      The fae is interested in the plant, for hidden probably malicious reasons. He is in a shelter by the side of the gravel road, it looks normal except the doors to the place is more like gates that can be pulled down or up.

      He is sat in the house and his body is weird. Overall it is mainly feline but his arms are extremely long and you can see the power in both upper and lower arms. Besides that he has hands, opposable thumbs and all. He is partially or fully naked, though I think he has a cloth covering his groin. His skin looks rough and a bit tanned and his hair is completely black and looks a bit like a mane.

      Lets step out for a bit: I am aware that this doesn't sound like a faery to you guys, but if you have read the Dresden Files you will remember that many a creature are of the fae ^^

      He shifts his gaze around and spots us. I immediately get the feeling that he only perceives me as a disturbance and he charges me. He could easily rip me in half, and due to his odd looks I am a bit anxious when I, based on my intuition alone, drop to one knee and compliment his home. Had he not been faery this would have been the end of me. Instead he stops mid charge and looks at me somewhat confused.

      The researcher and another guy (maybe the one who came running) are a bit ahead of me, not in danger of the fae as he wants something from them. In all fairness it might be better to call the bastard a goblin, which he looks like more, which essentially still makes him a fae, though of the Wild Court. and are pretty much already in the little shed.

      The goblin shifts his eyes to the prize and I am left outside. I look at the goblin intently and eventually, because I complimented his house, he waves an arm around in a common cross cultural gesture “come inside”.

      “I thank thee humbly for thine hospitality and your graciousness as a host accepting me into your house as a guest”. It actually comes out rather well though my voice is a bit muddy at times, I think to myself that this little speech is rather good compared to my normal lucid speaking. The speech serves a function though it, it serves to establish a traditional and sacred bond between host and guest the faeries MUST adhere to. It serves to ensure my safety, as the goblin must protect me as he would himself as long as I am his guest.

      The runner looks at me and his face is now that of Daniel (my upstairs neighbour) and he gives me a mischievous smile of recognition. He might as well just have said “Nice one!”, he is also aware of the rules of the fae. The reason it works I think is a combination of the compliment, and timing of my little speech. The goblin is a freaking junkie and only really wants the plant, so with that as a distraction he doesn't really know what he is agreeing to.

      The goblin gets the plant and the runner and the researcher is huddled down in the back of the building. There might be a small stream of water in the house. I stop to wonder at this point if I should start exerting direct control, but the plot of the story is just too damned good to start ruining it like that ^^.

      We have to get out of here and I start looking for ways to achieve this. I have a slight (rather, a MASSIVE!) advantage over my friends, being a guest, whereas they are prisoners. The goblin has taken the plant and is now up in the corner under the roof of the shed. His body has turned redish and blue in some areas, and I discover why, he is smoking the freaking plant.

      Right next to him a smoke detector, appears. Difficult to explain. There is an incipient smoke detector that manifest when I look at it. I come up with a plan. I am going to burn the building down and utilise my status as a guest to ensure that the goblin will have to focus on me and my safety while my friends escape.

      I ask the runner if he has a smoke, he hasn't. For some reason I know there is no reason in asking the researcher. So I turn to the goblin and ask if I can bum a cigarette. He looks at me a little while before he throws me the “death joint” he is smoking.

      I catch it in my shirt, by the elbow. It is one of my favourite shirts and now I have a different problem, I had hoped to acquire a lighter so I had a more direct means of starting the fire. However I still have my shirt and I contemplate if I should just set fire to myself or take it off and start a fire in the building.

      I feel the dream fade and wake up before I can see it to completion.
    2. STOP!..... Terror Time! Mermaids, Faeries and Psychological Exorcism (death as a result)

      by , 09-21-2011 at 04:55 AM
      21-09-11 Intend on finding Kaomea, which I hope I didn't unless she was one of the saving figures ^^

      Though the tone might be laxed, I awoke from both these dreams laced in sweat, in particular the last one was freaky, and as a result I remained awake and typed them out to see I could get rid of the residual terror. First nightmare in 4 years and I get two in a night.

      times are GMT +1

      Mermaids are Malicious Motherfuckers! Aka “What is with Faeries and power tools?”

      00:00 – 02:30

      The dream might start out earlier, but one of the first things I recall is walking around with a power drill and small plugs in order to find a suitable spot to put up my mirror. I am still not quite convinced that it is actually necessary to exert the effort and put it up.


      I am watching television with my flatmate or similar and I plug in some headphones and start listening to some music and hug up on the couch a bit. After a while my flatmate gets the hint and leaves my room so I can get some sleep.

      I end up not sleeping, but sort of just skip to the next point of awareness where I am just done reading what I am supposed to for the following day. Then I realise that it is quite funny that I have been so skeptical about the whole 22 debate, when I yesterday (which actually happened) came to myself from meditation at 22:22 and was amazed that I hadn't spent more time. That I had just read something about numbers that fit the thread. And all of this started to happen only when I started looking into shared dreaming in terms of psychological approaches.

      Anyways the time is just after 4 in the morning and my dad briefly awakes to ask me if I have slept at all, to which I reply I haven't but I am pleased to be done with the reading I am supposed to do. There is a Christmas tree in the middle of the room and on the other side of it there is this guy, played by your average villain (don't think I have ever known his name, but he is quite famous, reminds me a bit of Dennis Leary).

      He tells me that he can get me access to quite the number of scientific journals. Which, as I am putting down the stuff I was just using, respectfully decline, simply based on the fact that I haven't got the time to take anything else on at the minute.

      Something about my Auntie.


      The next part of the dream includes me walking along with two people, though beings might be more accurate and there might be another actual person, a woman, besides me. The reason beings might be in order is that I think it is two faeries each carrying a power drill.

      The first one is “the prober”, who drills into another realm (this realm sort of abide to the laws of the Nevernever, hence my suspicion that I was dealing with faeries) and check if it is safe to pass. The other guy has the drill that will actually open a portal and transport me into the other realm.

      The first attempt of the prober results in him almost getting hit by a train, I actually hear the sound of it approaching and the horn it blows to get the faerie out of the way. The faerie tries again a bit to the right of his original spot, but the train is still there, but now he knows where we are supposed to drill in order to achieve “safe” passage.

      The other faerie comes up and start drilling into this orange plastic thingy. It “is” cone used for road construction and such, but it looks nothing like it. The drill snaps and the other faerie explains that this is a good sign, it means that we have hit the right spot.

      The dream changes character.

      I go through and I am underwater, I hear a narrator explaining “you should expect the water there to be very hot” and basically just commenting on my general situation. I talk a bit to myself about how I feel the heat that it is indeed close to boiling point, before I turn around.


      They weren't supposed to follow me in this soon, they are going to get themselves in trouble. There are three people there a Danish pop duo, who I have little respect for and a black guy, that might be Lafayette off true blood.

      I start waving my hands towards them, but there is something on my hands that closely resembles the function of a cheese grater and I start peeling off think layers off their flesh. I look around and the Mermaids are here, not sure if they were mermaids as such, they didn't have the classic tail, though they lived in water.

      A black mermaid is wrapped around the black guy. She is holding the big circular lump of skin that has come off his face, she is sucking and licking it. The black guy is just standing there, I think all of them are under a spell.

      I walk into this dome where the two others are suffering similarly, the mermaids just happy that I did the groundwork of flaying them for them. I start fleeing and I am somehow dragging the guys with me. There is now this slow moving hiphop beat and as the black guys starts moving the mermaid is still holding onto the lump of skin. I think she has to let it go though she is sucking and licking it frantically and she joins in the beat adding the lyrics “I am going to go and avenge my brain” indicating that she feels wronged for having to let go of her food.

      Ghost Therapist for Psychotic German Sexual/Paternal issues included.


      Fuck me, getting shivers just starting to describe this. I have these sensations when I am briefly awake from the last dream that it is not only me looking through my own awareness. I shake it off and try and get back to sleep.

      The dream starts in some sort of dungeon. We are headed into a dragon's cave, though I don't think I am particularly strong enough to enter. My flatmate might be along with me, though he might first be joining us at a later time. Since I decide I am not strong enough to enter I get some treassure and I say out in general that it is one of the cooler things about Dragons, their decisiveness and willingness to hand out the goods.

      The treasure is in a small tin can and contain some rubbish I can't use and some small coins with ex American presidents on them.

      The dream then shifts to my flatmate and I talking about these coins and how they are used throughout the game changing from level to level and used for gambling, which means that early stuff currency becomes obsolete over time.


      I am in living room and I am a therapist. I am working with this guy whom I know is dangerous. He has currently trapped his dad in the toilet for some strange reason. I walk to the kitchen sink at one point and look out the window, it looks like it is daytime. More importantly I get contact with the guy's dad, played by John Malcovitch and asks him how he is holding up. He says he is fine. I ask him if he can manage to stay out on the toilet a while longer, because I think I am close to a breakthrough with his son.

      He is fine with that and I tell him that it is fairly impressive, but he shrugs it off and tells me that he has lived with him for a couple of years now so he is used to it.

      The dream then shift, it is no longer day time outside and I am now looking at the dream from the psycho's PoV. Across the little kitchen table from me is a woman who is talking to me about my fascination about arranged marriages, because of the sensation of sexual control it provides me. Her hair is orange and she seems played by a rather famous Danish actress.

      I tell (well the psycho) her that I am not going to get entrapped into her cheap psycho analytical techniques, but she continues and shortly after snap her fingers, which results in her face and hair colour returning to normal. I shift out of the psycho to a free flowing PoV though I am now the therapist again.

      There are screams apparently neighbors or people living in the flat has come to my rescue. I am a young Lars Bom (Danish actor) and I keep repeating the last sentence I said when snapping my fingers and returning to normal. I have a facial expression locked in horror along with blood coming from my ears and mouth. I am lying cramped up in the lap of someone.

      The woman I am in the lap off is crying and shouting out that it is too late, that I am already dead. I think she is referring to the demands that the dad be released from the toilet. But then I come to my senses and hug the woman. I get questioned on how I did what I did and I lift up a pillow on the couch where people can see the blood stains. Apparently the stains demonstrate that the whole thing was just a seance I faked with the goal of getting the dad released.

      The woman hugs me and I tell her shush shush, “would it help you if I told you I loved you?” I think she agrees to this.

      I wake up.

      Notes: When reading this I could understand why there isn't much cause for concern, but I am telling you I was bathed in sweat and horror upon waking up from this. Someone or something was there before the finger snapping. The whole pre-dream of not feeling alone in my body could have been a contributing factor. Along the dream I also kept having this sense of being switched or flipped.
    3. A magical escape

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:17 PM
      26-08-11 Golf clubs and weed.

      Something about an ex girlfriend I get into a discussion with in a locker.

      I hug the other party in a bed, and try soon enough to disentagle myself as it was only intended as a friendly hug from her.

      Peter Scotson from Weeds is the new husband and we talk a bit and defuse the angry bitch.

      I am in a dark room with Minka, I want to kiss her and be with her and I think I am making an approach, It might get a little intense, though nothing happens. We walk out onto a grass field that normally would be massive and open.

      However at the current time it is occupied by a temporary fairgrounds. It is dark, it is night time and the only source of light around is small lights from the various tents and things on the grounds. We walk on the outskirts of the fairgrounds until we spot where we are headed.

      There is a circle of people sat in the grass, it is a coven and their leader is sat in the middle facing off against Lafayette (Yep, true blood guy). We may take seats in the circle or I just drift in without my dream body and is sat right next to Lafayette.

      Though I might be separate from him, I still am feeling the sense of agency in what he is doing. Their leader, who may be Marney (Antonia, whatever dunno if it is even centred on the vamp theme).

      The leader starts summoning a water elemental, and up until now I haven't noticed the puddle of water between Lafayette and her.

      The water is muddy and so is the elemental, which isn't big and looks a bit like a statuette climbing out of the water. When it is slightly over half way there Lafayette/me swats it and it crumbles. I am aware that he/me is the only one in the circle with the power to destroy these.

      “You will lay the fuck down with **** and ****” (remember the names I do not) Lafayette says and I become aware that he has been thwarting attempts at whatever their leader is trying to do twice before us turning up.

      Lafayette/me makes the move to finish off the leader. It is a spell and it is designed to crystallise the fluid in the cells of the eyeballs of the victim, making them burst, a vicious piece of water magic if you ask me.

      The spell is fired and I expect the leader to go down. That doesn't happen, when the spell (which isn't as such visible by the way) reach the leader a bright blue flash appears from her neck. The necklace she was wearing wasn't a normal necklace.

      The blue light manifests. The spell didn't hit the person, but the tiny faerie (What is with the fucking faeries in my dreams recently!? (btw I am not complaining =P)) enchanted into the necklace. She was immune to the spell and she has dark eyes, pretty much the only thing in her glowing body that is dark.

      This is getting out of hand. I am in my dream body now. Not sure if I have become the person that was Lafayette or whatever. I let out a shriek, to warn the people in the fair. These were the people the leader was trying to hurt, so everyone in the coven realise that this might be a prime situation to practice running.

      Luckily we are close to the edge of the grounds which is surrounded by bushes. I look out and see Minka already on her way through the bushes. I myself dart after her. It is a fucking pain getting through a piece of bush in utter darkness with human limbs flailing about. I have a plan to sort that out since this is moving way too slowly at any rate.

      When I am through to the other side I shout out “Minka!”. I think I feel having her attention and I roar. She gets the message and I see her shifting into a fast animal, I myself shift into a lion(ess?) and feel the powerful muscle (though the speed seems to be lacking a bit).

      Minka is a wolf and way ahead of me, but she sense that I can't follow that speed and shift into a lioness as well. I still feel my clothes on my body, which is hindering me a bit, but I don't know what I can shift into that will solve it.

      We are running up a hill road, a road that reminds of one in the city I grew up in right next to the town hall. I keep running looking at Minka. At the top of the hill she shifts into a bird, a rather small one, maybe a blackbird or raven (definitely a dark bird, not sure if a raven would be too big, I am a bit far away) and takes off into flight.

      I decide to do the same though I am unfamiliar with shifting into flying things. I think Eagle. I shift and leaps and get up a bit, but flying with wings is hard. I keep flapping about, but only just barely manage to keep floating.

      Until I realise that I can push forward my legs which will make my wings carry more and provide quite a significant up drive. I fly high, I mean high enough to make me think “Shit this is really high”.

      It must look hilarious the way I manage the height of my flight. I push forwards my legs to go up and pull em back to go down while flapping my wings the entire time. I fly over Minka and look down at the brick houses and flat roof tops.

      After a short while after this I land in a yard of a small house. The terrace is sort of formed like a playground and I transform into a kangaroo when I land and jump between some of the smaller platforms for the fun of it.

      Minka lands shortly after. I go to her, intending on kissing her. She doesn't allow me and says “Dennis”. There may be tears in her voice, she starts talking about how I take risks, like I just did in Eagle form.

      “If you went skiing with your dad, would you jump that high” “If you drove a snow scooter, would you make jumps” and things like that. I keep thinking when I dream I fly that high, and eventually she say “When you dream” (Nice one missing the lucidity clue there).

      “You don't understand I really care for you...” “but you just don't want me” I think to myself. There is a sense that I take too much risk for her to be interested in me, she might be afraid to get interested in me.

      I pick her up and place her on my arm and start walking inside, carrying her like you would a baby. She is still crying.

      We get inside and I see her boyfriend/ex boyfriend or whatever he is. “Darly” she says and her crying intensifies. I look at him pleadingly to take her, not because I want to let her go, but because she wants to go to him.

      “Great sleeping beauty (or similar)” he says hinting at her crying, but eventually he accepts her and take her in his arms. My niece is sat on the sofa next to him and as soon as he is occupied with Minka she starts crawling out over the sofa, but I anticipated this from before I even handed Minka over to Darly and catch my niece as she starts falling.

      I start looking at her while talking to her and they lie down for a short moment on the sofa. Then Minka says “Dennis” again tears in her voice, she seems hurt that I have again handed a love interest into the arms of another man and just let go.

      I am slightly hurt, but I channel love into the moment with my niece and try to ignore the other parties in the situation.

      She is the only person whose friendly love always shine brighter than the hurt of not being with her.