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    1. Zombie Ghosts, Magical Profession, Flying and Meeting up

      by , 10-10-2011 at 03:54 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      10-10-11 Intentions were simple meeting up with people from the IOSDP (secretly targeting Katsuno, though he isn't the target till next Saturday =P).

      “You a Wizard or a Witch boy!?”

      I am put in a situation where I have to choose my professional progression path in the field of magic. There are two ways to go. The first is the wizard way, which involves evocation magic and direct energy channelling. The other is the Witch way, which relies more on potions, rituals and props though it is equally as powerful.

      I am with someone that may be my parents and they may have been ghosts. I remember the male, which I believe to be my dad looking at me looking like a zombie with bright red eyes. I am walking amongst some streets that have a winter/autumn feel to them, it is quite cold. I leap up onto one of the buildings, defying gravity a bit using wizardry powers.

      I get a simultaneous narration on what it will be like if I choose one profession or the other. It goes even further to explain that even beneath the two main categories there are further specialisation. One of these paths is that you have to work under conditions quite harsh and this is examplified by me receiving a strong cold wind in my face and I understand this to be the standard working condition of this particular path.

      My POV shifts so I am not myself any more, rather I am now my dad or the zombie/ghost version of my dad at least. He/I sit down and I basically tell him that the windy conditions aren't the right choice and that we should be patient and wait for the right path.

      There is more to this dream before this part though I don't remember much of it.


      The dream shifts to something else, though thematically there is still something about ghosts. In particular there is a guy who is creating a water slide attraction. He is a ghost himself and the nature of the water ride is that he takes people for a drive in a train underwater.

      People who are in the train have their eyse at the surface level of the water so they can see for themselves what it is like to drive through water (!?). The dream might have awoken me slightly or at least increased my cortical tone, because I keep having these sensations of having various plants pulled over my eyes inside my eyelids, which is scary and very uncomfortable experience. (one of my biggest fears is having my eyes slashed by reeds).

      There are two girls sitting down on a bench outside the lake where the water attraction is. They are eating sausages with a lot of ketchup and mustard while I am preparing an explanation on the water attraction. I go on to explain that the attraction has existed for about 3 years and it was tough in the beginning. The way it works has changed over time to the way it is now where the driver is underwater driving the train between two layers of ice.

      “Balloon/Free(Jet?) flight instructor stylez!!”

      I am on a patch of land that looks quite fertile and green. It is surrounded on both sides by water. it is daytime.

      I am a flight instructor having radio contact with a number of people who are trying to learn either balloon or free(Jet?) flying or a combination of the two.

      Out in the field there is a crucial point where you have to have taken off before. Otherwise you will get stuck in two trees with branches crossing each other over the flight path we have to take. There is another instructor on my team who complain about this, seeing as there isn't a lot of runway to take off from before reaching this spot.

      I rationalise that by throwing people out in the deep end they will become better pilots later on, though he doesn't really agree with this. I back this up with a particular psychological theory. He says a word, which I hear as Lenin, which I explain that he is not entirely incorrect about this as I am referring to Russian psychologists. He then starts laughing and explains that this wasn't the word he said.

      “Kaomea, Katsuno and an Airport”

      I am walking through a street with a lot of people with various kinds of shops. Food, clothing and souvenir shops. The general feel is that the shops are put up for some kind of event and aren't there normally.


      I am walking through an airport terminal with Pil. There is something weird about the situation so I shout out for him to wait for me while I do a reality check. I look at my hand and I don't notice anything particularly different, I pull my thumb into the palm of my hand while I am looking at the back to see if I can make an additional thumb grow.

      I can't do this and I shout out “Bah I can't even make an additional thumb grow”, but I still keep looking at my hand and all of a sudden I see that half of it disappears so I only have 3 fingers left.. like a turtle hand.

      I spend quite a lot of time trying to calm myself down as I have a suspicion that a lot of my lucids end because of over excitement. So I am standing there looking at the surroundings. The terminal has quite a modern feel to it. The floors and general look of the place is rather metallic though the designers have also found some room for plants. It is fairly bright outside.

      I then start working on my goals, but obviously my memory is not playing ball with my intentions. I start walking into the terminal while I shout out “Pil!” intending on finding Pil. Pil comes around the corner, but then I remember that he wasn't the guy I was supposed to meat up with, so I shout out for “Kaomea” and she also appears from around a corner. She looks younger and paler than her picture (and compared to how she has looked before) and seem to have quite a naïve expression on her face. I don't really have anything to say to her. She is all dressed in black.

      Then I recall that it was Katsuno who signed up to be the mark for dream invasion, though I am cognizant of the fact that it isn't until next weekend I still shout out “Katsuno”.

      I start walking out and jump up towards a sign to see if I can fly a bit, which I am not that successful with, though I don't really care. I continue walking out and there are a lot of plants intertwined with the industrial metallic look of the airport terminal.

      At this point I ask Kaomea if she is actually Kaomea or just another DC, and she confess to being a dream character. I think I stop her before she runs off because I need to see her eyes. I have a suspicion that they are yellow, which could indicate that it is Mitzu playing up and they are, but I don't continue the conversation, also she doesn't really feel like Mitzu. Then I might have punched her in the face down an escalator.

      I then find Katsuno who is a fairly tall Caucasian male with black hair, not really short, but not long either though it isn't spiked. He is dressed in clothes that would indicate that he is German, a tracksuit maybe(?) (think I primarily infer this because I know him to be German, rather than an objective attribute of his clothes).

      Katsuno is talking to someone at the same time as he is walking, maybe another couple of walking with him. I Say “Katsuno”, but instead of responding to me he just keeps on talking to these other people. I get slightly annoyed with this and decide to not waste further energy getting his attention, but then he actually grabs me around the shoulders. I say “I am Dennis, we are dreaming together, this is the goal we are trying to achieve” he replies “yeah I know, I can't believe how vivid this is!”.

      I am then walking outside and inside the terminal towards the exit there are some shops with yellow umbrellas over them, I believe they are 'Tuborg' umbrellas but I don't stop to check for sure. I continue walking outside.

      Once outside I start thinking about the TOTM and recall that it has something to do about trick or treating. I want to do this at a private door, but I can't seem to find any amongst all the shops. So I look down one way of the street and expect there to be a private door behind me when I turn around. It doesn't really work, though I get the feeling that I won't have to walk far to find one.

      Then my memory plays a trick on me and I recall that I have to do something with a shoe. So I walk up to one of the people at the shops and ask her to remove her shoe. She is wearing white priatey clothes and I kneel down to remove her shoe. However I think it might be difficult to get it off, but I mentally remind myself of not acting stupid putting barriers up for myself. So I end up getting off her shoe, it is a white shoe, and I put it on the muddy ground and then the shoe turns into 2D and I wake up, under the commentary of a narrator.



      Unsure if I have a FA, but I recall attempting to WILD by making a dream manifest around me. I am not sure though if this memory is from waking or sleeping condition though I suspect this to precede the lucid from the airport.
    2. Destruction and growth intertwined

      by , 09-28-2011 at 09:19 PM
      28-09-11 Intending to get lucid and share a dream. Should find Mitzu and learn about portals.

      “Things are starting to grow”

      I am in a farm yard or similar walking into a little garage or annex style building. There is a very dark feel to the dream even outside the shed. The building is rugged and crude and could look like it is about to come down.

      Inside there are two rooms, one in complete darkness and one with windows high on either side. The floor is pretty much destroyed and there are plans of it to come up and be replaced. Jesper Å is teaching me how to grow these plants, by throwing seeds into the dark room. Inside the dark room the wooden floors are equally as rugged as in the room with light.

      The plants reminds me of chamomile in that they have loads of green sticks and branches, meaning they will form a sort of network when they grow to full size. I get a glimpse of how they will look superimposed on the scene itself all the way to the roof top with the white flowers in the top and all the green forming a massive network beneath.

      So I just throw in the seeds not even needing to cover them with dirt or anything. Then they need water so I pull out the hose and start spraying water in to the dark room. I do this from the other end of the room with the windows and all of a sudden get concerned because right next to the door into the room where the plants are there is an electrical device and I get afraid of getting shocked.

      “Tearing down eaves gutters”

      I am tearing down these gutters and there are wooden planks in them. There is a purpose for doing this that seems very Martin Luther King (ish) (can't really explain).

      I am doing it to give place to something new about my personality, creativity filled and innovative.

      At one point a nail sticking through one of the planks in the gutters pierce and cut through a part of my upper lip, though I don't recall pain.

      “Weird camping grounds”

      I am standing outside a tent attached to a trailer. I am there with my dad and it is dark. all of a sudden fireworks go off. I have a distinct feeling that there are 5 pieces going off. the first three goes off as they are supposed to do, but the last two on the ground around us.

      I just observe the fourth one as it goes off over to my left. However the last one I have to run behind a car, I think this car is the Mitsubitshi. Apparently the fireworks have been sabotaged by southern Iranian extremists.

      There is a minor skip or the scene flows over to show a prison cell, which isn't really a prison cell but rather a relative confined area with a 14 year old guard wearing a baret (spelling, one of those military hats) in the middle holding an AK 47 keeping the unarmed prisoners at bay.

      There is a narrator proclaiming that she has seen some pretty shocking images of him hitting the prisoners with the hilt of the gun. I get the feeling she is a reporter of some description.

      “You're moving into this shit?”

      Two girl friends of mine are moving back in together. The house isn't in Århus, but rather seems to be in Hornslet. The house is in a shitty state and some heavy reconstruction is required if they are to actually live there. I am helping them out doing this, though I take a rather sceptic attitude towards their decision of moving I there.

      I am trying to get upstairs, but they have already crammed the place full of so much stuff that I am having trouble getting upstairs.

      Upstairs we are trying to clear out a lot of garbage. Some of this garbage consist of some soft metal maybe led or something. The reason this is important is that Marie is trying to get this long piece of metal out of the window down into the garden where they will be making a pile of rubbish. I show that it is quite a lot easier folding up the metal and throwing it out.

      Looking out the window I can look down upon a rooftop window in the part of the house that doesn't have a second floor. We walk outside on the roof and continue. I dunno how but we end up on a wall having to jump back on to some plastic pipes to get back onto the roof and back in the building.

      I jump over but I slip and I try and cling on to these pipes, but am unable to do so. There is a brief moment when I am looking down in concern, but then I realise that the fall is far from dangerous so I just let go.

      We are now back in the building. There are a lot of people helping building and Ronja and Marie in particular just end up being in the way. This is particularly demonstrated while Ronja is walking along faffing with plastic as if she was putting up curtains over the walls. My dad is walking behind her looking annoyed as he always is when people are doing something in good faith, but eventually just ends up slowing him down.
    3. Day of the dead, Slaying Gods and Eating Worms

      by , 09-27-2011 at 04:34 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      27-09-11 Intentions: Chill out and meet up with Kaomea, perhaps find Mitzu and get her to explain how to do portals. Additionally I kept in mind to wake up and write down my dreams right after they occurred to see if my recall had gone completely, which proved a good strategy though I have to be careful due to quite the difficulties in falling back to sleep. An audio recorder has become a serious consideration to avoid light interference and shorten the time spent.

      “Turning off the lights on the night of the dead is a serious matter”

      I am in a house there is a kitchen and dining room adjacent to each other and there are loads of lights on. The lights are a combination of burning candles and electrical lighting. I am going around the house turning off these lights down stairs. Next to the dining room is a hallway that includes a flight of stairs going up. I know people are up there and I take a piece of candy and throw it out the door to get the attention from the people upstairs so I don't have to do all the work myself.

      A big, hispanic looking and well trained guy named Jesus appears in this hallway. I briefly wonder if he has come from upstairs or the outside, though I think I decide on the former. While I start talking to Jesus, I get struck with terror. I never really figure out if he is involved in my emotional state or not.

      I get sucked into a conversation that happens mentally. My interpretation of this conversation is a sheet of paper with blue pen written on it. As the conversation progress the the statements in each column, one for me and one for the other party change. I get the feeling I am speaking with two figures dressed in dark clothes and that they are either supernatural entities or involved in a cult worshipping such beings.

      The gist of the conversation is that it is the night of the dead and the veil between the world of spirit and the world of physics is thinnest. They are trying to intimidate me by I think proclaiming that they will claim my niece on her 4th year of living (7-9-13). However I am not going to sit idly by and let this happen. I think I wake up.

      Notes: When awake I get this sensation that I am not alone in the room, I am still stricken with terror, a bit like the nightmare I had a few nights ago. Though this time I go back to sleep with a defiant attitude and I reiterate my intentions, while still noting that on the nights where I intend to dreamwalk I get a similar terror affect.

      “Traffic planning leads to defeating a god”

      I am following people around in an environment similar to what I grew up in. I think I am following two people around who are taking me on a tour through their private roads while explaining that they are trying to comply with the government regulations for road safety, though they aren't happy about the government interference.

      The lighting would indicate a summer afternoon with high bright sun and the foliage still carries clear green. As we are walking around these roads I notice that already some destination signs have been put up, so work has already been carried out.

      We get to a point where there is a clearing in the plant life already and it looks like there is a wooden bench that has been cut out of a tree root. I proclaim that there is already a spot of a sign to be placed here, but the old man, now in the shape of my grandfather proclaims that he will fight to the death against having a sign placed here. The reason becomes apparent upon closer inspection of this bench, which isn't actually a bench, but rather a depiction of a Viking face. It is cut pretty flat so the perspective makes the face visible (strange somehow impossible in waking life I think).

      My grandfather is then asked if he thinks the Norse people were peaceful settlers, but he explains that they are better contrived as nomads. The scenery starts shifting and now we are in what can best be described as a mixture of a locker room and museum at night. My grandfather is then asked where the blonde trace of the Norse people originated from. He explains it is a funny story and that it was in the 1800s with the “Ette” families.

      There are people in dark robes in the room by now. I ask if the name Vestergaard has any relation to this Ette family, but my grandfather explains that it doesn't sound likely. Maybe the name is connected to the god Vejle. There is no current understanding of the meaning of the name Vejle or mine for that matter.

      We then get captured by Vejle and she holds nothing back, she lets us know that she intends to kill us. She wounds by stabbing me somewhere in the upper part of my torso, but then a woman appears and distracts her, thereby saving me. Vejle kills her (I think). At this point I notice her dagger is of clear crystal and superior compared to my crude rock knife.

      I charge her and figure out she is strong. The battle is an attempt from both sides to block the other's attack. She gets a stab into my pelvic area right above my crouch and it hurts and for a brief moment I think I have been defeated. But I invoke defiance and get a stab in her neck just above her protective chain mail she carries under her dark robe.

      As she is dying I lean closer and look her deeply in the eyes and tell her (somehow knowing that it is now my right and duty to proclaim the meaning of my name) “God Slayer, the meaning of the name is God Slayer”.

      The remaining “hoodies” pick up Vejle and drag her out while at the same time declaring that they will paint the walls with the name God Slayer, as if I have just beaten a chief in a duel and thereby claimed leadership over the people.

      I bend over and clutch my wound.

      I wake up.

      Notes: Similar feeling to the first (and previous) nightmares, but with increased confidence in my ability to concur nightmares and whatever entities are trying to get me. “Ette” and “Vejle” is a rubbish word and a Danish town respectively.

      “You can't get on the plane!”

      I am in an airport. My family, including my uncle, auntie and my cousins are going on a trip. It is a trip within Europe so technically we shouldn't need our passports. We are walking through to the security check through this long narrow hallway where there is plenty of evening sun coming through.

      Michael and I have forgotten out passports and while my mother is having a fit, I try and take control of the situation by proclaiming that since it is a European flight our drivers licenses should be enough to get us on the plane (don't think this is actually true). Michael is the first to show his drivers license to the Norwegian (?) security guard, and he confirms that it would be possible to get on the plane if it wasn't for the fact that his drivers license had expired. He asks Michael to get back out of the airport.

      My uncle Calle, Michael's dad, get cranky and asks rather sarcastic if the security guard is really going to tell Michael that he cannot get on board. His tone of voice indicates that he will be upset about this and that he might resort to violence if his son isn't allowed on the plane.

      Calle goes behind the counter the security guards are standing by and starts facing us. In the meantime the guard he was getting into an argument with comes up behind him, grabs something from a drawer that I recognise to be pepper spray and starts spraying Calle in the neck. Calle at first doesn't reall sense it and then he slowly starts turning his head and gets a bit in his eyes.

      He starts punching the security guard and after a while the guard asks his partner if he can bring him two rounds from the cupboard, declaring his intention of shooting Calle. Then it goes weird. All of a sudden the two security guards with Calle in the middle are assembling a big drill for a power tool and at this point I start clapping my fingers. I don't think my family has realised it yet, but I have figured that it is all a show for Michael because it is his birthday.

      I walk along the counter and see my dad sitting by it like he would a bar. I look at him while clapping to see if he has figured it is all a play as well.

      “I have a freaking strange way of fertilising plants”

      I am at a party, or something similar and I leave to run back home. I am running through the rain without wearing a shirt. I think this is intentional because I have some woman to impress. Although I am running sloooooooow and people are seeing it I am quite confident that it looks like I am in quite a powerful stride.

      I don't get all the way back home and all of a sudden I have this plant that is supposed to get planted in April. I walk into a house that I think is my own but after a while I see that it is not. I turn around to leave while saying “Sorry my mistake, wrong house” and try and walk out. The house I now notice is blue and yellow pallets on the walls with wooden bar chairs set along a counter. I briefly wonder how the place looks like a café or bar, when last I was in the area it was a residential house.

      Aaaanyways I start walking out the house and I now seem completely entagled in the tree or plant I am supposed to plant in April. This tree is so big that I get stuck in the door and can't get out. I am not afraid, but slightly embarrassed at the situation as I have clearly gone about my mission of getting out of the door in completely the wrong way.

      The owner of the house, a woman comes out and starts helping me out. As well as helping me out the door she also provides some useful tips for when I will plant the tree. I am not sure why I start rummaging about in the dirt around the roots of the plants, maybe to get out of the entanglement I don't know. However what does come from this is that I notice there is a lot of worms in the dirt and as I dig my hands in I can feel them moving about in my hands. These worms are fertilizers I intrinsically know, so I decide to grab a handful and eat them in order to fertilize my plants (WTF!?!?). It is a really unpleasant feeling in my mouth and then I question if I can even incorporate this way of fertilisation into my lifestyle (I am an ethical/principal vegetarian).


      Back in the bar/café from before and I notice the woman is having a shot. I think it is Jaegermeister dropped into a glass of hot water. My dad orders 4 and gives me one along with Lars Digter, and some else.

      “Short WILD – Swimming Pool and find Minka!”

      I am lying in my bed just after the dream above. I notice the lights behind my eyelids get brighter and brighter and eventually pictures start appearing. The pictures are strange they are of chairs on a balcony, but the balcony is upside down.

      My vision zooms up so I can see some details of the chairs. They are white and look like cheap dining chairs, the texture seems somewhat rough. Along these chairs are white plastic recliners as well.


      I wake up in the darkness by a pool. My sister is talking about how she has gone swimming with my niece, momma baby style. I tell her that it is all well and good, but that this is a dream. Then my sister reassures me that of course she would do it in dreams but also in real life, which basically just serves to confuse me and I can't really understand the implications of the sentence.

      I am somewhat confused I see the white recliners and I am positive that I was just falling asleep, but I end up jumping into the pool and really feeling the water.
      I then climb back out of the pool and decide to check my hand. it looks fairly normal at first, then maybe an extra finger, wait am I sure there was an extra finger, make you little finger shorten Dennis! Cool beans, finger is getting shorter, defo dreaming!

      What was it I wanted to do, oh right find Minka (50% correct, I was supposed to find someone, but it was Kaomea). I walk out on the water because I can and take off into flight up to a roof top window. I think I might be talking to my sister about dream control or something.

      I start climbing out through the window, but bonk my head against the glass. I take a breath, slow down and focus and try again. This time I am able to go through the glass and it feels like I am climbing through cling film.

      I take off into flight again when I am on the roof. I shout “Engage Awareness!” and I take particular notice of the fact that there are plenty of stars out and the trees are swaying heavily with wind. I notice that I am completely wet from being in the pool and the wind is going to chill me, but I also think luckily I can just alter that so it isn't a problem.

      As I am flying through the wind I become nervous about the wind grabbing me and slamming me to the ground or into a tree.
      The dream fades.

      Notes: I think the lack of time spent stabilising the dream and the fear evoked about slamming into a tree is what ended it. It was only a brief thought as well, almost the same instant I thought it I also thought, fuck it, only a dream.
    4. John Lithgow's first lucid, almost beating Vader in a sabre/force duel, shapeshifting into a wasp

      by , 11-05-2010 at 12:39 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      05/11/10 The dream starts off with me waking up (FA) with a firm intention on playing World of Warcraft again, so I can get used to the new talent/gear system before the release of cataclysm. When I look at the computer I notice my monitor is standing on the floor. I have some sort of false memory forming that I can't remember the details about, but it makes sense that it should be there. However as I put the monitor on the desk I notice a plant on the desk, this is not unusual, however what is unusual is that it is half of a plant that I have recently moved away from the desk and I actively tell myself “this is not right, you are not supposed to me there” which results in a spurt of semi lucidity that quickly fades. There is something else that I can't remember.


      I was at the recording of a TV show, reminded me of a Friday night show-type-of-thing. There were 3 people and I only recognised one of them, John Lithgow. He was wearing a big funky looking purple hat that eventually he threw on the floor, proclaiming that the place smelled like shit, his hat caught fire and he stamped it repeatedly, eventually extinguishing the fire only to find the hat covered in turd
      (an evolution of the old children prank although I felt like it was done intentionally). We leave the studio and this old woman, John and I go for a walk, it seems really absurd to be holding hands with the woman who is also holding John's hand as you would when taking children out for a walk.

      I gradually become lucid during this, and I spend some time just looking at the scenery. When I have had enough I proclaim to the woman that since this is my dream I want to do something else so I take off in flight, but the old woman grab one of my ankles (not sure how, might have been some sort of tentacle, mental or otherwise) and slam me to the ground. I get loose and take off again this time flying backwards to keep an eye on the lady. She doesn't seem like a bad person she just think it rude leaving like that when this is the first time John Lithgow is lucid (WTF!?) in any case I think I ramble something like we need to show him what it is really like so flying might not be a bad idea. I am satisfied that my flying abilities are spot on, no wavering in the power.

      I call out “MITZU!” and fly towards the place where the recording of the show took place. I am happy to see that she is in the queue to get in. I land next to her and find her eyes (I have to check that it is really her, still not sure about my abilities calling out for people) sure enough the lovely yellow eyes are looking up into mine and I go to kiss her on the cheek, she turns her head in a similar motion and I end up kissing her mouth instead, it doesn't become awkward, so I just continue to ask “so what are we going to cover today?” and I feel the dream fading and just manage to think “damnit!” before I wake up.

      I am in a first person shooter level or something of the like and we are 3 party members, here one is a little boy that can't help himself and is an easy victim (this is important as Darth Vader seems to be drawing power from this person at the crucial time when I am trying to finish him off!) I am running around trying to figure out what is going on until I face Darth Vader with a staff type red light sabre (suppose you could call it a light staff, just doesn't sound right) and I figure out what is going on and turn on my own two (so pleased that I am dual wielding blue and green sabres in my first Jedi themed dream). He kicks the shit out of me the first time. I quickly re-spawn and soon I am facing him again, this time I get him to almost no health in pure sabre combat until both our weapons (both of mine) breaks. Now it comes down to force on force skills. I have a bit of a health advantage as indicated by the bars next to our heads and I manage to catch him in a force choke that takes his bar to completely drained without finishing him off. He catches me in the next and I can see (and sense) that in that particular skill he is stronger than me, however I seem to have a speed advantage and manage to catch him in the next, but it is unstable and his health is increasing. The non-verbally explains that it is because of the boy, either he is drawing life from him directly or my concern for him makes me weak. In any case it is a draw and I just remember feeling anoyed about the boy before I wake up.

      I am in a capture the flag type game, and the map is long as hell. This seems not to be a problem as I can transform into a wasp at will. I am heading out on a mission as a wasp and I have to avoid some green clouds in order to not get sick. I manage to do this. I fly to the furthest flag and hide in a corner trying to overtake it, but quickly realise that Mark is in the house next to it also contending it. Damnit, he is a formidable foe! I transform into a wasp and fly into the house and starts flying around him stinging him a couple of times to get him out where I could transform back and surprise him. There seems to be friendliness about the whole game. After having stung him 4 times he taunts me to do it again, I don't dare as I know I don't have many stings left before my sting will be permanently in Mark. I dare not sting. And he starts swinging at me, a lot! I really want to get out of the house so I can transform back, but Mark seems to be blocking the way, damn! I wake up.

      Notes: Although I hoped to speak with Mitzu, the themes of the following dreams seem somewhat “guided”. Seeing as shape shifiting isn't my thing and I have never performed a force choke (or wielded a light sabre for that matter) before. In particular I remember the shape shifting as me activating a skill by pressing a mental button, activating it. Recently I was shifting between human forms as well so this might be me learning how to do this, albeit I am not lucid while learning it. This might be a good thing as I have a very limited conscious imagination and hence need my subconscious in control to make it happen (hope that makes sense, it does to me anyhows =P). Also it is nice to notice the scenery checks finaly working for DILDs =) (the plant on my desk)