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    1. Welcome Back Dreams

      by , 10-09-2011 at 10:01 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      Following dreams occured between 30th Sep - 05th of Oct. I have written up some of the recordings I had lying around. Amazing what this device can do for recall, I get taken back to the dreams while listening, though on the flip side it makes me lazy in writing them up and sharing them.

      Date unknown:

      “Freaking Lifts!!!... Where is the toilet?”

      I am at a concert with Belá Fleck and the Flecktones and I leave this because I have to go to the toilet before heading back to bed? I am walking back into the concert hall and the encore has just finished and I am hoping that I can get out before all the people start leaving.

      Everything goes wrong, the first toilet is taken so I go to take the lift to go upstairs, which I can't due to there being a girl in it who goes up. I end up taking the stairs. I come upstairs and press the lift button again and find out that the toilet is taken again so now I go back into the lift.

      Here the girl apologise to me for leaving me downstairs before. I then take the lift down and realise I wasn't supposed to go down so I drive up again. I am starting to get angry at this point and I vent my frustration on the lift by punching the mirrored walls, which crack. I am a bit embarassed by this as well as not willing to pay for it so I quickly walk out when I get upstairs.

      There is a staircase going up to the second floor and it is possible to see in between the steps of this staircase. I am trying to do some exercise by pulling myself up, but only with one arm which makes the endeavour difficult.

      I am talking to Shang in my flat, she is talking about some Ida girl, which I believe to refer to Natasja of my study. The setting is rather dark lit by artificial lighting. Shang is questioning why Ida/Nat doesn't find any of the men that are really elegant guys boyfriend material.

      Aurelie is in fact talking about Nat in an odd way. She describes her as sort of a puppet, meaning that all her emotional ties are with a guy back home far away from the current study environment she is in at the moment. I am disappointed in Aurelie that she doesn't consider me a valid boyfriend candidate for Nat.

      Notes: Has been quite some time since I had this dream and there is some character confusion between Aurelie and Shang, though Shang definitely is the one I consider girlfriend material and is faffing around with the lights.

      I then proceed to talk to Shang and tell her that it sounds pretty much like the situation she used to be in. Shang then goes on to explain that a friend of hers found something in the book (a diary of sorts?) and that she was afraid that it would be discovered and taken the wrong way.

      At this point I stop to think that seeing as she no longer has a boyfriend it might be a good time to make a move. I am looking at her as she is trying to switch on the lights in the bathroom and the hallway in between. The lights doesn't seem to be working and she hasn't realised that I am standing there observing her, wearing a towel wrapped around my waist. I find her rather cute as she can't quite figure out what is going wrong.


      Something about Shang's lenses and an inability to see.


      I am on the internet looking at something that has the interface of the IOSDP forum threads, but it is actually a research project on photo recognition of the self, which reminds me that I want to do research myself.

      “Mitzu, tell me how to do portals.. no.. not today.. okay then”

      I am having a series of false awakenings somewhere in the region of 4-5. Teri McB came down to me and talked to me about Lucid Dreaming. She just had her second. Just after this I have a FA.

      The reality check fails and I look at some plates standing around on the sofa and other where. I try and move them telekinetically and they sort of just slightly vibrate. I manage to get hold of a fork though that I pull towards me and throw it into a window, which creates a little dent and shard. I then go and punch the window, nothing happens the first time then on the second the window blows outwards.

      There is a bit of wind and then I go and call Teri asking if she wants to come along and join in on this lucid. I go into the window and shout out “why is it so cold?” which makes the cold disappear.

      I jump out of the window, not really flying my control is shit but then again it is the first lucid I have had in quite some time. There is really a lack of control going on. I walk around touching up my flat and try biting off bits of my plants, which are way bigger than they normally are. I remember a distinct bitter taste of a “paradise tree” and think you aren't supposed to eat these even in dreams (unsure about the translation).

      When down on the ground I call out for Mitzu. I expect her to be behind me. When she comes around I see she is wearing this grey night gown and looks older than she has done before.

      I say “Right, Portals!? Tell me, what is going on?” She is reluctant to tell me she doesn't want to teach me at this point in time because there is so much other positive stuff going on in my dreams at this point in time. Bad timing.

      I think I might have primed this myself thinking it beforehand not really going in with an open mind regarding what answer I would get. I know what she is referring to though.

      FA: I wake up and start talking into my dicta phone.

      Notes: I suspect that me transferring to using the dicta phone is actually having an effect on my dreams. I seem to have loads of FAs since starting using it. Potentially this could be due to activations of a brain networks, associated with linguistic performance and speech mediated consciousness, leading to increased cerebral activation.


      Looking at this television show about a guy in the 80es trying to prove lucid dreaming (Called Gray/Grey/Graham?) and he is talking into a dicta phone exactly like mine. But it is an older model. This theory or prove is hidden, the media doesn't want to show it. The media interpret that it is just a guy having done something strange with a bible, and his dream reports are narratives of Jesus leaving a coliseum.

      FA: Look at my hands and have a short little lucid where I walk around trying to stabilise the dream.

      “Skelly Closets”

      I have an actual skeleton lying in my kitchen closet and all the bones are cleaned out. I have to go and show them to one of my really old friends, I for some reason crave his approval.

      I run outside and it is really rather windy and wet outside. People are dressed up going to a Halloween party or the like, my mate also is dressed up.

      I end up grabbing the skull and just wearing it over my neck like a necklace. I am walking down the street. Something about a programme in which Ryan Reynolds is discussing stupid superhero moves or similar.

      “Spliffs and trains”

      I am in a train with Mark and Drew. We are talking about various things, Mark in particular is quite chatty and he has something important he wants to tell me though I recall not what it was. Drew is looking around to see if he should pull out the spliff and light it up, but he decides not to.

      The train looks rather luxurious with blue coloured and wooden seatings. Looks like an old school dining wagon, but with more modern seating arrangements without the tables and such, but really high quality.

      At one point we drive past another train and I am surprised to find that this train is actually driving in the same direction as us and we are overtaking it.

      Upon leaving the train I realise I have left some of my baggage so I run back into the train looking through all the cupboards multiple times to see if I can find it. Thomas M is there as well looking for his baggage and ends up finding his suitcase in a cupboard where I also find, what I believe to be my baggage though I am not entirely sure it is actually mine.

      We get outside on the station and everyone is gone. I am unsure of where to go.

      “Piquant Talk Show”

      There is a TV show. It reminds me of your average talk show with a host sat behind a desk and guests appearing from the left hand side of the screen.

      The host presents his next guest which is Hermione, or at least it is supposed to be her, but it is actually a girl from my study. While normally you would see the cameras zoom out and film the guest entering the studio this doesn't happen though it is supposed to. Due to technical difficultise what you see is the face of the host and the rest of the screen turns into bright multi coloured non-specific patterns.

      When sat there they start joking around about what they did on the set. The host is rather geeky looking and they had a joke running about this. They stand up and she “kisses” him on the forehead without actually touching his skin. Instead of an actual kiss to the forehead she just blows some wind in his face.

      The host proclaim that this was how he felt like in school, which they apparently attended together, where he was also quite the geek. They then stand up again but this time rather passionately licks his face and grabs his crouch while doing all sorts of things.

      When they zoom out again, after the kiss which lasts for quite some time, they then zoom into his crouch area again and it is clearly visible that the man has quite the boner going for himself. Then he pulls out his cock and she starts massaging it.

      After this she bends over on his chair asking to be pleased. He removes her dress and find that underneath she is wearing this fishnet type clothing. She asks to be licked and he tries doing this while she is still wearing the net, but gives up and removes it.

      He then starts pounding her from behind and the camera goes underneath them to show some revealing footage of him wearing a condom, the action and the moistness of her vagina. It turns to slow motion.
    2. Uneventful Lucid, didn't get to speak to Mitzu.... again

      by , 11-12-2010 at 12:00 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      12/11/10 I woke up and did a reality check, the flat seemed perfectly normal, but finally me trying to get in the habit of reality checking upon wakeups seemed to pay off. The only thing that seemed different to the flat was that it was mirrored, however I only discovered that after having checked my hand and found 7 fingers. I went around the room looking at the details and feeling it up a bit in order to stabilise and noticed an extravagant amount of ornamental lighting, which is unusual for me, screw it I refuse to be an anti consumerist in my sleeping life, it looked rather nice after all. Ok so, stabilisation seems to be OK and it is now daylight rather than dark outside. I do a little jump over my coffee table and refuse to land and instead take off into flight, the old fly through the window without breaking it is intriguing as ever. That is until I slam my face against the glass and I can feel my glasses bending on my face. That is weird I have never worn glasses in my dreams before. I try again for a bit, unsuccessful until I decide to just open the damn thing, damn what is going on with my control. I fly out and find some scaffolding and slide down it, but the falling sensation is arousing a primal fear so I take off into flight instead (W.T.F!!!!!???), landing on a trailer a bit later. I call out for Mitzu and turn around to see her reflection in a window and sure enough she comes around the corner a bit later. She looks somewhat different, still yellow eyes, but more Asian, she also has an Asian accent. I speak to her in Danish (I normally don't do that in dreams either) and think again. I can't remember what I said in Danish, but the English sentence I muttered was “I don't expect this to be an issue, but is it OK if I speak Danish to do you understand” She replied that it wasn't a problem and the dream started fading.

      Damn, Damn, Damn I just want to have a good conversation with her but I always seem to wake up shortly after her appearing.
      lucid , memorable
    3. John Lithgow's first lucid, almost beating Vader in a sabre/force duel, shapeshifting into a wasp

      by , 11-05-2010 at 12:39 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      05/11/10 The dream starts off with me waking up (FA) with a firm intention on playing World of Warcraft again, so I can get used to the new talent/gear system before the release of cataclysm. When I look at the computer I notice my monitor is standing on the floor. I have some sort of false memory forming that I can't remember the details about, but it makes sense that it should be there. However as I put the monitor on the desk I notice a plant on the desk, this is not unusual, however what is unusual is that it is half of a plant that I have recently moved away from the desk and I actively tell myself “this is not right, you are not supposed to me there” which results in a spurt of semi lucidity that quickly fades. There is something else that I can't remember.


      I was at the recording of a TV show, reminded me of a Friday night show-type-of-thing. There were 3 people and I only recognised one of them, John Lithgow. He was wearing a big funky looking purple hat that eventually he threw on the floor, proclaiming that the place smelled like shit, his hat caught fire and he stamped it repeatedly, eventually extinguishing the fire only to find the hat covered in turd
      (an evolution of the old children prank although I felt like it was done intentionally). We leave the studio and this old woman, John and I go for a walk, it seems really absurd to be holding hands with the woman who is also holding John's hand as you would when taking children out for a walk.

      I gradually become lucid during this, and I spend some time just looking at the scenery. When I have had enough I proclaim to the woman that since this is my dream I want to do something else so I take off in flight, but the old woman grab one of my ankles (not sure how, might have been some sort of tentacle, mental or otherwise) and slam me to the ground. I get loose and take off again this time flying backwards to keep an eye on the lady. She doesn't seem like a bad person she just think it rude leaving like that when this is the first time John Lithgow is lucid (WTF!?) in any case I think I ramble something like we need to show him what it is really like so flying might not be a bad idea. I am satisfied that my flying abilities are spot on, no wavering in the power.

      I call out “MITZU!” and fly towards the place where the recording of the show took place. I am happy to see that she is in the queue to get in. I land next to her and find her eyes (I have to check that it is really her, still not sure about my abilities calling out for people) sure enough the lovely yellow eyes are looking up into mine and I go to kiss her on the cheek, she turns her head in a similar motion and I end up kissing her mouth instead, it doesn't become awkward, so I just continue to ask “so what are we going to cover today?” and I feel the dream fading and just manage to think “damnit!” before I wake up.

      I am in a first person shooter level or something of the like and we are 3 party members, here one is a little boy that can't help himself and is an easy victim (this is important as Darth Vader seems to be drawing power from this person at the crucial time when I am trying to finish him off!) I am running around trying to figure out what is going on until I face Darth Vader with a staff type red light sabre (suppose you could call it a light staff, just doesn't sound right) and I figure out what is going on and turn on my own two (so pleased that I am dual wielding blue and green sabres in my first Jedi themed dream). He kicks the shit out of me the first time. I quickly re-spawn and soon I am facing him again, this time I get him to almost no health in pure sabre combat until both our weapons (both of mine) breaks. Now it comes down to force on force skills. I have a bit of a health advantage as indicated by the bars next to our heads and I manage to catch him in a force choke that takes his bar to completely drained without finishing him off. He catches me in the next and I can see (and sense) that in that particular skill he is stronger than me, however I seem to have a speed advantage and manage to catch him in the next, but it is unstable and his health is increasing. The non-verbally explains that it is because of the boy, either he is drawing life from him directly or my concern for him makes me weak. In any case it is a draw and I just remember feeling anoyed about the boy before I wake up.

      I am in a capture the flag type game, and the map is long as hell. This seems not to be a problem as I can transform into a wasp at will. I am heading out on a mission as a wasp and I have to avoid some green clouds in order to not get sick. I manage to do this. I fly to the furthest flag and hide in a corner trying to overtake it, but quickly realise that Mark is in the house next to it also contending it. Damnit, he is a formidable foe! I transform into a wasp and fly into the house and starts flying around him stinging him a couple of times to get him out where I could transform back and surprise him. There seems to be friendliness about the whole game. After having stung him 4 times he taunts me to do it again, I don't dare as I know I don't have many stings left before my sting will be permanently in Mark. I dare not sting. And he starts swinging at me, a lot! I really want to get out of the house so I can transform back, but Mark seems to be blocking the way, damn! I wake up.

      Notes: Although I hoped to speak with Mitzu, the themes of the following dreams seem somewhat “guided”. Seeing as shape shifiting isn't my thing and I have never performed a force choke (or wielded a light sabre for that matter) before. In particular I remember the shape shifting as me activating a skill by pressing a mental button, activating it. Recently I was shifting between human forms as well so this might be me learning how to do this, albeit I am not lucid while learning it. This might be a good thing as I have a very limited conscious imagination and hence need my subconscious in control to make it happen (hope that makes sense, it does to me anyhows =P). Also it is nice to notice the scenery checks finaly working for DILDs =) (the plant on my desk)