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    1. Family Reunion, Fighting Planes and False Phoenix Flight

      by , 09-01-2011 at 11:15 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      01-09-11 We are going to the family reunion. Besides the family there are a lot of other characters attending as well and rather than the first week of September it is for an entire week.

      I seem to be packing quite a lot and spending time in the bath room.


      on day 3-4 everyone is getting tired of it. In particular Minka, who has made an arrangement to drive home with her parents (this is odd, since she they aren't the family). She leaves for a while and comes back dressed in a short pink dress and she looks an awful lot like Paris Hilton fashion wise.

      It is raining however, so she looks kinda sad about this since it will mean changing outfit again, but she seems packed and ready to go.

      I see her mother dancing down the hallway and they are the first family to have proclaimed that they are leaving.

      The younger crew of the various families within family seems to be getting reckless and I decide to go and pack up so we can go quickly if my parents decide to bail.

      The rest of the young crew are lying around either in the hallway or in rooms. There is a general consensus to go to the bar on the opposite side of the road, but no one seems to be taking initiative.


      I am talking to my cousin about something related to leaving.

      My sister is talking, she doesn't want to be their either but she explains that it is nice to see the family join up together setting aside selfish consideration to see her daughter.

      I am at an airbase watching Stoffer fly around in a fighter jet. The plane is completely white. He has rented it with a mate for a day as it is the cheapest of the planes available.

      I am going up there with him and he is explaining that he intends to do a loop, which I am looking forward to.

      As he is coming in for landing and driving towards the spot where he has to pick me up, he makes a weird turn that almost tips over the plane and make the wings hit the ground. He asks his mate to check if something happened, but it seems fine.

      He gestures me to get in and I am getting in next to him. I tell him that I find that rather weird as normally I would sit behind him (yeah my plane knowledge is lame ^^)

      We start driving around and to be frank all I really remember is driving the plane through something like a race course. At one point we come up to two rocks and Stoffer tries frantically to turn it into the larger gap and I scream at him to take the smaller to avoid making the wings tip towards the ground and potentially hit the larger rock.

      We make it to the air though I think, but I only remember pulling back up to the base and getting out asking Stoffer if he really did the loop with me.

      “Yes” he replies.

      Rasmus SL gets in the plane and I think I spend some time talking to Kasper.

      I wake up.

      I am in Germany at the camping grounds where my grand parents live part times of the year. It is dark early morning on a Sunday and I think about hitting the golf course a few holes in so I wouldn't have to pay the green fee.

      I am speaking to a pro who is talking about hitting the course early and I reconsider maybe only hitting the approach/putting green instead.

      I sense something is up pretty much from the start and as I am walking towards the lake in the camping grounds/golf course I decide to look at my hand. It doesn't look weird at first, but I decide to keep looking and all of a sudden half of my pinky disappears and reappear almost immediately.

      I think about what to do and I have been trying too hard to get to Chichén Itzá maybe. Maybe people would get tired of me filling up the journal with crap on non-attempt nights.

      So I decide to fool around. Well I could justify my efforts as trying to master a petite form of shape shifting, at least in the beginning of the dream.

      I take off into flight and at the same time trying to imagine myself engulfed in flames. The idea is to create a hybrid between the human torch and a phoenix. This particular shape is then to be used with its inherent capability of scorching the area it flies over. In other words I am trying to become a fiery tool for laying waste.

      It doesn't go too well. There is no fire appearing and I don't sense a temperature increase, but the first minute or more is spent just flying around trying to think of fire and how it would be looking out from the inside of a fire.

      The closest I get is at one point where in my left field of vision a red glowing metal string appear (like the ones in a bread toaster). After this I give up.

      I land and start walking around thinking about what to do. I walk across a road and a car is speeding towards me. I just plant my feet in front of it and decide to stand my ground. The car hits me, though it seems to do so very slowly. It's rear starts lifting off the ground until it moves in an arch above me and land on the ground.

      I decide to hone my telekinetic abilities a bit and pick up the car mentally and throw it away. In the direction I threw it there is a shop with quite a lot of cars parked outside. I pick up two of these, one on either side of me and hold them spinning slowly in mid air before I throw them through the shop windows pretty controlled. Check, first time for holding two objects at the same time in opposite ends of my field of vision.

      I pick up another two cars and pull them towards me mentally and grab them in my hands when they get close and slam them together.

      I look up and see elevated train tracks. There is a train coming in fast on this meandering track and I decide to try getting on it. I sort of know it is a dream and I could just fly, but I do something else. I throw the first car up in the air over a sign (made of concrete and fairly tall). I jump onto the sign and as the first car is almost at the ground now I throw the other one up above me and jump onto it and immediately jumping off it again so I get to the train and manage to grab hold of an edge on it's roof.

      I swing myself up on the train, which obviously is moving at tremendous speed. I jump onto it and start surfing it towards the train station (I somehow get a feeling that I have already been there). Towards the station there is a sharp turn and the train has to go into a tunnel. Although I am tempted to jump off not to get smashed I hold my grounds and follow the train a bit into the tunnel before jumping off.

      I fall down and grab hold of a metal rod running along the tunnel. and start swinging along it as a monkey. Then I land on the ground and starts walking outside when I see a black man with two children walking down towards me. One of the children is walking on his right hand side and the other is in a child carrier.

      I struggle a bit getting past them without running into them. I think it is funny I am considering their well being although I know I am dreaming.


      Night time mentation: The Lucid is the first dream I recall from the night. When I then try and fall back to sleep after the dream there is this notion that I am experiencing the world from 6 different caskets, with six different names.

      Sometimes I get pulled back to a central POV, but it is somehow different. Though I know I am lying with my head up against the wall I feel my consciousness reaching out in a huge bubble around me through the walls and bed.

      Then I would feel the six caskets again and while my awareness either dwell on these or is transitioning between them I sense a powerful feeling of being loved. As if someone “else” is in these caskets sending positive vibes towards and through me.
    2. Thailand, Pyramids and Nazis

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:38 AM
      28-07-11 I am wearing a blue suit and I am talking to a couple of my friends, Thomas H. being one of them and I am in Thailand. Well I am technically still in Denmark, but they are in Thailand and we are talking together. I tell them that I am going to go there as well.

      My family is going so I end buying a last minute ticket to go with them. I am flying with a company called (something) Airlines, could be Scandinavian. I arrive late, and I have to supply a code to the check in lady, who then herself guides me towards the next step. Here I get asked if I have my ticket printed and I tell her I don't. She starts a process of printing it and then she need me to tell me the code name I have assigned to the passport I have already given her.

      I tell her I don't remember that (gee, maybe because it doesn't exist ^^), but the first lady helps me by supplying the prompting word “bottom”. I quickly remember that my password is “Rock” and when I say it the woman proceeds to printing my ticket.

      When we get to Thailand the first thing we do is to go deliver our bags and then go visit some people. My dad and I are with the man of the house, while my mom is with the lady. As we are walking down some stairs I hear my mom explain why she didn't like her the first time we met and I can hear that she is getting drunk.

      The next dream also centered around being in Thailand. Here Janni T. becomes relevant as she is actually supplying one of the rooms that we have to stay in. This room is in the middle of a lake and you have to go through an underground tunnel in order to get there. I am happy that we are staying with her and by the way she smiles so is she.

      My grandparents ask me at one point if I would like to switch rooms with them to the room closest to the foyer, because it gets filled with dust and their health isn't too good to deal with that. I off course tell them it is ok, though I am a bit sad that I won't be bonking close to Janni.

      I am talking to someone with Eliot L. We are just talking to a woman and each other and I start adding small intellectual insults after each sentence when speaking to Eliot. He laughs and the woman sort of looks at us in surprise.

      I explain that it is how we speak and joke with each other, and Eliot keeps laughing while agreeing to that.

      I am at the pyramids, captured and working for the Nazis, I don't particularly recall what we are supposed to do, but some of it involves going up and down big scaffolding on both sides of the cleft we are in.

      As we are doing this, when approaching the top there is a long rope that is carrying up bricks. When inspected closer it isn't actually “one” rope, but many smaller connected to each other. There is a mechanism that tells when an individual has pulled enough (the full length of the little rope) and it doesn't take that long to take your share. The Nazis are working on the parole that while we are there we might as well help getting some materials up that we can later use in the work we are supposed to carry out.

      After I have taken my share of rope pulling I actually take a bit more for the people coming behind me, because I am unsure as to how I am supposed to let go of the rope to the next in line. So a couple of workers get a free ride that time.

      My next assignment is to go through a small narrow passage way towards the top floor of a house. In fact before I enter the small passage way I believe I am already on the top floor. The assignment isn't specifically for me but there is a sign on the door in there that the door is very narrow and I am very slim so I end up just doing it.

      There is an emergency exit just on the other side of the small door, and it is these that I am supposed to close. When I look around I see a ladder up to my right. I decide to go up and take a look, the good Nazi worker I am ^(>.<)^. I find myself in a room, like a teenagers room, though more grown up.

      I go around and I close all the windows and doors I can find, when I all of a sudden have a conversation with Thomas H. and it becomes apparent that I am in his sister's room. He tells me that he has never even dared setting his foot in there.

      When I come to myself she is standing in the room and I slowly walk over and explain to her that I am just there to shut the emergency doors as per instructions. She reacts calmly and accepts the explanation before she tells me to just get out. I do so as my job is done and it would all have been great except if I hadn't become naked as I walk out the next door and she looks at me.

      I think I have an explanation for it, but I blush and I question myself if the reason I have given is factual and if I actually believe it myself.
    3. Forzare, Giant and back, Keeping Morgan Freeman the same size

      by , 11-30-2010 at 08:16 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      30/11/10 I was with 2 people following a “case” we were trying to weed out a traitor in our midst. This all of a sudden means we have to climb a big building and we are looking at people coming down the sides. Although I am lucid at this point I am not able to comprehend that I am able to fly up there, primarily because the plot seems to be oriented around the Dresden Files. I soon figure out by way of my companion pointing out that Morgan Freeman, the other companion previously, has managed to reach the top of the building without getting caught by the bad guys climbing down. Right so I have my traitor and I figure the most prominent way to reach the top of this buidling will be with a spell. I point my hand to the ground and shout Forzare! and I fly massively high into the air. Already as I am on the way up I remember that I tend to have a problem with falling down, I don't freaking like it! However the fact that I am conscious about my fear hitting me, before it actually does so, means I am prepared for it and can control it. I manage a solution which partially means using the same spell, with less juice, to control my decent and partially turning into a giant of obscure proportions. I land on the roof top and Morgan Freeman, the traitor is ridiculously small compared to me. Damn I think, however this seems to be a tad premature as I actually do manage to shrink in size, with considerable less effort than what I have tried before. The only problem is that Freeman sees a way of loosing me by shrinking as well and after. So I stand there for a bit increasing the size and animation, from what is best described as a jelly bear, to a fully functioning version of the man, backwards and forwards. Which although it actually was entertaining to watch, was frustrating as hell because I couldn't keep him large.

      I give up and fly out of the window without breaking it. I feel relieved as I have that amount of control available again plus the fact that I have managed to reduce in size and actually demonstrate some form of control over something external to me, something I am not normally too great at. I fly around for a bit until I can feel the dream slipping a bit, but I can't manage to stabilise it.
      However I have a false awakening as I fall out of my bed and can hear myself talking. I notice that my flat mate can hear me again, but he shrugs it off, because he knows I am dreaming (Here is another great lucidity miss, just coming out of a lucid state, I am aware I am talking in my sleep and I know my flat mate is aware that “I am just dreaming”, yet I don't become lucid again) I wake up soon after.
    4. A very uneventful WILD

      by , 10-19-2010 at 07:13 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      19-10-10 I am lying in my bed, I have been tossing and turning for a good hour and a bit. I get a couple of hits of deep relaxing sensations in my body. The last thing I do (at least that is what I believe) is to slip out of my bed and lie down on the floor (FA). It seems like my normal floor, even has the exact amount of clothes that needs washing there. I take a quick one-eyed peak, why is my sub woofer over there? (I don't have a sub woofer). Ok I am close to something I try and look some more, but it seems to destabilise the environment. I lie still a bit more. I risk it all open both my eyes and stand up, somehow there is not enough stuff in the room, but it really does look like my room. Right even the curtains have been left in the exact position I left them in. I RC by seeing if I can withdraw them with my mind. They flicker and I doubt no more. I need light to stabilise this. I pull the curtains all the way to the sides, I touch and couple of edges on tables and rub my hands.

      Although a bit firmer it still could do with a bit of solidness, the dream does grow a bit brighter and I fly through the glass without breaking it. Cool at least some of my control is coming back. I find a flat to peak into, there is a picture on the window frame of Buddha (sort of a pagan version, with red war paint across his eyes) The flat looks funky lot of nifty little stuff, good amount of light and a DC sitting by the sofa table. I assure him that I just need a bit of time to stabilise my dream and I consider telling him it is all just a dream, but decide against it. After a while I spot a flat with a lot of red/blue light coming out of the window, but as this fades away I just fly through the wall to the flat I was just at. It works, so more control coming back. I really pay attention to how it feels going through and although there is a distinct sensation of going through there is no resistance. Cool.

      I fly through another set of walls and find myself in some sort of tunnels, these somehow transform into a real-time-strategy sort of landscape and I think to myself how come I can't produce a real mountain landscape. I try to visualise this, but nothing happens. The RTS landscape turn into a tunnel style scene again and I can see some light up ahead. I fly toward it and find a hole in the wall too small for me to pass through, but I am confident enough to just pop through the wall again. I exit a little while later on a scene hat could have been Berlin in the wake of being carpet bombed during WW2. All the building have no glass, are missing some of the corners and it looks amazingly real compared to the RTS landscape I just bitched about, nice, maybe I need to just not try as hard. I fly up and around, and seem to be going really slowly with a bit of a height limitation, so I decided to try and fly backwards and it works amazingly well increasing the detail of the scene around me. I get entangled in some electrical wiring hanging overhead, which I laugh about and quickly get out of. I wake up soon after.

      Notes: It takes too much time to enter the dream (1 hour plus here). However I am unsure as to why my WILDs are so short. Do I disturb the sleep cycle by spending so much time awake and aware prior slipping into a dream again or is it a stabilisation issue? However I am pleased that my control seem to be coming back.

      Oh and pardon the wall of text, but I am trying as much as possible to note every detail as my recall is a bit shaky atm